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Shubham balasaheb vetal said:   3 years ago
In Foreign universities, they provide quality education. In India, this can't happen. Because many students like me. Suffer from English speaking. Nowadays English is in the corporate sector anywhere. So many students even can't get a job because of the English interview. They are not confident to speak in English. So foreign universities always welcome!

Sahil thakur said:   4 years ago
Hello my friends, first I want to thank IndiaBix to let me introduce my views on this topic.

Foreign universities are marvelous because of there awesome modern study system with more practical and less theoretical knowledge. They have marvelous opportunities for students who would like go abroad. The Indian education system needs to be developed more but this is not necessary that we should move up with this foriegn universities only. These universities make our students to have dream of enjoying luxury life's in abroad and leave our country behind in the race of development. So I recommend that we should use our and their knowledge also to develop our country at high stages.

Samyuktha said:   5 years ago
Hi, this is Samyuktha.

In my point of view, foreign universities in India promote more communication and English knowledge among the students. It will be more useful to the now -a- days students who are going abroad.

They promote awareness about technology among the students. They gain better practical knowledge rather than theoretical knowledge. Nowadays practical knowledge is more beneficial for the students,

In India some states of the children using laptops for their education system. But some of the states are not following this system due to the unawareness among the people.

In my point of view, the main disadvantage of this system is eating of India's wealth by launching the universities in India.

So, I conclude that the government should take necessary steps to develop the universities in India should not give a chance to other foreign countries.

That foreign university also more helpful to our Indian students.

Jaya betav said:   5 years ago
In my opinion, foreign University is not good for our country development because in India foreigner only think about profit maximization not about the future of many children's. If students go with there education system they not giving proper knowledge as compare to there universities in foreign. So there is only one thing we need to change our education system and also change our perception towards the education system because if we don't think positive then we not able to achieve the goal.

Prathmesh Patil said:   6 years ago
Hi Friends, according to my point of view, foreign universities in India will boost our standard of education. Beacuse there are too many students who go abrod for higher studies. If our govt allows foreign universities in India then it will be too helpful to our people who are abroad for educational purpose. Foreign universities believe more in practice than theoretical knowledge. If any student knows his work not only by reading theory but also real experience in the ground will be always grateful yours.

Ajit Kumar Das said:   7 years ago
Hello, everyone, my topic is foreign universities in India. I want to say that our country is very good in the education system but some of different from foreign universities. If there is a foreign university that means more utilize of skill development. Whenever here facilities for foreign language and knowledge development in education. Also, I want to say that if foreign universities is best for skill development& Creative of good knowledge then they will be better otherwise no sufficient for like business. Thank you.

Pankaj speaker said:   7 years ago
As far as, I know foreign education is scintillating if it comes to India. The Youth of Indian would be changed to see at the practical usage of foreign univ. A lot of scholars have in our country they are extremely talented but can't afford in a foreign country if they got Univ education in India, then they will become A1.

Ramesh said:   7 years ago
Hey guys,

In my opinion, its good that foreign universities come to India. It's because of following main reasons:

1) Foreign universities follow a different curriculum (mostly practical) which can help the Indian students (students who have a strong hold on their basics) and thus get good application skills.

2) there will be a sense of competition between Indian univ and foreign univ which help in growth of the Indian univ globally and them making a mark in the world.

3) we have seen people spending lakhs of rupees for better education in foreign univs. If we get those univs here only then there is a lot of saving in the money for the students and moreover, those who couldn't afford to go there can get the best education at a lower cost.

4) We see govt planning to setup skill India programs where people are trained in a practical way. These programs will be part of the curriculum of the foreign universities where the univs train the students to be fit to work in the industries right out from college.

Bibhay said:   7 years ago
Hello friends,

Today we are discussing on foreign university should allow opening their campus in India. In my point of view, it has both advantage and disadvantages. If first, we discuss on advantages that in India we know that lots of students are going to abroad for higher studies and to complete his or her dream. So they spend a lot of money on education.

And to spend thousand of money to live there. If our government is allowed to open their campus their then those problems are far away.

ARUN KRISHNAN R said:   8 years ago
Hi, friends.

Our education system compared to foreign countries are not up to the mark I agree that. But if we try we can change our education system which will be more valuable than other countries.

We have a lot of talented youngsters who suffer from proper guidance. They are not following their own will they are just attracted by others influence. The talent what they got is not the field they are trying to enter.

First, our education system should understand this and make the young generation to find their own talents and to enter into that field.

In government schools, 80% children's are not able to speak a line fluently in English. Children's from poor family are not able to spend money for English Medium Schools and talented children's are no shown their path.

In my opinion, the changes should be brought from school level.

Proper planning and implementation can bring great changes in our education system.

Just stop imitating others and try to bring new reforms which make our education system a role model to others.

Thank you.

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