Impact of Social Networking Sites

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Metikoti Kartikeya said: (Nov 15, 2022)  
Actually intension behind the building of social media is not bad, the way we are using it is bad. Social media is a very good platform for advertising bussiness related things. Here we can promote so many issues, we can get to know what is happening in day to day life. But some people using it in a bad way so it's not a mistake of social media.

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Mansi said: (Oct 16, 2022)  
Hello Everyone, I would like to put my thoughts on impact of social networking sites.

As we all know that, Today's world becoming digitization everything available online platforms, and sites. There's a lot of various social networking sites that have positive as well as negative impact. Here, the positive impacts are that by using social media sites, we can create our network, making friends, from which we can promote our business products and services.

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Eleonore said: (Oct 11, 2022)  
Hi guys!

What I think about this discussion is that it is true that social media have both advantages and disadvantages. However, some people are addicted to it and can't really control their use because of sticky technologies that make you come back to social media platforms every time you leave it. It can have a huge impact on mental health and well-being.

What do you think about it?

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Khushali Babhure said: (Aug 18, 2022)  
Hello everyone.

I would like to share my opinion with you all on social networking sites.

So, according to me, social media is one of the most important part of our daily life where we can share our emotions, happiness, and thoughts, .

Sometimes when our mood is off in state we just go on social media and watching funny reels, videos, etc and then our mood is swing for a some time so it's also a benefit of social media.

Another thing is that we can get more n more information of everything on social media.

And also easily find a job with the help of advertisement which is posted in a social media so it's also one of benefit according to me.

Thank you.

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Sethuprasath said: (Mar 17, 2022)  
Hi everyone,

I would like to share my thoughts about social media platforms, Nowadays it plays a major role in our life, yeah you know, it acts as a platform where can we share our emotions, knowledge and communication with other people. It also acts as a stress buzzer, because whenever we can meet our problems, we spent our time on social media and watch some funny videos, funny memes like that then we temporary forgot the problem and feel happy. It is also used to get a job from different companies and act as a business platform. Every coin have two sides, so it also has some demerits there are we spend a lot of time in social media for unimportant things, it cause eye diseases, stress, laziness, headache like that etc. We can't expect in all the information to be true on social media platforms and also we can't expect our information are secured.

That's all. Thank you.

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Yuvaraj said: (Jan 22, 2022)  
Hello everyone;.

I'm Yuvaraj;.

Now, I would like to speak-out with the topic of "IMPACT OF SOCIAL MEDIA".

Firstly, what is social media? what is the use of social media?

So, in our daily day life we use smart mobiles, laptops etc. , Probably.

In that, we use whatsapp, twitter, instagram etc. what is the use of it?

In some conditions and situations, we are unable to speak and react in the exact situation,

So we can say it by social media it is better to convey the information with social media to people.

2. What is the use of social media?

It means, we are learning something it means, in the schools and colleges teachers use.

To tell the chapters fastly in that some points we miss it, it means we know the "word" but.

We are unable to get up and can't able to ask the answer. It means if we ask a doubt means teacher use to joke on us. Around the entire class. So we have an mobile in our hands means we must search the answer,

It will clarify our doubt if we shy to ask the answer in the class. Social media is there to clarify our doubt.

Each and every question. If we use the social network means in the reasonable purpose we can get the answer Of the question and feel much better in the mind, so explore the network and find the answers around the world what is what. We use social media for sake of knowledge you can able to speak out. Around 100 members, you aquire knowledge in it you become the pros of your life.


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PDW said: (Jan 11, 2022)  
Hi everyone.

I would like to say something about social networking sites. Every coin has two sides. That's why each and everything represent itself goodly or badly.

First of all, I'm telling positive side of Social Networking sites. Nowadays, people are using different sites of social media such as Facebook, Instagram etc. By using these sites they connect to each other and share their knowledge. They increase their knowledge. Sometimes they are happy or sad. They get a platform to express their emotion. We know that we can't hold emotion inside, we wanna express our emotion in front of someone. If anyone has no relatives, no friends in real life they create relationships with people.

By using the social site we post photos, information about anything, advertising etc. If we want whatever information of any subject, we can get. In the past day, we got an error in anything then we had gone to the library and search different books then we got the solution then we removed the error. But know we get solution of any problem. We can save a lot of time.

As well as these sites have bad sides also. Increase crime in cyber. Now people are addicted of mobile phones. They waste their time on unimportant things. Different health issues occur like headaches, eyes disorder, physically weak because they don't get time for sport.

Thank you.

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Eshan Panwar said: (Dec 23, 2021)  
Hi, I am Eshan Panwar.

I would say social networking works both ways for us and it's upon the Ultimate user of it how we want to use it.

If we see the impact which this creates is we can connect with people far from us, knowledge is easily accessible to us, real-time update of events happening around the globe, for some who use it wisely has made it a source for their income through their various skill sets. These are a few to be mentioned from a lot of many more.

Now if we examine the impact it creates negatively is that it leads to more screen time for users which leads to eyesight issues, cyberbullying and harassment has increased considerable, privacy becomes a major concern as we are so comfortable in sharing in everything on social media that we forget that privacy is also something to be maintained and on the internet nothing comes with safety or a 100% assured of being safe, again these are dew drawbacks mentioned from a lot of many more.

So in the end social media is something created by humans and it lies in their hands only how to use it, make it useful or possibly make it the most toxic place to live in.

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Vijayalaxmi said: (Dec 10, 2021)  
Hello Everyone.

There is a lot of knowledge and information is available on social media. It depends upon us how we can take benefit of that knowledge and information. We learn many things from social media.

It totally depends upon us in which way we use it. If we use it in the right way it becomes pros for us. Otherwise, it is cons for us.

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Sathiyaseelan said: (Nov 16, 2021)  
Hello everyone. This is Sathiyaseelan.

I am talking impacts of social networking sites. Social media is used for all of us. Then we have to choose it in a way like that both positive and negative impacts related to using the apps.

Positive impacts:

We want to study using need to like some apps to include in social media with the website link and recognized to use it to install the materials and some government notification to use it. By mainly used in such a way to people searching related to current affairs due to general studies.

Anybody no more knowledge in mathematical problems we have to use it in a sometimes solve that problem to gaining knowledge to.

More interaction with social media apps like Instagram, Facebook.

Creators are a talent with social media.

