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Amit said:   6 years ago
Social networking sites have emerged as the most powerful networking medium among people these days. Nowadays people rely more on facebook, whatsapp, instagram more than face to face contact and interaction. But certainly there are some benefits which one can draw from these. It depends on how one uses these different apps. Some people use them for chatting, some use them for work purposes, some use them for posting photos and status updates and try to make themselves popular (fake popularity). But if seen from the other angle, it can be of immense help if we use it properly. Such as we can share some important documents, photos, keep contact through video calls when far away from family members. But the problem is that the young generation is getting trapped by these sites and are getting addicted. They are keeping on posting their photos all day long which are of no value. Instead if they use it for enhancing knowledge and educational purposes, then it will be of great help for them, for anyone. It is not about getting 1000 likes, it is about doing something which will add value to your life.

Puran chettri said:   5 years ago
Good Morning Everyone.

My name is Puran Chettri & I'm glad to start a discussion on a topic ' Impact of social networking sites' in our lives. A social network is one if the powerful media through which information can be shared and obtained at any time. Social media is one of the fastest and convenient ways of communication but it has both good and bad impact in our lives. It has many advantages like we used to get news about what is happening around the world. We often do not get a chance to meet friends, the family who are staying far or abroad but we can stay connected with them through social sites like Facebook or Instagram. Our Government is planning to make digital India but I believed without social networking it will not be possible to make digital India or cashless economy.

K. Vishnu priya said:   5 years ago
The first recognizable social media site, six degrees was created in 1997. It enables users to upload profiles. Now we have several social media sites like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter etc.

If we make social networking sites as a coin one side positive and one side negative.

an easy way of communication.
Knowing the facts.
Knowing things happening in the world etc.


Not only youth all age group people addicted to social networking sites.
Health issues.
Reduces thinking capacity.
Spreading of fake news.
The impact is depending upon how we are using so use it in a right manner get food results.

Mangesh Bhagat said:   6 years ago
As every coin has two sides, there are positive and negative impacts of social media.

In Today's scenario. everybody is busy in their lives. Hence, we have no time to stay connected with friends and relatives.

Social media is a fast and convenient way of communication. You can create your groups and make new friends and share your ideas and day-to-day updates through our images, videos and texts etc. You can use social media for social awareness about a different social issue like pollution, health. You can use social media as a marketing tool. Many youngster\'s make money through YouTube channels and blogs.

There are some negative impacts of social media. Some people misuse of social media makes fake accounts and blackmail people. Students cannot concentrate on their studies and also some working people use net during working hours and its impacts on their office works. Addiction of social media is worth a serious issue for the society.

Sujata gaikwad said:   4 years ago
Good morning everyone.

I'm Sujata & I'm glad to start this topic.

We know that anything has two aspects same as social networking.
Social networking is one of the powerful media through which information can be shared & obtained anywhere.

Nowadays everyone is busy in their life that time social media helps to connect peoples.
So I think social media is a good friend to us.


Social media is fast & a convenient way of communicating peoples by using create GP on WhatsApp, Insta, FB & share your thoughts, ideas blogs, etc.

You can also use in marketing, shopping, for social awareness about different social issues like pollution, health, harassment, etc.

Also, you can use it in the study, entertainment, knowledge in sports, health. you also earn money by making videos in youtube.

So social media is a powerful platform in society as well as in the world.


Fake news.
Health issues.
Wastage of imp time.
Reducing outdoor activities, reduce physical growth or fitness
Children to adults ages are badly addicted to social networking sites.

Last I would like to say something everything has no bass or evils but it is depending upon how we are using this thing.

Thank you so much.

Sethuprasath said:   2 years ago
Hi everyone,

I would like to share my thoughts about social media platforms, Nowadays it plays a major role in our life, yeah you know, it acts as a platform where can we share our emotions, knowledge and communication with other people. It also acts as a stress buzzer, because whenever we can meet our problems, we spent our time on social media and watch some funny videos, funny memes like that then we temporary forgot the problem and feel happy. It is also used to get a job from different companies and act as a business platform. Every coin have two sides, so it also has some demerits there are we spend a lot of time in social media for unimportant things, it cause eye diseases, stress, laziness, headache like that etc. We can't expect in all the information to be true on social media platforms and also we can't expect our information are secured.

That's all. Thank you.

Chetan Patil said:   5 years ago
Hello Everyone.

I Think the impact of social networking sites depends on the usages of social network. If your using it properly, sharing good news then it will not harm the society but if your using it to pass fake news or for sending any religious msg that will harm the society and give rise to any kind of disruption in between two community then social media is very harmful. Social Media is for connecting people and not destroying them or harming any human life.

Akansha said:   6 years ago
I think social media has a great impact on our society both in a good and bad manner. It really depends on the person using it. Earlier social media came into light for connecting different people around the globe. But now it's applications has increased not just it is providing knowledge to us but also entertaining us. With the help of social media, one can talk to their family, friends, relatives even if they are in two different corners of the world. One can learn about different cultures, recipes, dance moves, singing just by sitting in their home and using these services. It is really a boon to our society.

But as we know every coin has two sides, this one also has. Some bad impacts on society.

Social media was created so that people far away from their friends, the family can talk to each other but nowadays peoples are using it just for timepass. They spend hours and hours just sitting with these sites and scrolling the news feed which is not beneficial at all. Even small children's of 6 -7 age they have Facebook and Instagram account. And definitely, this has affected their studies. They don't pay attention to their studies.

Even some people make fake accounts in these social media sites and they annoy people by the flooding of messages, even saying inappropriate things to them, and harass them in some or other way. Even one should not post each and every detail of his/her life as it can be dangerous for him/her if someone is stalking them.

So, with this, I would like to conclude that social sites have both good and bad impacts. But it depends on us how we are using it. So we should use it in a very careful manner also for a very limited time only.

Thank you!

Have a great day ahead.

Khushali Babhure said:   2 years ago
Hello everyone.

I would like to share my opinion with you all on social networking sites.

So, according to me, social media is one of the most important part of our daily life where we can share our emotions, happiness, and thoughts, .

Sometimes when our mood is off in state we just go on social media and watching funny reels, videos, etc and then our mood is swing for a some time so it's also a benefit of social media.

Another thing is that we can get more n more information of everything on social media.

And also easily find a job with the help of advertisement which is posted in a social media so it's also one of benefit according to me.

Thank you.

Saumya said:   5 years ago
Social networking sites were made to reduce distance among two people and so it became success to such a point that now distance even more got increased By increasing craze in social networking sites.

It had made people engaged in virtual life and so it proved a great fall in real life. Earlier people used to chat talk under trees so called prapanch. But now it is no more in society.

Today what to speak of adults even children are being addicted. No relationship now remains emotional.

Talking about its impact it is not wrong to say that it had made people to be slaves of these sites. All are being addicted and enjoy in only virtual life. It is being suffered by all sectors like students employers parents and so on.

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