Flexi Timings or Fixed Timings - Which is better at Work?

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Tanmay said: (Jul 5, 2020)  
I think there should be a Blend of both, fixed and Flexible both, some tasks which requires utmost Care and Needs to be Completed on time or we can say the High priority, in this case the emoloyee should be asked to visit office regulalry at same time, on the same hand, the task which can be Done with a little delay, and can b easily done through the Phone calls and which can be done by statying at home also, in this case the emloyees should be given More liberty.

When we talk in Context of Time, fixed timings are better and when we talk in Context of productivity flexible timings are better so there should be Blend of both, so that some days Emoloyees are required to be present in the office as per the time schedule and some days they should b given some Liberty to manage the timing on their own, this will lead to less stress level and increase in Productivity and also value of time will be practiced.

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Sajitha said: (Jun 16, 2020)  
I think fixed timing is good. Time management is an important thing in our daily life. With fixed timing, we can manage and use time properly. We can set time for personal things, entertainments, exercises etc.

With flexible timing, we will be more productive but sometimes our professional and personal things will be mixed up. We cannot manage all of them properly.

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Manjary said: (May 14, 2020)  
Both are important. Even I thought its depend on many factors like our priority, our intrest, work culture, situation, environment etc etc. Whatever the input we given in whatever circumstances, the most important thing is, it should be productive.

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Tinku Paul said: (May 7, 2020)  
According to me, time is Gold, it cannot return. So we should not waste our time. Flexitime means any work I can do any time but fixed time means there is a specified time for the work. According to me, fixed time is better for work. If there is no specific time then people he or she will think will do it but when he thinks he will do maybe think right now I have no mood I will do it later. In this way people get lazy. He will not be able to complete the work but discipline is very much important in our life. Indiscipline people is not able to do anything in their life. So we go to the office in time and start Office in time and a particular time complete our work exceptional case is different So fixed time is better at work.

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Abhilash Reddy said: (Jan 20, 2020)  
According to me, both fixed and flexible timings are important. Instead of that, the first time is important. Time is a precious thing which can't be returned. It is also based on the workplace. Inflexible timings we have the time free limit to do the work, this reduces the stress, but when we use it in the efficient way it is useful when it is wasted it is worthless. Flexible timings make a person lazy. Fixed timings are sometimes useful for example if there is a useful project in fixed timings we will complete as soon as possible than flexible timings. It also develops discipline. But the main disadvantage is stress is more. So, we can conclude that the main thing is that man life more than a discipline. So, I think flexible timings are better at work.

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Prasanna M said: (Apr 9, 2019)  
According to my point of view, flexible and fixed timings are not matters it depends upon the work because manufacturing companies can't work in the night because sound can disturb someone's sleep in the night and it irritates the patients in that locality and I suggest it depends upon the industry.

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Naveena D said: (Jan 31, 2019)  
Hello Friends,

According to me, Fixed timings are most important at working places. Because time is gold. So that cannot return. So it is use correct time. So fixed time is used to finish work at correct time.

Thank You.

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Krishna Kant said: (Jan 15, 2019)  
My Opinion is if person alloted the repetitive task than he should follow the fixed timing wherein he can be more productive with that same timing performing the same task daily.

But the person who is on the management level or his work focused on ideas and innovation, and he loves his work. Then he should follow flexible hours.

With fexibility, he will be stress-free so he can easily concentrate on his ideas. And Can work on his most productive hours.

Finally :

For entrepreneurs: Flexible Timing.
For Employees: Fixed Timing.

But That entrepreneurs should be very enthusiastic every time about his work. For that he should track his performance and do some competitions and set the target. He can meet to people related to his niche or lobby. Thanks.

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Abhishek Thakur said: (Oct 3, 2018)  
I think we should leave this on a person's decision. What is need to be done is that company should make a protocol on the day of joining that if an employee wants fixed or flexible hour so that he has to work accordingly because some people are happy with the fixed timings they have particular period to work on the other side person will be in trouble whole day. So we should leave everything on a person.