Negative impacts:

We don't teach your children to access social media apps.

By harassing many youths are fully participate in social media to post pictures, videos, memes in it many ways. It is not relevant to youth some other attractions may use it.

People don't have to spend time with family members. Then we have to use it more time in society we have to recognize in some health problems occur due to mental and physical activity less among the future. After that, it has been distracted in many ways. Then we have to strained in eyes. Now that can be used in a limited time.

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Divya said: (Sep 17, 2021)  
Hello everyone, myself Divya Ananad.

If I talk about the impact of social networking sites. Definitely, it helps us in gaining knowledge or to connect with the people who are far from us.

But it also has some loopholes, nowadays people started misusing it in different ways. By harassing people or using some irrelevant sites.

It depends on the people how they use effectively something.

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Pankaj Kumar Vishwakarma said: (Aug 31, 2021)  
Hello friends myself Pankaj.

Social media is not only a simple word there is a huge meaning of this word. Social media plays a very important role in our life. And it has both impacts positive and negative. But it is our choice, in which way we use it. There are many sites like YouTube, Facebook and other websites that help us for increasing our knowledge. But nowadays it is addicting youth. Some irrelevant sites addicts youth society.

Thank you.

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Durga V said: (Aug 26, 2021)  
Hi friends, myself Durga. I shall share something about Social Media.

Now, we are in different places, but now we can communicate via the internet and social media. So, if we use social media properly it gives us good worth.

Otherwise, it leads to being mistakes.

Learning is very important. Nowadays, we can learn a lot of things through social media. At the same time, most people are addicted to this social media. It causes a lack of thinking capacity. Whatever we don't, we don't think what will be the solution. The first thing we do is google it.

Through this social media, we have a lot of benefits like communicating with other people and learn new things and get updates on time. But we have cons also. Less interaction with family members and relatives. Depression, anxiety, fake id, etc. If we take the positive side of social media we get benefits otherwise it will give loss to us.

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Ashmit Kashyap said: (Aug 5, 2021)  
Hello, my name is Ashmit Kashyap.

I'm expressing my views on the impact of social media. In my opinion, everything has two sides. First, I want to tell about pros: social media is a boon for students in this pandemic. Many children could not reach school but by social media, anyone can learn anything. Everyone can be connected to their relatives and friends even they were miles away. Creators show their talent through social media.

Now I tell about cons: People get easily addicted, students can be distracted, scams and fraud can happen, people use social media for hours and that reduces physical activity and can damage mental health, after use longer period it can strain your eyes. I must say one thing that it always depends on us how to use something properly. If we are used for a limited time and without being distracted then it's a boon for us.


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Monu Chaudhary said: (Jul 24, 2021)  
There is no doubt that social media and the internet both become a prime source of knowledge and connectivity by using this we can easily get current news all over the world and this is a very good quality that social media possess during the pandemic social media has become a boon for them who are not able to pay fees of schools and colleges but by social media, they can easily learn from YouTube and other education platforms I like most this good impact of social media another is social media has people connected but social media has two sides like a coin one is boon and other is a curse. The bad impact of social media is that social media reduce outdoor activities that cause vulnerable health.

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Yashashree Joshi said: (Jun 8, 2021)  
Hello everyone, I'm Yashashree Joshi from Pune.

I would like to give my opinion on this topic.

Social media has a very positive and powerful impact on our day-to-day lives. Most importantly social media is helping the poor ones to educate themselves and creators to show their talent. During the pandemic, social media have proved a boon to many from finding jobs on Linkedin to hospital beds, vaccines to help our close people. Students can learn anywhere, anytime and from any teacher they want to globally. Business can be increased via digital marketing. We can stay connected to our dear ones even if they are miles away from us. Students who live in rural areas where transport was an issue earlier had to travel and waste 2-3 hrs to reach school or classes, now because of online teaching and classes on youtube they can save their time and money.

And like these, there are many things which social media have made us accessible at the very cheapest price.

But when I want to tell about the cons then before that I would like to say that "It's always upon us how we use anything".

Yeah, there are phishing, cyber-attacks, misuse of it. Youngsters are getting addicted to it, depression, loneliness, etc and for some, the definition of social media is " Your distraction is my attention".

Everything in this world has some kind of disadvantages but when it comes to social media then those cons are created by us. We can limit its use and control it.

So, I would like to conclude that the impact social media is creating and had created is worthy. Even if it has cons but its pros outweigh its cons.

Thank you! Jai hind!

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Shishir Majumdar said: (Apr 23, 2021)  
Hello I'm Shishir Majumdar from Valsad.

I am happy to speak about such a good topics. According to me social media is now part of everyone life just like radio and newspaper and tv. Still to say about merits and demerits of social media I have mentioned it in points as follows.

1. Entertainment and refreshment which is necessary for good mental health
2. Teaches many new skills by experts and help to learn many new and innovative ideas available.
3. Open ups platforms for marketing and advertisements and also attract relevant target audience and buyers.
4. Staying updated and aware of the things happening globally about each and every news in few minutes.
5. Increases knowledge about unknown and unexplored content, blogs and information.
6. Increases connection with friends, customers, clients, family and colleagues etc.
7. Through social media everyone can exchange their thoughts, ideas, views and opinions.

As every coin has two faces, So social media too has many demerits too.


1. Reduction in the uses of books and dictionaries and increase in the dependence on gadgets, apps and Google app for learning.
2. Fake IDs and pages creates irrelevant stuff and annoying messages and even influences people to the wrong directions.
3. Increase in cyber crimes and unethical activities like hacking.
4. Lost of connection, emotional affection and relationships with family members.
5. Spoils much time in just sharing photos and video merely for likes.
6. Emerging tremendous level of anxiety, depression addiction, insomnia and lack of concentration.
7. Reduction in outdoor activities, reducing physical growth, health issues and children to adults addicted to social media.
8. Mass reduction in productive time for studies for any office work.
9. Increase in the issues like headache, eyes pain and neck pain.
10. Circulations of fake news and rumours misleading the people.

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Nayan Gupta said: (Feb 15, 2021)  
Hello peoples.

If we are talking about social networking sites. Everything has two sides so as on this there are some pros like:

1) through social media, nowadays anyone can exchange their thoughts, ideas, views and opinions.

2) Youth are now well - aware of the things happening around in the world because the social media provide us with each and every news in a few minutes. What is going in the world?

