Food Comes First, Ethics Later

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Anonymous said: (Dec 4, 2021)  
Good evening,

Firstly, I thank to all of you to given me this opportunity to explore my thought.

According to me, both food and ethics are playing an important role in our life. It is like 60% and 40%, because food is really necessary each and every person. Without food, we can not survive in this world. Just think a person going die from starvation then which is important ethics or food, obviously, food is necessary for him. But some people and farmers can not compromise with ethics. Even cropping and seeding is also bound under the procedures of ethics. These ethics are followed by every farmer in the field because they believe that without worship of God we will not go a step forward because these all thoughts relate to your traditions and sacraments.

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Divyesh said: (Jan 24, 2021)  
Hello everyone! thank you for giving me an opportunity to talk about this topic.

In my opinion, there is no comparison between food and ethics, as both the things are necessary in one's life. Human cannot live without food and if he does not follow his ethics to earns this food then he would not like to eat it. Human's existence is there one if there is food, but in my opinion food and ethics go hand in hand. There are many people who will never compromise their ethics for food, so in my opinion there is nothing superior between food and ethics.

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Rakesh said: (Jan 11, 2021)  
Good evening.

I am thankful to take this opportunity to enlithed the topic that food comes first ethics later.

So first of all, what do you mean by food, food is nothing but this is the real source of life a person may be billionaire may millionaire or a middle-class person they only need food for survive not ethics, so ethics is followed by food, food doesn't follow ethics so beggar person want some food from you so what comes in mind that no that's personal ethics is not up to that level so I just tell that no you will come next day with some good ethics so that you deserved this food otherwise not so from that annoying example we know that anyone can deserve food may that person having ethics morality discipline that doesn't matter even if a person completely mad that person first need food and don't need to deserve s good ethics.

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Sneha said: (Oct 30, 2020)  
There are varieties of people having different opinions and in my opinion. Food comes first then anyone can think about ethics later. Lets take an example of a hungry person who had not eaten anything for a week then how can he survive without food. First of all, food is required for his/her survival then anyone can think of ethics. So, according to me, food is the basic need of a person and one can't live without it after that anyone can think of ethics. That's all I want to say. Thank you.

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Frenko Jha said: (Oct 6, 2020)  
Hello friends! I heard this topic.

Every person has different views on this topic but why we are not looking to correlate both of them, Yes I agree food comes first but without ethics, there is no sense of that food. We generally talk about healthy food, then mind how will get this food without ethics. Even cropping and seeding is also bound under the procedures of ethics. These ethics followed by every farmer in the field because they believe that without worship of God we will not going a step forward because these all thoughts relate to your traditions and sacraments.

Concluded both things important in their places.

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Amit said: (Sep 6, 2020)  
Warm greetings to everyone.

I will start with a great statement that a food at a time can help one to quench his/her hunger for that moment but the values and morals i.e. ethics or knowledge can help one to develop a positive attitude and perspective to arrange his foods even in his adverse situations. Having proper ethical values and knowledge, one can easily judge whether his/her attempt for getting food is correct or not because in many times out of haste one may face troubles after getting food in an unethical manner.

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Tinku Paul said: (Jun 7, 2020)  
Hi friends, According to me, food is very essential for our survival. Without food, we can't alive. If people get hungry first he has to arrange food. Maybe he does not have money he has to take a loan from anyone if it is not possible then he has to beg for food. If I have an empty stomach even I cannot think what is good and what is bad, what should I do, what should I don't do. First, we have to eat to fill our stomach then we have to think. Which one good which one bad.

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Ruchi Sengar said: (Apr 26, 2020)  
Undoubtedly, we all do agree with the fact that " food comes before ethics " and this is axiomatic as well. Food is the basic need of an individual and one cannot be deprived of such need.

If one is unemployed, poor, and has not even a single penny and he/she has not eaten food since the last few days and ultimately, here comes a situation of death due to starvation. In such a hectic situation, you might arrange food, no matter from where it comes.

Thus, ethics are no longer in consideration when food is our first priority.

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Meet Charola said: (Oct 14, 2019)  
Hello friends. This is the case of situation. Consider a scenarios of yourself, you are coming from a hectic job and start eating a burger without Washing your hands. So in this scenario you are tired and hungry too. Everyone went through this in life once. So here food comes first. Ethics can be followed only when you are not empty stomach. As a human being ethics is always in our mind but if anyone is dying because of not getting food surely he or she would not look or even think about ethics. This is my perspective.

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Meena said: (Apr 1, 2019)  
According to me. Yes, food comes first ethics later because we cannot survive without food. Where ethics are the moral principles that govern a person's behaviour or the conducting of an activity. Ethics can be follow only when people are not empty stomach.

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Harish Karanam said: (Mar 5, 2019)  
Is it true "Food Comes First, Ethics Later"?

The above statement is TRUE if our society follows the rule of Survival of Fittest which is also known as the rule of Jungle. In Jungle animals only think about their hunger, in some instances, they will be ready to eat their own kin. There is no concept of ethics in Jungle.

Surely, I can say that being human beings we are following the rule of Jungle. We are thinking about trees, by saying a slogan called "Save Trees". It doesn't mean your literally saving trees for the purpose of Future Generations what does it mean we have outgone our hunger and we are thinking about our future generation which I call it has to be a human being we have some ethics built in our brain from the day we entered into this world.

In my opinion, In the Modern world, the above statement has a little bit of relevance.

