Examinations - has it killed education

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Sohan said:   2 years ago
Yes, in my opinion, it has killed the students.

Evey parents and teachers wats their kids to score 90% above marks in the examination which creates pressure and it provokes the students in doing suicide.

2. It hampers the real growth of students because getting low marks in examination makes the students in self-doubt.

3. Due to not performing good in the exams it lost the interest of students in the study.

4. It persuade the students for cramming.

In my conclusion, the examination is important but it should not be the only parameter for judging the student's real ability students should leave to explore different domains and it is evaluated.

MUGDHA said:   2 years ago
Examinations should be the source for testing the skills of the students that what exactly they have learnt in the entire year. But nowadays, it is really sad to see that examinations have lost their meanings. They have just become the piece of paper and a burden for students- that too not for learning but of getting the highest marks in the class. And to a good extent, I would say that it's the parents and teachers who are responsible for this as they compare one student with another irrespective of thinking that every student has a unique quality. Education is not just academic knowledge. Education completes one's life by letting know how to be a good person, how to behave in society, how to respect your elders, how to be a responsible citizen and what not!

The examination should examine the student wholly and that's it. Marks are just numbers! And just temporary happiness which is of no use in the long run!


Hina said:   2 years ago
Hello everyone,

I think examination is very important to check how much we understand. It doesn't kill education actually it is a part of education. Without assessments, it becomes difficult to know our weaker areas.

Mitali saramgi said:   2 years ago
I think this is right that examination has killed education.

But in my opinion, exam is not exam they are wasting your half-life because if we go deeper we will see that some student that study not at all they start studying one day before the exam and they passed liked 70 to75 per cent or above that not the real way of the exam.

The exam should be taken by practically because it shows how kid or teenager had learnt the thing not like on paper that's wrong I think.

Thank you.

Mungkhan lungphi said:   2 years ago
Hi friends.

As per the question, my point of view, yes examination kill education, because most of our parents think that education is the way to success, with that they force us to get good marks in the exam, so every student has own abilities to study, they can't force us to study if we are not interested, with that some students surrender their life, and another point is that it depends on us, how we are going to face exam if we are interested in the study and we had prepared well then there will be no tension, so friends we have to make our choice that make us happy.

AmresH prajapati said:   2 years ago
Hello guys.

According to me, the examination is not to way check the abilities of students. Learning power had been finished by examination.

If a student did hard work before the one-day exam he will pass his exam but he will not have perfect knowledge. Many students are frustrated about the exam.

Isha Dash said:   3 years ago
According to me, Yes, examination has killed education, especially in India. It's because our education system solely concerns more about theories than practical knowledge about the subject. The innovate ideas of the students are buried inside.

The students of this generation go on completing the whole syllabus one night before the exam, they just memorise the concepts and don't understand the practical implementation of them.

Parents pressurise their children to get good grades and keep on comparing with other students, which causes anxiety, depression and frustration.

So, I think exams should be a test of knowledge and shouldn't turn to be the reason of depression.

Tinku Paul said:   3 years ago
Hi friends.

According to me, everything has both good and bad side. Yes, all the students are not in the same category. Some of the students they like to read and prepare for exam and accordingly they sit the exam, they get their result and some of the students they are not very attentive only at the time of exam they read and manage their exam and maybe they pass. But some of the students they are very regular sometimes they get upset because of maybe he or she not get the marks as per their expectation but those not regular their study he/she gets good marks. Sometimes we see some of the students they are very nervous maybe they are regular but at the time of the exam, they can't compete maybe they fell ill. But without education authority cannot get the chance for the next class. Actually we see some of the students they have very good knowledge and very regular in their study but at the time of exam they don't get results as per their expectations but some of the students they don't want to read but at the time of the exam, they get very good marks. As they get the good marks they can get a chance anywhere but fewer marks he will not get chance I e sometimes students get upset.

Salman Pathan said:   3 years ago
Good afternoon to all.

Personally, I think, the examination has killed the talent of a lot of students because still some students have that kind of knowledge which they expressed more freely through practicals than theory. Lots of students only getting marks than theoretical knowledge and at the time of the interview they failed because at that time your practical knowledge matters and that you can express freely because you experienced it. If exams conducted then they should focus 20% on theory and 80% on practical including viva.


Priya said:   3 years ago
Hello friends,

I'm Priya from VLB.

As this topic examination - has it killed education,

OK, I'm going to express my point of view and I would like to state my opinion,

The examination is not judging our knowledge. This is a temporary to increase our confidence level. Many students have a lot of talents. So examination is one step in our education level. But it is not our life. To show any talent to achieve our success.

Thanks for giving the opportunity.

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