Food Comes First, Ethics Later

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Vasanth said:   1 decade ago
In yearly ages like stone age man searched for food first. Then he started to develop his civilization like clothes shellter and all those things so food is first for my opinion.

Padma said:   1 decade ago
This statement is really a true one because we can't survive without food. Ethics is also important for human life but until or unless we need food to follow our ethics.

Bharath said:   1 decade ago
I agree with Shanmu and Swapnika said, ethics are for showing the path to the people for easy achievement of their goals and living in manner, but without taking food we cannot survive...

Siri said:   1 decade ago
Of course ethics are most precious to live as a good citizen, but firstly to survive or to live itself we need the food, without survival of human being, how can they follow ethics, even though ethics are important but only after food.

Ani said:   1 decade ago
Ethics are the most precious to us to live as good citizen in the society.if you follow the ethics then you can recognized by the persons which are living in the society or from our our family members also.

Ani said:   1 decade ago
Yes friends food comes first later on we concentrating ethics and the remaining, because with out food how far we can stay on the earth. This is not a meaning that taking food at the every movement.

Neha said:   1 decade ago
It's really surprising why my friends forgeting the contribution of lagends like Bhagat Singh, who surpassed this notion of food being a basic necessary and showed that if you respect your ethics, the history will remember you as an exception.

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