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Dhananjay sarangi said:   6 years ago
Technology has always given an advantage to us. If we can operate it in a useful manner, then we call it a positive impact towards mankind and if not, then negative impact.

Trough this social networking site. We can talk with other people through text/audio/video chat which clearly shows that it's a package of communication.

Also. We can get the latest update of anything (sports, education, music). It's a way through which, the communication has been strong as compared to old days.

That's why Nowadays People are addicted towards it.

Thank you.

Bhairavi D. said:   6 years ago
Hello Everyone.

Main initiative behind the social networking sites was to connect the people living in different cities, gaining information about various events taking place around the world. Social networking sites allow people to communicate with others, to get info about the things around them. Nowadays, people have stared creating groups that encourage others to take up different activites, guiding them to prepare for various competitive examinations and what not.

However, each coin has two sides. Simlilarly, with the increasing use of technology, the impact of social sites has taken a turn. People spend much of their time in surfing these social networking sites, which in turn increases the strain on their eye's sometimes leading to eye damage and other eye related problems.

Thus, I would like to conclude by saying that using social networking sites in right direct will definately have a positive impact on us.

Ann said:   6 years ago
Social Networking Sites from the word itself it says to socially connect with all persons.

These Sites are created to connect all persons around the world but the reverse is happening here people are connected with these sites but when they are face to face they don't have the time to talk.

Govind Jadhav said:   6 years ago

In my point of view, impact of social networking sites makes our life's so easy because nowadays we people busy in life for earning money shaping career we.

We often do not get chance to meet friends, relatives, we can stay connected with our friends and family through social networking.

So according to me, it's a great impact on our life's.

Thank you.

Shreya said:   6 years ago
According to me, it makes our life easy. If we use this in a positive manner. We can connect with different people. And we can get here some good career-related opportunities. And get the latest information here very quickly which is beneficial for us.

Ayushi said:   6 years ago
Social networking sites are created in order to communicate with different people living in different areas and thus have wide communication but in reality it is used just for utilising spare time and sometimes wasting time.

Social sites if used in right direction is useful otherwise only a tool used by us for timepass.

Shreya said:   6 years ago
According to me, these websites have transformed into a platform where people can post rubbish and fake things. These websites have lost their importance for which these websites were designed that was communication with people living in different cities, countries. Also, people are involved so much on these websites that they don't have time to talk to the person living at the next door. We are losing our true friends just because of a few virtual friends. There are few knowledgeable kinds of stuff on these websites. Also, misdirecting our youth and letting them waste their energy.

Naveena D said:   6 years ago
Good Morning Friends,

Social networking is very useful to creating a new life and communicating with different peoples. It is building contact for developing the new technology. In a positive manner, it is useful for everyone who has made for grateful future. There are millions of information are there so we have to make use of it.

And also create a new revolution in the environment. It is a good one for everyone. If wherever you are, you can communicate with people through the social networking.

Srinivas K said:   6 years ago
I think it has a huge impact on present generation both in the positive and negative way. It totally depends upon how it is being used by us. Some people are too much addictive towards social networking sites and they kill a lot of their time with these social media. Thats not at all a great thing happening with us.

Nowadays everyone busy with their lives, in this busy community the social media really relieves our stress with a proper usage. We may not talk to our friends daily, but still, we have been updated with their statuses because of social media. It also acts like a media by which we can really get to know a lot of things going around the world.

So, its totally with us, using or misusing!

Ashwini said:   6 years ago
Hello friends, As everybody knows social sites connect with our old friends and families too. It acts as a mediator. Using a social site is useful and harmful also.


1. Earlier there was no phone it was very difficult to know the other person status, Nowadays each person has a phone and social sites like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram where we can easily talk with our friends and family.

2. We also get some latest news on social sites like what is happening around the world.

3. The example we can say like BLUEWHALE game which is a danger game was revealed on social sites like not to download this game.


1. Instead of studying, nowadays small children are using social sites, simply they signup into Facebook, Instagram which is a bad thing.

2. Whenever we are searching something advertises comes like porn type, that time mind will divert which has to be banned.

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