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Shikha Meshram said: (Aug 25, 2018)  
Well flexi timmings might seem attractive to us, saving some extra time for us. But timings if are not managed properly it may turn out to be a huge inconvenience, if the information regarding timings are not spread effectively and properly.

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Praven said: (Jun 13, 2018)  
In my point of view, both have their equal importance. As we are running with time in today life. We have to manage time for competing our other works flexible time is better to work. But due to flexi timing, someone can get lazy and the remaining time is wasted.

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Kalpajit Paul said: (May 30, 2018)  
First of all, one should maintain a disciplined approach, in today's fast-paced life, flexi timing is better provided it should not be misused. Fixed timing will make one disciplined. So advantages & disadvantages do exist in both the cases.

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Srimathi said: (Apr 13, 2018)  
Firstly, Thanks for giving me this opportunity. In my view, nested timing is best that means within a fixed timing we have to work as flexible because in our life we are all having some other works also like to manage our home etc so I think, for each work we have to allocate some time to do. Within that time we can work as flexible.

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Prayank Kulshrestha said: (Mar 21, 2018)  
In current Situation and Global Economy (where Employees or workers Deals with Different terrain client or other Employee), Flexi timings are Better wherein Fixed Hours shackle the employee or Worker. Flexi Hours helps in managing and balancing personal life and Professional life both that leads a healthy and happy life. We are human being not machine so each and every day we can't follow same schedule and timing. I think Fixed timing leads a less efficiency in worker but flexible hours can make a person more efficient because Daily routine varies from person to person some of is a lark or some of our late night birds so everyone follows there own schedule. Flexi hours focus on quality hours, not on quantitative hours. In Office or workplace, the end of the story is your Task is more important not numbers of hours you spend at your desk.

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Surya Prakash Dwivedi said: (Dec 4, 2017)  
Well, I agree with your point guys, But I am from India not out of India. If will get my interest job then either fixed timing or flex timing what is given to me I will always enthusiastic about that company. And next point Company will hire me so, I should follow the company's rules and regulation, not the company will follow me. Guys, I am saying you are wrong. You both are also right in your position.

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Harish Jangid said: (Sep 10, 2017)  
Fixed time is better because it becomes the daily routine.

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Vishakha said: (Jul 22, 2017)  
Indians believe that if you work for fixed hours, the person is more efficient, but its a myth. Same goes with parents, they want their child to study at least 4 hrs rather seeing DAT their child is more capable of grasping topics in 2 hrs only, but in other nations, they gave their employees flexible timings to complete their work. So, I would go with flexible timings.

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Priya said: (Apr 24, 2017)  
As a human, we are gone through daily life processes related to personal and work life. We have one motive of life, live full and satisfactoryly. It's better there must be a flexible timing of work. So, a person can concentrate more enthusiastic and relaxed in work. In USA, The companies provides a 'Relax Timing' to their employees after lunch of 10-15 min and researches says that it did increase their productivity, efficency and creativity towards works.

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Sanket said: (Mar 22, 2017)  
It is human tendency, if one completes his personal work then he can easily focus on company's work. So if given a chance, I will surely opt for Flexi timings. Secondly, it depends on organisation, a person working on an assembly line in automobile industry, can't afford Flexi timings, the line doesn't run on his terms.

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Nikita Kumawat said: (Nov 9, 2016)  
Flexible timing is better at work. It reduces the chances of stress. In this case, employees have to have tension free and tension free leads to relaxation. A relaxed employee is going to work in a better manner as compared to an employee full of burdens, stress and tension. It is so obvious if a time limit is given to finish a work it will be a burden for employee and he/she will not be able to work as efficiently as a relaxed and tension free employee. Suppose four hours is given to complete a task, then definitely employee has to work constantly for 4 hours to complete that work without taking any break this will lead to tiredness and even dullness. For better and efficient working break from work and relaxation is required So, I conclude that flexi timings are better than fixed timings.

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Saisudha said: (Nov 2, 2016)  
Fixed timings is best. No tension. We have other obligations along with job. Do your job in particular time period and concentrate on your personal works in other time. Flexible timings make people consider job as taken for granted. No discipline will be followed.

