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Devi said:   1 decade ago
In my point of view it's good. Because most of the pepole going to forign for study,in foreign there are muliple resources are available.. different technology and individual training etc.. after finishing their studt they search job and settle over there.. so every year we loss lot of people. if foreign unniversity come to india means y are they go there?

Nancy said:   1 decade ago
I accept Seethadevi's point. In my point of view their syllabus improve the individual's skill. But our syllabus only give importance for theoritical concepts and memorizing ability. It is useless. In India IIT's only follow good syllabus... So Its Good...

Abi said:   1 decade ago
I dont agree with Nancy point. In India, its famous for Education only. From India only, there are many persons who work in NASA. For example, Kalpana Chawla, a Indian Scientist, who is worked in NASA.

Niki Raghu said:   1 decade ago
Its a very good thing because who wants to study in foreign universities now they can study in India only and they have batter option to learn about foreign and india. we can get good knowledge about technical feild, computer as well as management. We can improve our personality and also we can know about foreign MNCs.

Raghu said:   1 decade ago
I do accept with Niki point and more over unless and untill foreign universities comes here their practical way of learning doesn't comes very soon in India then we got two way of education both theoritical as well as practical. We can know about different racial people from different countries and their educations too.

Vmkc said:   1 decade ago
I accept with this topic because if foreign universities comes here means it will improve our knowledge.

Vinod kushwah said:   1 decade ago
I think that it is good that foreign universities come to india so that most of our intelligent student having poor economic condition can get better education. The cost of living in foreign country is save and we get better and practical education with less education investment.

Pavan said:   1 decade ago
We indian people are always crazy to know about foreign culture and always try to adopt their culture in us. If foreign universities comes in India, so it will be beneficial for those student who want to learn abroad as well as our universities that we will come to khow about their teaching Technic, their management. So that our universities could adopt this if it is effective.

N.Malathi said:   1 decade ago
I am also agree with that because it is very useful for students learn more, develop our skills. Improve our communication skills, languages are also we learn.

Prashant said:   1 decade ago
I think foreign education system is more practical than ours. If we talk about UNITED STATES, they are using far better technology than us. They are already using 4G, we are still working on 3G networks.

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