Impact of Social Networking Sites

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Priya Jadhav said:   2 days ago
Good morning everyone!

Each coin indeed has 2 sides like social media uses also 2 sides.

It depends on what you see on your mobile. Because on social media sides, it uses machine learning. If you like 1 video according to that it's shared to you. For your kind information your 1 like also so matter to increase followers.

Thank you.

Naveen Mokka said:   7 days ago
Hello everyone My Name is Naveen.

First of all, I am very glad to discuss of the topic "Impact of social media".

As we know every topic has some pros and cons.

Let us discuss about pros first Nowadays, social media become a part of our daily life by using this social media we get to know.

What's happing in the world every day and every hour and every minute and we can learn so many things from social media like YouTube and we can improve our knowledge and we can connect with people easily and by using platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram like there are so many online platforms.

Let us discuss the cons:

If you we are using any online platform we should have some basic idea about the platform there are so many spammers trying to hack our social media accounts if they hack our account is hacked they will send messages through our accounts to our friends and they will ask money like there are so many things happen like that we know every day cyber Police are posting in their social media accounts also.

That's all from my side.

Anusha Gundeboina said:   7 days ago
Anusha said :.

Good morning to everyone, I'm Anusha. Today we will discuss about social meadia networking.

As we know everything has its pros and cons. First, we will discuss social networking pros- social networking is useful to gain knowledge and learn more. And we communicate easy way to others all over the world.

And coming to social networking cons - social networking is used to based on our behavior. Nowadays, In my point of view, most social media is full of sexual contents. There are so, many free websites to see that content. So, many children, teenagers and adults are too disturbed. So, we can open those links first we can some charges to see the contents, So, 10% of the people can decrease to addict that content.

Rajesh kumar lenka said:   7 days ago
Social media networking has a positive impact because it allows meeting new people virtually on our interest area. If like a person loves art then he can meet people who are also like art. After they help each other to grow and create opportunities. Also nowadays, social media users rapidly growing which helps people to network and grow in their lives. Also, we know about LinkedIn which allows millions of people to get jobs in their field through networking. In my perspective, it was a good opportunity to connect with people via social media in any state or country.

Rushi Wabale said:   7 days ago
Hello Everybody.

In today's world social networking sites have a high impact. Everyone is busy on social.

Networking site but we know that everything has some pros and cons. We can say that social networking sites are the treasure of knowledge and information. Whatever things we want are available on these sites.

NS Haripriya said:   1 week ago
Hello everyone, My name Haripriya, I am very happy to discuss you the topic "impact of social networking sites".

Social media is one of the best platforms for Learning more new ideas, Studying purpose, and connecting people all over the world in our daily lives. Connecting and interacting with people all around the world. Helps us to connect people virtually. We can talk to anyone face to face via video call on WhatsApp and many other apps also there. Social networking also provides job opportunities.

It depends on us, how we use it. When we see it as an information platform it makes us, social media has its negative sides as well. It is misused by scammers for cyber crimes. They play with emotions, so be careful to use social media only for good things to learn.

Srushti Ahire said:   1 week ago
Hello Everyone,

According to me, this depends on how we use social networking sites. And about pros and cons, everything has there 2 sides as a coin.

So, talking about the pros social networking sites provide us with very useful content it may vary from person to person. It connects all people around the world.

Apart from these, it is also helpful for educational purposes which brings healthy competition in every field of education.

And not only in the educational field but also in the corporate world. So, considering all the pros we can say that social networking sites are useful.

But, as we go through the cons of social networking sites we can also see the misuse of social networking in cybercrime, kids by watching dangerous content that may destroy their whole career.

Talking about health issues, overuse of social networking or over screen time also harms several body parts.

So, going through all the points we can see that it depends upon us, how much we should depend upon social networking sites.

Thank You.

Vaishnavi Nawalkar said:   1 week ago
Good morning/Good afternoon everyone my name is Vaishnavi Nawalkar.

According to me, social media has its pros and cons. It depends on you how use it. Some of useful content from social media gets easily available on social media platforms after how people use it depends. On social media, information is available but not sure it's authentic. Student gets lots of information from social media for study and get some knowledge.

Nitish said:   1 week ago
Social media networking sites can be much more helpful. These websites save time and contain particular information about the topic. This information can be of single line and can be up to a paragraph. But the particular information can lead to laziness.

Mukul pandey said:   2 weeks ago
My name is Mukul.

According to me, it depends on us, how we use it. When we see it as an information platform it makes us aware of our surroundings, we are just a click away from getting the content we want, it saves us time, money, and much more but when it controls our dopamine it becomes dangerous. People are addicted to shorts, and adult content, mostly social media is full of sexual content. They play with our emotions. Scrolling becomes a habit. If gov. Bring some restrictions to harmful content then we can say social sites and media are blessings to us.

Thank you.

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