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Akshaya said: (Nov 1, 2016)  
Fixed timing or flexible timing.

It generally depends on the nature of the job, if you are a doctor then you can't stick to fixed (9-5) working hours, your duty is to treat people when they need you the most. In IT sector, the work timing depends on the client working time who gives you such job opportunities. If your job demands fixed timing or flexible timing, you have to do so.

Companies which opt for employee benefits may choose flexible work timing, so as to reduce their stress at work and equally they can manage their personal life.

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Sajjad said: (Jul 4, 2016)  
We are humans and we know that of we have 2 hours to do any work we do it in exact hours and if we have 4 hours to do the same work we do it in exact 4 hours why we do that because it is a human psychology and that why if we have Flexi timings to do the same work we do it at a very slow speed because we are humans so that why I think fixed timing is better than Flexi timing because in fixed timing we have a goal to complete in a fixed time but in Flexi hours we do nothing except showing work.

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Nandhini said: (Jun 27, 2016)  
In this, I agree on both with their views. Everyone have their own personal and social problems are also considered as Flexi works. Perfect people will ignore this. In my point of you, we can't be perfect in every situation but everyone make a try to do every work in fixed timing will be safe in last minute and stress-free stage. " Best is better than Perfect".

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Bindu said: (Jun 23, 2016)  
In my point of view, fixed time is most comfortable for some department of jobs but some of the job may require time Flexi timings. Eg: Press but fixed time will give us punctuality, time management for every activity.

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Preeti Sarkar said: (Mar 17, 2016)  
Hi everyone. According to my point of view, it completely depends on the nature of the work. Different work requires its own time to complete the task. In this competitive scenario, we cannot generalize it by saying which is better rather both have their own pros and cons. Fixed timings are better for the jobs like Finance department where the tasks are more standardized, but jobs like Marketing or Media, where the tasks are more creative and innovative require flexible timings.

Fixed timing helps in making an individual more punctual and disciplined and also helps in measuring an employee's effectiveness, but Flexi timings gives a sense of freedom/independence, which in turn increase employee satisfaction and also keeps him/her motivated towards the job. Therefore, I feel a fixed time with little flexibility is better.

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Rupa said: (Feb 6, 2016)  
Fixed time is better for work because it will teach us how to manage work and complete within limit. In our professional life we must have disciplined, accuracy, persistence. So if you are work in fixed time I think we become good manager in future.

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Avipsa said: (Sep 11, 2015)  
I think fixed timings is better. Because it helps us to be a disciplined, punctual person. I think there should be a schedule for every work. If it can be followed properly it will be easier for us to manage our time in every field fruitfully. Otherwise if we try to do all the things based on our suitable time then a lot of work may not get completed within the time.

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Sivaranjani said: (Aug 25, 2015)  
Hello everyone,

According to me flexi timing is much more better than fixed timing, people can work without stress and they can work without stress and they can work leisurely whereas in fixed timing you cannot take your own time to work and there will be lot of stress in work.

Now days people are suffering from stress more than any other disease, people should enjoy their work whereas with stress dealing work you cannot enjoy your work. In flexi timing you can enjoy your work. So flex itiming is preferably better at work.

Thank you.

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Sabi said: (Aug 6, 2015)  
Hi friends,

In my point view time and fixed time both are depends upon their perspective. For example those who interest in their project means she/he finished their work with more innovative and as soon as possible otherwise it is not complete their work efficiently. So based on their interest time will change.

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Gagan S. Shetty said: (Mar 21, 2015)  
I believe fixed timings are better at work. Fixed timings allow a person to manage timings properly and specifically. By specifically I mean that he can fix a time for each of his personal as well as professional activities. For example he can manage time such that he can spend quality time to bond with his family, friends and relatives.

It will also provide time for oneself. For example - time for gym/yoga/walks. Also one can get manage time for some hobbies like painting/ dancing/ singing etc. Thus a fixed time provides not proper management but also helps to keep oneself stress free so as focus totally on his work during the office hours.

