How to Deal with International Terrorism?

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Pranay said:   1 decade ago
Hello every one. I am Pranay. I agree with you all. And I would like to contribute some points based on my point of view. Nowadays terrorism became a spreading mafia, with which one country or one person is trying to get own profits. Individual efforts may not efficiently help to eradicate the Root of Terrorism.

* Countries in the world together, have to look into the problem with all the efforts they can make.

* World is greatly developing in science and technology. So using satellites to reveal the secrets of Terrorists in avoiding the destruction of local spots.

* Every citizen must be provided with the knowledge on Terrorism.

* Every country has to spread the equal rights to all the religions, being in the country.

* The Government has to keep an eye on the funds. Because a Terrorist Association must need funds to spread their power & to get more weapons.

* The government must be strengthen in all the areas on which the terrorism may effect.

* Every one on the Earth has to give their hand in curbing the Terrorism.

Then only the 'Terror' dies.

Thank you.

Barima said:   9 years ago
Hi guys,

I'm Barima from Ghana and I think we can deal with terrorism in many ways such as.

1. Cutting down the source of their funding.

2. Locating and dealing with politicians who give them support.

3. Harsher punishment for people who are caught in the act.

4. Diverting media attention from terrorist groups will make them look irrelevant because nobody will about them.

5. We have reduce society's vulnerability through decentralization.

6. Institute a well package programs and positive incentives to actual and prospective terrorist for proper reintegration into society.

7. Proper religious education.

Partha sarathi jena said:   1 decade ago
Hi I am partha here. I am agree with all of you but I do not think that only poor and illiteracy is the main cause of growth of terrorism. The innovative ideas and costly weapons that a terrorist used to destroy a nation, can not given by the poor and illiterate people. I want to throw light on another point that there are some people who helps and do terrorism not for fulfilling their basic needs but for fulfilling their self actualization needs. Further more lack of punishment to these terrorist is a motivational factor for spreading terrorism. This can be minimized by self awareness.

-> simultaneous contribution of every nation to eliminate all the terrorist group.

->providing the necessary needs to the poor people and taking appropriate action so that they should not take part in any violent activities.

->providing sever punishment to those who are on the apex of terrorism.

Moreover if every realize that the world is just like a family and we are the member of the same no one never dare to harm the people of the family he belongs to. .

Shruti said:   1 decade ago
Hey, this is shruti. Terrorism is a grave problem faced by the world, as a whole, today. Major reasons for terrorism is the lack of education, unemployment, social injustice and social inequality. Those innocent minds who are facing such problems are brainwashed and forced to indulge in these kind of threatening activities. People who are deneid their fundamental rights and are discriminated because of their caste, religion or sex, develop a grudge against the society and therefore they commit such crimes in order to take revenge. The purpose of these people itself becomes to take revenge for all that he has suffered.

Steps should be taken to providen adequete education and gainful employment to all without discriminating against them in any feild. The large amount of money the government is spending to provide decurity to the terrorists can be used to provide basic security to common people. Also hidden cameras and CCTV caneras should be placed in key areas and a strict system of security (check) should be there.

With all these efforts, we will succeed in reducing the number of terrorist attacks in the country, thus providing a peaceful life to all.

Sandeep Sharma said:   10 years ago
I strongly believe that nobody is terrorist since birth & those who are promoting terrorism are not aware of the result due lack of education, financial support, employment facilities.

people do have to put themselves forcefully in terrorism world to earn food for their family & inorder to stop terrorism every government should promoting education free of cost to villagers along with that provide loans at low rate of interest so that after completing education if they don't get the job, can start the agricultural work on their own to fulfill the basic needs of their family.

Shailesh kumar dubey said:   7 years ago

Terrorism is a very big problem of every country. If we want to finish terrorism completely then government should concentrate root from where terrorism creating. Mostly there are few reasons for terrorism.

1. Unemployment, a well educated do not get any job so that person might be terrorist.

2. Anything wrong happens by power full men or officer.

3. Due to religions quarrels.

Uttara deb said:   7 years ago
Terrorists are not born like terrorists. They are made by the situation. And these days the reach of terrorism increases with several more other recruitments. Deprived youth all over the world are falling prey of this kind of lurking. So first of all the states must realize the root cause of terrorism. Wheather it is lack of education of opportunities or lack of employment. All the nations should come and join hands against terrorism. They should unitedly ban the groups which finance terrorism. Few states finance terrorism as we all know Pakistan is one of them and these are the breeding grounds of deadly terrorists. So fight against terrorism is also fight against the states which support terrorism. Export import should be banned too and from these states and isolate these states even in need isolate the citizen from the states to stop terrorists entering other states and carry out evil operations. Thank you.

Mayank pandey said:   9 years ago
Friends international terrorism is the major issue which is prevailing all over the world. One of the main reason is ethnicity. In all countries fight is taking place between people of different religions. For example in Russia there is fight between the Muslim of Chechnia and Christians of Russia. The majority population always tries to ruin the minority people.

The majority always try to deprive minorities from there rights of food, shelter, land etc. So some of minority start falling into terrorism. Employment is another problem. The ways to fight with terrorism are.

1. Solving the disputes between peoples of different religion.

2. In course books the topic of international terrorism should be taught and what the steps children can take when they see any illegal activity.

3. The government should know from where they are getting money to buy explosives and they should be make financially weak.

4. All countries should be united to fight against terrorism.

5. Use of technology should be used.

One day there will be peace all over the world.

Jai hind.

Saikrupa said:   1 decade ago
Hi Friends I agree with you all but I want tell you something about our topic "INTERNATIONAL TERRORISM".

We all know that the major causes for terrorism are illiteracy, unemployment and lack of basic goods like shelter, food etc.

It's our responsibility to remove the terrorism from this nation with roots. It is not possible by me or you. It is only possible when we think it is our responsibility we have to educate about the causes and effect of terrorism to the people who lives near by them and helping them.

BY born no one is terrorist situations makes him like that so we have to realize the people and entire countries in our world should take steps to reduce terrorism.

Every government should include this point in there manifesto and they have to implement sets to eradicate the terrorism.

Rajeev said:   10 years ago
I would say religious education may be play a role of initiator for terrorism. Just like jihad. When we will start thinking that all religion are equal & they have equal rights to live with their desire. It may be step down when we will teach our next generation that religions don't have their own existence if we didn't follow them blindly.

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