3) right now who are reading this see this blog give the opportunity to write our points over here. I include this on a positive side because it makes my knowledge increase.

And I m mostly agree with cons because,

Instead of using the positive side of social media, we are going towards the bad path. Some cons like:

1) addiction, which is a major cause of social networking some causes like insomnia, depression, depression, high level of anxiety, lack of concentration, etc.

2) have you ever notice we are indulging in social media that if we want to find any meaning instead of the dictionary we use Google app.

3) it increases criminal activities.

4) some youngsters have lost their connection and relationship with their family members and relatives.


In my opinion, we need to know what is bad and good for us so that we can protect ourselves while enjoying the benefit of social networking.

Thank you.

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Lal Singh said: (Jan 10, 2021)  
Hello, Everyone, I'm Lal Singh.

In my opinion, there are many people emerged on social networking sites such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram they give their most of their time on these sites. These are beneficial if we use them for our education, knowledge matter. But these sites are bad for those who waste their precious time to share photos for likes. Thank you.

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Krishna Chandra Pandey said: (Dec 28, 2020)  
Social media is used to make a connection with friends, customers, client, family, colleagues etc. Social media is a powerful platform in our society and the world through social we can communicate all around the world. We can get all news of the world in a few minutes. By social media, we can chat with a new friend and old friend. We can get the latest updates of games and videos. But a coin has to poses head and tail as same social media has to probability sometimes some bad effect of social media in the world like as we get the fake news this news make the pandemic situation in our country. Now a few times ago when our country facing a pandemic situation of covid -19 then much fake news was coming through the social media. And they make over the pandemic situation. Some other bad effects of social media like as many people are addicted of social media like as FB WhatsApp I think it only depends on us how we use it in positive or negative. Thanks.

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Vijay Pal Jakhar said: (Dec 21, 2020)  
Hello everyone, I am Vijay Pal Jakhar.

From Rajasthan.

Now, I want to tell you about the topic which has been given to me social media.
The social site is a way of sharing information with each other.
In the during of pandemic, many students do not proper study's in our home because schools are closed for covid 19 but social sites work properly.
In my views, social sites are very important for Students Life.
Many negative points on social sites.
Many people don't work properly because they are addicted to social sites.
Many students are suffering from social sites and affect their study.


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Pradeep Kumawat said: (Dec 19, 2020)  
Hello Everyone,

Today We will discuss about Social Networking Sites.

There are many demerits of Social Networking Sites.

Fake News, health issues, wastage of important time, Reducing outdoor activities, reducing physical growth. Children to Adults are badly addicted of Social Networking Sites.

There are many Merits of Social Networking Sites:

Social Networking Sites are connecting to each other.

In this time, people are busy in their life so they are connected to each other with Social Networking Sites.

With Social Networking Sites we can search for any information only in one click.

At last, I Would like to Say Something that everything has no base or evils but it is depending on me to how to use the thing.

Thank You.

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Ramlakhan said: (Dec 19, 2020)  
Hi all. My name is RAM.

In my opinion, social media is a powerful platform in the world. Through social media, we can communicate all around the world. We can get information our country what's happening of the current way. We can share our thoughts as well as idea blogs etc. We get knowledge through you tube also we can earn money to make the video on YouTube and show our talents. Every coin has two aspects pros and cons so social media has two coin pros and cons. It's depending on our thoughts that how are we using.

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Atul Kumar Patel said: (Dec 18, 2020)  
Good evening everyone.

Social media is very useful for us in our daily life it makes our works easy and fewer risks. We can communicate with our relatives from anywhere and time, net banking, online education, news, chatting etc with using social media. In this pandemic, this is very helpful for people and also for the government of stopping covid 19 spread.

Thank you all.

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Ritesh Pandey said: (Dec 15, 2020)  
Hello friends.

Social media is a computer-based technology that facilitates the sharing of ideas, thought and communication through the virtual building of internet and communities. Social media like platform as WhatsApp, Facebook, tweeter are giving to people opportunities to connect easily each other across the long distances. Now everything is available only on your fingertips. India has 696 million internet users and in the world, there are 3.5 billion internet users. India is also the second largest online market behind China so it is good for our country for the economic condition. Social media is also allowing democratization of knowledge and broader communication. So it bridge between people and make easy to communicate with people. There are many benefits of Social media if we use in a proper way.

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Shivam Pandey said: (Dec 14, 2020)  
Advantages of social media within the less time consuming people get more and more knowledge and experience of all'over the world send the message to their relatives and friends communication system enhance education system enhance marketing system enhance productivity of goods increase due to advertise thank you Jai Hind.

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Rishav said: (Dec 6, 2020)  
Hello everyone.

I would like to pay thanks for giving me an opportunity to express my views on the impacts of social media on people.

As we know every coin has two faces one positive and one negative. Its positive points is that it is useful to grab much information.

It also saves us time. In one click we communicate any point in the whole world. Its negative effects is it is addicted to many peoples. Young to adults every people has effected by social media. So we say that social media is positive and negative impacts.


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Balu Goud said: (Dec 1, 2020)  
Hello everyone,

Today we are discussing social media and its impact on people, as everyone knows that in today's world everyone has a mobile and internet so it easy to move with social media like FB, Twitter Instagram and etc.

Definitely, by using social media we have advantages and disadvantages also there.

We can post the pictures and information that we supposed to reach the public which can possibly reach the people as early as possible and we can connect the people as much as possible in a short period of time.

We can use social media as a platform where we can advertise our product and projecting our skills to the market.

This is a fast and convenient way of communicating people and you can use this for shopping and marketing.

I believe that social media is the best media for everyone to share the knowledge and everyone can be willing to use this platform for their education purpose like online classes.

And coming to the disadvantages or drawbacks of social media.

Overusing and over involving in social media leads to addiction and mentally disturbing.

And everyone can be access to see our personal details and pictures so it may put you in trouble sometimes. And retards our growth.

Reduces physical and outdoor activities, and negative impact on young stars who are wasting their time for posting irrelevant thing.

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Kvk said: (Nov 30, 2020)  
We can use this platform in many different ways but every person will use this media in their own perspective, personal needs in many ways as we can do. If we are able to grab the information in a useful manner there is no one.

