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Shruti Nagpal said:   1 month ago
Social Media is both a boon as well as a curse for the people of our society. It helps users to gain information and knowledge regarding all the things happening around as, also we can connect to many people through social media and can exchange our thoughts with a positive conversation. People can share their talents on social media in order to be recognized.

On the other end, social media can lead to mass destructions. Unauthorized users or hackers can hack the accounts retrieving all private information of the individual. It can lead to body dissatisfaction, appearance, jealousy, anxiety, depression as people compare themselves with other which has a bad impact on them. At last, I just want to say that old is always gold. I like the previous time where people were indulged in outdoor activities, sharing ideas and opinions, but nowadays, people are just limited to that social media. Yes, I accept that technology is growing rapidly but simultaneoulsy mindsets of people are becoming narrow.

Rani said:   1 month ago
Hello everyone,
I think that anything we are using has its own positive and negative impacts on our day-to-day life. This same goes for online social media platforms They have multiple benefits:

- We can use it to communicate with our friends.
- We will remain updated with all happenings in our surroundings.
- We can interact with professionals through various social media platforms for example LinkedIn.
- Even people who are not good at socializing can share their views through social media platforms.
- We can use them as a medium to gain knowledge .
But it has a negative side too;
- Sometimes reciprocating our emotions through social media is not possible because emotions can't be expressed with emojis(which are used widely these days).
- Socializing in person has been reduced due to social media.
- It has become a major distraction for youths and younger generations.
- It has become a major platform for spreading false news and information rapidly.

Nimai Patro said:   1 month ago
Hii everyone.

My name is Nimai Patro.

Anything we use always has two sides. First is pros and second is cons.

If we talk about the pros, the first and most important thing I would like to mention is social networking sites can be used as sources of information and knowledge. It makes you able to promote your brand with much less investment. Provide you with a platform to show your talent.

Anything in excess is never good. Social networking sites are addictive. In General, screen time is much more. There are always chances of fraud and hacking. Also, recently saw many news that some of the social networking sites are selling our personal information.

Vedant said:   1 month ago
Hi Everyone.

Today's topic is about the impact of social media.

So, In today's scenario, social media is a part of almost everyone's life, It's Totally on the person for what reasons he/she is using it. There is a lot of information available on these sites. And you get the algorithm according to the way you search or grab the content.

Nidhi sahu said:   1 month ago
My name is Nidhi Sahu. I am here to talk about the pros and cons of social media.

Social media is very important because it provides so many facilities and it's most important work people are connected with their own family and own friends and loved ones and their college provides so many connection.

people use social networks for information gathering, to know what is happening in the world. in another way, social networking is harmful in some cases. excess browsing of social media leads to time waste and addiction.

Some people are using this in the wrong way i.e.gathering people's information and using the information against them. if we use it wisely it is very useful and if not it is very harmful.

Kevin Johnson said:   1 month ago

My name is Kevin Johnson. I am here to talk about the pros and cons of social media.

First of all, Social media has brought the whole world a little bit closer. We can connect with our friends, family, and even coworkers through social media. Secondly, we get information through social media and even information can be passed through social media sites. It has made our life even more simple. Through social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, we can share our thoughts. However, there is a disadvantage because of social media. Many people get cheated through social media sites. Even financial scams have taken place through social media Cybercrime, and cyberbullying also happen through social media sites. If social media is used with the right intention, it is a boon, otherwise it is a curse.

Kamran said:   1 month ago
For me, social media networks is key to unlocking the doors of success.

This social media has the power of mass destruction. It's so much more addictive than opium. Regardless of having lots of cons, it has the power of making someone super star.

At this time, social media is the source of awareness.

Adarsh said:   1 month ago
Social networking is a very genuine thing, that, one gets to get innovative, the ideas born within, but, sharing them brings action, because, not everyone has everything in their life, one might have fuel, one might have iron to build a vehicle, one might have an idea of building the thing and one might have the necessity of it the most. This order of social networking can be used for being innovative and productive.

Manish said:   1 month ago
It enhances social networking connectivity, allowing individuals to stay in touch with friends, family, and colleagues regardless of geographical distances.

People can share information, updates, and life events with a broader audience.

It's a better platform for marketing to build brand awareness and engage with customers directly.

Businesses can receive instant feedback from customers, enabling them to improve products.

We can spread awareness through the rapid spread of information about social issues, etc.

KY said:   1 month ago
Social media networking has both pros and cons. It depends upon the people how they use social media networking. It provides daily news knowledges and technological news. But sometime people ignore the pros of social media.

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