Examinations - has it killed education

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Lal Chand Yadav said: (Sep 9, 2021)  
Hello everyone.

In my opinion examination are not the education but the way of examination is killing the education.

Because people judge the students on their academic level.

We should judge a student on his/her whole knowledge not only on the academic basis.

Because all students are not same.

Some students are good in academic some are good in sports and some are good in other field.

A piece of paper can not decide your future.

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Adarsh said: (May 14, 2021)  
Hello Folks. Thank to be having me here.

1) Examination means we are trying to judge the ability of any person by a piece of paper and giving them grades as per the marks.

2) As per my opinion, exams are the best method to enhance the ability of the students and to get the best of the best extraordinary student among all.

3) but problem is that people always started to examine the person only as per the grades, maybe he or she is more talented in any other field.

4) Examination are always judged the learning capability of the person not how talented he/she is.

5) Govt should have changed the pattern of examination govt has to judge students according to his/her talent in every field.

6) We also have to change our mindset that exams are the only method to check the marks and ranks in the class, not about your capabilities.

7) We should encourage student if he/she is not getting marks because of some reason, not by scolding.

8) Judge a person according to his/her talent not how much he got in schools.

9) Definitely in many aspects Examination pattern is killing the real meaning of education. We in search of gold we are losing a diamond.

10) I have no complaints about the examination I have only with the pattern. Only need some updating. We can follow the exam pattern like the USA, Japan, etc.


Jay Hind.

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Harish said: (Apr 19, 2021)  
Hello everyone.

In my opinion, examinations are conducted to test the students ability and to improve the creativity of the students. I can say that examinations are not killing the education but the pattern of the examination is killing the education and it also ruins many students life. Examinations should be held so that we can correct our Mistakes and we can get confidence on ourselves.

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Adarsh said: (Apr 2, 2021)  
Hello everyone.

1) According to my opinion, on this topic. Yes, the examination is killing real education. In this era, every parent is in a rat race everyone just wants good grades only in academics nothing less than this. So this type of attitude is murdering the real talent of students.

2) some students are very perfect in sports, games and many other activities but because of pressure, they have to enrol themselves in education meanwhile they are not so much interested in the study.

3) Examination is the only method to judge that how intelligent you are not how much talented you are but in India marks are everything for parents they judge their kids according to marks.

4) Wherever a student goes only grades are important for every company.

5) Government should be changed the examination pattern and have to give marks according to the talent of the student.

6) Examination also creating jealousy, anxiety in between the students they feel alone and depressed.

7) School should give marks according to the reasoning of the students.

8) Indian education has this massive drawback that examination is the only method to recognize the ability of the student and that's mindset is 100% wrong. We keep in mind that talent and being intelligent these 2 things are vastly different from each other.

So in a nutshell examination really killing the real meaning of education there is a lot of scope in changing some important aspects in the examination pattern.

Jay hind.

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Sohan said: (Mar 4, 2021)  
Yes, in my opinion, it has killed the students.

Evey parents and teachers wats their kids to score 90% above marks in the examination which creates pressure and it provokes the students in doing suicide.

2. It hampers the real growth of students because getting low marks in examination makes the students in self-doubt.

3. Due to not performing good in the exams it lost the interest of students in the study.

4. It persuade the students for cramming.

In my conclusion, the examination is important but it should not be the only parameter for judging the student's real ability students should leave to explore different domains and it is evaluated.

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Mugdha said: (Feb 24, 2021)  
Examinations should be the source for testing the skills of the students that what exactly they have learnt in the entire year. But nowadays, it is really sad to see that examinations have lost their meanings. They have just become the piece of paper and a burden for students- that too not for learning but of getting the highest marks in the class. And to a good extent, I would say that it's the parents and teachers who are responsible for this as they compare one student with another irrespective of thinking that every student has a unique quality. Education is not just academic knowledge. Education completes one's life by letting know how to be a good person, how to behave in society, how to respect your elders, how to be a responsible citizen and what not!

The examination should examine the student wholly and that's it. Marks are just numbers! And just temporary happiness which is of no use in the long run!


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Hina said: (Feb 11, 2021)  
Hello everyone,

I think examination is very important to check how much we understand. It doesn't kill education actually it is a part of education. Without assessments, it becomes difficult to know our weaker areas.

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Mitali Saramgi said: (Feb 5, 2021)  
I think this is right that examination has killed education.

But in my opinion, exam is not exam they are wasting your half-life because if we go deeper we will see that some student that study not at all they start studying one day before the exam and they passed liked 70 to75 per cent or above that not the real way of the exam.

The exam should be taken by practically because it shows how kid or teenager had learnt the thing not like on paper that's wrong I think.

Thank you.

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Mungkhan Lungphi said: (Jan 20, 2021)  
Hi friends.

As per the question, my point of view, yes examination kill education, because most of our parents think that education is the way to success, with that they force us to get good marks in the exam, so every student has own abilities to study, they can't force us to study if we are not interested, with that some students surrender their life, and another point is that it depends on us, how we are going to face exam if we are interested in the study and we had prepared well then there will be no tension, so friends we have to make our choice that make us happy.

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Amresh Prajapati said: (Nov 11, 2020)  
Hello guys.

According to me, the examination is not to way check the abilities of students. Learning power had been finished by examination.

If a student did hard work before the one-day exam he will pass his exam but he will not have perfect knowledge. Many students are frustrated about the exam.

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Isha Dash said: (Sep 21, 2020)  
According to me, Yes, examination has killed education, especially in India. It's because our education system solely concerns more about theories than practical knowledge about the subject. The innovate ideas of the students are buried inside.

