Flexi Timings or Fixed Timings - Which is better at Work?

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Preeti Sarkar said:   8 years ago
Hi everyone. According to my point of view, it completely depends on the nature of the work. Different work requires its own time to complete the task. In this competitive scenario, we cannot generalize it by saying which is better rather both have their own pros and cons. Fixed timings are better for the jobs like Finance department where the tasks are more standardized, but jobs like Marketing or Media, where the tasks are more creative and innovative require flexible timings.

Fixed timing helps in making an individual more punctual and disciplined and also helps in measuring an employee's effectiveness, but Flexi timings gives a sense of freedom/independence, which in turn increase employee satisfaction and also keeps him/her motivated towards the job. Therefore, I feel a fixed time with little flexibility is better.

Nikita Kumawat said:   7 years ago
Flexible timing is better at work. It reduces the chances of stress. In this case, employees have to have tension free and tension free leads to relaxation. A relaxed employee is going to work in a better manner as compared to an employee full of burdens, stress and tension. It is so obvious if a time limit is given to finish a work it will be a burden for employee and he/she will not be able to work as efficiently as a relaxed and tension free employee. Suppose four hours is given to complete a task, then definitely employee has to work constantly for 4 hours to complete that work without taking any break this will lead to tiredness and even dullness. For better and efficient working break from work and relaxation is required So, I conclude that flexi timings are better than fixed timings.

Prayank kulshrestha said:   6 years ago
In current Situation and Global Economy (where Employees or workers Deals with Different terrain client or other Employee), Flexi timings are Better wherein Fixed Hours shackle the employee or Worker. Flexi Hours helps in managing and balancing personal life and Professional life both that leads a healthy and happy life. We are human being not machine so each and every day we can't follow same schedule and timing. I think Fixed timing leads a less efficiency in worker but flexible hours can make a person more efficient because Daily routine varies from person to person some of is a lark or some of our late night birds so everyone follows there own schedule. Flexi hours focus on quality hours, not on quantitative hours. In Office or workplace, the end of the story is your Task is more important not numbers of hours you spend at your desk.

Ramya said:   9 years ago
Hi. I am Ramya.

In my opinion in this competitive scenario fixed timings are better for employees. Because of this fixed timings- in a particular mentioned time, how effectively we are achieved our output can be measured easily by employer's.

Moreover many of the employees are habituated towards fixed work with fixed timings. So they can work efficiently. Genuine and honest work with sincerity should exists in fixed timing schedules.

Flexible timings needs some what innovative and creativity. Otherwise there is no need for flexible timings. So these timings are useful in some of the fields like it, marketing, service sectors, etc.

One thing before I conclude was, Without pressure we can't do any miracles also. Pressure with positive attitude, knowledge and confidence = "Success".

THANK you.

Sandeep said:   1 decade ago
In my opinion, flexible and fixed work timing depends on the type of job and situation. Jobs like manufacturing, clerical, bank jobs and support jobs must have fix timing. Because these kind of jobs required quick response and continuous operation.

But like software jobs, marketing can have flexible timing. Employee can use there energy in other innovative tasks. But priority should be work completion with in timeline and with good quality. Your availability should be 100% for your task but not necessary for your team lead or manager.

Kunal gaurav said:   1 decade ago
This is Kunal Gaurav want to give my opinion in front of you. According to my point of view flexi timing & fixed timing for work is depend upon the person & his ability, as a example some person are devoted for his work for that person flexi timing is suitable because he know his task what he has to do, but some person not understand his responsibility and fix time will not given to him then he will not finish his work, so that why I told flexi timing and fix timing depend upon the ability of person.

I want to add one more point about flexi timing, if flexi timing is provide for good employer then he can give some innovative idea because he having more time to thank but when fixed time provide for them the he is not able to think apart from his work, so depending upon person time should be provide to do work.

Priya said:   7 years ago
As a human, we are gone through daily life processes related to personal and work life. We have one motive of life, live full and satisfactoryly. It's better there must be a flexible timing of work. So, a person can concentrate more enthusiastic and relaxed in work. In USA, The companies provides a 'Relax Timing' to their employees after lunch of 10-15 min and researches says that it did increase their productivity, efficency and creativity towards works.

Vishakha said:   6 years ago
Indians believe that if you work for fixed hours, the person is more efficient, but its a myth. Same goes with parents, they want their child to study at least 4 hrs rather seeing DAT their child is more capable of grasping topics in 2 hrs only, but in other nations, they gave their employees flexible timings to complete their work. So, I would go with flexible timings.

N.K.Jayaraman said:   9 years ago
Dear all,

Fixed or Flexi timing is a topic of interest to all. Because time is one resource which cannot be recouped. Many people have dwelt at length on TIME MANAGEMENT.

Now coming to the present discussion, fixed timing is suited for the goods/service

Provider as well as the owners/employees in the following cases:-

1. Schools/colleges.
2. Public utility like banks, gas, electricity bill centres.
3. Maintenance of transport buses, trains, air.
4. Repairs of vehicles.
5. Limited.

Companies etc..

Flexi timings are advisable for:

1. Hospitals 2. Fire fighting services 3. Military 4. Police 5. Security etc.

The above lists are illustrative and not exhaustive.

Entrepreneurs can have flexi timings because they maximum out of the time. Employees are to be given flexi timing only.

To sum up both are useful but selection should be made based on the best TIME MANAGEMENT outlook to get the best of times.

Thanking you all.

Ilakkiya said:   1 decade ago
According to me flexible timing is the best way to complete our work with creativity and in innovative manner. Success with pressure is not an achievement. Completing task in a relaxed way will mold us. Working for our fulfillment is knowledge. Being flexible is good habit likewise flexible timing is the most preferable way for success. Fixed timing it is like a lifeline for the workers. Completing work is not so good. Completing work with perfection and involvement will decide the quality of a person. So better way to achieve is flexible timing.

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