Examinations - has it killed education

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Rishabh said:   7 years ago
I think yes. Exams have killed education.We need to eradicate this exam system,not eradicate I mean like lowering it to very little. Why I am saying this is, I explain it to you with a story or say example, once there was an elephant, ant, monkey, fish and dog and they all have one owner. One day the owner was taking a test like exam or say he was seeing the abilities so he gathered all of his pets and said them to hand on a branch of tree without wasting any time monkey furiously hanged on the tree but others could not, now see like take the fish cannot climb the tree but is excellent in swimming in water, where as elephant is strong and massive, dogs have excellent loyalty and smelling sense and ant is hard working and can go into the ground holes due to its size. So everyone has its talent, and talent is like an ocean which cannot be tested through exams. Also not hatefully peoples who are supported to this that exams are not killing education they are either teachers or what can I say. Do you know that India has worst education system it doesn't even appear in top 40 lists of best education system countries!! Here are some of them top 20
-> Finland
-> South Korea
-> Hong Kong
-> Japan
-> Singapore
-> UK
-> Netherlands
-> New Zealand
-> Switzerland
-> Canada
-> Ireland
-> Denmark
-> Australia
-> Poland
-> Germany
-> Belgium
-> USA
-> Hungary
-> Slovakia
-> Russia

And Finland is winner why? let me tell you in Finland after the age of 7 or 8 there is no restriction to attendance, you can take as many holidays as you desire it's not mandatory or compulsory to attend school every day. It is not mandatory to appear in exams its your wish but you need to appear in an exam which happens in secondary higher school means 12 class. The school doesn't charge tuition fees,teachers there are more concerned to make the child understand the concept and learn and make use of that in real life. There is no grading or ranking in schools for student cause it creates a bad comparison between them like discrimination creating mental problems.there are plenty thing but can't be told it's too much

Poorvi said:   2 years ago
Hellow everyone.

My name is Purvi.

I am going to tell about examination kills education.

According to my opinion, Yes! examination kills education every parent is in a rat race. Everyone just wants good great only in academic nothing less than this.

So this behaviour of parents is killing real talent of every student. Some students are very perfect in sports games and many other activities but because of this pressure they have to enrol themselves in education meanwhile they are not so much interested in studies examination also creates jealousy and society in between students and parents students feel alone and depressed if they get less marks so please vote is it correct or wrong I need to get to know.

Thank you everyone.

Khushboo Jain said:   5 years ago
Examinations should be the source for testing the skills of the students that what exactly they have learnt in the entire year. But nowadays, it is really sad to see that examinations have lost their meanings. They have just become the piece of paper and a burden for students- that too not for learning but of getting the highest marks in the class. And to a good extent, I would say that it's the parents and teachers who are responsible for this as they compare one student with another irrespective of thinking that every student has a unique quality. Education is not just academic knowledge. Education completes one's life by letting know how to be a good person, how to behave in society, how to respect your elders, how to be a responsible citizen and what not!

The examination should examine the student wholly and that's it. Marks are just numbers! And just temporary happiness which is of no use in the long run!


Hema said:   4 years ago
Good evening to everyone.

I think examination kills our education system because some students are committed to suicide. They have a practical knowledge to do new things but they don't have a capacity to memorise and to vomit in the examination so they have failed and they treated as a weak student so staffs are treated those students does not haven knowledge but they have a practical knowledge so I think practical examination is better than the theoretical examination.

Thanks for giving this opportunity.

Akanchha Tiwari said:   7 years ago
In my view, examination is not the only way to judge the talent of a person because some people study before the day of exam just because of fear that they have to score well and for that they just mug up whole concept and its like they vomit on exam paper and after few days they forget the whole concept. So the one exam paper scoring is not the way to judge the one's talent. The education system should be such that the students should learn the things with their interest in the field, not by force. There are many talented students in India who do not score well in exam but they have knowledge and talent but they cannot properly express it because of language problem or because of fear so the students who are scoring less we should give chance to them also to excel in their own interested field. Many students we have seen they suicide because of exam pressure They might be talented in other fields but due to pressure to score well in exam they leave their talent and by forcibly they focus their mind in exam in which they are not interested. Exam is necessary but we always cannot judge people based on their scores in exam. The job should not be given to a person only based on marks sheets but the person should be given job based on their talent and based on their interest for that. One marks sheet or examination sheet cannot change the human's talent inside them.

Sia said:   7 years ago
Indeed! Examinations have killed the very purpose of education. Examinations test the memory power of a student and not his talent/interest/depth of understanding in a subject. In India, most of the schools, the length of an answer in an exam determines whether the student is "brilliant" or a "dullard". Examinations focus on the quantity and not the quality, and that is where the system is faulty.

Exams are imperfect: A mere couple of questions cannot scale the extent of knowledge.

Shivam singh said:   5 years ago
According to me, not an examination but the examination system is killing the education.

1. Parents are pressuring there children to compete with other which create stress, pressure on students.

2. Most of the school, colleges do not take interest in the practical exam they fulfil minimum requirements of the practical exam. And give more pressure on the theoretical exam which gives negative feedbacks about the practical exam to the student.

3. Every student has some special character or talent but they are judged by the same parameter.

4. Marks are getting more value in companies than practical knowledge which brings low confidence in fresher.

5. You can take the example of IIT exam there are total 10000 seats but for that, around 1500000 students give exam means if you see the ratio of the student then out of 100 only 0.6 students get selected. So what about the others? It is in our hand to change this system.

Venna vamsidhar reddy said:   6 years ago
In my point of view, education is applicable to learning the concepts in practical manner not to write in papers. I give an example if you want to make a rocket we must have awerness about the ingredients and its working properties then only you can be able to make a rocket but the thing is happninng in India learn and write in exams that exams do not shine your mind to create new innovations. So please stop this exam centric method and give ability to the students through creative and innovative manner. The advantages of practical learning is the concept is fixed in your mind and the disadvantages of theory learning and put it in exams is the lines of the answers are stored in your mind like 2 tuple Xerox copy. So I request the government to change our education system and rebuilt it well and destroy private schools and colleges as for as possible they don't run education they business with education by tourchuring the student to get more marks it didn't benefit to student it is only only benefit to management to get more admissions for next year. I have a dream to see our country with pure education. -jaihind.

Anish Alex Mathews said:   7 years ago
Exams should be one of the criteria to judge a student, but not the only one criteria.

Biksha said:   7 years ago
According to my point of view, yes examination kills education. Education is gaining knowledge and knowing everything in this world. But our education pattern is depend on mark basis. Mark is more important than learning new things. Students must not be blamed, education system must be blamed. They are given a syllabus and it is must be learnt. In stateboard system, every answer must be given what is given in the book. Students mug up their answers and write their exams. In our education system, practical knowlegde is very much less than theoritical knowledge. Students innovative ideas are buried inside their hearts because of the education system. Education system must be changed. Average student and dull student are more brilliant than topper. Everyone is excellent in their own ways. Never blame any student for not scoring the mark, their interest is different. They are very smart. So I request parents, teacher not scold students for not scoring enough marks. Thankyou.

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