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Balasaheb Kale said: (Oct 31, 2018)  
Hi friends, I think food comes first, Ethics later because we can't live without food. In our society, some people are very poor and hungry they always use unethical way to get food, they can't think what's wrong and whats true. You know that when we need some food and it doesn't get any one that time we use some unethical way.

I agree food and ethics are two side of one coin but it depends on situation when we survive in good condition and we do not have food so that's time we always follow first ethics and later food. Ethics are base of our human being we can't live happily and peacefully without ethics.


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Amit said: (Oct 8, 2018)  
As, I believe food comes first why I m giving reasons to support my statement if we consider Maslow need hierarchy theory of motivation then we can see that in first stage i.e, physiological need which comprises of food, cloth, shelter because an empty stomach cannot consider for ethics so I believe food comes first ethics later.

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Cynthia Majhi said: (Oct 1, 2018)  
Definitely it is food that comes first. I came across an incident while I was watching discovery. There was a family who had been trapped in between the icebergs. Cause of the low temperature in that region all the family members had died except the two sisters. They were really starving at that point but nothing was available for them to eat. Suddenly one of the sisters cut the mother's body and started eating it. This was definitely unethical. But we all must be aware of the phrase 'survival of the fittest'. This exampe truely proves that life is the first priority for which a person can always become unethical.

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Shrasti Yadav said: (May 13, 2018)  
It could be right as well as wrong in some or the other way as if a situation comes infront of you to choose one of them between food and ethics in that case. I am shure that you would be selecting ethics but if the same situation comes infront of a poor or a hungry person he/she may be some of them will be selecting ''ethics'' but most of them would be selecting ''food'' as for them the first need to stay alive is food. As ethics may be followed their whole life but if they will be dying without food then at that time no ethics will workout there for them. So, this statement may be good or bad in some or the other way.

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Shrasti Yadav said: (May 13, 2018)  
It could be right as well as wrong in some or the other way as if a situation comes in front of you to choose one of them between food and ethics in that case. I am sure that you would be selecting ethics but if the same situation comes in front of a poor or a hungry person he/she may be some of them will be selecting ''ethics'' but most of them would be selecting ''food'' as for them the first need to stay alive is food. As ethics may be followed their whole life but if they will be dying without food then at that time no ethics will workout there for them. So, this statement may be good or bad in some or the other way.

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Uday said: (May 11, 2018)  
My opinion is food and ethics can exist parallel because with the help of good ethics you can be able to arrange food for you. But the only ethic is not enough, For food, you have to work. By giving the priority to the food you can not live a good life. Ethics makes us great in our society. We are human so we should not behave like an animal. For us, food and ethics have the same importance in our life.

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Nikhil Gulwani said: (Mar 2, 2018)  
Ethics comes first then food.

I accept the fact that food is the basic necessity, but prima facie we should not ignore that flouting laws in the name of the food is unacceptable. Sometimes bijou theivery can lead to crimes like murders.

I accept the fact that having the burden of feeding full family leads to such activities but the taste of that recipe will force him again to do that. Scrutinizing the content POVERTY and UNEMPLOYMENT are the as the main culprits.

In confronting from poverty and unemployment effectual government is needed. Various welfare schemes aiding poorers, providing employment to at least 1 member in each house. This modus operandi can opt, a force of government can be made to implement such schemes and Ethics can be followed despite earning food with hard work.

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Vineet said: (Feb 11, 2018)  
Hello everyone, Today We here discuss on the topic food is more important than ethics.

Yes, food is important for everyone at least twice in a day, it will give energy, surviving for a long life. But, if anyone gets food by doing wrong activities like robbery, killing someone for few money, doing wrong things by orders from the other person and many more such activities than it will be wrong. Everyone needs such basic thing but you can't do these activities because this is not a permanent solution. Do such things which involves your hard work and follow ethics. And the day comes you will easily fulfil your basic need easily.

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Shashank said: (Jan 29, 2018)  
I agree with your subject heading which actually interpret that Food comes first, ethics later means that see an example of society, if a guy or his family should not get enough Money to get the food at least two times a day then how someone expect that it should follow the ethics of life or anything, for him the only thing is that to arrange food for his family at least for two times a day. No ethics no any rules.

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Mithilesh said: (Nov 17, 2017)  
Hi friends.

In my opinion the food is more important than ethics for whom who can't even afford three time food in a day.

If anyone is hungry then how they can differentiate b/w what is ethics and what is not. They only think that how to get food. We always see people committing crimes, like murdering someone, or looting someone and we only say that people not possess ethics. Sometimes we blame prostitutes making money out of selling their body.

But as we notice why he/she doing that. No one wants to be criminal. I think only poverty make them to do so.

But for middle class or rich, ethics should come first. After all we are humans most intelligent in living things in this planet.

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Amit said: (Sep 2, 2017)  
I agree with the statement that food comes first than ethics. Food is the primary source of energy and its necessary to live a healthy life. Families of poor people who are not able to get their daily meal, ethics would not be their primary concern. They first need to feed their own families, in any way it's possible whether the ethics are broken or not. But for the middle class and rich people, ethics should be followed first. They should have equality in men and women, obedience towards law of land, concern towards natural environment etc. So, according to me, giving primary concern to food or ethics depends on the situation of one's life.

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Uttara Deb said: (Aug 23, 2017)  
It is true that only a hungry stomach knows the value of food. So we when well fed can't judge the ones who commit mistakes like stealing to feed themselves and their families. Many times we see petty thieves who steal food or steal money just to earn two times meal. We should not be judge ful to them. There may be reasons for that but if this bad habit persists and just to get shortcut incomes then this becomes pernicious. When a person is hungry then he can't think of good or bad he only needs food to mitigate the pain. So the saying that food comes first, ethics later is true for all the senses. Thank you.

