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Sarita Gupta said:   3 days ago
Social media has two sides way. It totally depends on the user how can use it. If he wants to gain good knowledge ether to bad.

So, social media have good and bad knowledge. You have a chance to choose between good or bad.

Sweety said:   5 days ago
Social media has both advantages and disadvantages too.

But the advantages of social media are more than disadvantages. Depends on how users can use it. If they use it in a proper way it helps in many things and if they use it in the improper way it leads to harmful things.

Syed said:   5 days ago
Hello everyone.

I'm going to share my thoughts on social media nowadays all are using Android phones only fewer people using keypads I'm happy to say we are improving the technology side and also economically, financially but still, I have some sadness due to overutilisation of mobile phones because whenever we have keypads we only used for calling purpose, after calling we put aside but in advanced nowadays mobiles after waking up in nights also some children are utilising mobiles even they don't listen to their parents, we have two sides here we can use for positive as well as negative because Andriod mobiles we can say a lot of learning apps are present by using we can increase our knowledge and on the other lot people spending money on games and they play till next morning health is also affected, due to lack of sleepness we cannot concentrate on next morning. We need to utilise mobile phones, and social media but also we need to make a schedule also on that we need to remember the purpose also we need to play games for our entertainment for a limited time, I also saw nowadays 3 years children also addicted to mobile phones that's it remember the purpose and schedule it when and how much time we need to use it, thank you, everyone.

Vijayalaxmi said:   5 days ago
Hello every one.

I would like to say about the Impact of social media.

Whatever man-made those are all have good things also and bad things,

And nowaday everyone uses social media, some people use entertainment purposes, some people get some things on social media and some others people put their relationships only on social media.

It's used for the implementation of the business, like an advertisement of business and attracting the customer,

All sectors are using social media education, banking, business, film etc.

This means nowadays without social media we can't stay. And. It also has disadvantages, whenever we are using social media, it is badly affect our health, easy and we are physically weak.

Rupak Kumar Jena said:   5 days ago
Hi guys, I am Rupak.

Like everyone said everything has 2 sides i.e. dark side and the light side. Now the question comes, on which factor the positiveness or negativeness depends. Simply in my view, this totally depends upon our way of approach.

For instance, we can take a mobile phone. For some users, it is a smartphone for only smart utilization but for many others, it is just like a gaming device, means of entertainment and many more.

Correspondingly there are billion of users in social media platforms. But their means of usage is different. So the impact of social networking platforms is entirely upon the users. If we use it emphatically we will get a positive response and we will receive negative results if we utilize it unfavourably.

Md Ansari said:   5 days ago
Hi all.

So, let us go with the flow that how social networking sites have been making a good or bad impact on today's youth.

Social media has a lot of roles to play in today's youth by providing them entertainment, interaction with strangers, making new friends and much more. Social media also helps some businesses to promote their product by posting videos or photos to grab customers attention. When people get tired or bored, they come here to get their stress relieved.

Nowadays, if one is not using any Social Sites somewhat lacks behind what's going on around the globe, he lacks a bit of knowledge.

On the other hand, if someone is addicted to reels or some short videos that are now trending on every social media, then it becomes very hard for that person to come out of it, he/she is somehow doesn't want to open any of it, that addiction will make him do the same thing on and again which is very bad for an individual. It leads to time wastage instead one can utilize that time for developing some skill or personality which will help in the near future.

Let's wind it up, everything under control is good for a person to go with until that becomes a bad addiction to some negative things.

Thank You.

Suhani said:   1 week ago
Hi everyone,

Every coin has two sides, the same way our users on social media define whether it is a boon or a curse. If we use social media correctly, then it's a great app for communicating with our friends but overdoes of everything is bad. Like earlier if anything used to happen we would probably not know it but in today's time, social media is so fast that it brings every important incident to our view. Many people use it for building their business, and promoting their products as it serves as a great medium to target the audience, but also sometimes people get so involved in social media that for them social media is their only life and they start maintaining distance from family and friends. Chatting with friends has nowadays taken place of long discussions which we used to have with our friends when we met them. Social media life is a fairy tale life, we sometimes feel whatever is happening on social media is the only truth and sometimes we get depressed that everyone else is living a good life and only I am the one who is suffering, but it also depends on the way we use it.

Tarakanta DasMohapatra said:   1 week ago
Hello everyone.

I would like to share my thought on social media site impact,

According to my knowledge every things have two sides, one is good and another side is bad, generally its impact varies according to gender and age and also depends on their purpose also.

Suppose in my family I often use social media for various pupose as for gossiping in whatsup, for interview use zoom, for connecting with people in facebook, for giving my personal opinion inn twitter. Sometimes I found its useful and sometime I feel I m so much involved to it.

But for my mother its a medium of entertainment as she often choose to watch reels,

But my father doesnt use any social media, there 3 people and there are 3 scenarios. What I observed is social networking sites are two sided blade if you have purpose and you know hoe to use it then it will become a tool for you for your betterment and if you don't know what is your purpose and you are just consuming everything whatever present in socal media you will be traped there for forever. As it is not only affected to individual level but also for social level also, now we are not depended on only news channel or in newspapers, now we can get international news and information also in this platform as this also leads to fake propaganda and news to make a good image or bad image of a subject.

So we are the one who should understand this and use this platform for out=r our and for our society wellness.

Thank you.

Metikoti Kartikeya said:   2 months ago
Actually intension behind the building of social media is not bad, the way we are using it is bad. Social media is a very good platform for advertising bussiness related things. Here we can promote so many issues, we can get to know what is happening in day to day life. But some people using it in a bad way so it's not a mistake of social media.

Mansi said:   3 months ago
Hello Everyone, I would like to put my thoughts on impact of social networking sites.

As we all know that, Today's world becoming digitization everything available online platforms, and sites. There's a lot of various social networking sites that have positive as well as negative impact. Here, the positive impacts are that by using social media sites, we can create our network, making friends, from which we can promote our business products and services.

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