Examinations - has it killed education

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Haritha said:   8 years ago
Guys. In my point of we never think to break our thoughts or to think outside of the box because we don't know how to do that. This is not our mistake. This is because of our education SYSTEM. We are born with creativity but this gotten suppressed in a later stage. How? when the time we start to learn in schools that Is the starting stage. When a person scores high marks in the exam All the teachers and student calling him our genius. Is he really a genius? a big no, the purpose of EXAMS are conducted is to test to our memory power. BUT WHAT IS THE USE OF IT anyhow we going to forget it after a period. Till now we are giving important which is non-essential one.

Guys remind your school day. Science project is will be conducted. But how many will participate in that? Out of 38, not more than 6 people from each class will participate in that, why? we all learn science subject from our small classes. If we can't even invent something newly then what we are going to do later. Even though we are good at studies and score high marks in exam, if we can not do anything from what we learn. Then what is the point of scoring high marks in exams and learning? It is totally utter waste at the end.

Our teacher only knows to teach what is in the book. That we can also do it isn't it. Then what is the use of teachers? Really I don't understand it. Do you know? think deeply. Guys everyone knows that education system should change but no one is taking a step regarding that. Do you know what is the reason behind it? if we commenting on this what is going to happen. Do you think it will bring changes nothing will change. Do you know something even though we know which is the right path but we will never go and fight for that how amazing isn't it? We just took this issue as a topic to discuss.

Do you know because of this education system we have not gain anything for a long time but we have lots more which you can't even think. How much will it be? if you all thinking that we should stop this anyhow means. What are you going to do? What will happen if this same issue going to affect the next generation? Do you have any idea about that? So that only to avoid some tragic I am doing research on it. I am psychologist student of the 1st year. To become my research successful one I need your supports and help.

M Stanley said:   2 years ago
According to my thoughts Examination is a test of one's knowledge of how far you have come regarding your potential to study a given syllabus. It tests one's capability of how much one has learnt so far.

In today's world education mostly lacks discipline and one's own creativeness and knowledge of the subject. Rather it has become market-oriented. It seems if there is no good grade there can't be an option for the future. That's where our thought as a teacher as a parent and as institutions runner mistakes.

Education should be a norm for humanity to gain knowledge of our surroundings and our environment. It does not necessarily mean you need to get 100 out of 100. It means the practicality of the thing you have been taught and how you applied it for the betterment of society at large. But we are all doing it just to get the grade 100 out of 100.

If the only examination is meant to test your knowledge of your thoughts and of your creativity not just to get grades. Then our education is fulfilled and we will see more of good students passing out rather than simply grade holders.

What education should really mean is to bring out the responsibility and self-awareness that a person possesses for the betterment of society and the world at large. Then there will be fewer criminals and less crime in our society. And after you are educated enough and gain your degrees in whatever fields you choose after completing it whatever fields you choose to become for the rest of your life will be a meaningful and satisfying life. For you have learnt so much from your schools by educating you to be a better person in future rather than simply a grade holder with a useless person for the society and the world.

That is should be the definition of education and not simply exam takers and grade holders. Eduction is a part of us all until we die we keep on learning and there is no end. But grade has its limitation and it stops when you get your degrees.

So let's make education an easy and disciplined curriculum for the students and to bring out the best within them and their potential of creativity and thoughts established as they grow older and not be just an exam taker or a grade holders.

Rishabh said:   8 years ago
I think yes. Exams have killed education.We need to eradicate this exam system,not eradicate I mean like lowering it to very little. Why I am saying this is, I explain it to you with a story or say example, once there was an elephant, ant, monkey, fish and dog and they all have one owner. One day the owner was taking a test like exam or say he was seeing the abilities so he gathered all of his pets and said them to hand on a branch of tree without wasting any time monkey furiously hanged on the tree but others could not, now see like take the fish cannot climb the tree but is excellent in swimming in water, where as elephant is strong and massive, dogs have excellent loyalty and smelling sense and ant is hard working and can go into the ground holes due to its size. So everyone has its talent, and talent is like an ocean which cannot be tested through exams. Also not hatefully peoples who are supported to this that exams are not killing education they are either teachers or what can I say. Do you know that India has worst education system it doesn't even appear in top 40 lists of best education system countries!! Here are some of them top 20
-> Finland
-> South Korea
-> Hong Kong
-> Japan
-> Singapore
-> UK
-> Netherlands
-> New Zealand
-> Switzerland
-> Canada
-> Ireland
-> Denmark
-> Australia
-> Poland
-> Germany
-> Belgium
-> USA
-> Hungary
-> Slovakia
-> Russia