The students of this generation go on completing the whole syllabus one night before the exam, they just memorise the concepts and don't understand the practical implementation of them.

Parents pressurise their children to get good grades and keep on comparing with other students, which causes anxiety, depression and frustration.

So, I think exams should be a test of knowledge and shouldn't turn to be the reason of depression.

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Tinku Paul said: (May 30, 2020)  
Hi friends.

According to me, everything has both good and bad side. Yes, all the students are not in the same category. Some of the students they like to read and prepare for exam and accordingly they sit the exam, they get their result and some of the students they are not very attentive only at the time of exam they read and manage their exam and maybe they pass. But some of the students they are very regular sometimes they get upset because of maybe he or she not get the marks as per their expectation but those not regular their study he/she gets good marks. Sometimes we see some of the students they are very nervous maybe they are regular but at the time of the exam, they can't compete maybe they fell ill. But without education authority cannot get the chance for the next class. Actually we see some of the students they have very good knowledge and very regular in their study but at the time of exam they don't get results as per their expectations but some of the students they don't want to read but at the time of the exam, they get very good marks. As they get the good marks they can get a chance anywhere but fewer marks he will not get chance I e sometimes students get upset.

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Salman Pathan said: (May 17, 2020)  
Good afternoon to all.

Personally, I think, the examination has killed the talent of a lot of students because still some students have that kind of knowledge which they expressed more freely through practicals than theory. Lots of students only getting marks than theoretical knowledge and at the time of the interview they failed because at that time your practical knowledge matters and that you can express freely because you experienced it. If exams conducted then they should focus 20% on theory and 80% on practical including viva.


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Priya said: (Feb 29, 2020)  
Hello friends,

I'm Priya from VLB.

As this topic examination - has it killed education,

OK, I'm going to express my point of view and I would like to state my opinion,

The examination is not judging our knowledge. This is a temporary to increase our confidence level. Many students have a lot of talents. So examination is one step in our education level. But it is not our life. To show any talent to achieve our success.

Thanks for giving the opportunity.

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Lalit said: (Feb 4, 2020)  
The examination is a basic thing which should always available. If we put deep insight in our education, course is designed such way that will produce worker. This is a scent of british traces on our education system and examination too.

Eg, a stone age man want to teach his son about procedure to make wheel. His desire is to make his learn intuitively so he can bring advancement.

That's how technology have been brought over period of human evolution. Examination should focus on intuitions, how well student can utilize his concepts. Most of student prepare themselves for exam, not for subject. Therefore, exam should be designed such way that it will motivate student to take deep insight un subject.

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Aniruddha said: (Jan 16, 2020)  
In support of the following points, I believe the method by which an exam is conducted has downgraded the value of the subjects taught to us. It's just a practice of memorizing and vomiting the content in answer paper which gets evaporated immediately.

Of course, our curriculum needs major improvements, but the basic knowledge shouldn't be ignored at any cost. That's a different discussion altogether.

What I would suggest is that schools should give all the necessary tools required to solve a problem given in an exam and let the students deduce the solution by applying their knowledge gained during lectures.

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Riya said: (Dec 7, 2019)  
I Don't think so, Examination is the way for a student to express their capabilities, although its never about that study one night before exam and to vomit everything other days, We learn from exams many things like how to be punctual, how to finish our work in time, how to prepare for something important to get the good result, Being competitive is not the crime, competition is important not only in exams but also in real life that this person is doing good things I should also do this kind of things, we should get motivated with the good things around us.

And we talk about the student committing suicide is because of the pressure they fee, l not to get good rank and we as a student we should understand that only one examination can't decide our abilities, there are bulk of opportunities waiting for us.

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Shridhar Kandikatla said: (Oct 4, 2019)  
No, The Examination hasn't killed. Our generation student are interested in lot of practical knowledge. They are getting bored in sitting four walls. So taking practical exams are better then theory exam. By practical exams they can improve the skills and can discover more things.

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Berly Xavier said: (Oct 1, 2019)  
Yes I too think that the examination has killed education because now days everyone studies to get score in exam not to improve their skills and knowledge . At the same time experience should also be given importance . Because of this companys like apple are selecting there employees by evaluating their projects and experience.

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Hema said: (Aug 28, 2019)  
Good evening to everyone.

I think examination kills our education system because some students are committed to suicide. They have a practical knowledge to do new things but they don't have a capacity to memorise and to vomit in the examination so they have failed and they treated as a weak student so staffs are treated those students does not haven knowledge but they have a practical knowledge so I think practical examination is better than the theoretical examination.

Thanks for giving this opportunity.

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Khushboo Jain said: (Jul 21, 2019)  
Examinations should be the source for testing the skills of the students that what exactly they have learnt in the entire year. But nowadays, it is really sad to see that examinations have lost their meanings. They have just become the piece of paper and a burden for students- that too not for learning but of getting the highest marks in the class. And to a good extent, I would say that it's the parents and teachers who are responsible for this as they compare one student with another irrespective of thinking that every student has a unique quality. Education is not just academic knowledge. Education completes one's life by letting know how to be a good person, how to behave in society, how to respect your elders, how to be a responsible citizen and what not!

The examination should examine the student wholly and that's it. Marks are just numbers! And just temporary happiness which is of no use in the long run!


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Chandra Dangwal said: (Jun 10, 2019)  
As I hear all of your suggestions.

That we think that examination is a way of judging the student.

Basically, exams are good for the students just because students have to maintain their study well if there is no system of examination So nobody focus on your study.

