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Saii said:   8 years ago
In my point of view, it's a good one the foreign universities come to India our student's skills and knowledge will develop. And our Indian teaching method is not too good to compare than foreign university teaching method because we are giving more importance to theory but they concentrate only practicals so their knowledge is wide comparing our students, and if foreign universities come to India our village poor students also will study foreign university. And they will develop their lifestyle, knowledge, society, everything will grow.

Priyaz aajith said:   8 years ago
Hi Guys,

Good Morning to all, I am Priyaz Ajith.

I would like to share my information about foreign universities in India. If suppose foreign University came in India means some guys did not come in the foreign country. It's the plus point of our country know and also improving skills, attitude and every think change in our student life. They also learning other country subjects.

Thank you all.

Ramani Hitesh (RK University) said:   8 years ago
Hi, Friends.

>> In my point of view foreign Universities in India good Student. Because it provides many benefit and help to many Student Dream and wishes.

>> Foreign University Increase and Development Skill Power. The Foreign system has good technology and their applications whether we have a sharp brain.

>> allowed to open their branches in India. Every year there are lots of Indian students going to abroad to pursue their education.

>> This will surely enhance the student's personality and skills. So, the Indian government should give the green signal to foreign universities.

>> In foreign there are multiple resources are available. Different technology and individual training etc. After finishing their study they search job and settle over there so Good For Foreign University.

Please Think Change Nothing More.

Chamu Singh said:   8 years ago
In my point of view foreign Universities in India good for Indian students and it will be decreases a brain-drain and many more rupees will be also safe of our nation.

One essential part is GLOBALIZATION.

It can helpful for our nation because India is a still developing country. We still need a new technology and it will only come from globalization.

So, foreign universities in India must be required.


Ajeet Kumar Singh said:   8 years ago
I totally disagree with the establishment of foreign universities in India. Instead, we should apply their way of teaching in our universities. This would be a very good idea as we won't have to invest money for foreign universities and we would get our education system much better. The student would never be forced to visit the university. They would love to go to university daily.

Mahak said:   8 years ago
Foreign universities should be there, I don't think so its harmful for our India. Because its provide many of the benefits and also help to many of the students to completed their dreams to doing a study in foreign universities. Next thing is that helps to decrease the problem of brain-drain in that condition on more students goes outside the country to doing a higher education. The last thing is that its save lots of money compare to doing a study in out of India. Thanks.

Romendra verma said:   8 years ago
Hello friends.

In my point foreign universities come in India is very good because we need more skill development are required and our thinking to change in experimental way and get more reasearch our country.

Santhsosh said:   9 years ago
Hello friends our topic is foreign university's in India came, to our India study is changed. So I'm nor agree this foreign university's is came our India NRI students all of then join in foreign university's only. So that time India study is difficulty changed is best option for us.

Thank you all.

Ajith said:   9 years ago
Reverse brain drain is a form of brain drain where human capital moves in reverse from a more developed country to a less developed country that is developing rapidly. These migrants may accumulate savings, also known as remittances, and develop skills overseas that can be used in their home country.

Brain drain can occur when scientists, engineers, or other intellectual elites migrate to a more developed country to learn in its universities, perform research, or gain working experience in areas where education and employment opportunities are limited in their home country. These professionals then return to their home country after several years of experience to start a related business, teach in a university, or work for a multi-national in their home country. Their return is thus "Reverse Brain Drain".

The occurrence of reverse brain drain mostly depends on the state of the country's development, and also strategies and planning over a long period of time to reverse the migration. Countries that are attractive to returning intelligentsia will naturally develop migration policies to attract foreign academics and professionals. This would also require these countries to develop an environment which will provide rewarding opportunities for those who have attained the knowledge and skills from overseas.

In the past, many of the immigrants from developing countries chose to work and live permanently in developed countries; however, the recent economic growth that has been occurring back in their home countries and the difficulty of attaining long-term work visas has caused many of the immigrants to return home.

Tej said:   9 years ago
In my point of view foreign institutes in India have good equipment and good knowledge professors, if such technical facilities available in that universities students gain the knowledge and they will use their knowledge to develop our country. Major thing is govt must encourage the those who want study higher studies in foreign countries.

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