And Finland is winner why? let me tell you in Finland after the age of 7 or 8 there is no restriction to attendance, you can take as many holidays as you desire it's not mandatory or compulsory to attend school every day. It is not mandatory to appear in exams its your wish but you need to appear in an exam which happens in secondary higher school means 12 class. The school doesn't charge tuition fees,teachers there are more concerned to make the child understand the concept and learn and make use of that in real life. There is no grading or ranking in schools for student cause it creates a bad comparison between them like discrimination creating mental problems.there are plenty thing but can't be told it's too much

Deekshitha YG said:   1 year ago
"Examination kills education".

Yes, of course. Education should be there to provide some good quality of knowledge, skills and some values of life also. But now it has become hell for students.

Parents pressure their children to score high marks and even abuse them mentally and physically which affects the child's heart deeply as a result the child may take some wrong decisions also because of the fear of getting fewer marks.

There are some situations where people think that scoring 90% in exams is fewer marks.

The schools, colleges and institutions also torture students to get 98+ marks. Because they want to make their institution one of the top one.

If a child has any talent and good knowledge in anything other than studies. No matter what that child is always considered a weak student.

The students who are toppers in maths are considered a genius.

Today's generation just wants to become a doctor/ Engineer and most of them don't want to become but because of the given to them willingly or not willingly, they have to sacrifice their dreams.

Students have become bookworms and it seems like they don't know the knowledge of books. They fear of facing society.

Students think marks are very important in life but examination has only become a memory testing capacity for them.

They only write what teachers say to read.

For parents, their prestige matters more in front of relatives than their child's happiness. They say if you study you will get a good life like successful people. But they forget that most successful people are once a failure.

I have no hate towards exams but it's a pattern. Exams should be full of enjoyment, happiness and excitement of learning new things.

We need an education pattern where a student should not be judged by his/her grades.

Thank you.

Sathya said:   9 years ago
Exams are the means of education through which one can improve one's educational qualifications step by step. But I think today exams are not as much important. Because getting job nowadays is talent based but not merit based.

The main aim of our educational system is to earn money and knowledge. It is the worldly knowledge and experience in life that gives us knowledge. The pattern of exams are corrupted now a days because many universities are offering Malpractices. Like this we can only get a degree which is not useful and that type of candidates are filtered in off campus interviews. Through education we should get knowledge and there is no end to this knowledge. The knowledge we gained should improve our mannerism. And good manners are the sowing seeds of good character. Today many gems of extraordinary intelligence are misusing their knowledge.

Our examination pattern should be not of bi-heart type it should give us some practical knowledge in our life. Exams are not the end of learning and gaining knowledge. The exams are threatening today youth because of threatenings of their parents and society. If one develops a positive attitude and take the exams as challenge he becomes a great person. The competition between the youth should be a healthy one. If it is not healthy there is a chance of collapsing. Exams are necessary remark our knowledge that we have gained in the academic year. But so many people who are not educated are serving as great persons not only in India but also in foreign. So it is not the academic achievement that enhances a persons knowledge but it is the worldly knowledge and experience in his life.

Ankush Patel said:   7 years ago
Hello, friends.

According to my point of view, examination is important because without examination only very less number of students studied their subject properly other not even without exams most of the students don't touch the books.

Exams do not measure the talent of a student but only thing is that due to fear of exams most of the student studied and gain a little knowledge. From the exams, anyone can learn the time management, his/her learning capability. And we are not talking about only written exam there are many practical exams also in our school and college life where many thing we learn in the day of practical exam related to working of machines, software.

If exams would not there then no one interested to know how do they work what is the importance of this machine and software.

Many students has interest in a particular field they are not interested to understand the other subjects but for those students, other subjects also important because in future it will help them. Like a mechanical student learn biology then after that, they know the joint of bones and how a person can move their hands and legs so that they design mechanical operated hand and legs for the physically disable person.

Exams are not judged the people talent but only because of exams no. Of people studied otherwise, they do not open the books.

Exams is a fear but it is good for the people because whatever we write in exams after exam everyone forgot but something they learn from that exam what mistakes he/she did in the exam. From exams, you learn discipline and how to make concentration.