To stop you are a success. For example, I want to say that in coming days it's good to stop going for colleges, schools of different places you know travelling makes waste of time better you can grab All the subject matter what you need you will get through this media like YouTube, India bix etc. Finally, the impact of social networking sites depends on the individual or unknown persons in their perspective of thinking level.

If people could reduce using social media for entertainment purposes then there is no other.

A weapon like this to human for their success in this war life.

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Firoj Khan said: (Nov 29, 2020)  
Social media is a platform through which we communicate, chat, make new friends, review old friendships, and share our opinions on everything.

So we know every coin has two aspects also social media,

Its advantages:

We can get the latest update about music, games, news, etc.
We communicate and chat with our friends and relatives.
We can get information and education in a single click.
We can see photo and also upload by FB, WhatsApp and internet.

And its disadvantages.:

We get much fake news.
Addictions of social media like as FB whatapp.
We get irrelevant photo videos.
I think it depends on how to use it positive or negative.

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Abhishek said: (Nov 22, 2020)  
Good morning.

First, all of you, thank you so much for giving me this golden opportunity to speak in front of you.

Today my topic is the impact of social networking sites. This site is very useful to social life and communicating to one- another. This site gives us the information of the whole world. We can get the latest update of anything like sports, education, news etc.

But there are many disadvantages of this site in which are includes health problem, stress, addiction of network marketing etc.

Therefore we should use carefully this sites.

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SUNNY KUMAR said: (Nov 18, 2020)  
In my point of view,

The social networking site has its merits and drawbacks. Its advantage is that we can get knowledge about anything within a moment. Because everything is available on social site, we can entertain, chat and talk to our friends and relatives. Because in the era we have no time for doing such works by going their home.

But excess of everything is bad. A lot of people use the social site too much that they do not know, that have got addicted to them they are always lost in the virtual world of these sites. Its result is that they have to face many difficulties to achieve their targets.

So, finally, I want to say that social site has its use and abuse but it entirely depends upon the users.


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Siddharth Bhardwaj said: (Nov 16, 2020)  
Hi friends.

I am Siddharth Bhardwaj and I am from Patna the capital city of Bihar.

Friends as we all know our today's topic is the impact of social networking sites it is a very interesting topic which relates directly to our daily life.

Friends, Facebook a well known social networking sites is one of the most famous social networking sites in the world it is invented by marks juker burg in this we can post our pictures, saw our friends picture, make friends worldwide, and chat with them very easily. Friend as we all know every coin has two faces just like this social networking sites has also two faces negative and positive.

Positive impact on our society-.

1. we can post our pictures and save our pictures on social networking sites.
2. we can saw our friend's picture.
3. we can make a lot of friends worldwide and also follow popular peoples.
4. we can chat with our friends instead of conversating on calls.
5. social networking sites are used to advertise products.

Negative impact of networking sites:

1. anyone can use our pictures for any purpose without our permission.
2. Unwanted and unknown friends.
3. wasting of time of our youth on social networking sites.
4. Addiction of social networking sites.


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Sanjeet said: (Nov 13, 2020)  
Hi everyone.

I am Sanjeet I belong to Alwar Rajasthan.

Today our topic on the impact of social networking sites. As we know everything has two sides one of the pros and cons.

Let's Start.

Social networking sites is very good for us we are connecting from people day by day by social networking sites.

We can share our thoughts with people on social networking sites.

We can work in less time by this the social networking sites very helpful for us.

It has some demerits also;

If we spend a lot of time at social media then we are lost our mentality control. We lost our eyes order.

Social Media is weakening us day by day.

The children addicted to it. Children have an interest in bad sites & they have addicted it.

Advantage and disadvantages of Social Media is depended upon our uses.


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Sunayana said: (Oct 10, 2020)  
Hello everyone,

Social networking site is something which has both the advantage and disadvantages also.

Now maximum usage of social networking site can lead you an unhealthy lifestyle because of maximum usage we forget that we also have a life beside social networking side, we forget to spent time with our families, we forget to play in the ground. We need a lot of hard work a lot of studies to become successful but because of the maximum usage of the social networking site, we forget to study.

Besides that this advantages there are so many advantages like from social networking site there are so many people who started their small business and from there, they earned money for their family, we can help poor needy people by collecting money from social networking site, we also can protest against all the odds as well.

So at the last, I want to say everyone has a different impact upon them from the social networking site but it will be better if we use it for our betterment.

Thank you.

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Mallika said: (Oct 9, 2020)  
First, I would like to thank you for giving this opportunity.

According to my point of view, social media is the best platform for contacting the people From the various place .social media is having both merits and demerits.

Merits :
Sharing information across the globe.
The best platform to connect people.
Increase relationship.
Improve knowledge.


Too much of addiction causes health problems.
Eye disorder.
Fake (gossip) is more.

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PDW said: (Sep 30, 2020)  
Impact of social media:

Every Coin has two sides that's why this subject has also bad and good things.

The social media impact is totally depending upon us. If this networking sites use properly then we definitely get benefit otherwise not.

We connect a lot of people using these sides such as Facebook, Instagram etc. We get knowledge about any topic. Also, we can post our photos, important information, advertising about anything etc.

This sites also bad for some people which is wasting their time. Some problems occur like headache, eyes disorder etc.

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Aishwarya G said: (Sep 1, 2020)  
Hi everyone.

Impact of social media is huge nowadays. Every people are addicted to social media sites.

Every coin having two faces so the social media apps.


It helps us to have connections with everyone who is important to us. We can share our memories, photos using Facebook, Instagram and other apps. We can meet new people.
We can get information about important topics.
It is helpful for advertising, business activities.
Social media sites will give entertainment and also it is informative.


By overuse of social media, we can get headache.
And also eye disorder.
It retards our physical growth.
We will be using mobile all day which kills time.
So it depends completely on us to utilize it for good activities or bad activities.

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Nancy Purwar said: (Aug 8, 2020)  
Hi everyone,

I think social media is the best platform to communicate and share information. Social media is one of the most powerful media thought which we can talk to people even after locating at different places using facebook, whatsapp Instagram, etc. We know everything have two sides positive and negative.

It's totally depends on us, how we use. We can't blame social media, social media help us to connect with old friends, acquire knowledge, it also help in marketing, advertising, businesses etc.

So, it's totally with us, using or misusing.