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Nidhi said: (Mar 10, 2015)  
Flexi timings along with certain core/fixed hours so that there is enough space for interactions and thought/ experience sharing as well as sufficient focused time for when team interaction is not crucial.

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Dhivyabharathi said: (Jan 28, 2015)  
Hi dears.

I am Divya my opinion is fixed time is better. If the time is fixed for this job we are correctly finished for the work but flexible time not better why if the time is not fixed so do not finish the work day to day later to finish the work.

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Ramya said: (Jan 16, 2015)  
Hi. I am Ramya.

In my opinion in this competitive scenario fixed timings are better for employees. Because of this fixed timings- in a particular mentioned time, how effectively we are achieved our output can be measured easily by employer's.

Moreover many of the employees are habituated towards fixed work with fixed timings. So they can work efficiently. Genuine and honest work with sincerity should exists in fixed timing schedules.

Flexible timings needs some what innovative and creativity. Otherwise there is no need for flexible timings. So these timings are useful in some of the fields like it, marketing, service sectors, etc.

One thing before I conclude was, Without pressure we can't do any miracles also. Pressure with positive attitude, knowledge and confidence = "Success".

THANK you.

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Maduri said: (Dec 14, 2014)  

In my opinion flexi timings are good because we can go to work without any stress if the time is convenient for us if there are fixed timings and if that timings are not convenient to us then we will face lot of problems and also we can manage our personal life and work effectively.

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Tanvi said: (Oct 20, 2014)  
According to my opinion I feel that fixed timing is beneficial. It helps one become punctual. Whereas flexible timing is not that beneficial. It makes one lazy and one goes on postponing his dates and hence the work is not done on proper timing which affects the company in one way or the other. Fixed timing has n number of benefits.

It makes one time- oriented, punctual and concerned about his own job profile, one cannot give any sort of excuses in fixed timing as one has do the amount of work given in that span of time which avoids delay. If people in the bank are alloted with flexible bank timings then the service seekers would be at a huge loss. So keeping all such things in mind one has to do his work on time and if possible before time which leads to development.

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Deepankar said: (Sep 25, 2014)  
Hello friends,

My name is Deepankar tiwari. Our discussion topic is flexi time is better or fixed timing is better.

Here my point of view is that fixed timing is the best one. Because due to this we work under discipline and hence we can work more efficiently and enthusiastically but as for as dedication matters it comes itself as we set mind towards this. So we have to choose fixed timings.

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N.K.Jayaraman said: (Jul 25, 2014)  
Dear all,

Fixed or Flexi timing is a topic of interest to all. Because time is one resource which cannot be recouped. Many people have dwelt at length on TIME MANAGEMENT.

Now coming to the present discussion, fixed timing is suited for the goods/service

Provider as well as the owners/employees in the following cases:-

1. Schools/colleges.
2. Public utility like banks, gas, electricity bill centres.
3. Maintenance of transport buses, trains, air.
4. Repairs of vehicles.
5. Limited.

Companies etc..

Flexi timings are advisable for:

1. Hospitals 2. Fire fighting services 3. Military 4. Police 5. Security etc.

The above lists are illustrative and not exhaustive.

Entrepreneurs can have flexi timings because they maximum out of the time. Employees are to be given flexi timing only.

To sum up both are useful but selection should be made based on the best TIME MANAGEMENT outlook to get the best of times.

Thanking you all.

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Nikunj Patel said: (Jul 3, 2014)  
Imagine eating same food for a month or working in a same routine for years. You will lost interest, demotivated. So I think flexible timings is better than fixed timings. From worker's point of view, flexible timings will allow them to manage time with their family or to manage occasions or to plan holidays. It'll also help them to manage public transport.

Flexible timings will increase the job satisfaction, which is a very important factor in production. They can work without stress and can concentrate properly. Also it will motivate them to work and helps in achieving personal or organizational goals.

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Manjary said: (May 27, 2014)  
Flexi timing or fixed timing both have their importance according to time or situation.

But only if they give a productive day. You can not be fixed at a particular work if their is not a favorable surrounding but you can make your best by manage your task by putting your flexibility.