Examinations of simple way where all the student's thanks show how much they are able.

If there is something wrong so that is not an examination that is the person who is conducting examination process. The system is doing unfair. And the persons or professors who are checking the notebooks they just want quantity not quality.

And this is my personal experience that the University wants only quantity. A huge amount of matter should be written in the notebook there is no matter it will be wrong or right.

So if something killed the education. That's not an examination. That's the system which supported fakeness. And not able to judge the student quality.

As I conclude. That we should support examination because it makes us more hard worker and able to stand with the front of others.

Thank you.

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Sanjeev Kumar said: (May 15, 2019)  
Hi Guys!

It is a very important topic. I am very happy to discuss it. These days examination becomes a means for judging our memory power and not for knowledge obviously, I am not talking about all exam but for many examinations. It's pattern completely changed our mindset and thinking the ability that's why we can say that it killed education. It is a consequence of our education system.

Conclusion: our education system should be changed that will change our mindset and increase our thinking capability. According to it, the exam pattern should be.


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Shivam Sharma said: (May 14, 2019)  
Yes, the examination can loss our thinking power.

It has many disadvantages as compared to advantage.

After all our discussions. I would like to conclude that Examination isn't killing education it's pattern kill's education.

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Samyuktha said: (May 9, 2019)  
Hi friends this is Samyuktha.

In my point of view, examinations are the one which influences the students to get run with the competitive world.

They can gain the spirit at the time of examination. They can express their knowledge through these exams.

The main disadvantage of these exams we can lose our knowledge.

Some people who are sensitive while getting low marks will get into depressions.

The lecturers who are evaluating the papers they don't see the knowledge of the students.

So, I conclude that examinations are the one who gets interested in studying the subjects by gaining marks to the student's life.

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Karthi said: (Mar 3, 2019)  
Exam pattern and the persons who are dealing with the education department are killing the students. I agree with a statement, posted by a person, exams testing our knowledge, it is right, but we don't the person who is checking our papers and we don't know how brilliant, the knowledgeable person he is and doesn't know in what mood, they are evaluating our papers. And finally, they are submitting some marks and the world is judging and allowing everything by marks. If someone asked me about the examination that, how should be the exam pattern, we are writing papers in front of lectures, and they must check our papers in front of us. Then we can conclude, how much they know and how much we.

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Gowthami said: (Feb 25, 2019)  
The pattern of examination is not correct. In state board examination, If a question is out of textbook then a student getting full marks about that. Here we (students) getting lazy. Nowadays we had only bookish knowledge only other than the book we will be zero.

To avoid this problem the state govt must and should follow the CBSE SYSTEM in this system no question form text students brain starts working how we get an answer for this.

Our systems should not allow choice based credit system.

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Arikrishnan said: (Feb 12, 2019)  
Examination is not killing our education, exam pattern is killed our education.

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Naveena D said: (Feb 10, 2019)  
Good Morning Friends,

Obviously, because exams are only for testing the student. But in this generation only focus about exams. If they are ready to get a good knowledge, They are study in their own way and get a knowledge for their interest. Exam is only for high marks score in examinations. It is not good for their knowledge. It cannot give any knowledge for the students. They are getting fear and stress in their studies. They are having a main problem that is exam. Definitely, exams will helpful for testing their knowledge but exams cannot make a knowledgeable student.

Thank You.

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Preethi said: (Jan 29, 2019)  
No, exams didn't kill education. It just testing our knowledge how much we acquired.

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Varsha Sanan said: (Jan 24, 2019)  
Examinations kill the education because there are many instances where students committed suicide just because they got fewer marks in examinations. The examination is nothing but stress and pressures these days.

Nowadays the situation changed like, students are given marks for just reading and memorising but not for their actual capability.

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Aysha said: (Jan 17, 2019)  
According to me, an examination hasn't killed the student because this is the way to test ourself that what we had to learn in the whole year. Andwe know that what we have to do for improvement.

And, Yes the examination of our country have to change because of the system more students only focused on there but not on their knowledge.

Thank you.

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Mehak Kapoor said: (Nov 9, 2018)  
Hi everyone.

My views on examinations have killed education or not are given below.

First of all, I want to say that examination is the best way to check the student knows what he/she grasp in month or year. It checks the capability of a student. But on the other hand, it has a much worse impact on student's carrier because student only studies limited subjects to get passing marks in exams. They study because of fair of failing not to learn something. Students also have not much time to learn some new things for enhancing their skills. So in our country, the Education minister have to need to do some changes in our education system which helps us to achieve our dreams.

Thank you.

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Archana said: (Oct 18, 2018)  
According to me, Examination has not killed education, as exams are only the means to test the knowledge and capability of the students. Examination is a mean where students prepare themselves accurately. Its helps Students to face Success and failure since childhood. Its strengthen them mentality to face the future. But I, Like to say that, Theoretical Knowledge is given more time and importance than practical. This is one of the reasons that peoples are not getting a job, as there is a lack of practical knowledge to work in the real world. And moreover, students are judged over one parameter.

Thank you.

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Shivam Singh said: (Oct 15, 2018)  
According to me, not an examination but the examination system is killing the education.

1. Parents are pressuring there children to compete with other which create stress, pressure on students.

2. Most of the school, colleges do not take interest in the practical exam they fulfil minimum requirements of the practical exam. And give more pressure on the theoretical exam which gives negative feedbacks about the practical exam to the student.