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B.Divyabharathi said: (Mar 19, 2020)  
Hello everyone,

Now a days social media is very useful. Any information gathering very huge of data help to us. Any topic searching of data showing related topic also. All are more dependence on internet. For example, essay writing on any topic searching google, no one thinking own ideas due to lots of own thinking power. Children no one playing outdoor games, always online games like ludo. Online games playing don't relief in your mind just sometime enjoyed.

Social Media use boring times communicating people connected by using WhatsApp, fb. Interacted to unknown persons, reduce the known person relationship bond.

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Sujata Gaikwad said: (Feb 27, 2020)  
Good morning everyone.

I'm Sujata & I'm glad to start this topic.

We know that anything has two aspects same as social networking.
Social networking is one of the powerful media through which information can be shared & obtained anywhere.

Nowadays everyone is busy in their life that time social media helps to connect peoples.
So I think social media is a good friend to us.


Social media is fast & a convenient way of communicating peoples by using create GP on WhatsApp, Insta, FB & share your thoughts, ideas blogs, etc.

You can also use in marketing, shopping, for social awareness about different social issues like pollution, health, harassment, etc.

Also, you can use it in the study, entertainment, knowledge in sports, health. you also earn money by making videos in youtube.

So social media is a powerful platform in society as well as in the world.


Fake news.
Health issues.
Wastage of imp time.
Reducing outdoor activities, reduce physical growth or fitness
Children to adults ages are badly addicted to social networking sites.

Last I would like to say something everything has no bass or evils but it is depending upon how we are using this thing.

Thank you so much.

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Sruthi said: (Feb 17, 2020)  
As we all know that social media is playing a vital role in society today. Social media has equal positive & negative impacts, here the positive impact is acquiring knowledge from it & the negative impact is getting addicted to bad things.

For this we can't blame the social networking websites, it's only our mistake & it's only our fault. Without making analysis we can't achieve anything great. Likewise, just make a question for yourselves "How you are using it?", "What you are acquiring from it?", &how much time you are spending on it?".

Social media is not only a tool for personal development, but it is also a tool for personal & social destruction. It is very essential to educate the students about the negative impacts of social media because they were getting deviated from their goals & aspiration because of the over usage of social networking websites.

Not only the students but also social media is wasting productive time for employees & staff. As you know the over usage of anything impacts badly even over the consumption of food makes an individual ill & unhealthy. Similarly too much exercise. Likewise over usage of social media will impact not only to an individual but also to their family, country & nation.

These days parents are not spending much time with their children because they were very busily engaged with their professional lives that's why the students are getting diverted to social media in which they think it contains joy & fun. They were not knowing when to stop & where to stop.

Instead of learning yoga & meditation the students are habituated to posting selfies, comments, likes & shares.

It is very difficult to sign up from social media if we are addicted to it.

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Rahul Ranjan said: (Feb 8, 2020)  
Everything that is available around us has merits and demerits.

It totally depends on us in which way we are using these resources. Social sites are basically made to connect persons who are living far away from each other and to express ideas, opinions. Sometimes we can use social sites as a tool to raise our voice against any injustice going in our surroundings (#metoo).

The negative thing about social sites is much fake news and information are being circulated by fake id's. There is a negative impact on youngsters who are wasting their valuable time on sites by posting irrelevant things.

"Excess of everything is bad".

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Santosh Kumar said: (Feb 4, 2020)  
In My point of view, Social Networking Sites have both positive and negative sides.

These are useful to know about the current situation in society and fast information sharing among people etc.

Coming to the Negative side, by using these Social Networking Sites mostly children addicted to it and this lead to harmful consequences.

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Devegowda S said: (Jan 31, 2020)  
Hi Everyone.

Social media is good for use.

1. Learning: It provides learning facilitation, even a small child who start using these channels an early stage of there lives develops communication skill.

2. Marketing: almost all age groups are available on social media so interested in wasting money, on ads. On the other hand, people also get informed and learned about the product more frequently easily.

3. An easy way of communication.

4. Knowing things happenings in the world.

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Juhi said: (Jan 3, 2020)  
In my point of view, every coin has two aspects positive and negative, social media give us knowledge knowing the world, opportune to share our ideas and views and also we are connected to our relatives who live far from us like abroad. And on negative sides it creates fake news, harming people in terms of blackmailing through crates fake accounts on social sites.

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Shezan said: (Nov 28, 2019)  
Hello Everyone!

In my opinion, the impact of social networking sites in our life is too much indeed. In this technology era, we sleep on social networking sites. Now social sites have occupied each and every sector and field of our day to day proceedings. Start from health to entertainment, sport to finance. Even media is not left out from social networking sites.

Nowadays our life is incomplete without social media. Whatever we human being want to show and express, whether its anger, sorrow, joy, excitement or happiness everything should be on social sites.

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Shailesh Yadav said: (Nov 20, 2019)  
Good morning friends.

Firstly thanks for expressing my views on social media.

The modern age is the age of technology, there are so many technical skills in this world, social media one of them. Social media is very important to us. Nowadays by the social media we connect our friends and relatives and we can get any information anywhere there are two phases of coins it is same in social media, in conclusion, we can say that if social media is used carefully it is boon for us and if used it carelessly it is a bane for us.


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Mohit Kumar Kirar said: (Nov 18, 2019)  
Social media is good for us. We all know the power of social media. It is a big source of communication and skill development. We get more update like sports education and news through social media. We found what happened all over the world. We connect the people who live in other country. The main source of social media is YouTube. We can share our thoughts and know the thoughts of others. We joined the study group and share their questions and answers too. We know the addition of everything gone to the wrong way. So use social media in proper way is good for us.


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Saumya said: (Oct 2, 2019)  
Social networking sites were made to reduce distance among two people and so it became success to such a point that now distance even more got increased By increasing craze in social networking sites.

It had made people engaged in virtual life and so it proved a great fall in real life. Earlier people used to chat talk under trees so called prapanch. But now it is no more in society.

Today what to speak of adults even children are being addicted. No relationship now remains emotional.

Talking about its impact it is not wrong to say that it had made people to be slaves of these sites. All are being addicted and enjoy in only virtual life. It is being suffered by all sectors like students employers parents and so on.

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K. Vishnu Priya said: (Sep 23, 2019)  
The first recognizable social media site, six degrees was created in 1997. It enables users to upload profiles. Now we have several social media sites like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter etc.

