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Trupti rajendra Rajdhar said:   2 months ago
Good morning all of you,

According to me, there is both positive and negative impact of social media. There are many platforms on social media that can be used for learning, earning, etc. Because of this we can easily access information about all things, we can also stay in touch with friends, families, or relatives.
This is a positive impact.

But everything has two sides one positive & the second negative. So, it has also some negative impacts. Peoples are addicted to social media which badly affect on their life, I.e. there is a communication gap between people, many cyber threats, health issues, depression, & many more.
So Here, I am concluded that the use of social media is fully dependent on us then it is good or bad according to use.

Sharma said:   2 months ago
Social Networking Site:- An endless topic to debate on.

Well, we all share similar opinion/thoughts to an extent on the said topic & Here is mine-.

Social Networking- As the name clarifies itself, to connect with society, not in a physical way, but in a digital way. Ever since social platforms were created, it has really created another level of excitement among millions in every field whether it is education, entertainment, sports, or whatever. These platforms have now become a different medium of learning, getting entertained, etc.

But as we all know that every coin has its two sides and everything in this world has its pros & cons that define its origin. We "Humans" also even have pros & cons. If we have good in ourselves then we also have bad at the same time and that defines us.

These social platforms can either make someone popular overnight or it can destroy them forever.

Shashank Kumar said:   2 months ago
Hey Everyone,

Social Networking sites are an integral part of the digital revolution. We all live in an era where we want information (academic, factual, personal) at our fingertips. Social networking sites not only serve as a medium to share resources but have transformed over a decade in boosting the economy.

With the advent of social networking sites, the life of humans has been revolutionized.

1. Social media has helped to increase awareness about their surroundings, and academics and also has directly stimulated the decision-making ability of individuals.
2. Social networking sites have also made it easier to remain connected with friends, family and loved ones. It has also made it easier to find a partner.
3. Social networking sites have provided individuals to voice their thoughts.
4. Social networking sites have provided platform support to emerging businesses for marketing and supply chain purposes.
5. Social networking sites have also had an influence on the political fate of the country and have also been a platform to solve grievances.

As the use of networking sites is mostly free, there are some potential challenges that need to be addressed on both individual and organizational levels.

1. Addiction towards usage of networking sites- this can be addressed by using application timers and self-discipline.
2. Breach of personal data- Social Networking sites collect a lot of personal data. A proper understanding of authorization requests may prevent a lot of personal data from being shared. 100 per cent data privacy still remains a challenge.
3. Use of networking sites to perpetuate false information or plot a nefarious activity- This can be controlled by continuous surveillance of the traffic by cyber authorities and application merchants. Blocking DNS or restricting IP addresses may be useful in these cases.

I personally believe that the more responsible we become to ourselves and our society the more we can address challenges and we can together reap the fruits of any new technology or invention together.

Wagh Mahesh said:   2 months ago
Hi Everyone,

In my point of view, there is both positive and negative impact of social media, but it depend on use.

Positive Impact: There are many platforms on social media that can be used. We can easily access information about all things, we can also stay in touch with friends, families and others.

Negative Impact: If you can playing games & watching video's. So, some Peoples are addicted to social media which badly affect on their life, there is a communication gap between people so, many health issues, depression, & many more.

So Here, I am concluded that the use of social media is fully dependent on user then it is good or bad according to use.

ParkourParkour said:   2 months ago
Hi everyone!

I am Parker.

According to me, social networking sites have created a negative impact on our lives. Ever since social media has come, people live a lot at home and in-home also they are constantly in their phones. We can see family members sitting on a sofa and they are constantly on their phones.

Children of the past used to go outside and play with all neighbour's children. This is why our parents have greater networking than us.

Social media sites are now taking us to that stage where we have completely forgotten to use our emotional intelligence. Youth are constantly using and scrolling social sites. They are wasting their energy and now their mental peace as well. Due to social sites connection is not happening but mental health disorder is definitely happening.

So, to conclude I think no doubt social media can be a great platform to connect with people but if used intelligently and wisely. Otherwise, it will create a problem that will be hard to solve.