3. Every student has some special character or talent but they are judged by the same parameter.

4. Marks are getting more value in companies than practical knowledge which brings low confidence in fresher.

5. You can take the example of IIT exam there are total 10000 seats but for that, around 1500000 students give exam means if you see the ratio of the student then out of 100 only 0.6 students get selected. So what about the others? It is in our hand to change this system.

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Invisible Man said: (Sep 28, 2018)  
Well, we are at such an educational system, in which different mentality students are given the same question paper. Some are good at that but few may be good at something else. So we should keep exam on their respective interest and encourage them towards their interest, don't discourage people by keeping the same test to all kinds of people. If they study by their interest, then in India we may many noble prize winners every year.

So, the examination is a crucial part of Student that he/she may score low or high, just encourage them. So they will enjoy the flavour of examination.

Thank you.

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Priyanka said: (Sep 20, 2018)  
Yes, the examinations has killed education because students learn or cram up subjects just in order to score marks but in terms of practical knowledge students do not learn anything which results in many students not getting jobs because of no practical knowledge to work in the real world, and even once the exams are over the students tend to forget everything they had studied because they had not applied those concepts in the real world ever.

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Mohd Akib Khan said: (Sep 16, 2018)  
In my opinion, examinations are not killing the education system. They are conducted to test our knowledge levels and we shouldn't take it as a pressure or stress and his qualities of doing the accurate answer within a specific time period.

Thank you.

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Sana Naisam said: (Sep 9, 2018)  
Hi everyone.

I don't think examination has killed our education. But the examination system that we are following kills education. Because it is all about getting marks and it doesn't check whether the student is really worth of it or not. In the present scenario, theoretical exams are given more importance than practicals. We should give more weight to the practical exams rather than theoretical ones. Only then students can worthfully utilise their studies.

As we all know India is a developing nation, that is developing each and every section. So why don't we think to develop our present examination system?

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Deepika Pathak said: (Aug 30, 2018)  
Examination are essential to promote one to work regularly and responsibly, it is needed to keep someone on track of working out things better yet we have also seen that these a time either the parents are giving lot a pressure to their child to retain a good position in this competitive world which may sometimes be depressive or child is taking itself as pressure which comes out as a suicidal and harming events, what I think is a matter of concern.

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Prakhar Gupta said: (Aug 23, 2018)  
No, examination hasn't killed education as it judges a student knowledge and his qualities of doing the accurate answer within a specific time period.

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Shivang said: (Aug 7, 2018)  
Yes, examination kills the education because examination is all about marks. Parents pressurized their child to got 1st rank. So students are not learning any things they are only read and memorized it.

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Acchuthan T.M. said: (Aug 2, 2018)  
Myself Acchuthan.

The examination is the right way to secure the knowledge of the students.

In my point of view, the correction of examination is wrong.

In Anna University, the teachers who are evaluating the paper has given the limited time for the 2 minutes with the key points necessary for the given question. They are evaluating in means of the pages of the paper for the given marks and not by considering the contents. If the side heading is correct they are not reading the lines given under the side heading. They are simply seeing the pages and evaluating the points.

No grammatic errors are found in the contents.

In my point of view, the time for evaluating the answer paper can be increased according to the subjects.

In this way, the examination has killed the education.

For the other case depending upon the marks the students feature depends on so the process of evaluating the paper might be correct and it seems the knowledge person can be graduated.

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Mayank said: (Jul 31, 2018)  
Hello, friends, I'm Mayank.

In My opinion, Examination is compulsory to evaluate the students. Some myths are there about Examination ie they are only for burden, marks hinder talent or more. These myths are false and need to cleared by the teachers.

Examination checks the amount of knowledge gained by the students during the particular course.

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Shikhar Keserwani said: (Jul 25, 2018)  
Hello everyone,

My name is Shikhar Keserwani and according to me, the examination is the best way of testing your knowledge within a limited time and exploring your skills and in this way, we never kill anyone knowledge but increased the knowledge of our own and test our skills.

Thank you.

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Sooraj said: (Jul 16, 2018)  
Hello everyone good evening,

Let me talk about education, nowadays to live in this world, to communicate with others, business activities, to get the job etc we need education. Examination is just a platform to show the world that we are educated, without examination we can't judge our knowledge and nobody can read our mind that we are educated. So, on my point of view examination never kills education, but it teach us to give an example that how can we survive in this world, how we can face the problems.

Thank you.

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Jagadeesh said: (Jul 15, 2018)  
Hello everyone.

I would like to initiate by saying a few points about the topic assigned to us. Education is one thing everyone should have. It instill The thinking abilities about the course which he or she is studying and practically. But if we see now a days a student has to go through number of exams from kg to pg. That's not how an education system should be. Exams are curbing the thinking abilities of students which is the primary objective of education. What most of the students are doing is they won't listen to the class what The faculty is teaching, just a month or two before they will go through the books and will clear the exam. This type of education is a waste of one's time and money. The Major cause for unemployment in India is this type of examination based education. Even parents are also just focusing on their child marks instead of what The child is learning by going to school. I am not saying that there shouldn't be any exams but exams should be conducted in such a way that tets The student thinking abilities. I would like to conclude the topic by saying that college should take initiative to eliminate this type of education.

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Lakshana. S said: (Jun 27, 2018)  
Instead of approaching examinations as a medium to test a person's proficiency in a particular subject, they are viewed as a medium of judging one's abilities. The way students are Under the compulsion to write as exact as what is given in the text shows the misconception of examinations by the state board schools and often students find this way of approach as a difficult task and automatically they tend to develop a fear for examinations. Not just the way of conducting exams but also the way students are spoon fed by the teachers and the method of evaluation using the key set by a group of teachers are definitely not helpful. A unique approach to examination by schools will definitely raise the standard of students and thus I would conclude by saying that examinations conducted in a better way never kills education.

