Examinations - has it killed education

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Rishabh said:   7 years ago
Actually, I laughed reading an answer below I mean giving test is fun FUN FUN really?FUN for whom it's like a bomb which actually just came with a load of stress, unwanted study at unwanted times, super mental dusturber, etc. So how can the exam be fun? It may be fun for some of the people only some from some I mean 20 out of 150. See like if I'm good in science I have taken the basic education of English and maths which are required in science also a little bit about social science from the little bit I mean very basic so everyone would know what is it. After 8 years mean in 8th class (13 year old) I would like to study only English, maths and science but there is nothing like it I have to choose a course of stream in which either you like or not you have to study those other subjects too if failing in that subject will ruin your career and marks. So not everyone is good at everything everyone has talent but is lacking to show it cause of this dumb education system as I have earlier posted. Exams should be conducted only if the person is interested in that field of the subject exam.

Chandra dangwal said:   4 years ago
As I hear all of your suggestions.

That we think that examination is a way of judging the student.

Basically, exams are good for the students just because students have to maintain their study well if there is no system of examination So nobody focus on your study.

Examinations of simple way where all the student's thanks show how much they are able.

If there is something wrong so that is not an examination that is the person who is conducting examination process. The system is doing unfair. And the persons or professors who are checking the notebooks they just want quantity not quality.

And this is my personal experience that the University wants only quantity. A huge amount of matter should be written in the notebook there is no matter it will be wrong or right.

So if something killed the education. That's not an examination. That's the system which supported fakeness. And not able to judge the student quality.

As I conclude. That we should support examination because it makes us more hard worker and able to stand with the front of others.

Thank you.

Vamsi reddy said:   6 years ago
I Am very interest to talk about this topic. Examination means to test the ability of a person how he understood the concept and how used in real life but we are wasting time by just put it in exams. What is meant by engineering?they are creators of the world they have to spend there time most at New Creations. But in present situation engineering in India means only permitted to classrooms and mug up the answers and present it in the exam. In this case what we learn new things.

Did marks give the experience to work In the company no our talent and passion? Giving exams and getting marks is only for the identity of the person is educated just. In my point of view, education means how to apply the concept in real society what we have learned from lower education to higher education that automatically give good opportunities for our life. Today lacks of students completed there engineering but no one suited for the Jobs because of lack of what I discussed above. So our youth have the ability to change our education system for the sake of upcoming generations.

Aakanksha said:   7 years ago
Examinations have not killed education. But treating it as a sole metric of intelligence has. If viewed as an instrument of checking our progress in a subject, exams are necessary. We can see where we stand on a particular subject and improvise accordingly. The problem is rather than viewing it as an improvement tool, the education system has turned it into a competition to score the highest marks. Hence unhealthy practices like rote learning, cramming are encouraged, since the end goal of getting marks has become important than enjoying the process of learning. A paper of limited duration cannot correctly assess a person's knowledge on that subject. Hence instead of forcing students to replicate what they have stored in their memory boxes, examinations should adopt a method wherein the application skills are tested. These assessment tests should be continuous so that it gives everyone a fair chance and put last minute crammers at a disadvantage. In short, examinations are necessary, but it is the need of the hour to give it a complete makeover.

Rohit Saini said:   7 years ago
Hi, friends. I am Rohit.

It is true that education is killing the inspirations of those students who are interested in learning what they want to learn and the competitive exam system has crushed they're dreamed and make them a thing which only feeds those words written in those books without any desire to do so.

It is very bad as in the childhood of man (when he is in 11 or 12 standard) , time when he sees the world in his way this dirty system make him know what it wants them to copy in their heads and later on make most of them it's servant and apply for labour job instead and don't let him rise high on its own.

So, friends, it's important that in this ugly system that we emphasize on learning more & not on just copying things in your mind.

Like Albert Einstein never liked this system, he was against this and left the school and the competitive system and started living and learning in His own way and believed that no one is less than anyone but everyone is unique in his own way.

Chameli said:   7 years ago

I am in fewer of the examination system.

As some of my friends have discussed the negative aspects of exams, I don't completely deny this thing but I would like to highlight some points which show the importance of examinations.

The situation about which many of the guys are talking is the ideal one according to which each and every student is fond of studies and curious about learning new things. But if see the reality then we can understand that around 80-85% of the students of todays generation do not study before exams, now if we think about them then it seems that they would not study anything if exams will not be there and what will be their future then.

So we can say that exams are the most important tool that helps in maintaining an appropriate level of knowledge among the students.

At last, I would like to say that examinations also includes practicals, viva voice, and other internal assessments in order to the practical knowledge of the students.


Sanam Khan said:   7 years ago
What is the meaning of an education where students only mug up the notes given by their subject teachers and after the examination tend to forget them?

Education is given to make us independent and for enhancing our knowledge. It is an important part of our lives nowadays. The examination has obviously killed education. Education is not only about learning something given in books. It is about discovering what all is present around us and inside us. Many of us have talents. Different skills. But we don't enhance them rather we choose to hide them just because we need marks and percentages for getting a highly paid and well-respected job. But what about our likes and hobbies which can take us a long way in that particular field? All we need is support from our parents for discovering what we really are capable of doing but sadly no one is there to support us. Education system today stops us from achieving our desired goals and examination kills the education we gain per year.

Biksha said:   6 years ago
According to my point of view, yes examination kills education. Education is gaining knowledge and knowing everything in this world. But our education pattern is depend on mark basis. Mark is more important than learning new things. Students must not be blamed, education system must be blamed. They are given a syllabus and it is must be learnt. In stateboard system, every answer must be given what is given in the book. Students mug up their answers and write their exams. In our education system, practical knowlegde is very much less than theoritical knowledge. Students innovative ideas are buried inside their hearts because of the education system. Education system must be changed. Average student and dull student are more brilliant than topper. Everyone is excellent in their own ways. Never blame any student for not scoring the mark, their interest is different. They are very smart. So I request parents, teacher not scold students for not scoring enough marks. Thankyou.

Acchuthan T.M. said:   5 years ago
Myself Acchuthan.

The examination is the right way to secure the knowledge of the students.

In my point of view, the correction of examination is wrong.

In Anna University, the teachers who are evaluating the paper has given the limited time for the 2 minutes with the key points necessary for the given question. They are evaluating in means of the pages of the paper for the given marks and not by considering the contents. If the side heading is correct they are not reading the lines given under the side heading. They are simply seeing the pages and evaluating the points.

No grammatic errors are found in the contents.

In my point of view, the time for evaluating the answer paper can be increased according to the subjects.

In this way, the examination has killed the education.

For the other case depending upon the marks the students feature depends on so the process of evaluating the paper might be correct and it seems the knowledge person can be graduated.

Sanjeev T said:   7 years ago
Yes, examinations have never been correct, the way it happens is not the correct format.

1. Children by heart all the answers, and the ones they remember and put on the paper good the marks.

2. Some even just read the important ones or most probable ones.

3. With this type of exams, most children become lone and focus on scoring rather than learning.

This whole system is no point and no use.

I real life, we do every time refer and make the decision, we need to be more collaborative, discussing and deciding.

It should be more of practical kind of, where give tasks in the group of students let then analyse refer books and solve the give problems. Which creates healthy environment, communication, proactive, learn from failed attempts and progress.

Scores should be based on behavior, learning ability, communication, proactiveness, problem-solving skills, sports, cultural activities in the whole year, and written tests.

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