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Pavani said: (May 15, 2014)  
Hi, my dear friends. In my point of view fixed timings are more better than flexible timings. In fixed timings we can learn how to coordinate and cooperate with others and it make us to share our views with others. And it will not make a person lazy.

Though we have a advantages in flexible timings but it makes a person lazy. And we cannot share our views with others. In this we cannot found the cooperation and coordination among themselves. To complete a project people should have coordination and sharing of thought then it will the project very successful.

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Nita said: (Apr 7, 2014)  
Hello everyone,

I think fix timing is better at work. It is be best because if any project at work has not a fix time then no one have their target and no production will get at the output which we want, No one will take any responsibility about his work. Flexible time make person lazy.

It will become like "traveling in train without any destination". Then there will not be any interest in living life. Our life is not for taking rest, We are here for "doing something new, and prove ourselves". So FIX timing is necessary, it is need at work.

Thank You.

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Shivani Rawat said: (Mar 25, 2014)  
I dissapointed with many of friends who is in favour of flexi timings. Fixed timings are good. It maintains our life properly. We are then punctual about our every work to do or else we just leave the work on destiny sometimes. For achieving the target or being successful fixed timings are good.

Thank you.

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Aditya said: (Mar 9, 2014)  
According to my perception, we need to focus on our work rather than the hours and minutes of the day we start and end the work. It is our work, our project, our task we should be focused upon. If someone feels to concentrate on it in evening and other feels comfortable in morning than there shouldn't be any issue and an employee must be given freedom to work. As long as coordination is maintained between employees flexi timings add more values to culture of the workplace. But on other hand it completely depends on the person to make use of it efficient manner of exploit the advantage. Flexi timings provide more ease to working couples nowadays where they can manage their timing and also take care of their elders and young kids which otherwise is difficult to cope and finally the females have to surrender their jobs.

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Pawan Janmeda said: (Aug 16, 2013)  
Ladies and gentlemen.

I would like to share my views over this topic. I think fixed time is better not only for our health as well as for our culture. Someone pointed out that we can not work good when we have some pressure in our mind in this regards I want you correct that if we have pressure in our mind we can think better and achieve any target. Just tell me if a person can good in free mind so why don't company leave the man free now here I would like give the answer the company will leave freely because the people will not work better and they will sit whole day and make twaddle with friends and colleagues.

I can give many examples:-If a company does not set the target for any individual in particular time. Do you think? Will he complete? I think friends. No, he will more lethargic than the fixed time. In Present scenario even young boys and girls are lethargic so what can we expect from above fort age people. So here that we should follow fixed time so that we could maintain our time table otherwise you are seeing the health problem because of our disorder in timetable, health even in our culture. If we spoil our culture then after we can spoil our country.

Thank you.

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Shanthini Priyaa.R said: (Apr 3, 2013)  
Hi friends I accept your discussions!but what we have to see is Flexible timings is not our culture it's actually copied from other IT fields & MNC's etc, They are trying us to make lazy. Fixed timings is the only opportunity to innovate something new!

Someone have mentioned we work to live and not to live for working. Good point but actually in fixed timings we have time to discuss and say our opinions/our innovative ideas to Boss. Instead in flexible timings we cannot catch him he may be busy in our free time. So there will not be any growth.

And also in flexible timings we youngsters always procrastinate the things. If the target to be achieved tomorrow today day night we will do and at last we submit worthless work. If we adopted to fixed timings the regular work will be continuing so there we feels job satisfaction.

Someone have mentioned work life balance if we are flexi timings; wholeheartedly am telling 90% of them will spend fully with family members rest only as sincere workers!


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Cyberkhan said: (Aug 10, 2012)  
Well. Flexi or fixed is depending on mainly two factors, nature of job and location of job. According to me give the choice to your employees what he/she prefers and apply the HR Rule accordingly. Reason, employees represents multiple family backgrounds and culture. So we should respect their life style. The objective should be - employee should deliver best performance for the organization.

