Do Beauty and Brains Go Together?

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K.Leela Aparna Devi said:   9 years ago
In my opinion both beauty and brains are together.

But this is possible only sometimes. More over that we cannot define any ones mind only seeing them. Because external appearance may or may not good for every one who really having more knowledge.

So don't over estimate or under estimate any person only based on beauty.

Priya said:   9 years ago

In my opinion beauty and brains go together.

Beauty doesn't mean external beauty, what the true meaning of beauty is how beautiful you are by heart, the way you behave, your emotions, kindness, sympathy as well as empathy towards others. Note that others do not include only your well-knowns but also unknowns and different species too. The More you start possessing the former qualities, the more beautiful you will become after each passing day. To be brainy means you can understand the true definition of beauty and will not rely on making yourself externally beautiful but to purify your heart!

Rohit said:   9 years ago
BEAUTY is come from inside. If your confidence level is high, you are honest for every one.

Then beauty come automatically. No only means of beauty you looking good.

"FACE IS INDEX OF HUMAN BRAIN" or brain attach to your thinking, behavior etc.

If you want to find your beauty then work on yourself. Beauty not found in creams, soaps, etc.

M.V. Divya Surabhi said:   9 years ago
Hello there.

When we come to a discussion of beauty, we must keep in mind that beauty doesn't always mean the external affinity. There is something known as an inner beauty as well. External beauty is just flamboyant, whereas the inner beauty signifies a person's talent, his ideas, moods, emotions, behavior, talents and many more; and this is the thing which lasts forever.

Now if we talk about brain, it is the main part of our body, without which we cannot think or do any work properly. Let me exemplify this - we all know about a handicapped scientist, named Stephen Hawking. He can neither walk nor talk, and just see his brilliant inventions. How did he do that ? Because of his ingeniously working brain. #Respect.

All in all, I would conclude that even for a good talent, the use of brain is must, which also further reveals the inner beauty. So, if no brain, no talent. No talent, no beauty. Therefore I would prefer brain over beauty.

Maya said:   9 years ago
Hai friends.

Beauty is gift of god. When we hear word beauty we suddenly think about our external beauty. But no, beauty can also our inner beauty too. Suppose if we see a beautiful girl and we are very much impressed too. But her behavior and her way of talking is not good. Whatever beauty we felt will melt like ice cream.

So one word to people with beauty and brain. They are really gift of god. So try to utilize that gift without harming others.


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