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Ketore said: (Aug 21, 2017)  
Hi, all, according to my opinion food is the prior factor rather than ethical values, see for eg if we keep a plate of food in front of a kid who is starving and start to say or tell him about the ethical values he must acquire in his life, he will never learn anything or understand its values, but he will search for food than can cure his appetite. Food plays a major role than ethics because a bunch of ethical values can never substitute the hunger of a person.

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Shivani said: (Jun 9, 2017)  
When we talking about food and ethics then both are necessary for the person. But food comes first rather than the ethics because human being depends upon the necessary nutrition. As food provided to the human being their brains and another organ work well then they work and behave with others in a good way.

Then ethics describe the person skills and grow in the different area.

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Prerana said: (Apr 4, 2017)  
No doubt. It is been accepted by our society that basic necessities of our life are food, clothing and shelter. Ethics is equally important to food. But nowadays, the importance of ethics is fading, you get to see so many crimes in our society. Murders, kidnapping, robbery. Most of the time the reason of such crime is money. In such situations its hard to say that ethics comes first then food. We say Man is a social animal. We eat to live not live to eat. We earn and we eat, but animals the case is different.

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Shashank Gehlot said: (Feb 14, 2017)  
As per Freud's theory of human needs, the first stage is food, shelter and cloth and then comes the other needs. A man has to first work for his survival and other basic needs which include ethics. If man has fulfilled first stage of his need then comes moral duties in the society in which he lives to keep healthy environment and peace. Ethics is also important because if a man do not have ethics he will indulge in theft, stealing of food, robbery for his survival which will be harmful to the society and human existence will be jeopardanized. For example, if we analyse the economy of japan than we will notice that after world war2 the country was defeated and its economy was shattered but people of japan do not give up and with the available resources of food, cloth and shelter and discipline in work raised the country among top of the economy of the world. So both food and ethics play crucial role in a man's life but food comes first before ethics.

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Anoop Ojha said: (Feb 4, 2017)  
According to me, food will always be coming first from ethics. Because as we know that all humans are to the world to doing some work and spend their life happy. For doing work and spending happy life we require energy to do work so life will spend happily. By the principle of law of conservation of energy, we required some previously maintained energy which obviously comes from food. That's why food comes first, as we satisfied we with basic need we concentrate on secondary need that is society. In which each human has its own prospective and living manner. To maintaining this we required ethical values. Therefore food comes first ethics later.

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Anu said: (Sep 28, 2016)  
Hai friends, here our topic is about food and ethics.

According to me, whatever work we do is only for getting food for feeding ourselves. Its basic criteria for all humans. After fulfilling our basic needs. We should follow our ethics. Of course, ethics is also a basic of survival in society.

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Nayana Kharatmal. said: (Aug 27, 2016)  
Hi, friends, as we all know that " food & ethics " are just like two eyes of the face. Both food and ethics are important for human to survive in life or in society. Food is the basic need for a human. When we follow the ethics then we definitely get food. Without food you can't live so I agree that food comes first, ethics later.

In daily life, we are working just for our basic needs like food, shelter & cloths. After basic need, we think about the ethics. Then we follow the ethics.

And, I totally agree with you @Harpreet. Our today life is very practical and we need the energy to survive in life. And whole energy is getting from the food, not from ethics. So food comes first then Ethics.

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Ashlesha said: (Apr 4, 2016)  
First of all, we are human beings. Yes, Food is the basic necessity for survival. Without proper food, we would be dying instead. We earn our living to serve our families with healthy food. But we don't roam here and there stealing the food we need, isn't it?

We are wiser than animals because of our ethical thinking and values. Values and ethics are created for our own well being and sound healthy living. Take an example we consume food from plants, but as a part of ethics, we also plant trees for a new life. So a human being is well equipped to find his bread along with maintaining the ethical values. We also care for our mother earth as a social responsibility. If every human being thinks in an ethical way for survival. Society will ease at peace.

If a hungry man strives hard for his food. He will definitely get it. Every time adopting unethical ways to get the food degrades the society.

After all an old saying goes as, 'A small morsel of bread was equally shared by seven rats'.

So ethical thinking opens so many doors for a better life, satisfaction and happiness.

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Maz said: (Mar 16, 2016)  
Hi Guys,

It depends on how the situation indulges a common person in different fragments of life, In modern society, its obligatory on every being to respect other customs and cultures, India is a country with an enormous variety of foods and every group has own ethical values, being a countrymen one must consider the ethics and accordingly consume the foods.

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Shipra Shukla said: (Nov 27, 2015)  
According to me, this topic is actually trying to point towards a very burning news now-a-days and i.e. "ban on beef". Because it's a food for some communities in India whereas it's related to ethics for the others. Lets be specific about the two biggest communities of our country where the Muslims supports beef consumption but the Hindus are against it because of their moral values or ethics. But let's also not forget that our constitution supports freedom to eat and live freely as we are breathing in a democratic country.

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Saikumar said: (Oct 14, 2015)  
Hi friends here Ethics and food have their own Importance.

For a Poor or a hungry man Food is the main thing to be fulfilled. He hunts for whatever way he can find it. It also depends on the character of the person if he wants to get that in nice way by putting ethical values in mind by giving respect to the society where we live.