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Sunny Singh said: (May 26, 2012)  
According to me flexi timing should be adopted because it will give the employees the opportunity of a flexible working hours in the organisation. Which will make employee more enthusiastic and they will free towards stress which help them to provide innovative and creative idea's which is good for the organisation.

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Ilakkiya said: (May 15, 2012)  
According to me flexible timing is the best way to complete our work with creativity and in innovative manner. Success with pressure is not an achievement. Completing task in a relaxed way will mold us. Working for our fulfillment is knowledge. Being flexible is good habit likewise flexible timing is the most preferable way for success. Fixed timing it is like a lifeline for the workers. Completing work is not so good. Completing work with perfection and involvement will decide the quality of a person. So better way to achieve is flexible timing.

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Rajesh said: (Apr 3, 2012)  
Hi, in my point of view the timings depends on the work. And flexible timings is better than fixed timings because working in the free time allows a human mind to concentrate on the job that we are doing. Since we don't have any pressures in completing the task we can do the job perfectly and gives a lot of satisfaction. In fixed timings we are always in a hurry to reach the office, do the work and come back to home in time, which shows lot of pressure on the human brain.

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Ekta said: (Feb 18, 2012)  
Flexi timing can be prove better because of no high pressure,a person can do his work in a effecient and creative manner but a person should also disciplined and dedicated for completing his targets, then only the flexi timings would be Worth.

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Tagore said: (Feb 16, 2012)  
Well hi every one, in my point of view fixed time is the preferable one because it has got something in that a task must be accomplished with in a given time more over flexible timing can also gives the same what matters is dedication and responsibility of accomplishing the task, there might be some mental tensions and fears we will be facing but we are humans right and pressure handling in this competitive world is the primary and fore most thing an individual must be capable of. So, try accomplishing a given task in given time and start enjoying the work feel the difference.

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Kunal Gaurav said: (Oct 30, 2011)  
This is Kunal Gaurav want to give my opinion in front of you. According to my point of view flexi timing & fixed timing for work is depend upon the person & his ability, as a example some person are devoted for his work for that person flexi timing is suitable because he know his task what he has to do, but some person not understand his responsibility and fix time will not given to him then he will not finish his work, so that why I told flexi timing and fix timing depend upon the ability of person.

I want to add one more point about flexi timing, if flexi timing is provide for good employer then he can give some innovative idea because he having more time to thank but when fixed time provide for them the he is not able to think apart from his work, so depending upon person time should be provide to do work.

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Gajalakshmi said: (Aug 28, 2011)  
According to me, Fixed timings is better, because while doing a project we need to have sudden meetings and lots and lots of doubts to be cleared. This is possible only by using fixed timings. If we take our schools we have fixed timings this helps the management, staffs and students for taking classes etc. , so fixed timing is best.

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Prajith said: (Aug 13, 2011)  
As per my regard fixed timing is the best one. The fixed timing mainly indicates the discipline of the company. If it is flexible timing then the person will not be perfectly scheduled.

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Gd_Prep said: (May 4, 2011)  
In my opinion, the timings can only be decided depending upon the nature of work that one does. For some type of work the flexible timings may not fulfill the demand of the business like the scenarios where an entire team have to work in sync and there are dependencies on inter-modules of project. So in such a case we have to go with the idea of a appropriate timings suitable for the business requirements. Also we cannot ignore the advantages of flexible timings where the as it helps the person to plan out the requirements in an appropriate manner and can reduce unnecessary spending of efforts on useless things.

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Man said: (Mar 7, 2011)  
Flexi time is good, because an employee can plan the time schedule according to his comfortable.

There is no limit of time for execute a task. If any employee has the ability to work more than 10/12 hours he can also continue. One can use the 24 hours by taking 2 or 3 times breaks if possible. And also for a student the time should not be fixed, when he feelings well then he can continue his study.

But there is a problem for some people that, if the time schedule is not fixed then, there is some possibility to increase time spent on one task.

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Sandeep said: (Feb 21, 2011)  
In my opinion, flexible and fixed work timing depends on the type of job and situation. Jobs like manufacturing, clerical, bank jobs and support jobs must have fix timing. Because these kind of jobs required quick response and continuous operation.

