How to Deal with International Terrorism?

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Deebika krishnan said:   9 years ago
Hi friends,

International terrorism is a major concern to be eradicated. Every individual should realize their roles in society. Nowadays children are growing very sensitive as they have low interactions with others even with their neighbours.

They can be linked through sports & even street games. This will teach the way how to adjust with a team, how to bear the silly failures, how to make ourselves fit with them. Terrorism can't be reduced if it matures.

Terrorism is mainly by persons who are disappointed with their expectations. The reason they form terrorist groups mainly lies within themselves & 15% by society.

As I read a newspaper where one of the terrorist gave statement that his goal is to unite countries under his religion & control. Why shouldn't he do it in a positive way?if he made so again there is a possibility of splitting that group too due to arguments, disputes.

So my point is that terrorism has no future. If a small break happens in their company they will start killing each other.

Their group can be eradicated fully if all of us join together. Unless some motivation they can't grow. That motivation has to be rooted out. Supplying of their necessities should be stopped. The black sheep helping them should be caught.

All countries should join their hands against terrorism. Some unknown personalities approach terrorists to fulfill his revenge against opposite parties thereby offering money, imported weapons, food, etc. Some are supporting indirectly without knowing the terrible results. Any day it may turn towards him.

You guys said about unemployment. Ya, it is an entrance to terrorism. People are giving more importance to statuses. If a child wishes to be a shopkeeper will his parents allow? the interest lies within a person differs from each other.

The govt should develop all areas. Govt can integrate technology in all fields even in agriculture too. Hence both fields can grow parallel & people won't bother working in technological sections of agriculture. I think, surely one day the world will be free from terrorism with the joined hands of all of us.

D C L C said:   8 years ago
Terrorism is a main consequence of cultural change in countries. When culture is changed due to lets say a TNC operating in that countries or Americanization then people get angry and target the source of the change to terrorist and use religion as the main reason to get supporters. Religion here is the main source of culture for these people.

I believe that 3 main things have to be changed in modern society to prevent/slow down terrorism as, today, the way things are occurring with vast globalization and mixing of cultures, terrorism is inevitable.

1. Stop or control the media. Journalism, I believe is a main source of information for terrorists. They watch the news or read the papers about international affairs and build their own opinion and beliefs on certain countries and other cultures. Removing this source of information would decrease the amount of radical beliefs and then terrorists would have to rely on word of mouth which isn't very reliable and slows down over many years.

2. Stop getting involved. By this I mean simply for countries to leave other countries alone. Stop the change of politics and stop businesses from exploiting the resources in these countries. This would stop political changes but as a consequence slow the development of countries. This is one of the main sacrifices of my thoughts. Instead of heavily relying on trade many of these countries would have to rely on aid as a source of development. Trade can still occur but as long as its between heads of state and doesn't cause cultural change to their populations.

3. Increase the political power of these countries. This can be done by only forming international groups that don't rely on GDP of any other economic measure. If we allowed these countries to have the same veto power and power of their own country then hopefully the people would not form a dislike to the powerful countries like the USA whom have upheld, through business and politics, massive cultural changes to other countries.

Prateek936 said:   7 years ago
Act against terrorism:

1) School books should criticize the acts of terrorism and must mention the number of people died.

2) Additionally, Criticisms against one kind of religion should never be done. It really does not matter that on which soil terrorist is born. Terrorism does not define any kind of religion. People who kill innocents in the name of religion are the ones who doesn't belong to any and are not humans. So criticism of religions and cultures should be banned.

3) Powerful countries like USA, China, Russia should not oppress and manipulate the non-developed countries for their own needs and resources. Having said that these are the countries which have the major say in today's time and they have to curb their strategies in such a way that the inner politics and cultures of countries are left untouched.

4) UN must operate independently rather than emulating someone else.

5) Most important point, agencies like CIA, FBI, NSA, etc should take actions quickly rather than extending the surveillance game and waiting for the right time. Their early communication with other agencies and governments can stop these kinds of acts then and there.

6) Concluding the Above point, Most of the times agencies work like rats and keep their mouths shut. Politicians and big businessmen who play with the lives of people and supply weapons etc to fulfill their malignant agendas are the ones who just like to seat back with money in their pockets and like to watch the whole world on fire.

7) Hence to make sure that all the above points are executed, all of us should get united and fight against terrorism like a family.

Loknath sahu said:   1 decade ago
This is really true terrorism has become a dangerous problem not only for a country but for the world. In my concern, first of all we should focus in the root of terror then we should make plan how to vanish from the earth. I find that for the birth of terrorism there could be many reasons and out of that these may be reasons like- unemployment, no legel justice, any revenge or excited by someone and Illitracy. Lack of education and unemployment are two big concern. Even though you will find that many terrorist like abusalem and Osamabin laden are highly educated. To stop terrorism, there should be followed up this points.

1. Industry should be developed more esspecially in the terror areas. For instance, If there would be more industries, people could get more jobs. In this way, people would have busy in there daily routine. Indian government is trying to spread more industries in the rural areas like Bastar, Asam etc.

2. Government should spend more on education. Even who has left school in their childhood, should get education. Indian government has taken very good step by announcing education as our right.

3. The judicial system should be more strong and have number of branches so that no case should be pending. In India, there are more than 5lakh cases are in pending in the high court.

4. Everything is easy in unity. So all country should join hand together for the elimination of terrorism. Each country should share information regarding the terrorist so it could be easy to apprehend.