It depends however Ethics are like the back bone of the society if a person who is rich or having basic requirements which a person should have he definitely like to be good. Because no one wants to be bad in the society.

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Dharmendra Dangi said: (Oct 13, 2015)  
Food or ethics?

According to me food play a vital role in surviving. But we are human not animal. Many of freedom fighters died for us. They has gave their life's for us. They fought for ethics.

They was wanted freedom. If there was food primary thing then, our nation wouldn't be independent. Though food is basic need but if it come from by hard work it would be more testy then if it would be come by begging.

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Amit Pandit said: (Oct 10, 2015)  
I think we should give priority to the ethics because we humans eat so that we can live, we do not live to eat. The only thing which defers human from animals are these ethics. A long life without ethics is useless and a short life with ethics and values is incredible.

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Pratibha Dhodi said: (Sep 1, 2015)  

To revive food need food, To earn food you need ethics, To get ethics you have to survive.

In this way in different situation you have to give preference to food & ethics because both of are depends on each other.

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Hitendra said: (Aug 22, 2015)  
Hi friends,

I think this is absolutely correct statement. If person is hungry, his eyes and mind always try to find out food to fill his stomach. He will keep his ethics in side until he get food. But if he is not starving he will try to upgrade his ethic value in society. He will make some creative thinking, innovation in his work which could increases his ethic value.

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Khusboo Giri said: (Jul 27, 2015)  
The man is a social animal. The man born in the earth. He has fulfill has all needs himself his first needs food. He has to arrange his food. He work and search his food. The quoted line"food comes first ethics latter".

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Surbhi said: (May 29, 2015)  
Ethics plays an important role to get recognized in the society. But food comes first. Food is the basic (psychological) need of human being. If he is starving then he will become weak or unhealthy and an unhealthy person dies daily.

Once his basic needs (food, shelter, clothing) are fulfilled then he will get motivated to fulfill his higher level needs (such as ethics etc).

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Manjary said: (May 21, 2015)  
I agree with this. If your tummy is full you look civilized, educated and well personality. Your mind is satisfied and if you are creative and balanced, your mind provoke you to do well things. Hence, ethics is shown in your work. If your tummy is empty, how can you satisfy your mind. Hence, you shows your anger for that situation and to overcome that situation you will do all works which are unethical.

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Mehak said: (Apr 12, 2015)  
Yes. I too think that food comes first, ethics later. As said even by our elders "HEALTH IS WEALTH". If we are not well (physically or mentally) , how can we be able to interact with others, do and manage our work effectively or participate actively in any event? So, in my view, it is the food that must be given preference over the ethics.

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Hema said: (Mar 17, 2015)  
Hi friends!

This is Hema. I agree to some extent that food comes first, ethics next. Food is the basic need for all. And we people earning by some means just to fill our bellies. How much we strive hard, its only to satisfy our hunger.

We should not earn by illegal methods. Hunger drives us to commit to the worst situations. But we should mostly see that in this search process we should not commit ourselves to immoral acts.

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Khushbooasawa said: (Feb 11, 2015)  
For me, food does not come first but ethics. If we do not want to sound ethical, breathe ethical, live ethical, then what is the use of education? For food aka money, we can steal, we can beg, then why to waste both energy and time in learning the a basics of life. Ethics is the gap between what we call a civilized person and a non civilized person.

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Kalpana said: (Jan 3, 2015)  
For me ethics comes first because there is no use of surviving. We need to live our life. We can take example of freedom fighters like Bhagat Singh who have not taken food for several days in prison because he wanted free India.

There are several examples where human being have given there life for ethics. There is no use of merely surviving. We should live our life. If everyone is ethical there is no problem in the system.

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Abhinav Tripathi said: (Dec 9, 2014)  
Friend as per my views, food comes first because ethics come from peace and constant mind and one needs proper feeding to think about it which a hungry man don't has. So he is not able to judge what is ethical or not. Hence good food is paramount to think better.

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Ravi Barnwal said: (Nov 16, 2014)  
Food comes 1st. Is it? We are not animals, we are Human.

Just consider an example - when Maharana Pratap were in jungle, her daughter had two rotis of grass in which she gave one to his younger brother even she were too hungry. If food comes first then she had theft of his brother. So I think we should be ethical otherwise food can get be get under gunpoint and we will be animal in the face of human.

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Ezzie said: (Nov 9, 2014)  
Food and ethics are equally important for human society. Otherwise we would be just animals.

So many responses say that food comes first because it is necessary for survival. That sounds noble and we may maintain that view until we are on the receiving end; For example, when a hungry, desperate man, with a weapon, a gun maybe, has entered our home.

We would want that hungry man to have some principle, some ethics; to respect our lives, the lives of our loved ones, to respect our right to our property. We would want that hungry man to act with principle, to ask first rather than to take; to think it below him to steal, in spite of his hunger.

Food and ethics are equally important. Otherwise we would be living in a jungle.

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Sai Sarvani said: (Oct 18, 2014)  
I agree with the statement food comes first but at the same time ethics are also important because without ethics we'll be even like a terrorist or murderer or a sadist or we can even do corruption then what is the use of this birth? everyone wants to lead their life very happily but is it write getting happiness in a wrong way? I don't think so. So both food and ethics are important for every life.

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Punith Apaji said: (Oct 9, 2014)  
Hello friends,

I agree the statement that the food comes first and the ethics later as we seen in real world so many of peoples are from poor background and some of them are lack food and other facilities but they are having utmost IQ brain power, hence the government should take the responsibility of these people and should give basic needs, they are mainly from the backward categories so government has to provide basic needs to such people and let them to give contribution to the improvement of our nation.

