Do Beauty and Brains Go Together?

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Preeti mishra said:   8 years ago
Hello friends.

Well, everyone can have their own perception of this thing that whether beauty and brain can go together or not.

According to me, if we look at the present scenario, beauty plays a very important role in our lives before discussing anything about the relation of beauty with a brain I would like to say that. What according to me beauty exactly means, beauty for me is a thing of joy forever, beauty is something that never fades from one's life. It is something that is not inherited from somewhere rather, we create it. Being beautiful is not about having good looks, pleasant personality, it is the way you represent yourself. It is the way you talk to others, being beautiful according to me has nothing to do with the looks.

Having a beautiful heart and a pleasant personality is what makes you beautiful and when we talk about brain. Brain is the functional part of our body system. Well, who says beauty has nothing to do with the brain, in today's world, it had become one of the important things.

Beauty always adds to brain. I am not saying that brain alone isn't enough to achieve something but yes of course if have beauty with brain, there is always a kind of greater probability of having success in a particular thing. Beauty alone is never capable of achieving something for me, beauty is all about your personality. What kind of person you are and yes brain is always required to utilize this beauty in a better way. So all that I would like to say is beauty and brain can of course go together. No doubt as my friends are saying that there are so many people who aren't beautiful had achieved so many things in their lives. But as I had already explained beauty has nothing to do with the outer looks rather it is all about one's soul, one's personality. That is what makes you different from all others that is what makes you the most beautiful one.

Samra said:   4 years ago
Good Afternoon People.

I'm So happy and fortunate to have a talk on the topic :.

Do Beauty and Brains Go Together?

Beauty is something that makes a person attractive and interesting, while the brain makes the person sharp and sarcastic as well as respectful and humble.

In my opinion, "Beauty and Brain Go together". I have been around many people who are really admiring and humble and also they were the most confident, ambitious, educated human beings.

In our society beauty is unfortunately seen as the physical outlook of a person, but inner beauty is most significant. A person who has a good heart, smile more often, stays calm and peaceful, don't annoy people, respect others and follow all the basic mannerism while there are some people who are beautiful by looks but as they open their mouth all they say is disrespectful words which only hurt the feelings of others.

A beautiful heart with an intellectual mind appears from distance. People like them are often more confident, don't judge others or manipulate their thoughts. We have an example of an actress named Taapsee, not only she is charming and attractive but also an engineer.

Thus I would like to conclude that as we grow older and older physical attributes becomes more and more secondary to other qualities like kindness, intellect thus a good heart with a sharp brain goes well.

Example- our teachers, professors etc.

Daksha Jha said:   6 years ago
Yes, beauty and brains always go together because they are inter dependent on each other. Beauty is what you appear outside but that appearance itself depends on inner qualities, i.e. the way we think, the way we desire to live, our goals in life, what we eat, etc Even if a person is born with a very pretty face, but without confidence there is no beauty. This confidence is not god- gifted. It comes with constant efforts to achieve g goals in life. When one achieves things in life with great hard work, it boosts the person's confidence. Working hard for achieving a certain goal is not possible without living a disciplined life. Even to look attractive physically, one needs to lead a healthy lifestyle (eat the right food, extra activities) etc. It is the brain which plays a great role here. It is the knowledge which we gain that protects us from problems and helps us achieve goals by implementing it. Sometimes this knowledge is acquired by reading or maybe personnel experiences. So, it is basically intelligence without which beauty is not attainable. Similarly, if the appearance of a person is attractive, automatically the person feels confident from within and it is the this confidence which acts as the driving force that helps the person become more intelligent. Both are crucial aspects of life, incomplete without each other.

Md Irfan Ali said:   9 years ago
According to my view, beauty and brains do not always go together as we all might have seen various examples in our society that some people are very good in their working and education and have a very sharp mind but don't have physical beauty. Here I wanna tell you what do you mean by beauty. Beauty may be inner beauty and physical beauty. Inner beauty that's a different matter.

But as we are concern with physical beauty, it may go together with brain or may not be. It depends on the circumstances where we deal with. Most likely, beauty does no go with the brain but with an ugly person as I can say if you have beauty, invariably you will be more focused on showing your beauty fullness rather than improving your intellectual. On the other side we see that people who does not have beauty will be more attentive in doing something better. As we delve into the matter we see that.

Beauty and brains are different thing, you can't say that a person with beauty does not have a brain or a person with a brain does not have beauty. It depends on the state of our mind how do we think. Generally it has been seen that a person who looks better and has a beauty are more focused on their beauty rather than in improving their brain. I think it's good if you are endowed with beauty by the almighty god then you must improve it.

Vanshika agarwal said:   8 years ago
Hi, friends.

The topic beauty or brain is definitely interesting and requires a lot of brains to think over it. I did read all the replies and pretty much every reply talks brain over beauty as one perspective so I would like to talk about other beauty over brain.

