How to Deal with International Terrorism?

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Vatsal said:   6 years ago
Hi, all.

I would like to say that for fighting the international terrorism we will have to control or vanish all the influences by terrorist to the youth as youth is now being the major target of terrorist can continue terrorism under their influence or duress. We must stop it by giving employments and counselling of youth. In the last, I would say that without youth control there can be no solution to this problem

Dharmik Vansjaliya said:   6 years ago
First of all, the Indian population have to aware about all activities of terrorist. One another point is now affecting that some illiterate persons who don't know the actual scene of the terrorist's activities which is happening as usual. The Second point is that public has some mindset about their religion which is not good for the country.

If our educated Indian youth do some inspirational activities to give them knowledge about the terrorism.

Baban said:   6 years ago
Way of control terrorism.

- well education.
- updated about new technology.
- Make each & every person unity.

Rahul sharma said:   6 years ago
Unless each and every nation throughout the world will not come together and cooperate with each other this will not be eradicated completely. So, the international surgical strike is the need of hour.

Sha sha said:   6 years ago
The biggest cause of terrorism is a lack of moral values among the youth. These days people are well educated but lack moral values due to which they take the wrong path and become a wrong person called as a terrorist. A person who knows the value of mankind and humanity cannot kill anyone. Moreover, in our country, India people are less educated and poor. Poverty is also the biggest cause of moulding an innocent person into a terrorist. There is a big need for literacy and money to decrease terrorism. One should know moral values to serve humanity.

Thank you.

Rohit rana said:   6 years ago
We can fight against international terrorism if and only if we stop fighting with each other. Countries are busy proving their powers in front of other countries. As an instance US and korea. What are they doing? before fighting against international terrorism, countries have to solve their own disputes and have to unite against terrorism.

Shailesh kumar dubey said:   6 years ago

Terrorism is a very big problem of every country. If we want to finish terrorism completely then government should concentrate root from where terrorism creating. Mostly there are few reasons for terrorism.

1. Unemployment, a well educated do not get any job so that person might be terrorist.

2. Anything wrong happens by power full men or officer.

3. Due to religions quarrels.

Swetha Mukundan said:   7 years ago
Terrorism in India can be controlled by increasing the number of guards for people. There are so many police forces and black cats in our country. But they are always very busy in guarding all the "VIPs" of India. We are the country where everyone can become a VIP overnight. There are about 14, 000+ VIPs in India and about 50,000 policemen are there to guard them.

While considering terrorism internationally, people should stop acting like enemies to others. If others don't believe in their religion they should just leave them. Whatever religion we are, we just have to ensure that we are good to fellow humans. This is the one saying which is present in ALL the religions and in their literature. This thought should become widespread across all countries and everyone should treat the fellow human being equally as themselves.

Political parties should not support caste or religion. They should become role model for all others in being a good human being. People who wants to harm others (terrorists) should be caught and punished very cruelly that another person should not even think of doing that. Rules should become rigid and righteousness has to be followed.

Faizan alam khan said:   7 years ago
In those places where such kind of activities are taking place first of I would say that the Government Should take several measures to find out the reason behind why people are involved in such activities. For India and in other where terrorism is taking place due to lack of literacy and employment. So govt. Can deal with the situation if these two reforms take place.

R.M.Nivetha said:   7 years ago
* It can be done by keeping more spies on the places where the terrorist activities are held.

* Frequent investigations, inspections on the areas where unusual activities held.

* Mostly youngsters involving in terrorism to stop that from the small age onwards parents or teachers are someone has to teach and make them understand the value of human life and humanity.

* Officers have to follow every rule without any male activities to avoid people who helping terrorism.

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