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Saurabh said: (Sep 21, 2014)  
Ethics and food are the two sides of a coin. If you talk about the ethic of a person who is hungry and searching for food his ethics can't help him out. Because our ethics can't fulfill the hungry stomach of a person. Hence food comes first than the ethics. Food is the basic need of a human being.

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Priyanshu said: (Aug 31, 2014)  
How can ethics and morals supercede the basic requirement of a man?

An empty stomach is a root cause of deviation from all morality. Why animal began to kill another animal:not because of his safety but because of his food requirement. It is the food scarcity that gives birth to major unfair elements of society like robbery, stealing and even killing. We do not witness these things much in a rich country. When there is money in hand, there is a sound presence of healthy mind. People can then work upon to improve their code of conduct, their behaviour etc. Ethics are important to control the greed of man when he intends to adopt unfair means to interfere into another man's daily bread and butter. Yaar, we should live and let others live more peacefully. Our country is self sufficient in food and grain production. But important thing is that there is no proper flow of grains from top level to bottom level. Make them to reach every home so that beggars can be satisfied and feel healthier to do hard work and make their living by ethical means.

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Mansih Kumar said: (Aug 21, 2014)  
According to me I totally agree with this statement that food comes first and ethics later.

Its because food becomes the primary need of each and every human being today.

If there is food then ethic comes and if there is no food then there are no ethics.

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Raghav said: (Aug 14, 2014)  
In my opinion food comes first and ethics later because in today's life there are three basic amenities required for survival of any person and these are food, cloth and shelter. Out of these three food is most important one. When it comes for food then no one see any ethics there because ethics is related to individual behaviour. If any have everything in his life(money) then they follow their ethics then they thinks about their behaviour and change the way of living and do everything which comes in their etics.

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Suraj Rizal said: (Aug 9, 2014)  
Hi buddies.

Stomach think and stomach speak when it is empty I don't think any ethics will come there. I concur that food, clothes and shelter are the basis necessity to live our life when the person don't possess all this things then he won't care about ethics at all. Learning ethics will consider only and only after we have enough food to satisfy our stomach. With empty stomach you will never think about anything else you will be just emphasizing where will you get the food from. Just whenever you come across some beggar ask him do he care about ethics never because beggar never speak, always you will find that his stomach is speaking. Not most I think almost first everything we do in life is to have sufficient food in our life then only we will think about other comfort and then ethics. So my conclusion is that food comes first then ethics and all that.

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Rimjhimbothra said: (Jul 28, 2014)  
Ethics are the moral values which are being taught since childhood. Ethics does play important role but in real life it is hardly followed by some individual. Ethics are calculated within ourselves then also we do wrong thing like we are aware of the traffic rules but then also some breaks, we are aware that robbery is wrong deed but then also we do some by habit and some by need. In this world first come is always served first. But a person who do not possess to have food two times what he will do with ethics.

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Shiv said: (Jun 27, 2014)  
Hii friends.

According to my opinion foods comes first then Ethics. Because food is the basic need of a human being. If we don't follow the ethics then we can live longer but if we don't take food then we can't live more than 15 days.

We can see the effect of Food on people who lives in slum areas and who has not sufficient money to fill their stomach twice a day.

These people don't think that we are bothering something they start to walk in wrong ways like to murder someone.

It all happens to fulfill their stomach or to get money.

So we can say that a person doesn't think about ethics when he is hungry.

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Krishno said: (Apr 14, 2014)  
Well my dear friends,

According to me food comes first. If you are hungry you won't have the power to think what is ethical and what is not. We always see peoples committing crimes, like murdering someone, or looting and we say that those peoples do not posses any ethics. Same time we some time blame prostitutes of making money out of selling their body.

But we should think why is he/she doing that. No one want to be criminal. Actually poverty make them. When call comes from our stomach we forget every thing.

So I want to say ethics are important but not more than food.

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Sonakshi said: (Apr 3, 2014)  
Surely food is the basic need of human being. If a person is hungry he will not be able to give his or her 100% to a work he does even forgetting about the ethics he or she has. Ethics are important for a human but after food which is far important for survival.

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Raghavendar said: (Mar 5, 2014)  
Sex workers sell themselves to get their daily loaf of bread. Prostitution is considered a sin, but they do it to fill their stomach. "Food comes first, ethics later" would be the thought running in their mind whenever their profession is questioned.

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Devendra Singh said: (Jan 30, 2014)  
Hi friends, I feel that 'food comes first than ethics' because when a person, who is very tired & hungry, needs food as primary need not ethics. When no-one will alive then what will be the need ethics.

We know ethics is very necessary to live us as human being. But it should come after the food.

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Sakar Elias said: (Jan 21, 2014)  
I agree, because a human being can't live without food. Every people working for making money, money is making for food. Without food and water there is no ethics, ethics coming from living peoples, and not from dead peoples. A healthy body would have a healthy brain.

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Gauravgaur said: (Nov 19, 2013)  
Ethics make man, but food destroy man.

According to me ethics come first because it will manage your digestive system very well but by excess food you can't manage your digestive system by food ethics will improve your personality and set up your mind according to your work and help us to perform work very well.

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Sourabh said: (Nov 12, 2013)  
According to me ethics comes first.

If every one follows ethical mean there will be no problems in the system.

Unethical means is root cause of every problem.

Even the dog comes near us when they are hungry they never bite and snatch our food.

