Food Comes First, Ethics Later

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Ashlesha said:   8 years ago
First of all, we are human beings. Yes, Food is the basic necessity for survival. Without proper food, we would be dying instead. We earn our living to serve our families with healthy food. But we don't roam here and there stealing the food we need, isn't it?

We are wiser than animals because of our ethical thinking and values. Values and ethics are created for our own well being and sound healthy living. Take an example we consume food from plants, but as a part of ethics, we also plant trees for a new life. So a human being is well equipped to find his bread along with maintaining the ethical values. We also care for our mother earth as a social responsibility. If every human being thinks in an ethical way for survival. Society will ease at peace.

If a hungry man strives hard for his food. He will definitely get it. Every time adopting unethical ways to get the food degrades the society.

After all an old saying goes as, 'A small morsel of bread was equally shared by seven rats'.

So ethical thinking opens so many doors for a better life, satisfaction and happiness.

Mithilesh said:   6 years ago
Hi friends.

In my opinion the food is more important than ethics for whom who can't even afford three time food in a day.

If anyone is hungry then how they can differentiate b/w what is ethics and what is not. They only think that how to get food. We always see people committing crimes, like murdering someone, or looting someone and we only say that people not possess ethics. Sometimes we blame prostitutes making money out of selling their body.

But as we notice why he/she doing that. No one wants to be criminal. I think only poverty make them to do so.

But for middle class or rich, ethics should come first. After all we are humans most intelligent in living things in this planet.

Ashad raja said:   1 decade ago
Hi friends, As we all know food and ethics are like two side of a coin. I talk on ethic, to live the prosperous and respect life we need to follow certain rules in our life.

As everybody knows "roti, kapda and makan" are the basic need of the people to survive.

But according to me surviving is not called life. If you call surviving as life even insects, animals do survive. As we all are known as most intelligent species on this earth, so we should have certain manners to act with other in the society. Which shows that we all are bound with ethic in our day to day life.

Krishno said:   10 years ago
Well my dear friends,

According to me food comes first. If you are hungry you won't have the power to think what is ethical and what is not. We always see peoples committing crimes, like murdering someone, or looting and we say that those peoples do not posses any ethics. Same time we some time blame prostitutes of making money out of selling their body.

But we should think why is he/she doing that. No one want to be criminal. Actually poverty make them. When call comes from our stomach we forget every thing.

So I want to say ethics are important but not more than food.

Aishwarya nalluri said:   1 decade ago
According to me, both food and ethics are important but the priority changes according to the section of people we consider.
If a beggar has ethics and no money, its of no use.
If a rich person has a lot of money and no ethics, he is not worthy to live.

Precious.Ego said:   1 decade ago
Good day pals, 'Food and Ethics which is more important', food I think. Well, thank God for freedom of expression and for this forum, I get to say my mind. Ethics are the principles of an individual which makes him/her what he is, while food is any substance which sustains and helps such individual stay alive & in good health to maintain his principles. "A hungry man is an angry (unprincipled in some situations) man" they say, but that doesn't mean that we should live to eat instead of eating to live. Anyways, the importance of both ( ethics and food) should not be overemphasized, for "what is life without a tiny bit of self respect or acknowledgment (mad), & what is self respect or principles without life or good health (?). In conclussion I'd say " give enough food to 100 armed robbers and I bet you, 50% of them are more ethical and would stick to doing an honest man's job". Thanks for reading.

Amit said:   6 years ago
I agree with the statement that food comes first than ethics. Food is the primary source of energy and its necessary to live a healthy life. Families of poor people who are not able to get their daily meal, ethics would not be their primary concern. They first need to feed their own families, in any way it's possible whether the ethics are broken or not. But for the middle class and rich people, ethics should be followed first. They should have equality in men and women, obedience towards law of land, concern towards natural environment etc. So, according to me, giving primary concern to food or ethics depends on the situation of one's life.

Amit Pandit said:   8 years ago
I think we should give priority to the ethics because we humans eat so that we can live, we do not live to eat. The only thing which defers human from animals are these ethics. A long life without ethics is useless and a short life with ethics and values is incredible.

Pooja said:   1 decade ago
Wen we talk of living a normal life in a civil society the importance of ethics and food cannot be compared. You cannot survive in a social environment without following a common set of ethical rules. I do agree with that. but here, as per the topic, when it comes to comparing the importance of food and ethics on a basic level, you have to have food as more important necessity. Ethics are important, but then it is confined to the ideal situation when you are leading a normal life in a civil society. You cannot keep on clinging to the ethical rules when all you need to survive is food, even if it comes by unethical ways. To sum up, I will say that, it is all about the priority. Unless you are in the situation when you have to choose between the two, you prefer ethics, but when it comes to the question of survival, you will obviously go for food..!!

Shrasti Yadav said:   6 years ago
It could be right as well as wrong in some or the other way as if a situation comes infront of you to choose one of them between food and ethics in that case. I am shure that you would be selecting ethics but if the same situation comes infront of a poor or a hungry person he/she may be some of them will be selecting ''ethics'' but most of them would be selecting ''food'' as for them the first need to stay alive is food. As ethics may be followed their whole life but if they will be dying without food then at that time no ethics will workout there for them. So, this statement may be good or bad in some or the other way.

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