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Aditya A B said: (Jun 26, 2018)  
Hello friends,

Examination are just basically composed of 11 alphabets but they carry tons of fear, stress, anxiety in students.

According to me, Examination should be taken in a postive manner rather than negative, And examination is all about collaborating our knowledge and writing it in the walls of our mind rather than vomiting it in a piece of parchment sheet.

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Khushi said: (Jun 23, 2018)  
Well, my point of view for examination is that, exams are necessary to evaluate what student have studied or gained duting there academic year. But in present condition most of students think about how to pass exams perhaps they just readout the material but actually they don't clearly understand the things practically. If examinations are taken in positive way, it is very good process.

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Vinu said: (Jun 13, 2018)  
No, as per my opinion. Examination should be there for student to check there ability and knowledge about subject that they are studying.

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Aman Kumar said: (May 7, 2018)  
No, exam does not killed the education as it check our knowledge, mental strength and effiency that we gain over a certain period of time.

But exam should be more application and ptractical oriented rather than memorizing the theories so that along with better understanding of theories, students get the ability to think out of box to get creative and innovative ideas among them.

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Ayon Bora said: (May 2, 2018)  
No, I don't agree that examination has the education. There are lot n lots who don't study the whole semester and only study only before the exams. If there will be no examination then they will Never fell like studying. Through the Indian education system which is completely based on examination, entrance, interview etc is has produce a number of people who are now working in big MNC. More than half of the employees in silicon valley are Indians. One's the owner of Microsoft was asked why your employees are mostly from India and he responded if I stop hiring Indian employees than there would be a another Microsoft in India.

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Gupta said: (Apr 23, 2018)  
In nowadays, the education system has become like a spoon feeding. So that during the time of examination students used to study that topics but unable to apply anywhere. If we continue the same system in future we may lags at Present technology.

Finally, my opinion is changing the examination system towards applications, practicals student can able to learn something about that concept.

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Suraj Kumar said: (Apr 22, 2018)  
Exams have not killed the education but the Indian education system is responsible for killing of education. In foreign countries education system is different and the mode of education is also different and students are enjoying it. But in our country, it is totally different from students are not focused on understanding but they are memorising.

And a common effect faced is conceptually weak and this leads to unemployment.


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Danish Bhandari said: (Apr 18, 2018)  
It has not killed students because This is a practice which makes our mind stable. It also judges that how much knowledge we have gained in a particular year. Through examination we can check our knowledge, strength. We can know our mistakes and work on it. If there would be no examination then students might not study hard. Even if we are habitual of studying just one day before of examination.

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Danish Bhandari said: (Apr 18, 2018)  
It has not killed students because This is a practice which makes our mind stable. It also judges that how much knowledge we have gained in a particular year. Through examination, we can check our knowledge, strength. We can know our mistakes and work on it. If there would be no examination then students might not study hard. Even if we are habitual of studying just one day before of examination.

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Shrey Jain said: (Apr 17, 2018)  
I don't think that examination has killed.

The students are examined by the exams. Exams are to know that the student has understood the concept or not. We think that exams are killing the student as there is a lot of pressure of parents and competition among the students. So, see yourself level to give your best in the examination to score good marks in paper according to your level.

So, examination not kills the student but there is only strees to release it we should take rest.

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Kareena said: (Apr 16, 2018)  
I think we should not take stress for examination. Examination is held in every school after 6 months and finals after every year. This practice make minds stable. If we study side by side and listen to lectures nicely then their is no worry about exam. I think who kill themselves are not stable by their mind or they are not interested in the subject they choose. They should see there career a bright future ahead. So I conclude we should not take stress. And enjoy examination and revise side by side.

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Simran said: (Apr 15, 2018)  
I think so no, because exams helps us to improve our memory power and sharps our brains. It helps us to know that how much have we were Argentine in class. Exams are not only about marks, they are all about expressing our brains memory to teacher. They hemos us to be confident too. In case of higher studies we have to give these exams. There are many countries in which exams are not held do their literacy/economy rate is low. It also checks how we can improve ourselves. And tells in which subject we need to practice more. It also tela to improve our mistakes. In some exams, like English, Hindi, we get life skill questions, in which we can express our views. Also, we develop a speed of writing day, which in future helps us a lot. So at last, I would say that exams are making strong for education.

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Saniya said: (Apr 14, 2018)  
Hi guys,

I think as by scoring marks is not as important as gaining knowledge about something. Exams are not scarry it's just about to make our mind stable to attempt exam. Through exams, we can check our iq level and that how much knowledge we have got through our classes or lectures.

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Tejpal Singh said: (Apr 14, 2018)  
According to me, the examination has not killed the students because it is a source of testing our brain that how much we have understood in our classes or lectures It is nothing to society in once got bad marks we have not lose our hopes. We should be confident in ourselves. It's all to test our brain. It's all to make our brain sharp and male ourselves strong enough to face any difficulty in our life. It helps us in jobs and various fields and most importantly helps us to communicate.

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Selvamani said: (Apr 14, 2018)  
Yes, of course. Examinations in India have spoiled India. If we take foreign nations. For example, take Iceland. There is no examination at all. And yet the country topped in the recently released most educated country list. I want to note a point that Indian education should be exam free and should be rather practical than theoretical.

