Do Beauty and Brains Go Together?

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Shayoni said:   1 month ago
In my opinion, beauty and intelligence cannot be measured objectively. Intelligence is multifaceted and cannot be fully captured through IQ tests alone.

Similarly, attractiveness is subjective and varies from person to person, encompassing both inner and outer beauty. The relationship between these traits varies widely among individuals. Every person possesses unique forms of beauty and intelligence. Therefore, beauty and brains are always intertwined, each individual embodying both in their distinct way.

Subodh Kumar Das said:   11 months ago
Beauty and the brain never go together.

There can no one in the cosmos beautiful as well as brainy simultaneously. This is a nature's play not to embellish one with the two virtues at one go lest both facets should lose their values.

Similar to the effect - wealth and happiness don't go together. The choice is left to one's wisdom. Worldly injustice is embarked upon " Most beautiful women in the world are foolish.

Thank You.

Bhawana said:   2 years ago
In my opinion beauty and brain go together because Beauty is two type.

Inner beauty and outer beauty,

Inner beauty is kindness, respect to others, being friendly in nature, a positive attitude that is inner beauty. Outer beauty is not so important because its outer is only for a short time and inner beauty is always with you. The brain is important for us because if we have a good Brain so we have great knowledge about different things, there are so many thoughts in our brain.

In the end, I want to say if there is no inner beauty in a human being and they have a good Brain so it's not so good because if you have no inner beauty means you have no ethics, no manners, rude to others, your attitude is sometimes over attitude so beauty and brain both go together.

Subham Bokaro said:   3 years ago
I would like to start by saying that inner look is always better than outer look because it generates self-confidence, Perception, thinking, and self-realization, etc.

Beauty and Brain both are important but without a brain, there is no values of beauty. Beauty means outer look when we go for the interview, they judge and examine our personality, Expression, Dressing Style and body movement, etc as the people say "The first impression is the Last impression" but ultimately they select you on the basis of your skills, talent, and problem-solving approach, etc. So, all these factors depend on the brain. If any someone strong from the inner look, he easily live their life anywhere with dignity but its vice-versa is not like that. For instance APJ Abdul kalam, K, Sivan, etc. Miss World, Miss universe, models are not only concerned with beauty, judges also check their mindset through various level of Questions so here also brain comes first. Outer beauty goes with time, but inner beauty remains with you until the last time. The way I see it, both are important aspects of our life, but without a brain, there is no beauty in life.

Kartik said:   3 years ago
Beauty and brains have no correlation. It is definitely not necessary that a person who is beautiful will have intelligence as well. There are many people who are somewhat ugly but are highly intelligent. The strongest example can be of Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, a renowned scientist and the former President of India. Though, he does not look good much, yet he is one of the most intelligent and highly respectable personalities of India.

Rakesh debata said:   4 years ago
Good afternoon friends.

I am here to enlighten a topic that Beauty and brain go together beauty means a person bearing a physical outlook with man made cosmetic and it is just for some time limit unfortunately one day people loss along with age but beauty in brain that never dies It also expolore more to more along with age in the real modern world people think that only our beauty attracts other person but now in Today generation beauty need a beautiful brain but otherwise that outer beauty is in no use.

In our surroundings, some people persent along with great outer beauty but when we interact with them we knowing that person doesn't having brain along with beauty so I concluded that a person make their beauty along with brain beacuse one day that outer beauty goes away but along with that Beauty brain is allready created a inner beauty inside us that never dies or lost along with age thank you to all.

Mayurakshi Basu said:   4 years ago
I do believe with proper knowledge and education one can be able to define 'beauty' in true sense or to be precise one can do proper justice to ' being beautiful'. We as a women often consider ourselves as commodity to get valued by others in terms of beauty and forget that beauty and brain go hand in hand. No beauty is there if someone is having lack of common sense and lack of originality. The plastic beauty is not the eternal since it never appreciates the uniqueness and individual differences.

Smiti said:   4 years ago
Yes, I think beauty &brain goes together. According to me, person who have brain are more beautiful. Brain gives us confidence, success&balanced perspective. Brain is just required in every part of life, on how we act, how we talk to others, also in understanding feelings of others. People with brain are more understanding in nature. There is no beauty without brain and if it is then it is useless. Outer beauty goes with time, but inner beauty remains.

Tinku paul said:   4 years ago
Hi friends - According to me, beauty and brain go together because of some of the exceptional things God gifted and some of the things people have to nurture. If someone he or she thinks she has to presentable then he will make it manage and as well as knowledge comes the power of people gather their knowledge then automatically confidence comes and anybody wants he/she make it presentable but God gifted things are different. Those people conscious and he acquired the knowledge he or she is able to do anything. Hard work is the key to success.

Samra said:   4 years ago
Good Afternoon People.

I'm So happy and fortunate to have a talk on the topic :.

Do Beauty and Brains Go Together?

Beauty is something that makes a person attractive and interesting, while the brain makes the person sharp and sarcastic as well as respectful and humble.

In my opinion, "Beauty and Brain Go together". I have been around many people who are really admiring and humble and also they were the most confident, ambitious, educated human beings.

In our society beauty is unfortunately seen as the physical outlook of a person, but inner beauty is most significant. A person who has a good heart, smile more often, stays calm and peaceful, don't annoy people, respect others and follow all the basic mannerism while there are some people who are beautiful by looks but as they open their mouth all they say is disrespectful words which only hurt the feelings of others.

A beautiful heart with an intellectual mind appears from distance. People like them are often more confident, don't judge others or manipulate their thoughts. We have an example of an actress named Taapsee, not only she is charming and attractive but also an engineer.

Thus I would like to conclude that as we grow older and older physical attributes becomes more and more secondary to other qualities like kindness, intellect thus a good heart with a sharp brain goes well.

Example- our teachers, professors etc.

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