Flexi Timings or Fixed Timings - Which is better at Work?

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PAWAN JANMEDA said:   1 decade ago
Ladies and gentlemen.

I would like to share my views over this topic. I think fixed time is better not only for our health as well as for our culture. Someone pointed out that we can not work good when we have some pressure in our mind in this regards I want you correct that if we have pressure in our mind we can think better and achieve any target. Just tell me if a person can good in free mind so why don't company leave the man free now here I would like give the answer the company will leave freely because the people will not work better and they will sit whole day and make twaddle with friends and colleagues.

I can give many examples:-If a company does not set the target for any individual in particular time. Do you think? Will he complete? I think friends. No, he will more lethargic than the fixed time. In Present scenario even young boys and girls are lethargic so what can we expect from above fort age people. So here that we should follow fixed time so that we could maintain our time table otherwise you are seeing the health problem because of our disorder in timetable, health even in our culture. If we spoil our culture then after we can spoil our country.

Thank you.

Sri Krishna said:   1 decade ago
Speaking in a company centric view - As long as no quality and quantity issues with regard to production arise we can have flexi timings..
but we do not live to work we work to live so one would always be on the part of discussion to have flexi-timings but i believe that flexi timings mean first step to lose a rythm of doing work. which would be followed by indisciple slowly creeping in and loosing the concentration on work...thereby a disaster probably..
We can have flexi timings for "Honest people" when i say honest who knows who can never compromise on honesty so it sounds practically impossible...
but this would lead to another question arising admist all the confusion where one would argue saying why should one work beyond the work hours even when the situation demands and it would follow with the rythm of work getting disturbed ,and disciple not being followed by abiding the work hours ...so i would say good to have flexi timinggs during non demanding times and i believe this is again debatable..

Shanthini Priyaa.R said:   1 decade ago
Hi friends I accept your discussions!but what we have to see is Flexible timings is not our culture it's actually copied from other IT fields & MNC's etc, They are trying us to make lazy. Fixed timings is the only opportunity to innovate something new!

Someone have mentioned we work to live and not to live for working. Good point but actually in fixed timings we have time to discuss and say our opinions/our innovative ideas to Boss. Instead in flexible timings we cannot catch him he may be busy in our free time. So there will not be any growth.

And also in flexible timings we youngsters always procrastinate the things. If the target to be achieved tomorrow today day night we will do and at last we submit worthless work. If we adopted to fixed timings the regular work will be continuing so there we feels job satisfaction.

Someone have mentioned work life balance if we are flexi timings; wholeheartedly am telling 90% of them will spend fully with family members rest only as sincere workers!


N.K.Jayaraman said:   10 years ago
Dear all,

Fixed or Flexi timing is a topic of interest to all. Because time is one resource which cannot be recouped. Many people have dwelt at length on TIME MANAGEMENT.

Now coming to the present discussion, fixed timing is suited for the goods/service

Provider as well as the owners/employees in the following cases:-

1. Schools/colleges.
2. Public utility like banks, gas, electricity bill centres.
3. Maintenance of transport buses, trains, air.
4. Repairs of vehicles.
5. Limited.

Companies etc..

Flexi timings are advisable for:

1. Hospitals 2. Fire fighting services 3. Military 4. Police 5. Security etc.

The above lists are illustrative and not exhaustive.

Entrepreneurs can have flexi timings because they maximum out of the time. Employees are to be given flexi timing only.

To sum up both are useful but selection should be made based on the best TIME MANAGEMENT outlook to get the best of times.

Thanking you all.

Tanmay said:   4 years ago
I think there should be a Blend of both, fixed and Flexible both, some tasks which requires utmost Care and Needs to be Completed on time or we can say the High priority, in this case the emoloyee should be asked to visit office regulalry at same time, on the same hand, the task which can be Done with a little delay, and can b easily done through the Phone calls and which can be done by statying at home also, in this case the emloyees should be given More liberty.

When we talk in Context of Time, fixed timings are better and when we talk in Context of productivity flexible timings are better so there should be Blend of both, so that some days Emoloyees are required to be present in the office as per the time schedule and some days they should b given some Liberty to manage the timing on their own, this will lead to less stress level and increase in Productivity and also value of time will be practiced.

Prayank kulshrestha said:   6 years ago
In current Situation and Global Economy (where Employees or workers Deals with Different terrain client or other Employee), Flexi timings are Better wherein Fixed Hours shackle the employee or Worker. Flexi Hours helps in managing and balancing personal life and Professional life both that leads a healthy and happy life. We are human being not machine so each and every day we can't follow same schedule and timing. I think Fixed timing leads a less efficiency in worker but flexible hours can make a person more efficient because Daily routine varies from person to person some of is a lark or some of our late night birds so everyone follows there own schedule. Flexi hours focus on quality hours, not on quantitative hours. In Office or workplace, the end of the story is your Task is more important not numbers of hours you spend at your desk.

Preeti Sarkar said:   8 years ago
Hi everyone. According to my point of view, it completely depends on the nature of the work. Different work requires its own time to complete the task. In this competitive scenario, we cannot generalize it by saying which is better rather both have their own pros and cons. Fixed timings are better for the jobs like Finance department where the tasks are more standardized, but jobs like Marketing or Media, where the tasks are more creative and innovative require flexible timings.

Fixed timing helps in making an individual more punctual and disciplined and also helps in measuring an employee's effectiveness, but Flexi timings gives a sense of freedom/independence, which in turn increase employee satisfaction and also keeps him/her motivated towards the job. Therefore, I feel a fixed time with little flexibility is better.

Kunal gaurav said:   1 decade ago
This is Kunal Gaurav want to give my opinion in front of you. According to my point of view flexi timing & fixed timing for work is depend upon the person & his ability, as a example some person are devoted for his work for that person flexi timing is suitable because he know his task what he has to do, but some person not understand his responsibility and fix time will not given to him then he will not finish his work, so that why I told flexi timing and fix timing depend upon the ability of person.

I want to add one more point about flexi timing, if flexi timing is provide for good employer then he can give some innovative idea because he having more time to thank but when fixed time provide for them the he is not able to think apart from his work, so depending upon person time should be provide to do work.

Aditya said:   1 decade ago
According to my perception, we need to focus on our work rather than the hours and minutes of the day we start and end the work. It is our work, our project, our task we should be focused upon. If someone feels to concentrate on it in evening and other feels comfortable in morning than there shouldn't be any issue and an employee must be given freedom to work. As long as coordination is maintained between employees flexi timings add more values to culture of the workplace. But on other hand it completely depends on the person to make use of it efficient manner of exploit the advantage. Flexi timings provide more ease to working couples nowadays where they can manage their timing and also take care of their elders and young kids which otherwise is difficult to cope and finally the females have to surrender their jobs.

Ramya said:   9 years ago
Hi. I am Ramya.

In my opinion in this competitive scenario fixed timings are better for employees. Because of this fixed timings- in a particular mentioned time, how effectively we are achieved our output can be measured easily by employer's.

Moreover many of the employees are habituated towards fixed work with fixed timings. So they can work efficiently. Genuine and honest work with sincerity should exists in fixed timing schedules.

Flexible timings needs some what innovative and creativity. Otherwise there is no need for flexible timings. So these timings are useful in some of the fields like it, marketing, service sectors, etc.

One thing before I conclude was, Without pressure we can't do any miracles also. Pressure with positive attitude, knowledge and confidence = "Success".

THANK you.

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