If we make social networking sites as a coin one side positive and one side negative.

an easy way of communication.
Knowing the facts.
Knowing things happening in the world etc.


Not only youth all age group people addicted to social networking sites.
Health issues.
Reduces thinking capacity.
Spreading of fake news.
The impact is depending upon how we are using so use it in a right manner get food results.

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Vandana said: (Sep 16, 2019)  
Hi everyone, I would like to share my views on social networking sites before discussing that we must accept that any work that we do have both good and bad, even social networking sites have advantages and disadvantages. As we know that we addict quickly to bad things rather than good things it can be affected so much. Nowadays teenagers are most addicted to cell phones and wasting their useful time on useless things. At some point we can be beneficial at some reasons like make our relationships strong, to improve our skills, to develop ourself by learning useful things.

At last, I want to conclude that good things are so hard at this time but it must be helpful in future always take positive things and walk on the right path thank you.

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Naresh said: (Aug 20, 2019)  
Hello friends.

Social network has a powerful impact on society. Previously it is used to very long time share the message between two people, but now it provided a media for sharing opinions and one can explore the world using the social networking sites. Knowledge regarding each and every profession and even it helping many students in their graduation. Every corner of society has a great impact of it. Please don't use it in a evil manner and derail it. Thank you.

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Manish said: (Jun 29, 2019)  
Hello everyone.

As we all know that everything has it's good and evil side. So does social networking sites too.

It totally depends on the way we want to use these sites as they were basically created to connect people. Using these platforms people can raise their voice against a lot of things. As we all know the #metoo campaign was also started at these sites only which was a great step towards women empowerment where the women can freely speak about the harassment they have been gone through.

And these sites can be used to share some important information related to jobs, current affairs.

But nowadays the use of these sites has increased in spreading hatred towards any religion, community. Fake news created over these platforms is being used to demonise people reputation.

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Puran Chettri said: (Apr 16, 2019)  
Good Morning Everyone.

My name is Puran Chettri & I'm glad to start a discussion on a topic ' Impact of social networking sites' in our lives. A social network is one if the powerful media through which information can be shared and obtained at any time. Social media is one of the fastest and convenient ways of communication but it has both good and bad impact in our lives. It has many advantages like we used to get news about what is happening around the world. We often do not get a chance to meet friends, the family who are staying far or abroad but we can stay connected with them through social sites like Facebook or Instagram. Our Government is planning to make digital India but I believed without social networking it will not be possible to make digital India or cashless economy.

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Rujuta said: (Apr 6, 2019)  
Good Evening people!

I feel everything can affect us only as much as we let it!

Anything in excess is bad. Our generation somewhere fails to understand that Social Networking Sites are just a mere part of our life and not something that we should be building a life around! It's for a time out of stress and to keep in touch with the world. And not for constantly updating everything on it!

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Marshall Sakthi said: (Apr 5, 2019)  
Hai guys!

I think that the impact of social networks has both good and evil things. The way of handling it is the most important thing here. The main thing is it can make our world within our hand. We can know everything from the place where we are. It makes the efficiency of communication much better, nowadays in education google classrooms make the student know more than what a teacher teaches. They are a lot more learning apps, job sites, matrimonial sites, online banking, net marketing, online shopping and more what we want. The peoples all the needs are fullfilled by networking sites. I do not wish to mention the evils of the social network. Because I think that don't think of bad things. Thanks, guys.

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Rohit said: (Mar 5, 2019)  
Social media impact on human being, whether it can relevant or irrelevant to us. Even though it is accessible to connect each other. Live chat. Watching every thing. As far as the using of social media, it depend on our thought and how to drive it. Nowadays, it is being a salient part of human, that's why we can't imagine life without it.

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Preethi said: (Jan 28, 2019)  
Hi, friends, social networking sites give much knowledge to all, everything has good and bad sides, in the same way, it creates fake things also.

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Chetan Patil said: (Jan 23, 2019)  
Hello Everyone.

I Think the impact of social networking sites depends on the usages of social network. If your using it properly, sharing good news then it will not harm the society but if your using it to pass fake news or for sending any religious msg that will harm the society and give rise to any kind of disruption in between two community then social media is very harmful. Social Media is for connecting people and not destroying them or harming any human life.

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N.SHIVA KRANTHI said: (Jan 21, 2019)  
Hello Everyone,

Thank you for giving this opportunity to discusses social networking sites.

My opinion on social sites is very useful nowadays because many people are knowing what happens in the country and there are posting in social sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and WhatsApp.

But some people are addicted to social sites, by posting their photos and unlikely stuff, people should also think about their families who are so far by communication and there are forgetting their families by busy in social sites. Social sites are useful in sometimes but not useful in every time. Some people use social sites for their career and for job purpose and for popular by taking some videos and posting on sites.

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Naveena D said: (Jan 2, 2019)  
Good Evening Friends,

Social networking is very important also this is bad one. Because technology is improved day by day. So peoples are communicate with each other by the social networking sites. Social networking is also provide good communication with friends and anybody.

It also make health problems using mobile phones for long time. Sometimes social networking is not good for our health. As well as technology developments are updated in our hand using the social networking sites. So this is good one as well as bad one.

As much as you use it is as bad. So use for your need.

Thank You.

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Amit said: (Dec 7, 2018)  
Social networking sites have emerged as the most powerful networking medium among people these days. Nowadays people rely more on facebook, whatsapp, instagram more than face to face contact and interaction. But certainly there are some benefits which one can draw from these. It depends on how one uses these different apps. Some people use them for chatting, some use them for work purposes, some use them for posting photos and status updates and try to make themselves popular (fake popularity). But if seen from the other angle, it can be of immense help if we use it properly. Such as we can share some important documents, photos, keep contact through video calls when far away from family members. But the problem is that the young generation is getting trapped by these sites and are getting addicted. They are keeping on posting their photos all day long which are of no value. Instead if they use it for enhancing knowledge and educational purposes, then it will be of great help for them, for anyone. It is not about getting 1000 likes, it is about doing something which will add value to your life.

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Shweta said: (Dec 1, 2018)  
Hello everyone. I am glad to start the discussion. The Topic given to us is 'Impact of Social Networking Sites ' is really an Interesting topic.