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Prerna said: (Apr 8, 2018)  
Examinations are the way to judge the students that how much knowledge they have gained during a certain period of time. Students can check their strengths and weaknesses and work on it.

I partially agree with the topic because in one hand examinations judge our knowledge and reflect it. But on the other hand it reinforces us to study. If there is no examination students may not study hard. Even we are habitual of working hard only before 1 day of examinations. To some extent examinations are the reason that students study just to top in the class or to pass the exam.

Finally, I would like to say that we should understand the motive of examinations. We should study just to be knowledgable; exams will be passed/cracked in no time.

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Sanyam Dabas said: (Apr 4, 2018)  
As we talk about today's academic examinations they are mostly full of cramping portion everyone feels him or herself intellectual but when he or she sits in a competitive exam then the particular person came to know what he or she is learnt till that day. In India, every student wants to pass a school life by cramping or by temporarily fixing a syllabus in their mind it's not thought that a 95 or above percentage holder can pass a competition by just learning a syllabus for few days but if a student is learning just only a few part of syllabus but for permanent period of time than he or she will have a better result than 90 above percentage holder.

So the conclusion is that getting knowledge is a good thing but getting knowledge with moral values is the best thing.

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Charan said: (Mar 17, 2018)  
The examination is a way to test one individual performance and his knowledge. What kills the education is the way we learned in a wrong way. Mostly in India, we learn only to pass in the exams so that we get a job and this leads to the failure of a good education. Even the education system of a nation too involved in it as they include irrelevant topics which is not practical or which can't be used in the future. Students have inferiority in them for the exams. So they just try to remember the concept for the day of the exam and later on it evaporates from their minds.

So, finally, the present education system of our country should be changed so that students should be equipped with skills.

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Achu said: (Mar 17, 2018)  
The examination has not killed the education system, rather it is a way to judge the knowledge and intelligence of any student. In school, if students are only taught the lessons and if there will be no any examination then how can a teacher judge whether the subject what he has taught is clear to all the students or not. Students are in the regular practice of study due to examination and they remain in touch with the subject. It also mentally prepare a student to overcome to the challenge and reduce the havoc of examination by which they can face any examination in future.

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Bharti said: (Mar 14, 2018)  
The examination should me made compulsory for the students so that students can see themselves where they are standing. If there will not be any exams we can't analyse where we are standing and what we have learnt. But the student should not take so much of tension because we all know tension can only give birth to another tension.

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Jayesh Patil said: (Mar 14, 2018)  
Yes, exams are necessary for students to know that where they lie in the competition. But nowadays exams are just marks oriented and a student having more memory has got higher marks which lead to just mugging up the things.

The practical knowledge is not acquired by students. So exams are necessary but that must be taken in a practical way.

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Rajesh said: (Feb 27, 2018)  
The examination is one of the parts of education.

This education system is not a learning knowledge only to muck up and vomiting the paper. Surely examination is killed education.

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Suparna said: (Feb 22, 2018)  
Examination is very importent part of education. We have to need it. But now our education system is change. Only for Exam all teacher and student compliting there syllabus so first. This students want only good marks not knowledge. It's very bad. Really examination killed education.

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Sam.... said: (Feb 19, 2018)  
Examination is necessary and it's good BT I want to say that NOW our education 1stly for very good marks and after then good job. Not for knowledge. So why this examination? for only good marks. Useless examination not for make good human. Only for this examination students and teacher are want to complete syllabus so first. You understand or not, don't care. Yes examination killed education.

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Vivek Mandal said: (Feb 16, 2018)  
We must conduct exam because somewhere it helps us to boost our ability because the examination is the way where you can find yourself that who am I. I mean to say if you score good in examination then you get motivated and you do whatever you want to do. I would like like to give you an example a worker work entire month and lastly he gets then his happiness is extreme level. The exam is the same thing.

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Gayatri said: (Feb 11, 2018)  
Good morning everyone,

In my opinion, examinations are not killing the education system. They are conducted to test our knowledge levels and we shouldn't take it as a pressure or stress. It is the way to test our IQ.

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Rajneesh Gupta said: (Feb 3, 2018)  
Good evening.

According to me, it is very easy to understand that you cannot ignore examination because it shows you where you are? For proper measurement examination is very need full.

It's not happen in academic life only but also in real life. What mistake have done in past examinations learn from it measure, and move ahead with proper improvement.

But I want to highlight on thing that examination like academics is stopping student grow.

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Venna Vamsidhar Reddy said: (Dec 31, 2017)  
In my point of view, education is applicable to learning the concepts in practical manner not to write in papers. I give an example if you want to make a rocket we must have awerness about the ingredients and its working properties then only you can be able to make a rocket but the thing is happninng in India learn and write in exams that exams do not shine your mind to create new innovations. So please stop this exam centric method and give ability to the students through creative and innovative manner. The advantages of practical learning is the concept is fixed in your mind and the disadvantages of theory learning and put it in exams is the lines of the answers are stored in your mind like 2 tuple Xerox copy. So I request the government to change our education system and rebuilt it well and destroy private schools and colleges as for as possible they don't run education they business with education by tourchuring the student to get more marks it didn't benefit to student it is only only benefit to management to get more admissions for next year. I have a dream to see our country with pure education. -jaihind.

