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Aar said:   1 month ago
In foreign universities, practicality is more there. Whereas Indian Universities focus more on theory and exams.

Sujyothsna said:   1 month ago
Yes, I accept because having foreign universities set up campuses in India can bring advanced teaching methods, research opportunities, and international exposure to students.

Anomie said:   1 month ago
Yes, I accept the foreign education system.

Because many families are not ready to send their children to foreign countries, if they install foreign education in India it will improve the whole education system from the school level.

Farous said:   1 month ago
It's a very good thing because those who want to study in foreign universities now can study in India only and they have better options to learn about foreign and India. We can get good knowledge about the technical field, computer as well as management.

We can improve our personality and also we can know about foreign MNCs.

Meena said:   1 month ago
Yes. I accept to start or tie up with the foreign universities in India because as mentioned above by involving more in practical exams we will get more knowledge and we can interact with others to get more ideas and we can improve our English speaking skills also.

Anu said:   5 months ago
In my point of view, foreign universities are provided good knowledge and all students are used to them nowadays. Communication skills developed in English are most helpful in interviews lastly foreign universities are very opportunities in India.

Anonymous said:   9 months ago
Hello Everyone,

In my opinion, there have been significant changes in the Indian education system, right from being introduced to computers, paintings, MS Office our skills through digital systems have made education very easy.

If we go to past, the access to education was isolated to certain people, localities, cities & countries. Now basic education is accessible to every nook and corner of the world.

There have been massive groundbreaking innovations, scientific advancements, etc happening around the world as education has been made accessible to everyone.

Sonu said:   9 months ago
In Foreign universities, they provide quality education. In India, this can't happen. Because many students like me. Suffer from English speaking.

Nowadays, English is in the corporate sector anywhere. So many students even can't get a job because of the English interview. They are not confident in speaking in English. So foreign universities are always welcome.

A lot of scholars in our country are extremely talented but can't afford to be in a foreign country if they get a University education in India, then they will become A1.

Surya Prakash Parvathini said:   1 year ago
Hi guys this is Surya,

We need to allow foreign universities to India, the reason is our students should need to know how they think, and why they are still ahead of us in technology, interaction with them may be bought you a new way of thinking, see we can't change the Indian education system that simple if you just tell the difference between our students and foreign students, they don't take it too seriously, but if they experience that it will make sense to them.

From all these years, we didn't see a lot of change in our education system, education is the same 100 years ago and now, due to the foreign universities our universities and colleges may change, see sometimes competition brings more change, due to the foreign universities may be our universities change the way of teaching, the same thing will happen with students also.

Kanchan said:   2 years ago
In my point of view, foreign universities in India should allow it to promote more communication and English knowledge among the student it will be more useful to nowadays who are going to abroad for higher education and foreign universities also more help to our Indian students. Foreign university and colleges in India will boost of the standard of education because I am sad that there are too many students who want to go abroad for educational purposes. So that's all.

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