Food Comes First, Ethics Later

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Ashlesha said:   8 years ago
First of all, we are human beings. Yes, Food is the basic necessity for survival. Without proper food, we would be dying instead. We earn our living to serve our families with healthy food. But we don't roam here and there stealing the food we need, isn't it?

We are wiser than animals because of our ethical thinking and values. Values and ethics are created for our own well being and sound healthy living. Take an example we consume food from plants, but as a part of ethics, we also plant trees for a new life. So a human being is well equipped to find his bread along with maintaining the ethical values. We also care for our mother earth as a social responsibility. If every human being thinks in an ethical way for survival. Society will ease at peace.

If a hungry man strives hard for his food. He will definitely get it. Every time adopting unethical ways to get the food degrades the society.

After all an old saying goes as, 'A small morsel of bread was equally shared by seven rats'.

So ethical thinking opens so many doors for a better life, satisfaction and happiness.

Priyanshu said:   9 years ago
How can ethics and morals supercede the basic requirement of a man?

An empty stomach is a root cause of deviation from all morality. Why animal began to kill another animal:not because of his safety but because of his food requirement. It is the food scarcity that gives birth to major unfair elements of society like robbery, stealing and even killing. We do not witness these things much in a rich country. When there is money in hand, there is a sound presence of healthy mind. People can then work upon to improve their code of conduct, their behaviour etc. Ethics are important to control the greed of man when he intends to adopt unfair means to interfere into another man's daily bread and butter. Yaar, we should live and let others live more peacefully. Our country is self sufficient in food and grain production. But important thing is that there is no proper flow of grains from top level to bottom level. Make them to reach every home so that beggars can be satisfied and feel healthier to do hard work and make their living by ethical means.

Precious.Ego said:   1 decade ago
Good day pals, 'Food and Ethics which is more important', food I think. Well, thank God for freedom of expression and for this forum, I get to say my mind. Ethics are the principles of an individual which makes him/her what he is, while food is any substance which sustains and helps such individual stay alive & in good health to maintain his principles. "A hungry man is an angry (unprincipled in some situations) man" they say, but that doesn't mean that we should live to eat instead of eating to live. Anyways, the importance of both ( ethics and food) should not be overemphasized, for "what is life without a tiny bit of self respect or acknowledgment (mad), & what is self respect or principles without life or good health (?). In conclussion I'd say " give enough food to 100 armed robbers and I bet you, 50% of them are more ethical and would stick to doing an honest man's job". Thanks for reading.

Shashank gehlot said:   7 years ago
As per Freud's theory of human needs, the first stage is food, shelter and cloth and then comes the other needs. A man has to first work for his survival and other basic needs which include ethics. If man has fulfilled first stage of his need then comes moral duties in the society in which he lives to keep healthy environment and peace. Ethics is also important because if a man do not have ethics he will indulge in theft, stealing of food, robbery for his survival which will be harmful to the society and human existence will be jeopardanized. For example, if we analyse the economy of japan than we will notice that after world war2 the country was defeated and its economy was shattered but people of japan do not give up and with the available resources of food, cloth and shelter and discipline in work raised the country among top of the economy of the world. So both food and ethics play crucial role in a man's life but food comes first before ethics.

Swapna said:   1 decade ago
Yes, I do agree that for many a people Food is the priority over ethics.
Everybody wants to be honest in whatever field they go; but as the time passes by, there are a very few people left with the same ethics they had when they entered in that field.
That is because the strive to fulfill their hunger makes them to do so, and some people are just great trend follower.
for example- If a traffic constable challans a car for violating the traffic rules with proper receipt and amount, that amount will directly go to the govt. But instead, they take bribe any amount lesser than the original amount to fulfill their needs , although its unethical. And people support them equally to avoid rushing to courts.
So, somewhere their hunger is all unethical and above their ethics.

P.S- No offence. There obviously are some respectable people to whom their ethics matter a lot more than their hunger. RESPECT for them.

Shiv said:   1 decade ago
For sure food come first of all ethics. All creatures are engineered to do almost for survival. People does not hesitate to sell off their own kids for food. So it is unwise to say that ethics come first. There may be few who give priority to ethics than food. Anyway this universe is full of exceptional cases. But here we are discussing about normal peoples. Miss Neha have a very good point but a person can be a patriotic only and only when he is well fed and well educated . For a poor person there is no differance. Naxals are the best examples of this fact. They doesn't bother to kill their own countrymen just for money only. Do you think that naxalism is a war of idealogy? It is just a war of hunger. They poor people even doesn't know what is naxalism is all about. They are simple being targeted by neibour countries, who wants to encash this food fact for distablising india.

Suraj rizal said:   9 years ago
Hi buddies.

Stomach think and stomach speak when it is empty I don't think any ethics will come there. I concur that food, clothes and shelter are the basis necessity to live our life when the person don't possess all this things then he won't care about ethics at all. Learning ethics will consider only and only after we have enough food to satisfy our stomach. With empty stomach you will never think about anything else you will be just emphasizing where will you get the food from. Just whenever you come across some beggar ask him do he care about ethics never because beggar never speak, always you will find that his stomach is speaking. Not most I think almost first everything we do in life is to have sufficient food in our life then only we will think about other comfort and then ethics. So my conclusion is that food comes first then ethics and all that.

Pooja said:   1 decade ago
Wen we talk of living a normal life in a civil society the importance of ethics and food cannot be compared. You cannot survive in a social environment without following a common set of ethical rules. I do agree with that. but here, as per the topic, when it comes to comparing the importance of food and ethics on a basic level, you have to have food as more important necessity. Ethics are important, but then it is confined to the ideal situation when you are leading a normal life in a civil society. You cannot keep on clinging to the ethical rules when all you need to survive is food, even if it comes by unethical ways. To sum up, I will say that, it is all about the priority. Unless you are in the situation when you have to choose between the two, you prefer ethics, but when it comes to the question of survival, you will obviously go for food..!!

Harish Karanam said:   5 years ago
Is it true "Food Comes First, Ethics Later"?

The above statement is TRUE if our society follows the rule of Survival of Fittest which is also known as the rule of Jungle. In Jungle animals only think about their hunger, in some instances, they will be ready to eat their own kin. There is no concept of ethics in Jungle.

Surely, I can say that being human beings we are following the rule of Jungle. We are thinking about trees, by saying a slogan called "Save Trees". It doesn't mean your literally saving trees for the purpose of Future Generations what does it mean we have outgone our hunger and we are thinking about our future generation which I call it has to be a human being we have some ethics built in our brain from the day we entered into this world.

In my opinion, In the Modern world, the above statement has a little bit of relevance.

Rakesh said:   3 years ago
Good evening.

I am thankful to take this opportunity to enlithed the topic that food comes first ethics later.

So first of all, what do you mean by food, food is nothing but this is the real source of life a person may be billionaire may millionaire or a middle-class person they only need food for survive not ethics, so ethics is followed by food, food doesn't follow ethics so beggar person want some food from you so what comes in mind that no that's personal ethics is not up to that level so I just tell that no you will come next day with some good ethics so that you deserved this food otherwise not so from that annoying example we know that anyone can deserve food may that person having ethics morality discipline that doesn't matter even if a person completely mad that person first need food and don't need to deserve s good ethics.

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