From my point of view, social networking sites like fb, whatsap, twitter, insta are connecting people around the globe. Since people are really busy now a days because of the hectic schedules and they don't get time to talk to their loved ones, friends and relatives who lives far away from them, Social networking is really helping connecting to people. But there are some cons also, People are getting addicted to social networking sites, even living in the same home they don't even communicate/interact properly with their family members, skips the daily meals that they used to have together. Not only the teenagers but even their parents are getting more addicted. Also some people are using social networking sites recklessly and posts grossly offensive or menacing information hurting religious sentiments. There were so many people who were arrested for sharing offensive info on Twitter, Fb, etc. Now the govt of India has restricted the type of content anybody shares on social sites and Its a crime under the contentious section 66 A IT Act to post such kind of information. Thus now people are becoming more aware.

Though We had a good discussion but could not reach the consensus. There are also cons for using social networking sites but we cannot forget the pros basically we need to be aware while using these sites to protect ourselves from the adverse effects. Thank you.

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Vishal Tyagi said: (Nov 18, 2018)  
Hello everyone.

Our topic is the impact of social sites.

Social networking affects people in a positive and negative. In a positive manner with the help of social networking sites, we connect anyone easily and communicate easily. And we can get all the latest update to happen around the world. And people can spend time. On the other hand, there are many negative impacts of social sites on societies like it will harmful for peoples (effect on eyes, health and many more) , and people get fake news that is the cause of some consequences happens and now a people addict these social sites.

I think the impact of social sites is good for society when we use in an effective manner.

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Ankur said: (Nov 11, 2018)  
In my opinion, social networking sites are one of the most effective tools in our hand in this era of developing country. I think it affects greatly in the development of anyone in social, educational, and also countries economic area. Talking about students life it is a very effective tool only if used in effective way. There are so many platforms like unpermitted academy and so many tutors teaching on youtube who can educate very well in any field of education.

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Charu said: (Oct 26, 2018)  
Impact of social networking sites is both good and bad.

Good effects.

Social media is good in the way we are very busy in our daily life anyone has no time to meet someone daily we connected with all people talk easily through social networking sites. It connects people easily.

We easily make a friend in social media. Social media sites make easier to connect the world. It gives facility to know other better.

Social media sites aware easily. Everything happened in the world we well-known easy.

Social media sites impact on human and their behaviour also. It good in the way we acquire skills to communicate with people.

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Akansha said: (Oct 23, 2018)  
I think social media has a great impact on our society both in a good and bad manner. It really depends on the person using it. Earlier social media came into light for connecting different people around the globe. But now it's applications has increased not just it is providing knowledge to us but also entertaining us. With the help of social media, one can talk to their family, friends, relatives even if they are in two different corners of the world. One can learn about different cultures, recipes, dance moves, singing just by sitting in their home and using these services. It is really a boon to our society.

But as we know every coin has two sides, this one also has. Some bad impacts on society.

Social media was created so that people far away from their friends, the family can talk to each other but nowadays peoples are using it just for timepass. They spend hours and hours just sitting with these sites and scrolling the news feed which is not beneficial at all. Even small children's of 6 -7 age they have Facebook and Instagram account. And definitely, this has affected their studies. They don't pay attention to their studies.

Even some people make fake accounts in these social media sites and they annoy people by the flooding of messages, even saying inappropriate things to them, and harass them in some or other way. Even one should not post each and every detail of his/her life as it can be dangerous for him/her if someone is stalking them.

So, with this, I would like to conclude that social sites have both good and bad impacts. But it depends on us how we are using it. So we should use it in a very careful manner also for a very limited time only.

Thank you!

Have a great day ahead.

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Ashutosh Mishra said: (Oct 14, 2018)  
Hello everyone,

As we know that every coin has two phase, so we talk about the good impact of social networking sites it helps us to know about what is happening in our country and also in the world. Before this, nobodies have a good knowledge and information now all the people are aware of the whatever happens.

As we know with the help of newspaper we are able to get the information and also the radio and now just social media.

Most of the people are away from the home just like for study ingredients and job and also our are Soldiers they are blessed to do face to face communication with their family.

And much more good impacts too.

The bad impact is that everyone is busy with the mobile they use the mobile till late at night and they are not like to talk with their parents and family member and because of that crime is also increasing.

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Arjun Ranawat said: (Oct 5, 2018)  
According to me, social media has good as well as bad impact too. It is for connecting people world wide and they have done it. By using social media we can share any important thing instantly because this is the only plateform where we can share instantly.

But sometimes I have seen a very bad example of using social media is when someone had an accident on road some people are making video of them and upload it on social sites instead of doing help to the needful, and after that they said that they have done it to aware their relatives but that's not more imp. Then their lives.

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Mayur Singhal said: (Sep 30, 2018)  
The social media has both advantages and disadvantage like every coin has both the side so its one's perspective to see the which side they are taking as we know the motto of this side are to connect the whole world and these sites are doing it very nicely as now a day we are not far away from anyone we can talk to anyone no matter where they are so Social networking sites are helping us to get connected to the whole world and also it helps in spreading awareness of the issues which are going on on the different corner of the world but some people are taking it otherwise or we say using it in wrong way, they are trying to spread the fake news like the case of one terrorist in Kashmir who use these sites to manipulate the people of Kashmir.

So now I conclude with the notes that it has some demerits but the merits are more so we can conclude that social networking sites have a good impact on our societies.

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Ravinder Kashyap said: (Sep 24, 2018)  
According to me, good or bad impacts of social networking sites.

First of all, I narrate that good impacts of social networking sites now days these sites very good for us because we are getting much knowledge in the social networking sites and connect to out of country's peoples and many bad impacts of social networking sites like that we are watching bad things and doing many types work like hacking so it is good or bad for us thank you.

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Mangesh Bhagat said: (Sep 10, 2018)  
As every coin has two sides, there are positive and negative impacts of social media.

In Today's scenario. everybody is busy in their lives. Hence, we have no time to stay connected with friends and relatives.

Social media is a fast and convenient way of communication. You can create your groups and make new friends and share your ideas and day-to-day updates through our images, videos and texts etc. You can use social media for social awareness about a different social issue like pollution, health. You can use social media as a marketing tool. Many youngster\'s make money through YouTube channels and blogs.

There are some negative impacts of social media. Some people misuse of social media makes fake accounts and blackmail people. Students cannot concentrate on their studies and also some working people use net during working hours and its impacts on their office works. Addiction of social media is worth a serious issue for the society.

