Flexi Timings or Fixed Timings - Which is better at Work?

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Akshaya said:   7 years ago
Fixed timing or flexible timing.

It generally depends on the nature of the job, if you are a doctor then you can't stick to fixed (9-5) working hours, your duty is to treat people when they need you the most. In IT sector, the work timing depends on the client working time who gives you such job opportunities. If your job demands fixed timing or flexible timing, you have to do so.

Companies which opt for employee benefits may choose flexible work timing, so as to reduce their stress at work and equally they can manage their personal life.

Sunny singh said:   1 decade ago
According to me flexi timing should be adopted because it will give the employees the opportunity of a flexible working hours in the organisation. Which will make employee more enthusiastic and they will free towards stress which help them to provide innovative and creative idea's which is good for the organisation.

Sajjad said:   8 years ago
We are humans and we know that of we have 2 hours to do any work we do it in exact hours and if we have 4 hours to do the same work we do it in exact 4 hours why we do that because it is a human psychology and that why if we have Flexi timings to do the same work we do it at a very slow speed because we are humans so that why I think fixed timing is better than Flexi timing because in fixed timing we have a goal to complete in a fixed time but in Flexi hours we do nothing except showing work.

Tanmay said:   4 years ago
I think there should be a Blend of both, fixed and Flexible both, some tasks which requires utmost Care and Needs to be Completed on time or we can say the High priority, in this case the emoloyee should be asked to visit office regulalry at same time, on the same hand, the task which can be Done with a little delay, and can b easily done through the Phone calls and which can be done by statying at home also, in this case the emloyees should be given More liberty.

When we talk in Context of Time, fixed timings are better and when we talk in Context of productivity flexible timings are better so there should be Blend of both, so that some days Emoloyees are required to be present in the office as per the time schedule and some days they should b given some Liberty to manage the timing on their own, this will lead to less stress level and increase in Productivity and also value of time will be practiced.

Prasanna M said:   5 years ago
According to my point of view, flexible and fixed timings are not matters it depends upon the work because manufacturing companies can't work in the night because sound can disturb someone's sleep in the night and it irritates the patients in that locality and I suggest it depends upon the industry.

SaiSudha said:   7 years ago
Fixed timings is best. No tension. We have other obligations along with job. Do your job in particular time period and concentrate on your personal works in other time. Flexible timings make people consider job as taken for granted. No discipline will be followed.

Anjali said:   1 decade ago
Why we have fix time in our colleges n schools? they prepare us for corporate world where the timings are normally fixed. Fix timings make people more disciplined. In fixed timing we know that this is the where we have to work hard and this is the time to spend with family or enjoy.

In case of flexible-timing the member of the team will come at different time n the team will get lesser time to interact with each other. The people will do lunch or take breaks at different time n flow of informal information will b less. Which is not good. The employees get less time to spend with their colleagues. So the timings should be fixed.

GAGAN S. SHETTY said:   9 years ago
I believe fixed timings are better at work. Fixed timings allow a person to manage timings properly and specifically. By specifically I mean that he can fix a time for each of his personal as well as professional activities. For example he can manage time such that he can spend quality time to bond with his family, friends and relatives.

It will also provide time for oneself. For example - time for gym/yoga/walks. Also one can get manage time for some hobbies like painting/ dancing/ singing etc. Thus a fixed time provides not proper management but also helps to keep oneself stress free so as focus totally on his work during the office hours.

Tinku Paul said:   4 years ago
According to me, time is Gold, it cannot return. So we should not waste our time. Flexitime means any work I can do any time but fixed time means there is a specified time for the work. According to me, fixed time is better for work. If there is no specific time then people he or she will think will do it but when he thinks he will do maybe think right now I have no mood I will do it later. In this way people get lazy. He will not be able to complete the work but discipline is very much important in our life. Indiscipline people is not able to do anything in their life. So we go to the office in time and start Office in time and a particular time complete our work exceptional case is different So fixed time is better at work.

Sajitha said:   4 years ago
I think fixed timing is good. Time management is an important thing in our daily life. With fixed timing, we can manage and use time properly. We can set time for personal things, entertainments, exercises etc.

With flexible timing, we will be more productive but sometimes our professional and personal things will be mixed up. We cannot manage all of them properly.

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