Lakshika said:   2 months ago
Hi everyone,

Social media has both positive and negative impacts on someone's life.

I will first talk about positive ones:

1) Connect with anyone.
2) Gaining useful knowledge.
3) Time-saving and it's cheap.

Now the negative ones:

1) More screen time.
2) Mental health problems.
3) Lot of time is wasted on scrolling the sites.
4) a feeling of dissatisfaction among the younger generation by constantly comparing themselves with others.
5) poor sleep schedule.

Velangani bhutange said:   1 month ago
Hello everyone,

From my perspective, social media is giving a major network to connect with people and also connect to the world without any boundaries.

Social media can be impactful, beneficial, and influential as well. But it does have its positive and negative aspects.

As I would like to share both thoughts about it, so the positive aspects can be:

1) digitalization which is needed according to the technological world allows individuals to gain knowledge about web surfing and exploring the various options for gaining info.
2) Social media also works as a community for people who wants to share their thoughts with each other through a medium.
3) It allows a person to connect with a choice of people and access the needed information.
4) Social media provide immense knowledge and alerts about the things going on in the world.
5) Social media is a platform that gives an equal opportunity to utilize it to every person without any determination based on age, education, knowledge, and ability.

Negative aspects can be like:

1) A person who doesn't have a smartphone, Laptop, or PC which is essential for accessing the applications and technology will not be able to adapt to it.
2) Social media can have abusive, violent contents which can affect the mentality of an individual and also can influence a person to commit it.
3) In the world of technology as cyber crimes are happening day to day which are like hacking data and illegal access to credentials can become a reason of social media effect.
4) Social media have its own consequences like sharing data, time-consuming. Also, personal data can be accessible to every person who is in that network.
5) Especially for individuals who are below the desired age to use social media need to have restrictions and all those restrictions need to be created or get in work by the companies and the guardians.

The above aspects only show that social media needs to be used for essential needs only and also not to get more involved in it.

Thank you.

Muskan chauhan said:   1 month ago
Social networking sites :

Nowadays there are too many social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc we can use them for any purpose good or bad.

But our young generation is using it for bad purposes like on Instagram they just post their photos instead of posting photos, if they use it to collect knowledge then it may be useful.

Overall if someone is addicted to social networking sites then these are the worst but we can use these sites for study purposes as in the pandemic period YouTube helped a lot of children to continue their studies. And also if someone is living outside of his home then he can use them to connect with his family by video calling.

Thank you.

Annushri Bhad said:   1 month ago
Hello Everyone, I am Annushri.

The Impact of social networking sites is increasing widely although it has positive and negative aspects to start with the positive things we can communicate and connect with our friends worldwide It provides knowledge what is going where, how things work, and we can surf news on it, all the new things which are in trend and going worldwide can get through social sites, through new features of these sites we are getting aware of new technology getting Introduced and at the same time my people are finding their carrier through social media because it's a great platform to showcase our skills and to learn from It.

Moving forward as these things also have Negative sides too.

Talking about the vastest one Increasing screen time adults these days spend most of their time watching entertaining videos over it, attention spam has decreased because of short videos, people no longer socialize in public or may get anxious and start watching their mobile phones, kids these days are also creating the ID's and watching entertaining content throughout the day these are the complaints of many parents and so on.

I am not saying social media has a negative impact but the type of content we are watching is important though it has good and bad side but how we are seeing and using it can have a huge impact.

Thank you.

Sri Ramachandra Murthy said:   1 month ago
Hello everyone!

According to me, networking sites have both positive and negative impacts, depending on the way we choose to use them and I would like to discuss the pros of networking sites first.

* It connects with people around the globe.
* Networking sites are useful for business promotion and new-age marketing.
* It helps us develop and explore the work and keeps us up-to-date.

And when it comes to negative impacts

* Social networking sites kill time for those addicted to them.
* And it is easy for scammers to manipulate people towards cybercrimes.
* Social networks have no particular policies, everyone has their own rights, and they express and impose their comments on others, which affects their mental health and commitments in life.

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