If from top level to bottom level ethics followed first there will be no corruption, inflation, unemployment.

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Nisar said: (Sep 25, 2013)  
Dear Friends, I agree with Food comes first, Then all comes next, Just think with out but with ethics a man can live for how many days But we can live longer with out ethics with food for longer days.

Ethics is not the must one to follow, If we had enough food, Somehow the ethics should follow us. The God created a whole world for us to eat well and enjoy.

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Sunil said: (Sep 19, 2013)  
Nothing is good or bad on this earth. But the thinking makes so. Food, water and shelter are the bare minimum requirements for any human beings on this earth. Ethics are only for good people and that is something Kinda an inborn quality and about the bad guys it is simple non existent. But to live in this highly civilized world.

We do require ethics. I suppose, you all will agree the point that ethics can only be followed when one is alive. And the later is only possible if one is able to satisfy his basic necessity of food and water. So, practically. The statement 'Food Comes First, Ethics Later' holds true. But, as I earlier told it is debatable considering the type of person.

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Ankush said: (Sep 14, 2013)  
We should keep balance between food and ethics as much as we could do but if we are being strict on the topic I personally believe that food should come first because that is basic need. Survival is right of every human being. You can talk about ethics when your stomach is filled.

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Saidurga said: (Sep 7, 2013)  
Well, I agree that food comes first and ethics later. Food is the basic need for the living beings to survive. No living being on this great earth doesn't have any ethics. They will search for food and they survive regardless of the way it obtained the food.

But it is import to note that man had became the supreme living being on this great earth because of his enormous intelligence. But the ethics make his existence for billions of years.


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Vamsi said: (Aug 8, 2013)  
Hi, friends we all know that food is one of the basic needs for human survival, in fact not only humans but all the creatures that exist in this world. Without ethics also we can live but it is just like an animal. So both should go hand in hand to live like a human being.

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Tinku Prasad said: (Aug 6, 2013)  
Obviously Food comes first. Ethics are the moral principles which control or influence individuals behavior. All these moral principles were formed gradually to give directions to society, for well-being of society.

Think of first person who came on this planet, first thing he would have search for is food, he had not mind killing animal for food. After that he thought of anything else ex. Forming society and rules etc. If there is no society there will not be any ethics and society first need to feed its people first.

Likewise if government is not able to feed its people, people will obviously go violent.

Criminals mostly are the people who had suffered with poverty, helplessness and could not bear the injustice done by government to them.

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Guile said: (Jul 22, 2013)  
Of course both food and ethics are very very crucial for a healthy society. But if the question is 'WHAT COMES FIRST?', I would just request you to conduct a small social experiment.

Look at that young girl who looks malnourished because she has never had enough to fill her stomach. Her skin is burnt and her feet bruised because she has been begging all day with her younger brother in her arms at the traffic signal you cross everyday. Look at her in the eye and ask her if she cares more about her daddy's work ethics or about the food he manages to bring home that is barely enough for them to survive.

I won't answer this question. Let her do it.

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Brajesh said: (Jul 22, 2013)  
In my opinion food comes and will comes first than ethics. When you don't have the source of survival that is food you would not go for maintaining or system your own status for better, good or kind appearance.

For example in the starting of civilization man's character were surviving for food type but as the civilization developed then the so called religion, government, system comes into the picture.

Thus food comes first and ethics later, but nowadays it also depends upon the individuals as all of you said.

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Rahul Kumar said: (Jul 18, 2013)  
Food or ethics? If you ask this anyone will say definitely food is necessary for survival but then for being able to be called a human being ethics are as important It would be foolish to ask a man dying of starvation to satisfy his hunger by the values and ethics but at the same time we can't rob someone to meet our needs. There is a certain means to fill our bellies and that's what ethics tell us. If only food was important then why spend so much precious time and money teaching children the way of living life in society. A man devoid of ethics would be no different from animals I guess.

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Rahul said: (Mar 19, 2013)  
I want to say that Food comes first as compared to ethic because food is the survival human being if they do not eat food they will not survive, if they do not survive then ethic has no meaning.

For ex :- A beggar who have not enough money to eat food, he only pray the god to give me food to survive my life.

Ethic :- Ethic is for rich people who have some rule and regulation in his life. They enough food to survive his life.



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Raju said: (Nov 20, 2012)  
As we are all known that, we are the most intelligent species in this earth, we should have certain manners to act with others in the society. Which shows that we are all bond with ethic in our day to day life. Moreover food is also mandatory as we know all.

So, what I say is both food and ethic are mandatory to lead a successful life. They are like side two sides of a same coin.

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Pooja said: (Oct 8, 2012)  
Food and ethics are inter-related things. If a person is not getting enough food ethics are not going to help him out. But every time for getting food we should not forget the ethical values. There should be limit. Earn for your basic needs and not for comforts.

Thank you.

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Vijay Sharma said: (Oct 2, 2012)  
I think it's tough to compare,
As child take birth from his birth he need food and ethic both to grow up himself,
If nobody won't gives him food he can't live.
And even if nobody won't takes care for him how can he live ?


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Precious.Ego said: (Sep 1, 2012)  
Good day pals, 'Food and Ethics which is more important', food I think. Well, thank God for freedom of expression and for this forum, I get to say my mind. Ethics are the principles of an individual which makes him/her what he is, while food is any substance which sustains and helps such individual stay alive & in good health to maintain his principles. "A hungry man is an angry (unprincipled in some situations) man" they say, but that doesn't mean that we should live to eat instead of eating to live. Anyways, the importance of both ( ethics and food) should not be overemphasized, for "what is life without a tiny bit of self respect or acknowledgment (mad), & what is self respect or principles without life or good health (?). In conclussion I'd say " give enough food to 100 armed robbers and I bet you, 50% of them are more ethical and would stick to doing an honest man's job". Thanks for reading.

