Examinations - has it killed education

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Abhi said:   7 years ago
According to me exam is platform to test our knowledge. But we considers as a race, every student wants to get more score. But in such way we are not gaining our knowledge, but we are getting temporary satisfaction.

Shridhar Kandikatla said:   4 years ago
No, The Examination hasn't killed. Our generation student are interested in lot of practical knowledge. They are getting bored in sitting four walls. So taking practical exams are better then theory exam. By practical exams they can improve the skills and can discover more things.

Seethalakshmi gunasekaran said:   7 years ago
I agree with you guys that examinations are a good way of expressing the talents. But in the current situation, we don't have a good education system. Education system has been changed into corruption. Anyway, that is not the topic is about. 5 out of 10 children gets good marks. Then, what about the rest 5 how will they express their talent if they have the only one way (examination) to express their talent. They could have talent in art, sports or any other activities. According to me, examinations have not killed the education system but it killed most of the students' life who are talented in other activities because everyone considering it as the only way to express the talents.

Berly Xavier said:   4 years ago
Yes I too think that the examination has killed education because now days everyone studies to get score in exam not to improve their skills and knowledge . At the same time experience should also be given importance . Because of this companys like apple are selecting there employees by evaluating their projects and experience.

Pawan Kumar Mahawar said:   7 years ago
Good morning to all, myself Pawan Mahwar.

I have read views of all my friend. Most of the views were on against the examination. My supporting points towards examination are:.

First of all, how will you determine the capability of the student? For this, you will have to take part in exams like oral examination, written examination & practical examination. If you are selected for an interview. For that interview, you have shown that you are capable for this job. If you take an interview, he asks what is the favourite subject. Then he asks only that things.

And examination takes only 7-10 day per semester. It doesn't mean that you don't have time for your creativity, your sports. You can also see a student having the good pointer, he shows good performance in all things. Whatever he does.

As our friends said, a theoretical knowledge is not necessary. It is just a memory. Sir if you are doing practically. You can't understand, what is happening why it is happening.

In engineering college, if you do the project in any branch. Professor will definitely say that first, you do literature survey, then you start. Prof may also take an oral exam, ppt on that literature survey what you have done for the project. This exam will show your capabilities.

So finally, I conclude my opinion. An examination is not a devil. It is just a criteria to check your capabilities.

Ravish said:   6 years ago
Yes, I think the Indian examination system has killed the education system. In present the system everyone is more concerned about are marks. Students focus on things which fetch them marks, teachers focus on teaching what will probably come in exam. From an early age, students are compared by teachers and parents on basis of marks which creates a kind of tension among the low performing students, however, they can be good in some other areas, which they should try to discover and try to excel in that particular field.

Vamsi reddy said:   5 years ago
I Am very interest to talk about this topic. Examination means to test the ability of a person how he understood the concept and how used in real life but we are wasting time by just put it in exams. What is meant by engineering?they are creators of the world they have to spend there time most at New Creations. But in present situation engineering in India means only permitted to classrooms and mug up the answers and present it in the exam. In this case what we learn new things.

Did marks give the experience to work In the company no our talent and passion? Giving exams and getting marks is only for the identity of the person is educated just. In my point of view, education means how to apply the concept in real society what we have learned from lower education to higher education that automatically give good opportunities for our life. Today lacks of students completed there engineering but no one suited for the Jobs because of lack of what I discussed above. So our youth have the ability to change our education system for the sake of upcoming generations.

Venna vamsi said:   5 years ago
Education is necessary only to communicate with others and how to behave in the society. Conducting exams is good but in what way not theoretically only one-word substitution like competitive exams. So many students are answering the questions even they are not trying to understanding the questions. There are so many people who become a great person in the society without education like Sachin Albert Einstein etc. So there are so many things you to survive in this world not only education.

Arikrishnan said:   4 years ago
Examination is not killing our education, exam pattern is killed our education.

Aravind A. S. said:   7 years ago
Practical knowledge of subjects is what a student need in his/her life. Without it he/she may get a degree but will never make him/her a professional.

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