Flexi Timings or Fixed Timings - Which is better at Work?

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Sameer Biswas said:   1 decade ago
Flexi timing may be effective only in case of of jobs where we are given some work to be completed individually and time duration is fixed.then we can personally fix our time of work.But in most of the cases the person fail to complete the work within the time schedule.So,until we are not pressurized to do the work our performance become low and the company suffers.Efficient running of the company suffers and it runs under loss.Whatever may be the job time should be fixed either individually or by the authority.from overall point of view the time should be fixed for execution of work within stipulated time.

Sri Krishna said:   1 decade ago
Speaking in a company centric view - As long as no quality and quantity issues with regard to production arise we can have flexi timings..
but we do not live to work we work to live so one would always be on the part of discussion to have flexi-timings but i believe that flexi timings mean first step to lose a rythm of doing work. which would be followed by indisciple slowly creeping in and loosing the concentration on work...thereby a disaster probably..
We can have flexi timings for "Honest people" when i say honest who knows who can never compromise on honesty so it sounds practically impossible...
but this would lead to another question arising admist all the confusion where one would argue saying why should one work beyond the work hours even when the situation demands and it would follow with the rythm of work getting disturbed ,and disciple not being followed by abiding the work hours ...so i would say good to have flexi timinggs during non demanding times and i believe this is again debatable..

Smnaik said:   1 decade ago
In my view based on the situation we can say which is necessery here comming to the flexible timings it is best suited for women point of view becoz she has to handle both house as well as office it is also best for men but in some jobs like software or any other private jobs we neccessry to use fixed timings based on that organizations other wise there is a chance to miss the job so based on the situation we can say which is the best

Sumit gudele said:   1 decade ago
Fixed time is better than flix time because it shows the panchuality about your work and also shows value of time at right place. If you are panchual about your time so can get success or you can get better oppourtunities at exact time what you want. And a successful businessmen always having time panchual personality. A perfect business men can never flix it time, he always care his work with time and also well know about time management and its panchuality.

Deepak singh said:   1 decade ago
From my point of view, I will fixed timing is more stable and good routine maker a person would not have any routine is flex timing will be practiced the could not know that what will be he doing tomorrow. Believe me knowing tomorrow and working same things and performing same routine is not boring at all. It is more enjoyable. What do you say?

Vineet said:   1 decade ago
Hi to All. Well as per me the question here should not be "Flexi Timings or Fixed Timings - Which is better at Work?". The question should be "What can be done to provide employee a better work culture ! ". Because in case if FLEXI timing is implemented in offices then it will directly mean 24/7 service to the employer.

Because every now and then somebody may be there in the office and he might want some work, some meeting or some advice from you. So as to accomplish the same, the employee will have to be on phone / on Mail 24/7 which will directly make your life more miserable then it already was. So certainly FLEXI timings would not be a very good option unless you are not a team player.

Pooja said:   1 decade ago
I personally is a workaholic and I prefer working till my work isn't over and at times I prefer to start early morning so, my point is a person can't predict when he gonna be tired or when he would b having a desire to work so by allowing a 24/7 office the person can come any time and start working and finish when he feels tired N how about if in noon he feels like going out or taking a nape n then starting afresh after a hour or so he can do it in flexi scheduled office.

Anjali said:   1 decade ago
Why we have fix time in our colleges n schools? they prepare us for corporate world where the timings are normally fixed. Fix timings make people more disciplined. In fixed timing we know that this is the where we have to work hard and this is the time to spend with family or enjoy.

In case of flexible-timing the member of the team will come at different time n the team will get lesser time to interact with each other. The people will do lunch or take breaks at different time n flow of informal information will b less. Which is not good. The employees get less time to spend with their colleagues. So the timings should be fixed.

Naga Prasanna said:   1 decade ago
According to my knowledge, Flexi Timings is better than the Fixed Timings.

Because If people working on Flexible Timings, their mind is very fresh. Then, They do more work and that work has "Quality".They have enthusiasm to do splendid work.

Mainly in women point of you Flexible Timings very Convenient.Because they have lot of work in home and office.So, she must handle both work.

If people working on these Flexible Timings, if people have more work, without hesitating easily they do that work also.

If people working on Fixed Timings, in their mind has some intension to go and come on that time. So, they concentrated on that timings only. They do little bit of work on that time and if the time is over, without completion of work also they go to their home.

Sandeep said:   1 decade ago
In my opinion, flexible and fixed work timing depends on the type of job and situation. Jobs like manufacturing, clerical, bank jobs and support jobs must have fix timing. Because these kind of jobs required quick response and continuous operation.

But like software jobs, marketing can have flexible timing. Employee can use there energy in other innovative tasks. But priority should be work completion with in timeline and with good quality. Your availability should be 100% for your task but not necessary for your team lead or manager.

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