Can we dream of hosting the Olympics?

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KUNAL GUPTA said:   7 years ago

Why will India dream of hosting Olympics? Is it that important?

Yes, the reason for hosting Olympics is the desire to show pride in their country, the eagerness.

To be in the international spotlight for two weeks, the opportunity to bring new jobs into the.

Community, and to build up tourism to that city and country.

Now as India is developing nation there are certain parameters on which they have work, security.

Issues, media coverage and most importantly 'Olympic Village' which house the athlete's sports arenas and.

Systems. India has to focus on these parameters and the challenges faced can be political and media.


India already had conducted Commonwealth Games recently which gives great exposure for conducting.

International-level tournament. However, this also exposes the lack of management, corruption.

And political interference in sports.

It is an honor for a country to host Olympics and if India can withstand the commitment of getting.

The above said facilities and improving in required areas I think there is no harm in dreaming of an.

Olympic's hosting. And the time is not far when India will host the Olympics with dignity.

Nikita said:   7 years ago
Hello Friends,

In my point of view, we can definitely host Olympics in future. As India is the country whose economy rank is under 10. As we know to conduct Olympics we have to keep an eye on 3 major parameters, big ground which is easily available in India, second is fund that can be arranged by keeping in view the tenure to conduct to the Olympic it can be done by opening the account in the name of Olympic by government and third is the arrangement as we know there are about 200 countries whose 1100 athlete participating,

As our culture is Atithi Devo Bhava so we have to welcome them with honour and keep them safe with dignity.

We can fulfill our dream of hosting Olympics by making sure to work on our security and fund management.

Naveen Singh said:   7 years ago
I think, India have to focus more on their athlete and provide them a better training and infrastructure so that they can perform better in Olympics. As we can see from the last Olympics happened in Rio our player did not perform well. The reason is not that our player doesn't have talent but the reason is that we don't have the proper infrastructure for them and somehow our parent's mindset is that if a child is playing this kind of game he is ruining his career. So firstly we have to change the mindset of the society that every individual is having a different talent and he can do better in his life if he gets a chance to do what he like to do. We have a lot of talented people in rural areas as well but they can't get a better infra to practice and showcase their talent.

So firstly we have to focus in our athlete and once they get a better infrastructure and training, India is ready to host the Olympics as well.

Varun Kumar said:   7 years ago
Hello everyone,

At this moment, I don't think that India is capable enough of hosting the Olympics, reasons been-.

1- A large amount of money is spent in hosting the Olympics. For e.g, the total expenditure of the Rio Olympics is estimated to be around $4. 6 billion, and that of London Olympics 2012 is around $15 billion. In case of India, being a developing country, spending such a huge amount may not be a wise decision. Instead, we should spend this money on other fields like in medicines, science, technology, research etc.

2- India is constantly in threat of terrorist attacks, and has witnessed a number of ceasefire violations by Pakistan. In order to host the Olympics, India first needs to address the security issues which are pertaining here. In order to ensure the security of around 25000 delegates/representatives (or more) from different nations, a large amount of money, as well as security personnel, are needed.

3- India had hosted the 2010 Commonwealth games, in which around 71 countries participated. This was supposed to be the proud moment for India, but eventually, became the shameful moment, because of the various scams, poor management and several other controversies.

Keeping in mind, the above points, I think that at this present scenario, India is not in the position to host Olympics. Thanks a lot.

Sudeep Saxena said:   7 years ago
I must say that currently there is no need to spend money on such ambitious and extravagant plans. India has lot of other problems to deal with. It would take a huge amount of money for the government to build a convincingly world-class arena to host an Olympic event. And this could make way for some high-ranking, influential and corrupt officials to fill their own pockets by using the government funds allocated to the development of arena to stage the event.

We recently saw that there was a strong feeling of dissent among the general public of Brazil and Rio De Janeiro in particular, because of excessively huge funds being allocated for the games while there were many problems in the management of the city which required proper attention and efforts to deal with. It was the public who would suffer when the city authorities could not have enough funds to keep the infrastructure of the city running smoothly.

Greece is another example, which is still suffering from a financial crisis partly because of huge spendings on the hosting of Olympic games in Athens in 2004. It is not that the hosting of Olympic games was the only reason for financial downfall of Greece- corruption in government has also played a major role in it. But allocating a huge budget for the games certainly took its toll on the relatively small economy of the nation.

And do we really need to mention that how badly we performed when it came to hosting a major sporting event in the form of Commonwealth Games in 2010? Do we really think that India has come a long way since then and has improved significantly on corruption index since then? Do we really think that the current ruling party is very efficient and "clean" enough to carry out its supposed tasks of "healthy and corruption free rule" without any issues? I think the answer to all of these is no. There are lot of issues to deal with at the moment and it is not wise to think of hosting an event as big as Olympics.

We are still at that level where the government is campaigning to encourage usage and building of more and more toilets and where you can find stray animals ranging from dogs, cows, buffalos, pigs and what not, roaming across the streets of the cities making it a ridiculously attractive sight for the tourists to capture and advertise the other side of the so-called "Incredible India" in their respective homelands.

Well, hosting such an event would, without doubt, make us proud as a nation and will give an example of our progress and potential power to the world. But it seems a far-fetched task for now and even if it isn't, it should not be high on the priority list of our government. Because it is the proper governance, improved standard of living, protection of rights of every citizen, unbiased judicial system and the dedication of the government to curb the corrupt practices, which all the citizens expect from their leaders in the first place. Such benchmarks should not be our priority right now and let such events be an opportunity for wealthy and developed nations to showcase their wealth.

In the long run, hosting of such an extravagant and glitzy event will only be as relevant as being a part of record books and history and might be occasionally asked in any of the competitive examinations here and there.

Pabitra said:   7 years ago
According to my point of view, this is a good idea to host Olympics as it will be helpful to represent India in the field of sports and games among the world but before this step.

India has to be well prepared to participate in this Olympics.

Yashshvi lotlikar said:   7 years ago

There are no taxes levied on dreaming. And what I think is we are already working hard to achieve a good position in the world of Olympics. With great determination and willingness to achieve something, nothing's impossible. Basically hosting Olympics in India is like a goal. And there are many things we need to fix up while slowly moving towards the goal. Like proper road facilities, giving importance to different games and not only cricket and achieving economic stability. If we, in the near future are able to achieve this, then I believe. India will surely host a major Olympics event.

Ashutosh said:   7 years ago
Yes, we can. Why not?

India is under developing nation, so this is right time built useful infrastructure according to needs.

In the other side it's all in the government hand. They should think for nation like international sports amenities and infrastructure. Government is doing well.

Akansha Nigam said:   7 years ago

I feel that nothing is impossible for India but yes some corrupt people will create a problem and make India ashamed at International level. We have seen it in 2010 commonwealth games in Delhi. Yes, it's an ashamed for all the Indians as what happened because of the poor infrastructure and we became a matter of laugh at International level.

But I believe if the employees who really feel for India can take part on it so we have enough infrastructure to make our dream to host the Olympics. Yes but it should be for India's respect not for the good shake for some corrupt employee.

Sravanthi said:   7 years ago

Let's think positive and take it as a privilege to conduct or to host Olympics in India. Definitely, we have so much of workplace to accommodate than other countries and to make it a success. It is also a beneficiary to India in getting the funds and gives employment to most of the people though it is short term. Our economic growth also will lead to drastic change as the areas like Tourism, Transportation usage etc will take the profits.

To make the event successful Govt has to take certain measures in order to avoid corruption, developing and improving the existing infrastructure.

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