Examinations - has it killed education

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Tanvi said:   9 years ago
My point of view education is best for person. But that does not mean if some one will get maximum marks, we can not say. He is educated. Some of the student are mugging up notes/books and write in exam, he will get maximum marks. Those students are struggling in company group discussion and some of the entrance examination like net, get first you understand your concept.

Some of the topics are practically very good to understand. Those things we have to do in a particular way. Examination questions should be conceptual not theoretical. That suggestion will arrive a person in particular platform. Lastly I want to say manner is very important thing for a person.

Namrata Shownkeen said:   9 years ago
Here are many exams annually like daily, weekly and monthly tests. So, students barely have any time for extra curricular activities.

In present generation schools and colleges unnecessarily pressuring everyone including kids to get above 90%.

Most of the private colleges are not conducting practicals, they are just focusing on theoretical subjects to make their students toppers so that their college can become famous. By this students are not knowing the applicability of subjects.

Ankur said:   9 years ago
I agree education is most important in our life but I want to ask you all about current education. I think true education helps us in future. What about current education it is for future or competitive exams. I don't understand what's going on. Even in small posts just like clerk and peon government there are exams. Why?

Indian government is not believing in there own education which they are giving to us?

All degrees B.Com, M.Com, MBA, bba, BCA, MCA, MSC. It and many more are depending on competitive exams. I am not saying that we can't get jobs after this education.

We get it in private sector. But what's the meaning of this competition?

Anish singh said:   9 years ago
The meaning of education is not mug up something and omit it on paper for short time for heaven feeling of self, teacher and parents, it's meaning related to what is your impact on surrounding by whatever you learnt from education. If you go through deeply then you become donor of knowledge.

Deepak said:   9 years ago
Students scoring 90<above are also be intelligent on the other hand, they may be bookworms. Examinations are only for studies, but not for life. Students who are weak will be having more intelligence & common-sense.

Pradeep Kumar said:   9 years ago
Hello Friends,

Examination and Knowledge are two most important aspect of student life.

But according to present situation examination are not only building pressure & stress on the student life and also kill their creativity power.

Examination should be knowledge oriented not marks and grade oriented. Education should also have it's prime focus on employment not on the reputation of the institutions and university.

So overall our examination patter should reform or review. It is need of hour.

Aakarsh said:   8 years ago
Hello friends,

Examinations and knowledge are 2 main aspects of life but according to present, examinations are not only building up pressure & stress on the students life and also kill their creativity power.

Examinations should be knowledge oriented not marks and grade oriented. Education should also have it's prime focus on employment not on the reputation of the institution and universities.

Also, the meaning of education is not mugging something and omit it on the paper for short period of time for heaven feeling of self.

In present generation schools unnecessarily pressurizing everyone including kids to get 90% above. Here are so many exams annually like weekly, half-yearly, etc. So student have barely any time for extra curricular activities.

Also, examinations are killing the actual meaning of education as it's very obvious that nowadays students are only mugging up the portion of syllabus that's all which will not fetch them much rather just a dull future.

Education does not mean scoring good marks as if we take the example of Mr. Bill Gates was a dropper. But if we see him how he is one of the richest man in world.

Thanks for reading.

Akash sinha said:   8 years ago
Education is for knowledge, in my view knowledge of a person can not be determined by just 2, or 3 exams. Due to this system of examination students are pressurized to read the syllabus and get good score. The system never let the student free to read the things they are interested in because they have very less time for extracurricular activity.

Sathya said:   8 years ago
Exams are the means of education through which one can improve one's educational qualifications step by step. But I think today exams are not as much important. Because getting job nowadays is talent based but not merit based.

The main aim of our educational system is to earn money and knowledge. It is the worldly knowledge and experience in life that gives us knowledge. The pattern of exams are corrupted now a days because many universities are offering Malpractices. Like this we can only get a degree which is not useful and that type of candidates are filtered in off campus interviews. Through education we should get knowledge and there is no end to this knowledge. The knowledge we gained should improve our mannerism. And good manners are the sowing seeds of good character. Today many gems of extraordinary intelligence are misusing their knowledge.

Our examination pattern should be not of bi-heart type it should give us some practical knowledge in our life. Exams are not the end of learning and gaining knowledge. The exams are threatening today youth because of threatenings of their parents and society. If one develops a positive attitude and take the exams as challenge he becomes a great person. The competition between the youth should be a healthy one. If it is not healthy there is a chance of collapsing. Exams are necessary remark our knowledge that we have gained in the academic year. But so many people who are not educated are serving as great persons not only in India but also in foreign. So it is not the academic achievement that enhances a persons knowledge but it is the worldly knowledge and experience in his life.

Piyush jain said:   8 years ago
Education and Exam are two mutually parallel aspects first comes education, it is the most important thing in our life a person must get education and must focus on learning various thing in life and on practical knowledge Rather then scoring in exams or doing race for good grades.

It doesn't matters that you got good grades or not matters only what good qualities and experiences you have and how to overcome from the worst situation.

Practical knowledge matters a lot rather than good grades.

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