Do Beauty and Brains Go Together?

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Rohan said:   4 years ago
According to me, Beauty and the brain both work together. When our brain is mentally fit and make a good decision about people, society then beauty automatically reflects to person. Inner beauty is most connected to our brain but nowadays, our society is attracted only the outer beauty of a person. Yes, it is necessary nowadays to attract someone and physically fit but without inner beauty outer beauty how it is grow? And without a healthy and mentally fit brain inner beauty does not come. For beauty and brain exercise is god for fit both the term. In inner beauty give us kindness, heart, behavior, etc. Everything is not only looking handsome. Without intellectual brain no beauty is growing, because if we have a good brain to take a decision or choice of clothes, food, & which person how we talked all its come to brain and present it by beauty.

Manjary said:   4 years ago
Yes friends, according to me beauty and brain go together. Beauty lies in the intelligent brain. If you have a balanced brain means you can manage both your intelligence and emotions and you can express yourself in beautiful way and that make you a attractive personality.

Krishna said:   4 years ago
Hi friends,

According to me, Beauty lies in the brain. In this sense I not meant by outer beauty, I am just talking about inner beauty that lies in our mind. Beauty is not about having a pretty face or a handsome personality. Beauty is about something that lies in a person's mind. If a person has a kind heart, pragmatic thinking and a kind soul though he/she is not very good looking has beauty and brain together.

So, yes, I think Beauty and Brain can go together.

Thank you!

Vaishali said:   4 years ago
Hello all.

I think beauty and brain do go together. Here beauty is not outer appearance but in a sense of the inner personality of people. In our society persons look to hold the most important people also judge other people based on their looks.

Does intelligent people are not beautiful?

Does beautiful person are not intelligent?

So, in my opinion, beauty and brain do go together.

Sri Indumathi said:   5 years ago
I personally believe that beauty lies in the brain. Beauty is always relative. Have you ever felt this? A person who you rated as "ugly" could turn into the most beautiful person who has ever walked into your life after you get to know him/her and the person who looked so beautiful becomes ugly when you get to know their true color. Our eye sees and judges based on the stereotype built by our society in the first go. Then as we get to know the person for who he or she is our opinions change. The outside never matters. All that matters is who you are inside and people will see that one day or another. So yes. Beauty is the brain.

Sushma said:   5 years ago
Hello everyone, today we are going to discuss the topic 'Do Beauty and Brain Go Together?'.

According to me, beauty and brain do not go together. Because many people have the brain and do not have beauty and at the same time many people have beauty but they do not have the brain at all. There is hardly cases, where we can see the brain along with beauty.

Pinki said:   5 years ago
In my point of view, beauty is as much important as the brain. Because whenever the person meets anyone, first the person who is in front of us will analyze our beauty then, later on, try to know the concept of our Brain.

Anshu said:   5 years ago
According to me,

Beauty and Brains are two unrelated concepts. They have no correlation in between them. As it is not important for a person to be beautiful in order to have brains. Nor a person who has brains is termed as beautiful.

When we look at a person's beauty we see how they look which is external to a person and comes naturally. However, when we ponder about the brain of a person we tend to analyse how they think, their intelligence, caliber which is internal to a person and is achieved through hard work and practice.

Outer beauty fades away with time but the knowledge we possess remains with us for a lifetime. Therefore, we can say that beauty is a tangible asset which keeps on depreciating and brain is an intangible asset which can be appreciated with mere hard work.

However, the society we live in has a habit of giving more or equivalent value to external beauty which is not correct.

Both these terms play a really important role in the society and a person must maintain a proper balance between the two and brain shall be given a slight edge over beauty.

Amit said:   5 years ago
Yes both beauty and brain goes together. The real meaning of beauty is to attract anyone. But it should not be confused with the facial one because that is not real. That last only for few years. Our real beauty is our character which when properly developed. There is statement that our achievements and accomplishments enables one to appreciate from his mind while our character enables him to appreciate from his heart.

The first principle of character should be serve and love each other. If these principles are followed then the brain will automatically works in a perfect direction with high enthusiasm to achieve something which might not only fruitful to him but also for the society.

As philosophy without religion cannot be effective or could not show its essence similarly the brain without beauty will not create its effective essence.

Purnima said:   5 years ago
In my opinion, beauty and brain both are a very important parameter in our life, but I think it will not go simultaneously because if we say beauty then everyone thinks about the external beauty and physical appearance without it people can live. But hardworking is very important if a man hard work every day he can achieve everything without his external beauty. The most appreciated person A.P.J Abdul kalam who is our 11th president and also a scientist. He is not smart but his hard work and passion for his work give him name fame money power everything.

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