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Venna Vamsidhar Reddy said: (Dec 31, 2017)  
In my point of view, education means it is applicable to learning the concepts in a practical manner not to write in papers. I give an example if you want to make a rocket we must have awareness about the ingredients and its working properties then only you can be able to make a rocket but the thing is happening in India learn and write in exams that exams do not shine your mind to create new innovations. So please stop this exam-centric method and give the ability to the students through creative and innovative manner. The advantages of practical learning is the concept is fixed in your mind and the disadvantages of theory learning and put it in exams is the lines of the answers are stored in your mind like 2 tuple Xerox copy. So I request the government to change our education system and rebuilt it well and destroy private schools and colleges as for as possible they don't run education they business with education by torturing the student to get more marks it didn't benefit to a student it only benefits to management to get more admissions for next year. I have a dream to see our country with pure education. -Jaihind.

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Venna Reddy said: (Dec 26, 2017)  
Nowadays parents don't give the priority to children's interests. Everyone send their children schools and collegs to become an engineer or a doctor but parents do not understand what the children Want. In India Education system is not good even though parents forced children only in education there are many other things rather than education like cricketer badminton designer animation so parents must be enquire children's interest and encourage them in that field then only he can success in his life.

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Iptisha said: (Dec 22, 2017)  
Examinations - has it killed education! definitely and only that student can understand that who have the pressure of getting a high percentage. If I said in a straight way nowadays education system examination gives an only percentage, not knowledge.

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Vamsi Reddy said: (Dec 21, 2017)  
I Am very interest to talk about this topic. Examination means to test the ability of a person how he understood the concept and how used in real life but we are wasting time by just put it in exams. What is meant by engineering?they are creators of the world they have to spend there time most at New Creations. But in present situation engineering in India means only permitted to classrooms and mug up the answers and present it in the exam. In this case what we learn new things.

Did marks give the experience to work In the company no our talent and passion? Giving exams and getting marks is only for the identity of the person is educated just. In my point of view, education means how to apply the concept in real society what we have learned from lower education to higher education that automatically give good opportunities for our life. Today lacks of students completed there engineering but no one suited for the Jobs because of lack of what I discussed above. So our youth have the ability to change our education system for the sake of upcoming generations.

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Venna Vamsi said: (Dec 12, 2017)  
Education is necessary only to communicate with others and how to behave in the society. Conducting exams is good but in what way not theoretically only one-word substitution like competitive exams. So many students are answering the questions even they are not trying to understanding the questions. There are so many people who become a great person in the society without education like Sachin Albert Einstein etc. So there are so many things you to survive in this world not only education.

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Akshay Chopade said: (Dec 7, 2017)  
Yes, examination is really killing students life. If you consider a Btech as a eg. One semester normally runs max to max for 4months, in this period we should give a number of the internal exams, no of practical exams, final exams and the holidays included it. Now, tell me after giving all these exams whether we have seen the change in ourselves as an engineer? No, we have just increased our memorizing capacity. Don't forget that Education is Knowledge which makes every student to be well disciplined in his/her life. So my final advice is to stop the examination and stop the student's limitations because there are a lot of things present outside, other than examination which we have to look upon.

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Shivangi Pahwa said: (Dec 5, 2017)  
I don't think so examination has killed education just because exams are for testing our memorizing capacity that what we have till studied in our school. According to me, people give more priority to marks than the knowledge that is not good just because how 3 hours paper will not decide our career. There must be a solution of this reason that marks are not a priority. Education is something gives us knowledge about the various thing it's about the development of our brain. Actually, exams are not the reason for this solution must be a change in our thinking just because our teachers ' parents ' friend, relatives everyone ask good marks good job.

So we should change our thinking.

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Lalamsrinivasarao said: (Dec 2, 2017)  
The examinations killed the education in my point view, Indian education is very different other countries in our psychology in Indian parents psychology only for marks but not gaining knowledge in other countries parents thinking only gaining knowledge level so I think losing the knowledge. More prefer for theoritical so in my opinion more preferred for practical gaining more knowledge. In this system theoretical gain more marks but no knowledge preferred more concentration on practical in school college and any place. 80percent students are stress and motivated our parents. In my opinion, the decision takes ourselves. And which type education suitable take decision.

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Rahul said: (Nov 24, 2017)  
Good evening to everyone, examination is the important part to check that whether the student is learning something new or not we can't say that examination killed the education rather than this we can say that examination pattern is not that much good that it should be. Yes I am agree that we can't judge anyone in 3 hrs but we can understand the knowledge level of the person, so examination is important but yes examination method can be change.

We can make it more practical rather than theroretical.

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Unnikrishnan said: (Nov 23, 2017)  
Hello everyone. I am new to this blog and I must confess before I begin that I have not read more than a few entries.

I am looking for someone who can tell me if somebody has done any formal research on this very important topic. I have spent some time on this subject and I would like to publish something useful for the teachers and the policymakers.

Are exam scores a reliable, reproducible and realistic estimate of a students' educational achievements? How much does it predict future performance? Or promise for future contributions?

This is the most important issue that needs to be fixed. How do we make exams reflect the academic merit of the candidate?

The next question is how we can optimise the time, effort, manpower and cost without compromising the VALUE of the examination.

One thing I have found is that there is an inverse correlation between the complexity of the examination infrastructure and the reputation of the universities in India. The bulky infrastructure is directly the result of a brutally centralised system.

For instance, if there is a very prominent "controller of examinations/evaluation" in the University set up, chances are that the university is not rated high inernationally. Compare IITs with Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University. JNTU has a directorate with Evaluation placed on top of the hierarchy. IITs will not do that.

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Nidhi said: (Nov 19, 2017)  
The examination is a process that is used to understand the level of knowledge that a student has. Exams do not only mean descriptive papers which are limited to a particular topic or book, as they are in schools. Consider the various competitive exams, they are all objective type with questions that contain a mix of direct answers or implementation of logic using the facts learned. These kind of exams are beneficial as they help in judging the thinking or analytical ability of a student.