But like software jobs, marketing can have flexible timing. Employee can use there energy in other innovative tasks. But priority should be work completion with in timeline and with good quality. Your availability should be 100% for your task but not necessary for your team lead or manager.

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Naga Prasanna said: (Feb 12, 2011)  
According to my knowledge, Flexi Timings is better than the Fixed Timings.

Because If people working on Flexible Timings, their mind is very fresh. Then, They do more work and that work has "Quality".They have enthusiasm to do splendid work.

Mainly in women point of you Flexible Timings very Convenient.Because they have lot of work in home and office.So, she must handle both work.

If people working on these Flexible Timings, if people have more work, without hesitating easily they do that work also.

If people working on Fixed Timings, in their mind has some intension to go and come on that time. So, they concentrated on that timings only. They do little bit of work on that time and if the time is over, without completion of work also they go to their home.

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Anjali said: (Feb 11, 2011)  
Why we have fix time in our colleges n schools? they prepare us for corporate world where the timings are normally fixed. Fix timings make people more disciplined. In fixed timing we know that this is the where we have to work hard and this is the time to spend with family or enjoy.

In case of flexible-timing the member of the team will come at different time n the team will get lesser time to interact with each other. The people will do lunch or take breaks at different time n flow of informal information will b less. Which is not good. The employees get less time to spend with their colleagues. So the timings should be fixed.

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Pooja said: (Feb 7, 2011)  
I personally is a workaholic and I prefer working till my work isn't over and at times I prefer to start early morning so, my point is a person can't predict when he gonna be tired or when he would b having a desire to work so by allowing a 24/7 office the person can come any time and start working and finish when he feels tired N how about if in noon he feels like going out or taking a nape n then starting afresh after a hour or so he can do it in flexi scheduled office.

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Vineet said: (Feb 4, 2011)  
Hi to All. Well as per me the question here should not be "Flexi Timings or Fixed Timings - Which is better at Work?". The question should be "What can be done to provide employee a better work culture ! ". Because in case if FLEXI timing is implemented in offices then it will directly mean 24/7 service to the employer.

Because every now and then somebody may be there in the office and he might want some work, some meeting or some advice from you. So as to accomplish the same, the employee will have to be on phone / on Mail 24/7 which will directly make your life more miserable then it already was. So certainly FLEXI timings would not be a very good option unless you are not a team player.

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Deepak Singh said: (Feb 4, 2011)  
From my point of view, I will fixed timing is more stable and good routine maker a person would not have any routine is flex timing will be practiced the could not know that what will be he doing tomorrow. Believe me knowing tomorrow and working same things and performing same routine is not boring at all. It is more enjoyable. What do you say?

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Sumit Gudele said: (Feb 4, 2011)  
Fixed time is better than flix time because it shows the panchuality about your work and also shows value of time at right place. If you are panchual about your time so can get success or you can get better oppourtunities at exact time what you want. And a successful businessmen always having time panchual personality. A perfect business men can never flix it time, he always care his work with time and also well know about time management and its panchuality.

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Smnaik said: (Feb 4, 2011)  
In my view based on the situation we can say which is necessery here comming to the flexible timings it is best suited for women point of view becoz she has to handle both house as well as office it is also best for men but in some jobs like software or any other private jobs we neccessry to use fixed timings based on that organizations other wise there is a chance to miss the job so based on the situation we can say which is the best

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Sri Krishna said: (Jan 31, 2011)  
Speaking in a company centric view - As long as no quality and quantity issues with regard to production arise we can have flexi timings..
but we do not live to work we work to live so one would always be on the part of discussion to have flexi-timings but i believe that flexi timings mean first step to lose a rythm of doing work. which would be followed by indisciple slowly creeping in and loosing the concentration on work...thereby a disaster probably..
We can have flexi timings for "Honest people" when i say honest who knows who can never compromise on honesty so it sounds practically impossible...
but this would lead to another question arising admist all the confusion where one would argue saying why should one work beyond the work hours even when the situation demands and it would follow with the rythm of work getting disturbed ,and disciple not being followed by abiding the work hours ...so i would say good to have flexi timinggs during non demanding times and i believe this is again debatable..