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Pintu said: (Jul 17, 2012)  
We can't imagine ethics when we have no food to eat. In this globalized era, everyone want to survive and explore more and for this the basic entitlement is food, clothes and shelter.

Now, after fulfilling the basic needs we should think about ethics because man is a social animal and we belongs to the most intelligent entity of the world who are not only exist but proving that they are the best and it is only possible through coordination and cooperation between them.

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Ankit Tiwari said: (Jul 4, 2012)  
This is purely a situation and people based discussion. Some of us learned it from childhood do forget our life for ethics. You can do an experiment yourself to know which is important. Be starved for one day and than ask the question to yourself.

So the people who lives on footpath, never try to teach them ethics. Give them food because if not given whom you will teach ethics if they would not survive of hunger.

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Aishwarya Nalluri said: (Apr 27, 2012)  
According to me, both food and ethics are important but the priority changes according to the section of people we consider.
If a beggar has ethics and no money, its of no use.
If a rich person has a lot of money and no ethics, he is not worthy to live.

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Krunal said: (Apr 12, 2012)  
Well Food & Ethics are 2 very different aspects of human life. Who says that by doing ethical things you won't get food in life. Ethics are the principles of individuals it inherits inside the person. A wise & ethical person will not go on wrong path like killing or stealing for the sake of food. So it all depends on individual's personality and how he is brought up. If you consider the case of criminals & terrorists they have adequate money to survive for entire life but they still continue on that unethical path as for them ethics don't exist. In short I would like to sum it up that Food & ethics are both important of life and which to choose between them all depends on an individual.

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Karishma said: (Mar 12, 2012)  
Both are on opposite side, but if we consider today's world, then we will realise that food comes first then ethics. It is because of corruption increases which automatically leads to increase in the inflation which directly affect the day-to-day life of a middle class society, who lives with minimum salary but with high expenses. So, if he thinks about ethics, then he will not able to fulfill the foody needs of his family or vice- versa. However, a rich or poor person has full of ethics in their lives, but if they will make starve for one day, then they will realise the importance of food.

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Jpm Alon said: (Mar 4, 2012)  
Its the talk of honest world not the corrupted one.

I am a respected person but now I don't have money to eat at instant. I ll not beg for money rather I ll leave as it is crying inside. Its all because I am bound in this type of society. Nobody wants to take initiation to change something.

With good suit I walk around a begger what is in my mind about the begger anybody can know this. See he is begging for food. And with this mind having no respect on human I give the speech of ethics and morality.

Food to hungry begger may come first priority but what if the same food is asked by little hungry kid?The hungry begger can't stand giving the food to the kid its the ethics.

It should be parallel but world has changed now.

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Lovey said: (Feb 16, 2012)  
In my opinion I think that food and ethics both are important at their places.

Food is the daily need of people. But in todays era of corruption if someone is honest and earns his daily earning legally then he or she is considered mad in our society.

So its like if someone even tries to be ethical then the society does not encourage that.

And in my opinion this may be one of the reason that why our country is still underdeveloped.

Though food is important but that doesnt mean that we should acquire unethical methods to earn money and food.

Think if out of every 100 even 50 try to be ethical in life then our country can become a developed nation!

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Dii said: (Feb 6, 2012)  
I agree for most of people food comes first. Food is nothing but a mans basic need it can be related to money. People go to any extent to get money. People cheat others so that they get some money, people pay bribe so that they get their work done, People murder, kidnap innocent people just for sake of Money (food).

Ethics is given least importance. There are people who try hard not to cheat anyone who want to do things morally right people around won't let that happen how much ever he tries to be ethical there are people who are always going to lead us into doing something against ethics somewhere or other. Hence its difficult for people to stick to ethics.

THus even if we don't want to give much importance to money people around are such that they will force us into doing evrything unethical.

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Swapna said: (Jan 16, 2012)  
Yes, I do agree that for many a people Food is the priority over ethics.
Everybody wants to be honest in whatever field they go; but as the time passes by, there are a very few people left with the same ethics they had when they entered in that field.
That is because the strive to fulfill their hunger makes them to do so, and some people are just great trend follower.
for example- If a traffic constable challans a car for violating the traffic rules with proper receipt and amount, that amount will directly go to the govt. But instead, they take bribe any amount lesser than the original amount to fulfill their needs , although its unethical. And people support them equally to avoid rushing to courts.
So, somewhere their hunger is all unethical and above their ethics.

P.S- No offence. There obviously are some respectable people to whom their ethics matter a lot more than their hunger. RESPECT for them.

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Hemant Ganwani said: (Jan 11, 2012)  
First of all I will be very thankful to whome give me a chance to present some view about the topics of food comes first, ethis later. So according to I think both things is imprtant in our life. And I think we should take both things at a time. And we can do it. And also we should coperate in some situation. If we are rich so there are no problem to take both things at a time, if we are not rich so by cooperating and managing we can take both things. Like if we have 100 rs for food. But in 60 rs we can take normal food so rest 40 rs rupees we shoud spend in ethics. Because God has given a imprtant time to do some good work. We should spend our life in good work because there are time for everybody.

