Flexi Timings or Fixed Timings - Which is better at Work?

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Shikha Meshram said:   5 years ago
Well flexi timmings might seem attractive to us, saving some extra time for us. But timings if are not managed properly it may turn out to be a huge inconvenience, if the information regarding timings are not spread effectively and properly.

Praven said:   5 years ago
In my point of view, both have their equal importance. As we are running with time in today life. We have to manage time for competing our other works flexible time is better to work. But due to flexi timing, someone can get lazy and the remaining time is wasted.

Kalpajit Paul said:   6 years ago
First of all, one should maintain a disciplined approach, in today's fast-paced life, flexi timing is better provided it should not be misused. Fixed timing will make one disciplined. So advantages & disadvantages do exist in both the cases.

Srimathi said:   6 years ago
Firstly, Thanks for giving me this opportunity. In my view, nested timing is best that means within a fixed timing we have to work as flexible because in our life we are all having some other works also like to manage our home etc so I think, for each work we have to allocate some time to do. Within that time we can work as flexible.

Prayank kulshrestha said:   6 years ago
In current Situation and Global Economy (where Employees or workers Deals with Different terrain client or other Employee), Flexi timings are Better wherein Fixed Hours shackle the employee or Worker. Flexi Hours helps in managing and balancing personal life and Professional life both that leads a healthy and happy life. We are human being not machine so each and every day we can't follow same schedule and timing. I think Fixed timing leads a less efficiency in worker but flexible hours can make a person more efficient because Daily routine varies from person to person some of is a lark or some of our late night birds so everyone follows there own schedule. Flexi hours focus on quality hours, not on quantitative hours. In Office or workplace, the end of the story is your Task is more important not numbers of hours you spend at your desk.

Surya Prakash Dwivedi said:   6 years ago
Well, I agree with your point guys, But I am from India not out of India. If will get my interest job then either fixed timing or flex timing what is given to me I will always enthusiastic about that company. And next point Company will hire me so, I should follow the company's rules and regulation, not the company will follow me. Guys, I am saying you are wrong. You both are also right in your position.

Harish jangid said:   6 years ago
Fixed time is better because it becomes the daily routine.

Vishakha said:   6 years ago
Indians believe that if you work for fixed hours, the person is more efficient, but its a myth. Same goes with parents, they want their child to study at least 4 hrs rather seeing DAT their child is more capable of grasping topics in 2 hrs only, but in other nations, they gave their employees flexible timings to complete their work. So, I would go with flexible timings.

Priya said:   7 years ago
As a human, we are gone through daily life processes related to personal and work life. We have one motive of life, live full and satisfactoryly. It's better there must be a flexible timing of work. So, a person can concentrate more enthusiastic and relaxed in work. In USA, The companies provides a 'Relax Timing' to their employees after lunch of 10-15 min and researches says that it did increase their productivity, efficency and creativity towards works.

Sanket said:   7 years ago
It is human tendency, if one completes his personal work then he can easily focus on company's work. So if given a chance, I will surely opt for Flexi timings. Secondly, it depends on organisation, a person working on an assembly line in automobile industry, can't afford Flexi timings, the line doesn't run on his terms.

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