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Rakesh said: (Sep 4, 2018)  
We all know the famous saying that, over usage of anything is harmful.

Social network is one of the powerful media through which information about anything can be obtained. There are other media also, but in today\'s world social network is most used. Informations more than that appear in other media like news papers, radio, tv etc. , are obtained through social media.

Moreover, within past four weeks, Kerala faced very bad consequences because of heavy rain, land slides, floods. In that time most of the people got saved because of one of the most popular social media. If the social media had not been there, many people of Kerala would be washed out. In cases like this, social media is very very useful.

On the other hand, many people have got addicted towards the social networking sites for no reason. They just like to sit in front of those sites and do something. For that kind of people the impact is very bad. They will develop health issues, they will lose interest in other things like studying, playing, reading books etc. .

I conclude that social networking sites are best source of general awareness, general knowledge when usage is optimum.

Thank you.

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Guru said: (Sep 2, 2018)  
Hello everyone,

As we know that every coin has two phase, so we talk about the good impact of social networking sites it help us to know about what is happening in our country and also in world. Before this, nobodies have a good knowledge and information now all the people are aware about the whatever happens.

As we know with the help of newspaper we are able to get the information and also the radio and now just social media.

Most of the people are away from the home just like for studyingredients and job and also our are Souldires theyou are ablessed to do face face communication with their family.

And many more good imapacto.

The bad impact is that everyone is busy with the mobile they us the mobile till late night and they are not like talk with their parents and family member and because of that crime is also increase.

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Niladri Shekhar Pal said: (Aug 31, 2018)  
Hello everyone,

Social networking sites are boon or bane, of course, it's boon because it helps to connect to our family-relatives who live in different countries, so we can contact with them easily even very low of cost. Even though social networking sites, we can see others countries culture even we can also know our India's culture of various cities as peoples is uploading videos.

Vice versa, Social networking sites are a bane as some people are misusing it, as they create fake accounts to disturb other people using chat, video call etc. Also, some people post nudity or violating content which actually humiliating our society.

So, we should be aware of this.

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Ashwini said: (Aug 28, 2018)  
Hello friends, As everybody knows social sites connect with our old friends and families too. It acts as a mediator. Using a social site is useful and harmful also.


1. Earlier there was no phone it was very difficult to know the other person status, Nowadays each person has a phone and social sites like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram where we can easily talk with our friends and family.

2. We also get some latest news on social sites like what is happening around the world.

3. The example we can say like BLUEWHALE game which is a danger game was revealed on social sites like not to download this game.


1. Instead of studying, nowadays small children are using social sites, simply they signup into Facebook, Instagram which is a bad thing.

2. Whenever we are searching something advertises comes like porn type, that time mind will divert which has to be banned.

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Srinivas K said: (Aug 23, 2018)  
I think it has a huge impact on present generation both in the positive and negative way. It totally depends upon how it is being used by us. Some people are too much addictive towards social networking sites and they kill a lot of their time with these social media. Thats not at all a great thing happening with us.

Nowadays everyone busy with their lives, in this busy community the social media really relieves our stress with a proper usage. We may not talk to our friends daily, but still, we have been updated with their statuses because of social media. It also acts like a media by which we can really get to know a lot of things going around the world.

So, its totally with us, using or misusing!

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Naveena D said: (Aug 22, 2018)  
Good Morning Friends,

Social networking is very useful to creating a new life and communicating with different peoples. It is building contact for developing the new technology. In a positive manner, it is useful for everyone who has made for grateful future. There are millions of information are there so we have to make use of it.

And also create a new revolution in the environment. It is a good one for everyone. If wherever you are, you can communicate with people through the social networking.

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Shreya said: (Aug 17, 2018)  
According to me, these websites have transformed into a platform where people can post rubbish and fake things. These websites have lost their importance for which these websites were designed that was communication with people living in different cities, countries. Also, people are involved so much on these websites that they don't have time to talk to the person living at the next door. We are losing our true friends just because of a few virtual friends. There are few knowledgeable kinds of stuff on these websites. Also, misdirecting our youth and letting them waste their energy.

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Ayushi said: (Aug 15, 2018)  
Social networking sites are created in order to communicate with different people living in different areas and thus have wide communication but in reality it is used just for utilising spare time and sometimes wasting time.

Social sites if used in right direction is useful otherwise only a tool used by us for timepass.

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Shreya said: (Aug 10, 2018)  
According to me, it makes our life easy. If we use this in a positive manner. We can connect with different people. And we can get here some good career-related opportunities. And get the latest information here very quickly which is beneficial for us.

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Govind Jadhav said: (Aug 7, 2018)  

In my point of view, impact of social networking sites makes our life's so easy because nowadays we people busy in life for earning money shaping career we.

We often do not get chance to meet friends, relatives, we can stay connected with our friends and family through social networking.

So according to me, it's a great impact on our life's.

Thank you.

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Ann said: (Aug 6, 2018)  
Social Networking Sites from the word itself it says to socially connect with all persons.

These Sites are created to connect all persons around the world but the reverse is happening here people are connected with these sites but when they are face to face they don't have the time to talk.

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Bhairavi D. said: (Aug 3, 2018)  
Hello Everyone.

Main initiative behind the social networking sites was to connect the people living in different cities, gaining information about various events taking place around the world. Social networking sites allow people to communicate with others, to get info about the things around them. Nowadays, people have stared creating groups that encourage others to take up different activites, guiding them to prepare for various competitive examinations and what not.

However, each coin has two sides. Simlilarly, with the increasing use of technology, the impact of social sites has taken a turn. People spend much of their time in surfing these social networking sites, which in turn increases the strain on their eye's sometimes leading to eye damage and other eye related problems.

Thus, I would like to conclude by saying that using social networking sites in right direct will definately have a positive impact on us.

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Dhananjay Sarangi said: (Aug 1, 2018)  
Technology has always given an advantage to us. If we can operate it in a useful manner, then we call it a positive impact towards mankind and if not, then negative impact.

Trough this social networking site. We can talk with other people through text/audio/video chat which clearly shows that it's a package of communication.

Also. We can get the latest update of anything (sports, education, music). It's a way through which, the communication has been strong as compared to old days.

That's why Nowadays People are addicted towards it.

Thank you.

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Impact of Social Networking Sites

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