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Ak diwan said:   8 months ago
Advantages and disadvantages of social media:

Advantages of Social Media:

1. Connectivity: Social media platforms allow people to connect and communicate with others from different parts of the world. It promotes global connectivity, facilitates the sharing of ideas, and helps maintain relationships.

2. Information Sharing: Social media provides a platform for quick and easy sharing of information, news, and updates. It enables individuals and organizations to disseminate information rapidly to a large audience.

3. Networking and Collaboration: Social media platforms offer opportunities for networking and collaboration. People can connect with professionals in their field, join groups and communities, and engage in collaborative projects.

4. Business Opportunities: Social media platforms serve as marketing and advertising channels for businesses. They can reach a wide audience, promote products and services, and engage with customers directly, potentially leading to business growth.

5. Awareness and Activism: Social media has played a significant role in raising awareness about social issues, promoting social causes, and mobilizing individuals for activism and positive change.

Disadvantages of Social Media:

1. Privacy Concerns: Social media platforms often require users to share personal information, which can raise privacy concerns. There is a risk of personal data being misused or falling into the wrong hands.

2. Cyberbullying and Harassment: Social media can be a platform for cyberbullying, harassment, and online abuse. People may face negative comments, hate speech, or even threats, leading to psychological distress.

3. Spread of Misinformation: Social media can facilitate the rapid spread of misinformation and fake news. False information can easily go viral, leading to confusion and harm to individuals and society.

4. Addiction and Time Consumption: Excessive use of social media can lead to addiction and excessive time consumption. It can negatively impact productivity, mental health, and real-world social interactions.

5. Comparison and Self-Esteem Issues: Social media often presents a distorted image of reality, leading to feelings of inadequacy and low self-esteem. Constantly comparing oneself to others' curated posts can have negative psychological effects.

ROHAN SRIVASTAVA said:   4 months ago
Social networking sites have revolutionized the way we communicate, connect, and engage in discussions. These platforms have become integral to our social fabric, influencing not only personal relationships but also how groups interact and deliberate on various topics. The ubiquity of social networking sites means that group discussions can now transcend geographical boundaries, allowing for a more diverse and inclusive exchange of ideas.

The impact of these platforms on group discussions is profound. They facilitate rapid information sharing and can amplify voices that might otherwise go unheard in traditional settings. However, this ease of communication also comes with challenges. The potential for misinformation to spread quickly, the echo chamber effect where only like-minded opinions are reinforced, and the sometimes toxic nature of online discourse are all areas of concern.

To understand the nuances of these impacts, a multi-pronged approach is necessary. A literature review can provide a theoretical framework, highlighting how social networking sites have been perceived and studied in academic circles. Data collection, through the analysis of engagement metrics and sentiment on these platforms, can offer empirical evidence of their effects on group discussions. Surveys and interviews can add a qualitative dimension, capturing the experiences and perceptions of users.

The analysis of this data can reveal patterns in how group discussions are initiated, sustained, and concluded on social networking sites. It can also shed light on the quality of these discussions, including aspects such as civility, depth of debate, and the potential for consensus-building or polarization.

Ultimately, the findings from such an analysis can inform recommendations for users, platform designers, and policymakers. These might include strategies for fostering constructive dialogue, mitigating the spread of misinformation, and enhancing the overall quality of group discussions on social networking sites. By understanding the impact of these platforms, we can harness their potential for positive social discourse while mitigating their drawbacks.

Harsh Gupta said:   12 months ago
Hi everyone,

As for the impacts of social networking sites, I am little bit disagree with it. My point of view is different for the social networking site.

I agree that social sites have immense knowledge or it is the ocean of knowledge and we are giving our precious time surfing on it.

There are too many advantages such as connecting with our friends who are kilometers away from us, keeping in touch what happening in the world, plus spreading knowledge in all over the world. I am also getting knowledge from social sites.

Its bad impact includes the usage of these sites in the wrong way, children are addicted to it, and they are scrolling their time on these sites but these are adults who actually know what they are doing wasting their time or utilizing it.

According to me the worst impact of social networking sites are on children.

It affects it's mental health. It affects their eyes, children who are less than 10 years are also using the spectacles plus we don't know what they are watching on that sites. These sites are compromising their physical health because, in place of getting rest, they are playing games on phones instead of playing cricket, football, etc.

But they are children they don't know what they are doing. The major problem for this is social sites used by their family members including their grandfather, grandmother, mother, father, elder brother, and sister. We are giving our time on social sites because of which children are not getting attention from their family members. So they are surfing on Instagram, fb, twitter and so on. Because of this loneliness, children start scrolling through videos and then start making videos.

If we don't give time to our children, brothers then it is obvious they get outside to get attention. So they are not totally responsible for that. We should use these phones only for important work not for entertainment especially when we are living in a joint family. For entertainment, we should play with children so that they can be happy with themselves.

Please think about it, are we not ignoring our younger in front of mobile phones?

Thank you.

Maya said:   4 months ago
Hello everyone, So we will be discussing about Impact of social networking sites.

