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Namathoti Siva said:   1 decade ago
It's truly commendable to let the foreign universities to be established in our country to offer most sought.

Courses to the students of our country. Most of the students, having completed their graduation are trying their best to get the admission into foreign university and to make their dreams true. In foreign countries, most of the universities are old, well equipped with labs and practical work will be given great importance besides imparting practical knowledge to the students. So every individual wants to study in foreign universities.

During the past one decade, many of students from various countries especially from our country. Are being ill-treated, nationality racism becomes risen and students developing cold feet to go foreign.

In pursuit of their higher studies. Upon this establishment of foreign universities, firstly this racism can be eradicated and our students need not to leave for foreign countries, having their relatives left alone. More importantly, the way of teaching and their culture will be known to us which can be of very use to make our institutions well developed to infuse necessary skills to our students. Apart from these, several other uses also there, more essentially global competence will be drastically hiked among these,.

There by required skills will be imparted to every one by each university. One more important thing is upon let the foreign universities established our technically skilled people will stay here thereby the brain drain can be put an end mark.

So keeping all these in view, the government has to take initiation and commence talks in making other countries accepted to start their universities in India.

Ajith said:   9 years ago
Reverse brain drain is a form of brain drain where human capital moves in reverse from a more developed country to a less developed country that is developing rapidly. These migrants may accumulate savings, also known as remittances, and develop skills overseas that can be used in their home country.

Brain drain can occur when scientists, engineers, or other intellectual elites migrate to a more developed country to learn in its universities, perform research, or gain working experience in areas where education and employment opportunities are limited in their home country. These professionals then return to their home country after several years of experience to start a related business, teach in a university, or work for a multi-national in their home country. Their return is thus "Reverse Brain Drain".

The occurrence of reverse brain drain mostly depends on the state of the country's development, and also strategies and planning over a long period of time to reverse the migration. Countries that are attractive to returning intelligentsia will naturally develop migration policies to attract foreign academics and professionals. This would also require these countries to develop an environment which will provide rewarding opportunities for those who have attained the knowledge and skills from overseas.

In the past, many of the immigrants from developing countries chose to work and live permanently in developed countries; however, the recent economic growth that has been occurring back in their home countries and the difficulty of attaining long-term work visas has caused many of the immigrants to return home.

Gpz2 said:   1 decade ago
Why do western universities and the colleges under the universities perform better than our Indian universities? Although it is believed that the Indians have the best brains in all the world over. The first and foremost reason for this is that Indians (the head of the institution) do not provide better incentives to the staff members working in the universities or colleges as compared to that of the western countries. Moreover the Indians spend only a few percentage of the GDP towards education. If we give licenses to the foreign universities to enter into India it has both advantages as well as disadvantages.

The advantages being is that we will not be losing best brains that do extremely well to get into the foreign universities. So in the long run we will be retaining the quality lads that would impressively contribute to the development of our GDP as well as the economic growth. Disadvantage being is that if the foreign universities being allowed to establish in India, our government is not going to pay the duly incentives as is required by them, then why will they need to set up their universities, besides they are not going to help India only thing is that their main motive is to earn huge profit. If they don't earn profit why will they establish their universities. Even if they setup and not getting proper incentives means they are going to charge hefty fees.

The Indian universities in order to keep themselves afloat in the competitive market will obviously escalate their cost of education. And this will lead to the poor people being alienated from the education.

Kush Madan said:   9 years ago
Lets summarize every point that matters in this regard.

I would like to start with the fact that, "to be successful you have to be open for everything" and secondly "diversification" broadens our vision. "I hope everyone agrees here".

Now, why the above both points can't be helpful in respect of our nation! Think!

To bring foreign universities is diversification and this shows our government is open for things, but at the same time by allowing these universities to open in Indian soil will have both positive and negative repercussions.

The point here is what time is best time to invite our foreign counterparts to our soil?

Answer here is simple "MAINTAIN BALANCE" nature's law!

Now if we give the green signal too early we can loose:-

1) FDI (foreign Direct investment) which comes to India through settled NRI's.

2) Competition for our universities will become more, thereby, universities can make hasty decisions.

3) Our moral ways of teachings can take a back seat. And many more I can't see at the moment.

Now if we give a green signal too late:-

1) Our more and more brains will be lost to some other country.

2) New and modern techniques of teaching will have to wait.

3) Practical teaching which is missing in Indian education system will also have to wait. And the above wait has already started its course of actions.

So in my opinion Planning at the right time to maintain the balance is of utmost priority.

