How to Deal with International Terrorism?

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Kkk said:   1 year ago

Terrorism control in one way in overall country to go peacefully.

If their world forms one region or community then terrorism should be controlled automatically.

And everything is handled easily not only for terrorism in the economy, recession, and inflation solve.

Abc said:   3 years ago

According to my point of view, international terrorism is a curse for the whole world. Pakistan is the country that supports and funds terrorists. To control terrorism we should work unitedly on an international level by supporting those countries which are against terrorism. Terrorists spread terrorism in the name of religion and kill the people. We should support our government.

Mohan said:   3 years ago
Hello, friends, we are here to discuss on the topic of terrorism.

In my point of view, terrorism is a very big issue nowadays not only in our country but also in the whole world.

Terrorism means a group of people attacks on innocent and create fear in people's mind.

DEEPAK SINGH PRAJAPATI said:   4 years ago
Hi friends.

My Name is Deepak Singh Prajapati from Alwar Rajasthan, India.

In my point of view, we can deal with terrorism in many ways such as.

Cutting down the source of their funding.
Locating and dealing with politicians who give them support.
Harsher punishment for people who are caught in the act.
We have reduce society's vulnerability through decentralization.
Proper religious education.

In collaboration with international agencies and security committee, we can stop terrorist activities in the world.

Ajay yadav said:   4 years ago
Hello everyone,

This is Ajay Kumar.

Today my topic is how to deal with international terrorism, first of all, have to know about terrorism it is the destruction of normal human beings by creating violence by the terrorist for political purposes.

By terrorism, we have to deal in the following ways:

By giving moral education about their religion which he gets in the wrong ways.

By giving employment to the youth people with a good source of income.

By taking action against the organisation or state those who are providing a fund to support terrorist.

By uniting all of them to take important steps to those countries who is involved in this terrorism by stoping export and import to these countries.

In this, we can stop terrorism at certain level.

Thank you.

BHERSA said:   6 years ago
Terrorists are mind washed person whose only aim is to take revenge of some policies and rules of Govt/county by killing innocent people.

Man is funded and taken or hired to be a terrorist. These are the person who is illiterate, poor and deprived of Govt benefits and also against the policies which do not suit their minds. So they become anti-govt or country Like in J&K.

People are given entice of money, lured, and their minds are totally washed by terrorist commanders and they become a terrorist and start crusading.

They are supported by extremist and political leaders and some international intelligence and groups and funded for terrorist activities.

They are trained in another country and their brain is washed by religious leaders by saying 72 Hours after death.

So we have to know the root of terrorism. By giving education, employment and benefits policies for society, by providing basic facilities to the people.

By clamping down the funding to a terrorist organisation by extremist people and anti-govt persons, with the collaboration of international intelligence and security forces.

In collaboration with international agencies and security forces, we can stop terrorist activities in the world.


Toad63 said:   7 years ago
Most the "answers" here are modern psychobabble. Understanding what causes someone to be a terrorist, does not stop terrorism. Being tolerant of all beliefs does not stop terror; though we are. Blaming terror on international economic disparities will not stop it. We know there are economic disparities, goofy beliefs, and accompanying psychological issues. If one believes that terror is a poor against the rich issue, one is mistaken. Take Osama Bin Laden, for example. If one believes we are not tolerant enough of some religion (read Islam), then count the severed heads of those who were tolerant of Islam (that wasn't tolerant of them). Perhaps we haven't offered enough sacrificial heads to appease the authors of terror yet. All of us would like to believe that everyone is good deep down, and that evil does not really exist, but it just caused by malnutrition or poverty. Well, that's a lie. Pure evil does exist. And humankind soaks it up like a dry sponge if not armed against it. Any sympathy for terrorist will add to our problems. There are no "nice" solutions to terror.

Ankit said:   7 years ago
Yeah as we all are known it is mammoth problem but here we all are suggest to some ideas that how can we control this precarious for that I think we have to first of all quest the root of it and for that we have to control our population because it directly proportional to unemployment because of this mind of youth get distracted and some terrorise Institute hired that person by brain washed of him. Second we should live in our society as a human being don't discriminate to other of religion, cast etc. So if we keep the harmony among other in our state, country so we never faced terrorisem in whole world. And we have to apply this that, "soft" in this harsh world is courage not weakness".

Uttara deb said:   7 years ago
Terrorists are not born like terrorists. They are made by the situation. And these days the reach of terrorism increases with several more other recruitments. Deprived youth all over the world are falling prey of this kind of lurking. So first of all the states must realize the root cause of terrorism. Wheather it is lack of education of opportunities or lack of employment. All the nations should come and join hands against terrorism. They should unitedly ban the groups which finance terrorism. Few states finance terrorism as we all know Pakistan is one of them and these are the breeding grounds of deadly terrorists. So fight against terrorism is also fight against the states which support terrorism. Export import should be banned too and from these states and isolate these states even in need isolate the citizen from the states to stop terrorists entering other states and carry out evil operations. Thank you.

Saikat said:   7 years ago
At first I want to say that, we create terrorists. Because the word 'terrorist' invented by AMERICA to fulfill their desire and to control some countries. We create terrorist because in recent world record 40 countries help terrorist by funding them. To stop them immediately, we stop funding them and we need to spread education to backward class, creating employment opportunity. Govt should take step to spread education. If all country fight against terrorism then we able to stop them from the root. For some terrorism manufacturing country like Pakistan etc, we need to handle strictly and kill all those leaders who control worldwide terrorism, then we able to stop them. For example America killed Taliban leader laden and thereafter thread of Taliban just vanish.

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