According to me, Social networks is the a very great platforms, say it be for education, business purposes, socializing purposes and many more. It's a platform which comes with its advantages and disadvantages.

These social networking sites- say WhatsApp, help us to interact with people in a very convenient way, we can share files like- images, videos, and documents, and be connected with people. It also has voice call and video call options, which brings people who are thousands of kilometers away closer by one call. We have Facebook and Instagram which is quite famous social sites, here people post their photos and share their moments with their friends, and it's a very good site to stay connected with people.

Aside from personal life, It's a nice place to start a career, if Linkedin, Naukri, Unstop and many more platform where people can showcase their achievements and job seeker can get the job. It's not only restricted to getting a job, but we find many people over there who help and guide people. YouTube is also one of the great examples of it. It's a platform that is not only restricted to educational videos but an entertainment-providing platform too. We have many apps like Instagram and Facebook, where people not only entertain but also share their opinions about everything. Many small-scale businesses use these platforms to launch their products, get customers, and easily contact the brand.

With all these advantages, we also do come across many disadvantages, such as social media addiction, where we observe many teens and young adults spend long hours mindlessly scrolling through reels and wasting time on YouTube watching some random videos. Also, social media trolling can be a huge hurdle most people face. While it may seem like a good idea to buy products online, most people do get scammed by getting cheap products.

I guess, overall we can say that the advantages and disadvantages of social network depends on how you perceive it, and how you choose to you it.

Rudransh Gupta said:   5 months ago
Good afternoon, everyone.

I am Rudransh Gupta. As we all know, today's topic for discussion is the impact of social networking sites.

From my observations, social networking sites have both positive and negative impacts, depending on the individual who uses these sites. I will cover some of the positive impacts of social networking sites.

In the 21st century, the internet has become one of the most important necessities of our lives. In today's fast-paced world, we can accomplish almost anything over the Internet, making our lives more convenient. When we talk about social networking sites, there are platforms like LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and Internshala that play a crucial role.

Social networking sites significantly expand the reach of businesses, enabling us to promote our ventures not only locally but also globally.

Thanks to these sites and the internet, we can reach any part of the world with just one click, making business operations easier and more profitable. Additionally, social networking sites provide a large customer base for businesses. Job hunting has also become more accessible through platforms like LinkedIn, Glassdoor, and Internshala.

Furthermore, social networking sites allow us to share our daily routines and pursue various courses or studies from the comfort of our homes. The convenience of accessing educational resources without the need to travel has become a significant advantage.

However, social networking sites also have negative impacts. The current generation is heavily dependent on these platforms. From the moment we wake up to when we go to bed, social networking sites have become an integral part of our daily lives. This dependency can lead to individuals mindlessly scrolling through content, seeking pleasure. The pleasure derived from these activities is linked to the release of dopamine, an addictive hormone in our brains.

In conclusion, while social networking sites offer numerous benefits, it is essential for individuals to be mindful of their usage to avoid falling into the trap of excessive dependency.

Shashank Kumar said:   1 year ago
Hey Everyone,

Social Networking sites are an integral part of the digital revolution. We all live in an era where we want information (academic, factual, personal) at our fingertips. Social networking sites not only serve as a medium to share resources but have transformed over a decade in boosting the economy.

With the advent of social networking sites, the life of humans has been revolutionized.

1. Social media has helped to increase awareness about their surroundings, and academics and also has directly stimulated the decision-making ability of individuals.
2. Social networking sites have also made it easier to remain connected with friends, family and loved ones. It has also made it easier to find a partner.
3. Social networking sites have provided individuals to voice their thoughts.
4. Social networking sites have provided platform support to emerging businesses for marketing and supply chain purposes.
5. Social networking sites have also had an influence on the political fate of the country and have also been a platform to solve grievances.

As the use of networking sites is mostly free, there are some potential challenges that need to be addressed on both individual and organizational levels.

1. Addiction towards usage of networking sites- this can be addressed by using application timers and self-discipline.
2. Breach of personal data- Social Networking sites collect a lot of personal data. A proper understanding of authorization requests may prevent a lot of personal data from being shared. 100 per cent data privacy still remains a challenge.
3. Use of networking sites to perpetuate false information or plot a nefarious activity- This can be controlled by continuous surveillance of the traffic by cyber authorities and application merchants. Blocking DNS or restricting IP addresses may be useful in these cases.

I personally believe that the more responsible we become to ourselves and our society the more we can address challenges and we can together reap the fruits of any new technology or invention together.

Velangani bhutange said:   12 months ago
Hello everyone,

From my perspective, social media is giving a major network to connect with people and also connect to the world without any boundaries.

Social media can be impactful, beneficial, and influential as well. But it does have its positive and negative aspects.

As I would like to share both thoughts about it, so the positive aspects can be:

1) digitalization which is needed according to the technological world allows individuals to gain knowledge about web surfing and exploring the various options for gaining info.
2) Social media also works as a community for people who wants to share their thoughts with each other through a medium.
3) It allows a person to connect with a choice of people and access the needed information.
4) Social media provide immense knowledge and alerts about the things going on in the world.
5) Social media is a platform that gives an equal opportunity to utilize it to every person without any determination based on age, education, knowledge, and ability.