Current education system is currently based on the descriptive format papers. But this is slowly changing. Education is not dead, it is now going to be reborn according to the changing times.

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Angel Abraham said: (Nov 19, 2017)  
Examinations are needed. Without examination it becomes difficult to prove that we have owned a particular degree or any other educational qualification. Presently there is no other alternative method for it. Without examinations what is the evidence for studying in an educational institution for years. And how could a university give you certificate for a certain degree? So those who are against examination must offer alternative solution to this problem.

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Mary Antonia Anish said: (Nov 16, 2017)  
According to my point of view, examination kills education. Education is gaining knowledge and knowing everything in this world. But our education system is based on marks. Mark is more important than learning new things.

Usually 80%of students does not have any knowledge on the subject they just mug up their and vomit in their answer paper. Exams are just to check the memorizing ability. Many will score good marks but will be poor in practicals. From my opinion, I will say that education system should be changed and practicals should be concentrated more.

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Aman said: (Nov 9, 2017)  
Hello friends,

Our present education system is merely based on rote memory. The students who topped In examination do not know how to use the knowledge practically in life there is only a race between the students to get good marks in paper from early stage of life. Examination is a way to check students knowledge not just rote sentences, unfortunately this is what is happening in examinations.

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Gurpreet Soni said: (Nov 4, 2017)  
Hi I am Gurpreetsoni.

According to me examination is the best way to test our knowledge without examination we can't judge ourselves. If a person learn something from his school, collage or from any other place it is only examination to know.

That he learn it properly or not. Examination also motivate a person to do batter for example if a person pass a exam then he will try to do more batter. But according to my thinking if any person or student committed suicide do to his failure in examination then he can never succeed in his life because he is not able to face his failure so how can you expect them that he will be successful in his life he cannot be succeed. So it is wrong thinking that examination kill education.

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Harikrishna Kallakunta said: (Oct 25, 2017)  
Good evening friends,

In my point of view, examinations is good for testing our knowledge on topics what we learnt in colleges or schools or any other places. But, because of some external forces students feel like stress and pressure in examinations.

In India, some educational institutions and parents are making force to get good marks to their students and children. It is good but it should be a certain limit. Because parents are telling to their children like this " you should get good marks otherwise you will not get success in your life. " with this words students studied hard and they by hart the concepts whether they understand or not.

According to me because of the above reason, most of the students are not getting jobs because of they are unable to do practical things and they are losing their thinking abilities.

Thank you.

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Rajesh said: (Oct 15, 2017)  
I think examinations are good or bad, it is decided by the student's perspective. If a student treats examinations like a platform to test his knowledge then it is good for them, but if he treats it like a burden, then he or she may get stressed about studying for examinations.

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Savitar said: (Oct 15, 2017)  
From my perspective, I think that examinations must be continued with education system. It checks our ability to apply concepts and knowledge to the problem being asked. It checks our ability to perform in a difficult situation as well.

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Mahesh Channe said: (Oct 6, 2017)  
Well, according to my view, examinations are the basic need for judging yourself that how knowledge that gained to you. Also, the examination will improve our skill to reading and hardworking. Without examination, their is nothing parameter on the basis of which we send to this student to next stage. So I think its a basic need.

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Deeksha said: (Oct 5, 2017)  
Examinations for me are something which helps us to judge ourselves, our performance. To check if we are giving our efforts in right direction. So to me, examinations are very important.

But for the point has it killed education, has two sides. As in many schools and colleges and even in many homes students are being forced to score. So in such case, it may occur that student may lose his/her focus on understanding things and knowing things practically to just scoring marks.

But when a student is given freedom to learn in what so ever way they wish to study, they are able to better explore things and examinations become an add-on to their preparation like a guide.

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Naman Gupta said: (Oct 4, 2017)  
Hello guys.

Well, I think that examinations are a good way to check out the student's performance in school but it's not the best way to improvise your educational skills. It's just a mere way of how well a student can memorize or how hard he can work. But in today's world we just not need to work hard, instead we need to work in a smarter way and that can only be built by usage of that knowledge into practical life.

So the schools should more focus on the practical implications of education instead of making it a mere way of boredom to just memorize and top in the exams.

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Ms Rakshit said: (Sep 30, 2017)  
Absolutely no. Examination is a necessary thing un education by which we can measure our performance. We can determine how much we have learnt. Also we can rectify our faults and motivate to study more. If we score good in examination then it brings us confidence. Similarly, if we score less in examination then we try to boost our knowledge. Examination helps us to create a healthy competitive atmosphere. But sometimes we take too much stress to sustain this competitive atmosphere. Sometimes it creates mental pressure. So we have to balance it and motivate ourselves for achieving goals.

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Yash Matalia said: (Sep 22, 2017)  
Hi, I am Yash Matalia.

According to my point of view, Examination is nothing but, check the mental ability of the students in under stressful condition. Without examination, How we can check the ability of students? so, the examination is the best way to check the ability of students. Examinations can develop the mind of student & enhance his ability. The result is depending on our hard-work. If a student will hard work then he will have a good result. So, the examination has not killed education but enhance our ability.

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Veeramani said: (Sep 21, 2017)  
It can't be says that all the examination kills the education. It is useful for to analyse ourself in particular area, but it is depends on the questions. It should test our understanding level, not only our memory capacity level.

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Examinations - has it killed education

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