Bala said:   1 decade ago
Allowing entry of foreign universities may open the floodgates for poor quality institutions to enter India and take unfair advantage of students. Top reputed universities would be cautious about their brand value for 2 reasons :

1. Govt is not in a position to provide any financial incentives. Remember that there are many foreign institutions in the Gulf only because the host country could provide financial support to the institutions. It makes no sense for an institution to be set up unless there are any financial incentives laid out.

2. The universities cannot ensure complete autonomy from sociopolitical influences.

Preferred route for good universities to establish themselves in India would be through collaborations with the local institutions (for eg. IIM B has a collaborative global executive program with INSEAD and McGill). What India needs is not a set of elite institutions because India already has a fair share of them and those who can pay to enter the foreign institutions can travel abroad for their education. I think vocational training systems is possibly where India needs foreign education (eg. Healthcare, construction etc) where the growth has been extremely slow due to neglect. The conclusion is that India may need foreign education providers, but in a different form and in a different area than what is being perceived as of now.

Cyrus said:   1 decade ago
Although bringing foreign universities in India could be a panacea for the ailing Indian education system, but one have to consider this from their side. Nobody is willing to invest unless he/she is able to garnish huge profits. Western governments grant huge monetary support to universities so that they can admit meritorious students on scholarship basis. Whereas India with its education spending being nearly 3% of the GDP lacks behind with considerable difference. Good universities would only enter if Indian government provide required support to them else they would charge huge fees from the students. Indian universities as well will try to charge huge fees so as to remain competitive. This would result in steep rise in education cost in our country, which would further alienate poor from education. Rather the need of the hour is to increase the quality of already established universities. Government can take steps to persuade universities for this, for example, it can fabricate a plan according to which the grant given to a university would be proportional to research papers it publishes.

ARUN KRISHNAN R said:   8 years ago
Hi, friends.

Our education system compared to foreign countries are not up to the mark I agree that. But if we try we can change our education system which will be more valuable than other countries.

We have a lot of talented youngsters who suffer from proper guidance. They are not following their own will they are just attracted by others influence. The talent what they got is not the field they are trying to enter.

First, our education system should understand this and make the young generation to find their own talents and to enter into that field.

In government schools, 80% children's are not able to speak a line fluently in English. Children's from poor family are not able to spend money for English Medium Schools and talented children's are no shown their path.

In my opinion, the changes should be brought from school level.

Proper planning and implementation can bring great changes in our education system.

Just stop imitating others and try to bring new reforms which make our education system a role model to others.

Thank you.

Preeti Singh Thakur said:   9 years ago
Hello friends,

My name is Preeti.

Before saying any thing on this topic I would like to have your attention to the history of education in India. Indian education gad mad Sushrut, Charak the great surgeons, it had mad Aryabhatta, Nagarjuna, Varahamihira the unbelievable mathematicians. We had universities like Nalnda and Takshashila. We are the inventors if zero, we discovered that earth is round.

We spread the yoga all over the world, we taught the world the meaning of true Dharma. This is the power of Indian education. We do not need any foreign university. Indian universities have the caliber and power to do better then them. We just need to do one thing the proper balancing of theory as well as practicals.

We need to update our system day to day just not for the competition sake for the sake of making the students perfect in their fields. Foreign universities can give us chances but if we can create in Indian universities by giving them there previous position, so there is no need of foreign universities in Indian.

Thank you.

Ramesh said:   7 years ago
Hey guys,

In my opinion, its good that foreign universities come to India. It's because of following main reasons:

1) Foreign universities follow a different curriculum (mostly practical) which can help the Indian students (students who have a strong hold on their basics) and thus get good application skills.

2) there will be a sense of competition between Indian univ and foreign univ which help in growth of the Indian univ globally and them making a mark in the world.

3) we have seen people spending lakhs of rupees for better education in foreign univs. If we get those univs here only then there is a lot of saving in the money for the students and moreover, those who couldn't afford to go there can get the best education at a lower cost.

4) We see govt planning to setup skill India programs where people are trained in a practical way. These programs will be part of the curriculum of the foreign universities where the univs train the students to be fit to work in the industries right out from college.

Samyuktha said:   5 years ago
Hi, this is Samyuktha.

In my point of view, foreign universities in India promote more communication and English knowledge among the students. It will be more useful to the now -a- days students who are going abroad.

They promote awareness about technology among the students. They gain better practical knowledge rather than theoretical knowledge. Nowadays practical knowledge is more beneficial for the students,

In India some states of the children using laptops for their education system. But some of the states are not following this system due to the unawareness among the people.

In my point of view, the main disadvantage of this system is eating of India's wealth by launching the universities in India.

So, I conclude that the government should take necessary steps to develop the universities in India should not give a chance to other foreign countries.

That foreign university also more helpful to our Indian students.

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