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Sameer Biswas said: (Jan 28, 2011)  
Flexi timing may be effective only in case of of jobs where we are given some work to be completed individually and time duration is fixed.then we can personally fix our time of work.But in most of the cases the person fail to complete the work within the time schedule.So,until we are not pressurized to do the work our performance become low and the company suffers.Efficient running of the company suffers and it runs under loss.Whatever may be the job time should be fixed either individually or by the authority.from overall point of view the time should be fixed for execution of work within stipulated time.

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Vaishali said: (Jan 20, 2011)  
Flexi timing and fixed timings cannot be applicable for all kinds of jobs, like in software where an individualis assigned a work, and it doesnot matter if he does it at home or come to office to do it, how he does it whether in a day he inputs 15 hrs or 8 hrs. its whole individuals prerogative to manage his time and deliver the result in stipulated period frame. However it is not the case in case of interdependent job work, unless one step is cleared other step could not be executed in this case all who are invoved have to fix their time schedule.

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Vikas said: (Jan 20, 2011)  
Yes surely it depends on the nature of work assigned by a personnel to us and the type of industry we are sorking in. It seems to be very awkward that we are studying in night having no light in our room and eating bananas with tea. The flexibility of work should be like that it should cope up with our personal and professional life. Finally i would just say it depends upon the complexity of any work that we should have flexible timings or not.

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Vinod said: (Dec 28, 2010)  
First it the nature of work that will decide wheather the work can be alloted in a flexible way. Say a retail banker, he cannot work in a fexible timing because the branch hours are fixed. In the case of say a software professional it may be possible to do work at his convenence. If there is a scope for flexi timing the organisation should do all possible ways to make it a reality. Secondly the work has to assigned properly and monitored throughly and for flexi timing the need to do that is greatly increased.

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Shakthi said: (Dec 28, 2010)  
In my opinion, the work should be properly scheduled and should be finished in the fixed time. Flexy time reduces stress both positive and negative stress so our mind becomes more relaxed and failed to do the work on time and finally creates a big tension and ineffecitive completion of work.

Fixed time gives positive stress so that work would be completed smartly within the time period.

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Deepika said: (Dec 24, 2010)  
According to me when there is hectic schedule and overload of work employee devotes his extra time in that ,so when there is less work there should be opportunity for use flexi time. so there should be flexi time but with responsibility.

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Divya said: (Sep 6, 2010)  
According to me, it should be a part of both flexi as well as fix timings so that when there is less load of work, a person can use flexi timing and when he has a hectic schedule, he can go for fix timings!keep the timings as situation based.

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Karthik said: (Jul 24, 2010)  
Well said, Abhijit. In my point, flexible timing make people lazy. you know , there will be no proper time management and moreover no extra work can be done.

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Abhijit Dubey said: (Jul 24, 2010)  
Well, Sowjanya you are partly right according to me. Unless and untill there is proper routine at the workplace the assigned task or project may hardly be executed within the stipulated time period. So I think when you deal with certain important parameters then Flexi timing will hardly execute imporant task. We cannot compromise the work schedule with the personal luxury . To increase our qualifications and all, we have to arrange the time ourseleves only .

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Sowjanya. K said: (Jul 17, 2010)  
Flexi timing is better because More and more employees are looking at flexible working hours as the best option for managing their personal life with work as the red line of work-life balance gets thinner.

From the employee perspective, it offers him/her the flexibility to pursue higher education and other vocations, spend more time with his/her family and also ensures work-life balance.

The bottom line is clear, it is no more about how many hours you are at office. The only thing that matters is how productive you are and how smartly you execute your tasks. And this can be done from the comfort of your own home.

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Sowjanya said: (Jul 16, 2010)  
Flexi timings is better at work why because we can get releive of routine life, there will be some change of timing.

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Flexi Timings or Fixed Timings - Which is better at Work?

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