How to Deal with International Terrorism?

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Prashant said:   1 decade ago
Yes i agree with rohit rhd. every problem solution is to find out its root it is same like to study the basic concept to solve the subject problem. Government should focus on poor peoples demand and their employment b'cause most of the time in the search of employment poor people select a bad way.

Rohith rht said:   1 decade ago
There are other ways to eradicate terrorism. Government need to concentrate on the roots and foundation from where the actual terrorist begins. There may be only 4-5 reasons, a common man would turned into a terrorist.

  • a person can became a terrorist due to unemployment, though he has certain ability to gain a job.

  • due to some rivalry with the officials for a justice.

  • due to religious quarrels.

  • So every government need to provide certain rules to fulfill common-man needs, which in turn avoid a person from thinking an illegal work to do.

    Dinesh said:   1 decade ago
    I agree wit Kapil said.. because today world demand only the terrorism, it challenges to everyone.

    Krishna said:   1 decade ago
    Stringent laws and strict punishment to the terrorists who are caught after any devastating attack can reduce the extent of terrorism.

    Kapil Rathore said:   1 decade ago
    Hello friends! this is KAPIL and i want to initiate the topic "HOW to Deal With International Terrorism", One of the biggest threat not only to the security of a particular nation but also the entire world is International Terrorism, Each and every Country are facing the problem of their security against the terrorist groups which is situated across the world, in my opinion- there is only one solution to deal with this threat is the simultaneous contribution of not only powerful nations but also all the other nations to eliminate all the terrorist groups from their home/land, then only it is possible to make a Terrorism free world.

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