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Anshika patel said:   9 months ago
Nowadays Social media is really good as well as bad it totally depends on us how to use it to show our talent and post some creative things to motivate people but some people use it as a bad intention to harm someone.

Nitish said:   5 months ago
Social media networking sites can be much more helpful. These websites save time and contain particular information about the topic. This information can be of single line and can be up to a paragraph. But the particular information can lead to laziness.

Rushi Wabale said:   5 months ago
Hello Everybody.

In today's world social networking sites have a high impact. Everyone is busy on social.

Networking site but we know that everything has some pros and cons. We can say that social networking sites are the treasure of knowledge and information. Whatever things we want are available on these sites.

Angela Malhotra said:   1 month ago
The impact of social networking sites on people has increased a lot and social networking sites have not only been restricted to Instagram, Facebook and Youtube. There are some other social networking sites such as Twitter.

TikTok, Pinterest, Snapchat, LinkedIn. It has given ample opportunities to the people to grow within the community by posting content that can outshine the people. Staying connected with family and friends worldwide via email, text, FaceTime, etc, quick access to information and research, banking and bill pay at our fingertips, online learning, job skills, content discovery (YouTube), involvement in civic engagement (fundraising, social awareness, provides a voice), great marketing tools, opportunities for remote employment The coin has two sides similarly social networking sites have some negative impacts as well on the people. Social media itself is not the problem. It is the way people use it in place of actual communication and in-person socializing. “Friends” on social media may not be friends, and may even be strangers. The more time spent on social media can lead to cyberbullying, social anxiety, depression, and exposure to content that is not age-appropriate. FOMO has become a common theme and often leads to continual checking of social media sites. The idea that you might miss out on something if you’re not online can affect your mental health.

Sai greeshma said:   2 weeks ago
Hi everyone,

I must say that every app has its pros and cons. In my point of view, social media is the best platform for those who are marketing brands, clothes, products and other industrial advertisements. It also helps to show our culture to other states and countries as well as we can see their culture also.

In the current scenario, whatever it happens in anywhere at first social media gonna leak that news and go viral.

There is a big con about social media is, there are some scammers or hackers who can hack people's accounts and they can send nudiety pictures and ask them to pay money, which leads those who are getting scammed they gonna commit suicide and depression.

Rupali Gajare said:   1 week ago
Hello everyone.

So, talking about social media which is becoming an important part of our life. As we know social media has many benefits if we use it correctly. We can start advertising our business, also we can search for jobs. If anything happens wrong in society people will support it by posting it on social media and giving their opinion against that.

With the positive points if people use it in the wrong way then social media can become a negative thing for them. Such as people are wasting their time on Facebook and Instagram by scrolling reels. Also, they will share their personal information so it can become dangerous for them. There is no guarantee of security so many people will face abuse and fraud problems.

Lastly, I want to say that social media should be controlled by people, not people should be controlled by social media.

Vaishnavi said:   4 days ago
Hello everyone.

In my point of view, the impact of social media has 2 coins both positive and negative. It depends on us. How we use it. It has many benefits such as we can connect with people, we can access information from it, and also we can find job, and for businesses it will help to find their customers etc.

But if we use it in a wrong way then it will become negative to us. Such as wasting time by scrolling unnecessary reels and spreading fake news etc.

Lastly, I want to say that social media should be controlled by people not people should be controlled by social media.

Lucky said:   1 year ago
Hi friends.

I'm very glad to join in this discussion.

In my opinion, social networking sites have some merits and demerits. Social networking sites are very useful in today's generation. It's the place where collaborate with people all around the world, and we can also develop the business through advertising and sharing the good news with our loved ones these have come into merits but nowadays youngsters are misusing these social networking sites in the wrong way. They have to use these sites for useful information the government need to restrict these social networking sites to youngsters for their sake.

Dhaval said:   1 year ago
For our entertainment, work, learning and finance we are using the internet nowadays and all these social networking sites connect us all to show and share all of these.

Through these social networking site algorithms, we can track peoples' like-dislike and provide information to them accordingly.

So, in my opinion, it is basically a platform of opportunity.

Praveen said:   12 months ago
Hello everyone.

Social media has revolutionized communication and information sharing, connecting people globally. However, it can also spread misinformation and create echo chambers. Businesses benefit from it, but privacy concerns exist. It mobilizes communities for social causes but may contribute to polarization. Excessive use can negatively affect mental health. Balancing its use is vital for a healthier digital landscape.

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