Adarsh said:   3 years ago
Hello everyone.

1) According to my opinion, on this topic. Yes, the examination is killing real education. In this era, every parent is in a rat race everyone just wants good grades only in academics nothing less than this. So this type of attitude is murdering the real talent of students.

2) some students are very perfect in sports, games and many other activities but because of pressure, they have to enrol themselves in education meanwhile they are not so much interested in the study.

3) Examination is the only method to judge that how intelligent you are not how much talented you are but in India marks are everything for parents they judge their kids according to marks.

4) Wherever a student goes only grades are important for every company.

5) Government should be changed the examination pattern and have to give marks according to the talent of the student.

6) Examination also creating jealousy, anxiety in between the students they feel alone and depressed.

7) School should give marks according to the reasoning of the students.

8) Indian education has this massive drawback that examination is the only method to recognize the ability of the student and that's mindset is 100% wrong. We keep in mind that talent and being intelligent these 2 things are vastly different from each other.

So in a nutshell examination really killing the real meaning of education there is a lot of scope in changing some important aspects in the examination pattern.

Jay hind.

Xyz said:   2 years ago

The examination is the worst nation. It kills everything we are interested in. They don't teach sports, music, arts, drama, etc.

Whatever we are interested in is not being taught nor considered important in school. We go and study useless junk which nobody's interested in. And the definition of EDUCATION is to learn something. And something doesn't mean the subjects that are taught in school. We have to waste our time doing something we are not interested in. And it does not let a child's creativity to open up. It is a barrier to our talents and interests.

Many get less marks because they aren't interested in it.

Many suicides because they are carrying out useless activities.

Many go in depression because they get less marks (because of examination marks).

Parents scold students for getting less marks, but can't they see that students aren't interested in those things. Most of them give examinations because of their parent's desires. We do something we don't like but do it for someone, we lose a point if our lives. It seems like they are living in our minds and controlling them. It's our life, Not theirs. Nobody dares to confront or be the first one to disagree to that examination of useless junk is important.

But if nobody cares, that'll continue and life of many people would be as usual - a mess. So I'll give the advice to do things that you think is important and the things you love to do, not even like, love.

All the best!

Preeti said:   8 years ago
Hello, everyone.

I would like to speak everything about exams today. I have been really frustrated by these exams. I hate exams. No matter how much I study how much I understand I always score average. Because I don't mug up things. I try and understand everything properly. Read everything in detail. So that I gain more knowledge about the subject.

But then in exams, I have never been able to complete my paper. Because I apply my mind and write sensible answers but people who mug up things complete their paper easily and some people even write stupid things by just reading the meaning of the topic. Elaborate the answer and even they score marks.

So what's the difference then? Also, I think marks depends on other circumstances like sometimes a student knows everything but then due to hesitation, lack of time, out of course questions, inability to write stupid things elaborating one line into 100 lines. Etc. Also illness. But then that student even if he or she can explain every topic if you ask. Scores less and others score more even if they don't know much. Marks marks marks everywhere.

The students who are capable of doing great things are left behind doing nothing because of this system. I am not saying every student who scores well knows nothing and every student who scores less is intelligent. But the only thing is this system of marks has let down many students because of stupid judgments everyone makes.

Pawan Kumar Mahawar said:   8 years ago
Good morning to all, myself Pawan Mahwar.

I have read views of all my friend. Most of the views were on against the examination. My supporting points towards examination are:.

First of all, how will you determine the capability of the student? For this, you will have to take part in exams like oral examination, written examination & practical examination. If you are selected for an interview. For that interview, you have shown that you are capable for this job. If you take an interview, he asks what is the favourite subject. Then he asks only that things.

And examination takes only 7-10 day per semester. It doesn't mean that you don't have time for your creativity, your sports. You can also see a student having the good pointer, he shows good performance in all things. Whatever he does.

As our friends said, a theoretical knowledge is not necessary. It is just a memory. Sir if you are doing practically. You can't understand, what is happening why it is happening.

In engineering college, if you do the project in any branch. Professor will definitely say that first, you do literature survey, then you start. Prof may also take an oral exam, ppt on that literature survey what you have done for the project. This exam will show your capabilities.

So finally, I conclude my opinion. An examination is not a devil. It is just a criteria to check your capabilities.

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