Food Comes First, Ethics Later

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Abhishek kumar said:   8 months ago
Greetings to all, firstly I would like to thank all for giving me the opportunity.

Obviously, this is a well-known topic but it is as important as ever. My opinion on "food comes first, ethics later" is not much different from my friends. The only source of energy in all living things is food it may be in different forms. It proves if one wants to live, without energy life is not possible, food is needed. In society, some ethics should be there that exist in the members of society and for their existence food is needed. Thus, it is right in my point of view that "food comes first, ethics later".

Anonymous said:   3 years ago
Good evening,

Firstly, I thank to all of you to given me this opportunity to explore my thought.

According to me, both food and ethics are playing an important role in our life. It is like 60% and 40%, because food is really necessary each and every person. Without food, we can not survive in this world. Just think a person going die from starvation then which is important ethics or food, obviously, food is necessary for him. But some people and farmers can not compromise with ethics. Even cropping and seeding is also bound under the procedures of ethics. These ethics are followed by every farmer in the field because they believe that without worship of God we will not go a step forward because these all thoughts relate to your traditions and sacraments.

Divyesh said:   3 years ago
Hello everyone! thank you for giving me an opportunity to talk about this topic.

In my opinion, there is no comparison between food and ethics, as both the things are necessary in one's life. Human cannot live without food and if he does not follow his ethics to earns this food then he would not like to eat it. Human's existence is there one if there is food, but in my opinion food and ethics go hand in hand. There are many people who will never compromise their ethics for food, so in my opinion there is nothing superior between food and ethics.

Rakesh said:   4 years ago
Good evening.

I am thankful to take this opportunity to enlithed the topic that food comes first ethics later.

So first of all, what do you mean by food, food is nothing but this is the real source of life a person may be billionaire may millionaire or a middle-class person they only need food for survive not ethics, so ethics is followed by food, food doesn't follow ethics so beggar person want some food from you so what comes in mind that no that's personal ethics is not up to that level so I just tell that no you will come next day with some good ethics so that you deserved this food otherwise not so from that annoying example we know that anyone can deserve food may that person having ethics morality discipline that doesn't matter even if a person completely mad that person first need food and don't need to deserve s good ethics.

Sneha said:   4 years ago
There are varieties of people having different opinions and in my opinion. Food comes first then anyone can think about ethics later. Lets take an example of a hungry person who had not eaten anything for a week then how can he survive without food. First of all, food is required for his/her survival then anyone can think of ethics. So, according to me, food is the basic need of a person and one can't live without it after that anyone can think of ethics. That's all I want to say. Thank you.

Frenko Jha said:   4 years ago
Hello friends! I heard this topic.

Every person has different views on this topic but why we are not looking to correlate both of them, Yes I agree food comes first but without ethics, there is no sense of that food. We generally talk about healthy food, then mind how will get this food without ethics. Even cropping and seeding is also bound under the procedures of ethics. These ethics followed by every farmer in the field because they believe that without worship of God we will not going a step forward because these all thoughts relate to your traditions and sacraments.

Concluded both things important in their places.

Amit said:   4 years ago
Warm greetings to everyone.

I will start with a great statement that a food at a time can help one to quench his/her hunger for that moment but the values and morals i.e. ethics or knowledge can help one to develop a positive attitude and perspective to arrange his foods even in his adverse situations. Having proper ethical values and knowledge, one can easily judge whether his/her attempt for getting food is correct or not because in many times out of haste one may face troubles after getting food in an unethical manner.

Tinku paul said:   4 years ago
Hi friends, According to me, food is very essential for our survival. Without food, we can't alive. If people get hungry first he has to arrange food. Maybe he does not have money he has to take a loan from anyone if it is not possible then he has to beg for food. If I have an empty stomach even I cannot think what is good and what is bad, what should I do, what should I don't do. First, we have to eat to fill our stomach then we have to think. Which one good which one bad.

Ruchi Sengar said:   4 years ago
Undoubtedly, we all do agree with the fact that " food comes before ethics " and this is axiomatic as well. Food is the basic need of an individual and one cannot be deprived of such need.

If one is unemployed, poor, and has not even a single penny and he/she has not eaten food since the last few days and ultimately, here comes a situation of death due to starvation. In such a hectic situation, you might arrange food, no matter from where it comes.

Thus, ethics are no longer in consideration when food is our first priority.

MEET CHAROLA said:   5 years ago
Hello friends. This is the case of situation. Consider a scenarios of yourself, you are coming from a hectic job and start eating a burger without Washing your hands. So in this scenario you are tired and hungry too. Everyone went through this in life once. So here food comes first. Ethics can be followed only when you are not empty stomach. As a human being ethics is always in our mind but if anyone is dying because of not getting food surely he or she would not look or even think about ethics. This is my perspective.

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