Beauty itself has a very wide scope, limiting it with just external appearance is not a wise choice. It's only the way one perceive it. For for some, being intelligent is a beauty. How one talks, walks, behave, thinks etc all determines beauty. Brain with wise thoughts and intellect is considered beautiful. People who are kind and generous are beautiful. It's not necessary that everyone is born genius but everyone can be beautiful just by mending some of its habits. Maybe that's the reason why humans tend to find beauty in everything be it nature, people or nonliving objects. Beauty provides peace and tranquility to a person that's why a spiritually enlighted soul is considered beautiful. And not to forget GOD is beautiful, truth is beautiful, love is beautiful and all emotions that tend to make you live even for a day more is beautiful. As Keat said "truth is beauty, beauty is truth. Ye all know on earth and all ye need to know".

Feriha said:   7 years ago
Hello everyone.

Beauty and brain is a rare combination but when they meet it becomes dynamite. But we can't compare these two attributes, which is more important, as beauty lies in the eyes of beholder. Brain requires hard work to make it sharp as we all know and for me beauty means inner beauty. Because a fare face fade, but a beautiful soul last forever. In interview and many more things judges or interviewer don't check how beautiful or handsome we are they just check how capable we are. However physical appearance matters too such as your way of talking, attitude etc. In fact in beauty contest, a diva can't win if she hasn't brain and presence of mind. Knowledge is a power and a good mind possesses a kingdom which a beauty can't. Nepoleon hill wrote, "whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve. And according to me beauty at most depend on us, are we really feel ourselves beautiful? because when we don't feel that we are beauteous how others will think that we are.

In short, if brain and beauty meets together its bang up. But as its not generic and I believe there is more wiser than beautiful people. So its better not to mix these two quantities together.

Rikita Rana said:   8 years ago
Yes, In terms of professional field, beauty with a brain can work together because beauty means the personality of the person in the professional field and brain plays an important part to make some professional decisions.

According to my point of view, I can say that beauty with a brain can work together because there is real life example in front of us like Benazir Bhutto, She is the most beautiful lady and she is a strong political person also.

Beauty doesn't mean that it's only regarding person's look, a person looks smart. According to my point of view, beauty means a person must have good positive thinking, good motivational thoughts, pleasing personality, smiling face who can encourage other, help to other persons, caring nature.

And if I talk about the brain, it is the main functional part of the body which is useful to make strong decisions in life. We must do any work with the guidance of our brain but we must listen to our heart to take some decisions by our decisions other persons must not be affected.

When brain plays important role in a professional field than our pleasing personality, soft nature also plays important role to maintain professionalism.

Subham Bokaro said:   3 years ago
I would like to start by saying that inner look is always better than outer look because it generates self-confidence, Perception, thinking, and self-realization, etc.

Beauty and Brain both are important but without a brain, there is no values of beauty. Beauty means outer look when we go for the interview, they judge and examine our personality, Expression, Dressing Style and body movement, etc as the people say "The first impression is the Last impression" but ultimately they select you on the basis of your skills, talent, and problem-solving approach, etc. So, all these factors depend on the brain. If any someone strong from the inner look, he easily live their life anywhere with dignity but its vice-versa is not like that. For instance APJ Abdul kalam, K, Sivan, etc. Miss World, Miss universe, models are not only concerned with beauty, judges also check their mindset through various level of Questions so here also brain comes first. Outer beauty goes with time, but inner beauty remains with you until the last time. The way I see it, both are important aspects of our life, but without a brain, there is no beauty in life.

Anjali said:   9 years ago
Dear friends,

Do Beauty and Brains Together?

Yes, Exactly. God Gave Such A Wonderful Gifts to Everyone. But Few members only Utilizing that.

For Example:

Suppose in the case one Beautiful Women or Handsome boy are going to attend the interview. At the Time they are not Using Brain. What it will be happen? simply they will reject. Without Brain we can't do anything Properly. As well as If we want to make our self beauty means for that also We need brain only. This is EXTERNAL BEAUTY.


But the inner way of beauty is kindness, caring, Loving, etc. Now I would like to Call Mother Theresa very kindness and spiritual life. We need only INNER Beauty.

Some peoples are looking very beauty. But If they are annoying, arrogant etc. Mean its Waste only. That's Why we need inner beauty.

Few of Peoples are not working Brain Properly. But many of them Using Wonderful.

Example: DR. A.P.J ABDUL KALAM, etc.

Without Brain we can't think anything proper way. Then We have lot of Scientist in this World. So Brain is very important at the same time We need Inner Beauty.

So We Can say Brain And Beauty Can Go Together.

Anshu said:   5 years ago
According to me,

Beauty and Brains are two unrelated concepts. They have no correlation in between them. As it is not important for a person to be beautiful in order to have brains. Nor a person who has brains is termed as beautiful.

When we look at a person's beauty we see how they look which is external to a person and comes naturally. However, when we ponder about the brain of a person we tend to analyse how they think, their intelligence, caliber which is internal to a person and is achieved through hard work and practice.

Outer beauty fades away with time but the knowledge we possess remains with us for a lifetime. Therefore, we can say that beauty is a tangible asset which keeps on depreciating and brain is an intangible asset which can be appreciated with mere hard work.

However, the society we live in has a habit of giving more or equivalent value to external beauty which is not correct.

Both these terms play a really important role in the society and a person must maintain a proper balance between the two and brain shall be given a slight edge over beauty.

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