Can we dream of hosting the Olympics?

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Amit said:   7 years ago
Hello friends,

In 2010, Delhi hosted Common wealth games. But Indian authorities were criticized with the management and poor infrastructure. Complain were so much that we Indian felt ashamed. When comes to hosting Olympics, Question is who should we trust with management as corruption is everywhere, it's better to develop current Players and training academy of sports, sorry to say right now we can't waste money and still get ashamed by international players and countries.

So We should not dream about hosting Olympics.

Deep chand pandey said:   7 years ago
Right now we can't dream of hosting the Olympic, it's not the right time as well. We all are dreaming of hosting the Olympic in spite of seeing our status or past performance in the Olympic, we guys expect a lot from our participants but no one have ever thought how much difficult it would be for the participants to practised in India where there are no proper arena for their practices, they even don't have money for their proper diets, so how they will be able to win medals for their nation. So, in my opinion, it would be better for our nation to support our athletes by providing proper arena for their practices and to provide money for their hard work and diet in spite of wasting a big amount in dreaming or planning of hosting the Olympic.

Niza said:   7 years ago
Of course, we can. When we can host commonwealth games why can't we host Olympics? The only difference would be that it would be on a large scale thus will require more contribution to make it successful.

So, first of all, India will need to improve its infrastructure. Without proper infrastructure, no sports can be played. But more importantly by infrastructure, we don't need only big buildings but what we require is sports complex with the most updated technology which should be at par with rest world.

Secondly and I think personally the most significant is there should be proper drinking and sanitation facilities so that players do not face any kind of difficulties.

Thirdly, India needs to improve its road and problem of traffic should be properly dealt. Right now, maximum cities of India are facing frequent power cuts. So the problem of electricity should be completely eradicated because without light we can't do anything. Last is that Indians need a little more hospitable and there are various reports in the news that we call some other country people by some names which should not happen in any case. As being Indian, we are carrying our nation's pride and by making fun of others and by teasing them and calling them with names is just showing how ill mannered we are.

India is a country of welcoming people believing in Athithi Devo Bhava. So we can definitely represent and host Olympics and let people know what they missed till now.

Gaurav Pandey said:   7 years ago
Yes, indeed we can, but the question is 'should we?'. I think we should it is good source of revenue through tourism. It will certainly give a good opportunity for Indian athlete to show their charisma, and also it will give a nudge to the 'all time backward' performance of Indian Olympic Committee and finally people will realise there is more to sports than Cricket.

Rachel said:   7 years ago
Olympics is not about winning, though medals mean a lot, Olympics is about the spirit of sports. If we are given an opportunity to host the Olympics, I think it's a great privilege. And if we think positively our performance in last 2 Olympics has resulted in improvement in sports infrastructure. Stadiums, sports clubs are been constructed many tournaments are been organised. The career of sports is been looking brighter in India then anytime in the past. Now if a mega event like Olympics is organised in our country it will take Indian sports to a next level. I think Olympics can be hosted in India.

Monika said:   7 years ago
In our country, I think development of infrastructure etc is done only when a major event takes place like the commonwealth games which we hosted in 2010. The roads flyovers security maintainence everything got a boost. Though the amount required is huge but it will definately attract the attention of the world and foreign investors will be eager to entire into business in India. Hosting Olympics is a big task but at the end it will not only benefit the economy of India but will also boost the future of sports.

Pallavi Kar said:   7 years ago
According to me India is not do well in Olympics. So. We have to at first made the good infrastructure of sports in India. In school and college, we have to make good sports. For Olympics large playground, stadium, highways, hotel etc will need. It does not only sport it's a great business. For our country it not possible now to conduct Olympics. For our country, it seems big chunk of money, so we can't take this risk.

Manoj Kumar Singh said:   7 years ago
Hosting of events such as Olympics is a dream for every country. It fetches the attention of the world and boosts the hospitality and tourism industry which ultimately becomes beneficial to economy. But hosting of Olympics demands world class infrastructure with huge investment in sports centers, roads, hotels, stadiums and highways. Although ours is a third largest economy of Asia, we are lagging behind in these respect. Further given the existing poverty and other social and economic reasons we are not able to invest much on these items. Lastly, our dismal performance in sports doesn't allow us to go for such a mega event. Finally, we can't dream of hosting the Olympics.

M.Monica said:   7 years ago
Yes, we can host Olympics in our country no one is willing to join in Olympic game. First, we want to improve our own ability in sports from our school and college days itself. "Olympic is not a game its a pride" to our country. We want to give importance to sports and to improve it.

Radhikamanikandan said:   7 years ago
Our country has been not well in Olympics so we don't conduct the Olympic in India. We don't have the infrastructure in our country.

So, first, we have to develop in sports. And we achieve a lot.

Then, we have to implement the Olympics in our country.

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