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Karuna Chavan said: (Dec 30, 2011)  
Need of food and ethics are the two sides fo same coins. Both are essential for faithful existance of humanlife. When the person is equiped with all aminities, he should mustdeal with the etics first, for a beggar who is sick, mad and lost his conscise the food is first priorty. But for the sound man ethics are as important as food. Animals also eat food but the difference between man and animals are the great ethics.

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Naveen Kotni said: (Dec 5, 2011)  
It depends completely on the situatuion. Lets say If you have 10rs with you with that you can get normal food which fills your stomached and satisfies the appettite. Then you should not opt for a way to get a delicious food in an unethical way. If you dnt have even 10rs then you should beg for it as beggers do because beggin is not unethical.

There will never be a situation where you have to be unethical for getting the food. Our society is framed in such a manner.

Ethics goes first because there will never be a situation where you ve to be unethical in getting the adequate food.

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Bhavani said: (Oct 30, 2011)  
As ethics says the person who is having anything which is more than enough should distribute that to everyone who all longing for that. If we follow this ethics there won't be any problem for food.

But before achieve that state of having enough thing, one's first preference will be to the food. This situation occurs only because of unethical hoardings.

So to me both food and ethics are important and both are inter related things. The preference given is purely depend on the People's status and character.

If you take a thief an beggar, their first preference is only to FOOD. For beggar, his second preference is ethics, so he is not a thief.

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Pooja said: (Oct 17, 2011)  
Wen we talk of living a normal life in a civil society the importance of ethics and food cannot be compared. You cannot survive in a social environment without following a common set of ethical rules. I do agree with that. but here, as per the topic, when it comes to comparing the importance of food and ethics on a basic level, you have to have food as more important necessity. Ethics are important, but then it is confined to the ideal situation when you are leading a normal life in a civil society. You cannot keep on clinging to the ethical rules when all you need to survive is food, even if it comes by unethical ways. To sum up, I will say that, it is all about the priority. Unless you are in the situation when you have to choose between the two, you prefer ethics, but when it comes to the question of survival, you will obviously go for food..!!

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Pankaj said: (Oct 13, 2011)  
I am very thankful to the service provider to giving a chance to me to deliever my view about food comes first, etics later. I am supportive to food but not against ethics. Ethics plays an important role in shaping attitude of people. Nowadays it is very important in everyones life as they have to bear too much stres in the life. So they must frame rules and regulations based on their life how to tackle every problem. And to think and be in healthy condition one has to eat healthy. It can't be ruled out that one can think better, positive by having proper diet. But in limited manner. Having diet beyond the use results in strangulation of our body by laziness. So we should utilise both but in limited manner.

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Swati said: (Oct 9, 2011)  
Hi, according to me food comes first, because if a person is starving. What to say about the ethics, he can not even use his mind properly.

Food, clothing and shelter are the 'basic' needs of human life. And the word basic here itself speaks that it should come first.

And moreover according to the charles darwins theory -"SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST" substantiates that basic needs comes first.

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Kavita said: (Jul 9, 2011)  
Everyone likes a person with ethics. Such idol people are praised but not followed. In today's world people can only enjoy the gandhidiri in "Lage raho munna bhai", but no one encultates the principles in themselves. Well this is human nature. The god, which has created human with the power to think, to difffer between good and bad, has also created 3 basic needs and food is one of them. When there is race for every thing, anyone would like to win only, and that is not possible by ethics only in today's world.

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Ashad Raja said: (May 14, 2011)  
Hi friends, As we all know food and ethics are like two side of a coin. I talk on ethic, to live the prosperous and respect life we need to follow certain rules in our life.

As everybody knows "roti, kapda and makan" are the basic need of the people to survive.

But according to me surviving is not called life. If you call surviving as life even insects, animals do survive. As we all are known as most intelligent species on this earth, so we should have certain manners to act with other in the society. Which shows that we all are bound with ethic in our day to day life.

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Nin said: (Apr 25, 2011)  
It's difficult to choose between two fare things but I will support ethics. Ethics always says that we should distribute food equally amongst the society and should do the proper managment of it. Augmented with it, it says it should not be bring to home with improper ways so that it unbalances the society and will creat difficulties in future life. Some my colleagus said that, you will understand the hunger when you will starve for day but I want to clarify that even beggar earn his money with ethicsecome the he never try to steal things and so maintain the balance in society. But if you break the rule over food then it will solve the problem of one but become problem of many.

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Soumya said: (Apr 18, 2011)  
Noway. It is clear that food is everything in our day to day life. Also I support "ethics". It has some role in a human being's life. But not so much important as food.

If there is food then there is life. If there is life than there is ethics.

So we can conclude that.


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Harish... said: (Feb 18, 2011)  
As far I considered the ethics must come first and then food, being a ethical person in society represents your character. Today's world is moving with tremendous rate and in this moving world we forget our responsibilities and we simply doing anything for food even we taking the life of others for feeding mouth. There are many examples which I can tell you like naxalist , even we normal people can reach the height of egregious for food.

At last I only say that if you can't make your own food then you should not have authority to play with ethics. If ethics is there then only the world's can run.

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Chandrika said: (Feb 17, 2011)  
I support that food comes first.Even a highly educated person who follows ethics may not follow ethics when he is under hunger.Hunger can make a thief to good at the same time it can make a good person as a thief.Its the capacity of food

If you say ethics to a hungry person he may think you as fool.but give him food and even if you say two words he may be inspired to follow ethics.

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Food Comes First, Ethics Later

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