Dhaneshwar said:   9 years ago
Hello friends ! this is dhaneshwar the following suggestion could be help to reduce the terrorist activity first we have to understand why they are joining the terrorist group. Even they know that in this path might be they have to give their life. Some of them are compelled by their life situation like poverty. And some groups are come in existence to express their rage against the government like LTTE in sri lanka.

We can reduce the activity of these group to facilitate the medical services education and other basic facility which is essential for good life and their should be some fast court which can listen the problem of common mans. Some facility like primary education to all should be available every where even in slums area because education help them to take decision about what is right or wrong. And they are not easily trapped further to such terrorist group.

And if we dream about the world without terrorism people should be aware about what is happening around there and we have to consider its as our duty to help our government to eradicate the terrorism. And of course government should be put cc cameras in public places for security reason. And also using the latest technology to handle these type of terrorist activity.

BHERSA said:   5 years ago
Terrorists are mind washed person whose only aim is to take revenge of some policies and rules of Govt/county by killing innocent people.

Man is funded and taken or hired to be a terrorist. These are the person who is illiterate, poor and deprived of Govt benefits and also against the policies which do not suit their minds. So they become anti-govt or country Like in J&K.

People are given entice of money, lured, and their minds are totally washed by terrorist commanders and they become a terrorist and start crusading.

They are supported by extremist and political leaders and some international intelligence and groups and funded for terrorist activities.

They are trained in another country and their brain is washed by religious leaders by saying 72 Hours after death.

So we have to know the root of terrorism. By giving education, employment and benefits policies for society, by providing basic facilities to the people.

By clamping down the funding to a terrorist organisation by extremist people and anti-govt persons, with the collaboration of international intelligence and security forces.

In collaboration with international agencies and security forces, we can stop terrorist activities in the world.


Swetha Mukundan said:   7 years ago
Terrorism in India can be controlled by increasing the number of guards for people. There are so many police forces and black cats in our country. But they are always very busy in guarding all the "VIPs" of India. We are the country where everyone can become a VIP overnight. There are about 14, 000+ VIPs in India and about 50,000 policemen are there to guard them.

While considering terrorism internationally, people should stop acting like enemies to others. If others don't believe in their religion they should just leave them. Whatever religion we are, we just have to ensure that we are good to fellow humans. This is the one saying which is present in ALL the religions and in their literature. This thought should become widespread across all countries and everyone should treat the fellow human being equally as themselves.

Political parties should not support caste or religion. They should become role model for all others in being a good human being. People who wants to harm others (terrorists) should be caught and punished very cruelly that another person should not even think of doing that. Rules should become rigid and righteousness has to be followed.

Sarath Krishna said:   1 decade ago
Hai all, According to me Terrorism is a fight between good and bad, It is not that easy to eradicate the bad from this world, Even our ancient Mythology also proves that The terror exist. And why does it exist is the Major Question. It can be a disagreement about the Decision taken by a Govt, or a organization, or rival against the religion. It is going to exist, What the govt need to do is that they should have a solution for the this kind of Act, The Armed force should be Alert 24*7, and should be well trained. We should not give any room for Any kind of Act, Like what held in Mumbai 26/11. The very serious Problem we are facing is that, with these Terror Organization, Our own Well reputed High Officials are involved. I can Tell that With the Support from Inside the country Nobody can Just come a Attack. It should be the Govt duty to find out the Spy whose is working against the country. For that we should have Leaders who does not have any Criminal Background. Who is genuine and work towards the Country Upliftment and the Common Mans Support. If their is good leaders I can Tell that any terror organisation will think thrice before doing any such act.

Shruti said:   1 decade ago
Hey, this is shruti. Terrorism is a grave problem faced by the world, as a whole, today. Major reasons for terrorism is the lack of education, unemployment, social injustice and social inequality. Those innocent minds who are facing such problems are brainwashed and forced to indulge in these kind of threatening activities. People who are deneid their fundamental rights and are discriminated because of their caste, religion or sex, develop a grudge against the society and therefore they commit such crimes in order to take revenge. The purpose of these people itself becomes to take revenge for all that he has suffered.

Steps should be taken to providen adequete education and gainful employment to all without discriminating against them in any feild. The large amount of money the government is spending to provide decurity to the terrorists can be used to provide basic security to common people. Also hidden cameras and CCTV caneras should be placed in key areas and a strict system of security (check) should be there.

With all these efforts, we will succeed in reducing the number of terrorist attacks in the country, thus providing a peaceful life to all.

Ravikant Gupta said:   1 decade ago
Hi, according to me the TERRORISM has become the biggest threat to all over the world. So it should be controlled by any how. Some of the possible ways are as follows :-

1) Education should be provided to all over the backward areas.

2) Employment opportunities should be created by setting factories in the backward areas which should demand low skill level manpower, so that any one can work.

3) Skilled education should be introduced or technical education should be introduced.

4) Inflation rate should be controlled which is most important.

5) Government should support only those how really needs support instead of every one who takes benefits from governments due to belonging from low caste. (eg:- ST, SC, NT, etc) Only those who comes under below poverty line should be supported.

6) Government rules should be strengthened.

7) Strict rules should be passed and which should be followed.

And also government should try to find out more reasons for which the common people choose as terrorist for their living.

All this are the basic reasons which should be solved to minimized the strength of terrorist.

Thank you.

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