Do Beauty and Brains Go Together?

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Arvind said:   9 years ago
'Beauty and brain', really very interesting topic. Inner beauty is characteristic of soul within and brain is gifted to soul to have better life. So one should use brain to make one more beautiful by develop good qualities which would help him as well as others. For e.g. Ajim Premji is big personality and also known for his charity and donations. He uses brain and increasing his inner beauty.

An intelligent person will never endeavor hard just to maintain physical beauty will perish in due course of time. But he do the same amount of hard work for mankind. This will only make one's life great and successful. But now a days it is a rare combination of brain and beauty. Inner beauty can be gained only by following some great personalities from ancient vedic civilization, great leaders of recent times, and mostly the scriptures.

Country like India gave birth to many wonderful and great personalities who had both and they made country great. For e.g. Chanakya pandita, Prithvi raj chauhan, Shivaji rao, Mahatma gandhi, Swami Vivekanand etc.

M.V. Divya Surabhi said:   9 years ago
Hello there.

When we come to a discussion of beauty, we must keep in mind that beauty doesn't always mean the external affinity. There is something known as an inner beauty as well. External beauty is just flamboyant, whereas the inner beauty signifies a person's talent, his ideas, moods, emotions, behavior, talents and many more; and this is the thing which lasts forever.

Now if we talk about brain, it is the main part of our body, without which we cannot think or do any work properly. Let me exemplify this - we all know about a handicapped scientist, named Stephen Hawking. He can neither walk nor talk, and just see his brilliant inventions. How did he do that ? Because of his ingeniously working brain. #Respect.

All in all, I would conclude that even for a good talent, the use of brain is must, which also further reveals the inner beauty. So, if no brain, no talent. No talent, no beauty. Therefore I would prefer brain over beauty.

Rakesh debata said:   4 years ago
Good afternoon friends.

I am here to enlighten a topic that Beauty and brain go together beauty means a person bearing a physical outlook with man made cosmetic and it is just for some time limit unfortunately one day people loss along with age but beauty in brain that never dies It also expolore more to more along with age in the real modern world people think that only our beauty attracts other person but now in Today generation beauty need a beautiful brain but otherwise that outer beauty is in no use.

In our surroundings, some people persent along with great outer beauty but when we interact with them we knowing that person doesn't having brain along with beauty so I concluded that a person make their beauty along with brain beacuse one day that outer beauty goes away but along with that Beauty brain is allready created a inner beauty inside us that never dies or lost along with age thank you to all.

Prince said:   7 years ago
I think the term "beauty" is misleading here. And we should distinguish between inner beauty and outer beauty. And in my opinion, outer beauty is of no relevance I mean today, by means of plastic surgery any person can transform into whatever he/she pleases to. And above all, any person with whatever skin colour or any face-cut is the most beautiful person for his/her mother; no matter how the society looks upon him/ her. Therefore, when we talk about "beauty".

It has to be inner beauty. And this inner beauty can be acquired by knowledge. Just pick any personality, what we find most striking about them is their inner beauty, they have a heart of diamond and there is a simple relation which governs here: if you have a heart of gold or diamond then you are magnanimous which means you are very wise. So I think yes! Beauty and brains do go hand in hand.

I think that suffices.

Anomii said:   6 years ago
A point as a start:

1. Yes, beauty is in eye of beholder, but there us a universal widely accepted definition of it.

It's like risk. It's individual but is priced and quantified eg by insurance companies. Same with beauty. Yes it's personal, but definitely it too is quantified eg miss universe pagents. Look at the contestants. All of a similar type. So yes, that's quantification of beauty, same with magazine covers etc.

Now to answer the question:

No scientific link exists (and will likely never be). Therefore, conclusions can only be drawn from statistics and observations.

From my observations, it follows the normal distribution - about 10% have both beauty and brains (these are the truly lucky ones, akin to winning the lottery of life).

10% have neither beauty nor brains, 80% are in the middle somewhere where they have a bit of both (but not too much if either).

Shivi said:   9 years ago
Hey friend,

Yes I think beauty and brains go together. Lets walk the talk with examples. Our great former PM Indra Gandhi a beautiful lady with enough brains and courage to lead a complex nation like India. Miss.Aishwarya Rai former miss world. She had a great acting career and did lots of charitable work number one becomes miss world without answering the question of judging panel few them are of Gk as well.

Then we have Emma Watson, the great actress and an women rights ambassador. We have Miss.Dilma Rouseff, Miss.Sania Mirza to name a few they did have brains to lead, to excel in their respective careers.

Yes, beauty and brains go together for sure. Many of our women can be seen playing lead roles in armed forces, as CEO, as Doctors, Bankers, Scientists name any field. They possess tremendous intelligence and yes they all are beautiful as well.

Rohan said:   4 years ago
According to me, Beauty and the brain both work together. When our brain is mentally fit and make a good decision about people, society then beauty automatically reflects to person. Inner beauty is most connected to our brain but nowadays, our society is attracted only the outer beauty of a person. Yes, it is necessary nowadays to attract someone and physically fit but without inner beauty outer beauty how it is grow? And without a healthy and mentally fit brain inner beauty does not come. For beauty and brain exercise is god for fit both the term. In inner beauty give us kindness, heart, behavior, etc. Everything is not only looking handsome. Without intellectual brain no beauty is growing, because if we have a good brain to take a decision or choice of clothes, food, & which person how we talked all its come to brain and present it by beauty.

Amit said:   5 years ago
Yes both beauty and brain goes together. The real meaning of beauty is to attract anyone. But it should not be confused with the facial one because that is not real. That last only for few years. Our real beauty is our character which when properly developed. There is statement that our achievements and accomplishments enables one to appreciate from his mind while our character enables him to appreciate from his heart.

The first principle of character should be serve and love each other. If these principles are followed then the brain will automatically works in a perfect direction with high enthusiasm to achieve something which might not only fruitful to him but also for the society.

As philosophy without religion cannot be effective or could not show its essence similarly the brain without beauty will not create its effective essence.

Chinmai Tyagi said:   9 years ago
First of all I would like to know why it everyone is against beauty and only with mind to get through in life?

Basically I mean that why can't beauty & brain stay together. There are so many examples of beauty with brain like if you take the Aishwarya Rai Bachchan who acts in movies, didn't that beautiful woman took her career so well? Why just her even the Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg. Don't you guys think he is beautiful? I mean we should not say about someone that look at him/her he /she is so intelligent and even so good looking.

We should see the two qualities differently. And for some beauty is the key to get successful and for some brain is the key to become successful, so these two should be judged separately, as the will to grow towards betterment matters, hard work matters whether its the field of beauty or brains!

Joseph Antony said:   7 years ago
In my point of view, it is just a paradox that beauty and brains go together. As many people said above beauty is not just about looks, it's also about purity of thoughts and our soul. So not even inner beauty go hand in hand with brain and it's the same scenario with beauty of physique. It's not a compulsion for a brainy boy/girl to look attractive and a beautiful girl/boy to be intelligent. Moreover beauty is not at all about how others feel about you but how you feel and how you carry yourself. So more confident we are,more intelligent and more beautiful we will be. Some people were just naturally gifted with looks and if their heart and brain is perfect, at that instance beauty and brains would definitely go together. It's just a bonus for an intelligent person to be beautiful and not a prime requirement.

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