Negative aspects can be like:

1) A person who doesn't have a smartphone, Laptop, or PC which is essential for accessing the applications and technology will not be able to adapt to it.
2) Social media can have abusive, violent contents which can affect the mentality of an individual and also can influence a person to commit it.
3) In the world of technology as cyber crimes are happening day to day which are like hacking data and illegal access to credentials can become a reason of social media effect.
4) Social media have its own consequences like sharing data, time-consuming. Also, personal data can be accessible to every person who is in that network.
5) Especially for individuals who are below the desired age to use social media need to have restrictions and all those restrictions need to be created or get in work by the companies and the guardians.

The above aspects only show that social media needs to be used for essential needs only and also not to get more involved in it.

Thank you.

Shishir Majumdar said:   3 years ago
Hello I'm Shishir Majumdar from Valsad.

I am happy to speak about such a good topics. According to me social media is now part of everyone life just like radio and newspaper and tv. Still to say about merits and demerits of social media I have mentioned it in points as follows.

1. Entertainment and refreshment which is necessary for good mental health
2. Teaches many new skills by experts and help to learn many new and innovative ideas available.
3. Open ups platforms for marketing and advertisements and also attract relevant target audience and buyers.
4. Staying updated and aware of the things happening globally about each and every news in few minutes.
5. Increases knowledge about unknown and unexplored content, blogs and information.
6. Increases connection with friends, customers, clients, family and colleagues etc.
7. Through social media everyone can exchange their thoughts, ideas, views and opinions.

As every coin has two faces, So social media too has many demerits too.


1. Reduction in the uses of books and dictionaries and increase in the dependence on gadgets, apps and Google app for learning.
2. Fake IDs and pages creates irrelevant stuff and annoying messages and even influences people to the wrong directions.
3. Increase in cyber crimes and unethical activities like hacking.
4. Lost of connection, emotional affection and relationships with family members.
5. Spoils much time in just sharing photos and video merely for likes.
6. Emerging tremendous level of anxiety, depression addiction, insomnia and lack of concentration.
7. Reduction in outdoor activities, reducing physical growth, health issues and children to adults addicted to social media.
8. Mass reduction in productive time for studies for any office work.
9. Increase in the issues like headache, eyes pain and neck pain.
10. Circulations of fake news and rumours misleading the people.

Ram Krsuhan Ray said:   1 year ago
Positive impact:

Connecting people: Social networking sites have made it easier for people to connect with others across the world.

This has enabled people to make new friends, reconnect with old ones, and even find romantic partners.

Sharing information: Social networking sites have made it easier for people to share information and ideas with each other. This has led to the spread of knowledge, awareness, and even social movements.

Business opportunities: Social networking sites have opened up new business opportunities for individuals and companies. Platforms such as LinkedIn provide a way for professionals to network and find job opportunities, while platforms such as Instagram provide a way for businesses to market their products.

Personal expression: Social networking sites provide a platform for people to express themselves and showcase their creativity. This can be through sharing photos, writing blog posts, or creating videos.

Negative impact:

Addiction: Social networking sites can be addictive, leading to excessive use and wasting of time. This can affect productivity, mental health, and even personal relationships.

Cyberbullying: Social networking sites have made it easier for people to bully others online. This can lead to emotional distress, depression, and even suicide.

Privacy concerns: Social networking sites collect a lot of personal data from users, which can be misused or even sold to third parties. This can lead to privacy violations and even identity theft.

Spread of misinformation: Social networking sites have made it easier for fake news and misinformation to spread. This can lead to confusion, distrust, and even harm to public health and safety.

Overall, social networking sites have both positive and negative impacts on our lives. It is up to us as users to be aware of these impacts and use these platforms responsibly.

Akansha said:   5 years ago
I think social media has a great impact on our society both in a good and bad manner. It really depends on the person using it. Earlier social media came into light for connecting different people around the globe. But now it's applications has increased not just it is providing knowledge to us but also entertaining us. With the help of social media, one can talk to their family, friends, relatives even if they are in two different corners of the world. One can learn about different cultures, recipes, dance moves, singing just by sitting in their home and using these services. It is really a boon to our society.

But as we know every coin has two sides, this one also has. Some bad impacts on society.

Social media was created so that people far away from their friends, the family can talk to each other but nowadays peoples are using it just for timepass. They spend hours and hours just sitting with these sites and scrolling the news feed which is not beneficial at all. Even small children's of 6 -7 age they have Facebook and Instagram account. And definitely, this has affected their studies. They don't pay attention to their studies.

Even some people make fake accounts in these social media sites and they annoy people by the flooding of messages, even saying inappropriate things to them, and harass them in some or other way. Even one should not post each and every detail of his/her life as it can be dangerous for him/her if someone is stalking them.

So, with this, I would like to conclude that social sites have both good and bad impacts. But it depends on us how we are using it. So we should use it in a very careful manner also for a very limited time only.

Thank you!

Have a great day ahead.

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