Can we dream of hosting the Olympics?

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Sudeep Saxena said:   7 years ago
I must say that currently there is no need to spend money on such ambitious and extravagant plans. India has lot of other problems to deal with. It would take a huge amount of money for the government to build a convincingly world-class arena to host an Olympic event. And this could make way for some high-ranking, influential and corrupt officials to fill their own pockets by using the government funds allocated to the development of arena to stage the event.

We recently saw that there was a strong feeling of dissent among the general public of Brazil and Rio De Janeiro in particular, because of excessively huge funds being allocated for the games while there were many problems in the management of the city which required proper attention and efforts to deal with. It was the public who would suffer when the city authorities could not have enough funds to keep the infrastructure of the city running smoothly.

Greece is another example, which is still suffering from a financial crisis partly because of huge spendings on the hosting of Olympic games in Athens in 2004. It is not that the hosting of Olympic games was the only reason for financial downfall of Greece- corruption in government has also played a major role in it. But allocating a huge budget for the games certainly took its toll on the relatively small economy of the nation.

And do we really need to mention that how badly we performed when it came to hosting a major sporting event in the form of Commonwealth Games in 2010? Do we really think that India has come a long way since then and has improved significantly on corruption index since then? Do we really think that the current ruling party is very efficient and "clean" enough to carry out its supposed tasks of "healthy and corruption free rule" without any issues? I think the answer to all of these is no. There are lot of issues to deal with at the moment and it is not wise to think of hosting an event as big as Olympics.

We are still at that level where the government is campaigning to encourage usage and building of more and more toilets and where you can find stray animals ranging from dogs, cows, buffalos, pigs and what not, roaming across the streets of the cities making it a ridiculously attractive sight for the tourists to capture and advertise the other side of the so-called "Incredible India" in their respective homelands.

Well, hosting such an event would, without doubt, make us proud as a nation and will give an example of our progress and potential power to the world. But it seems a far-fetched task for now and even if it isn't, it should not be high on the priority list of our government. Because it is the proper governance, improved standard of living, protection of rights of every citizen, unbiased judicial system and the dedication of the government to curb the corrupt practices, which all the citizens expect from their leaders in the first place. Such benchmarks should not be our priority right now and let such events be an opportunity for wealthy and developed nations to showcase their wealth.

In the long run, hosting of such an extravagant and glitzy event will only be as relevant as being a part of record books and history and might be occasionally asked in any of the competitive examinations here and there.

Parag saurav mishra said:   7 years ago

Olympic being the mecca of all sporting event does bring a lot of Pride and honour to the nation it is being hosted.

Along with huge sports awareness, it also inculcates in the nation the confidence of rising up to such a big occasion. A well hosted Olympics leaves behind a legacy, a print in the minds of citizens and kids that last a very long time. It gives our player and sportsman an exposure that is very hard to get since they get an opportunity to interact with world champions and learn from them. But hosting Olympics is never easy, it involves a huge amount of money to host such an event. Money is generally spent in Creating Infrastructure, Creating world class Facilities, bringing sports Equipment, Advertisements, Making Deals with several sponsors, various companies, ranging from sports to sports. The host nation starts preparation from last 7-8years.

Our Nation has taken giant strides in perhaps every field of human endeavor, be it Space, be it defence, be it agriculture, be it innovation, or be it anything. We have proved our mettle. So there is no doubt that if properly planned, monitored, and meticulously proceeded, India can Just Host one of the most spectacular Olympics since its inception.

But my concern is, Is it really necessary?

We are a country which has largest poor, Largest BPL families, having millions who sleep on the road, millions who don't have access to basic rights like Education, Food, Shelter, Water, and Sanitation. Can we really afford to Host an Olympic leaving them to their pain and suffering?

In hosting an Olympics, a Nation does need to spent lakhs of Crores of Rs, Which can be and in my opinion should be diverted towards uplifting Poors, providing them health cares, Education, Food, Shelter, homes, Jobs, and much more. Our country is in a precarious situation where we are troubled by Terrorism emanating from neighbouring Nation, With whom we may need to go on the war at any instant. We are also troubled by Dragon China and its Hegemonic Stance in the region. We may need to bolster our defence capabilities, attacking and deterring Capabilities.

We are also far behind to many developed nations in terms of spending in our Research and Development. Think Govt may contemplate investing that amount in these Avenues. Overall My idea, is we are Ever ready to Host an Olympics but we should first become a Developed Nation and Provide basic Rights to the last man standing in the pyramid.

Shruthi swarup said:   7 years ago
In December 2012, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) suspended India's National Olympic committee for not adhering to the former's rules and regulations and for planning to appoint corrupt officials in India\'s National Olympic committee.

Even after this incident, Indian Sports Minister Jitendra Singh is optimistic that the dispute will be resolved and that the suspension will be lifted. For the suspension to be lifted, it is important for the Indian Olympic Association (IOA) and India's National Olympic committee to follow IOC's guidelines and rules.

First and foremost, IOA needs to amend its constitution and ban corrupt officials from taking part in IOA's elections. IOC has accused IOA of giving precedence to the Indian government's Sports Code and ignoring the Olympic Charter.

The Olympic Charter clearly states that there should be no government interference; however, the IOA did not abide by this rule and allowed the Delhi court to interfere with its operations.

India\'s dream of hosting the Olympics is not shattered yet because IOC has not de-recognized IOA. IOA has one last chance to make amendments, and if it is successful in doing so, we may be bestowed with the opportunity of hosting the Olympics.

Sadly, the animosity between IOC and IOA is great - IOC has refused to compromise on ethics and has given IOA a last warning. If IOA refuses to abide by IOC's rules or fails to make the necessary amendments to its constitution, IOC may de-recognize IOA at its executive board meeting. And this would shatter India's dream of hosting the Olympics.

Despite IOC's repeated warnings, IOA continues to defy the former's orders "in fact, on October 27, 2013, the IOA special general body held a meeting to amend its constitution but proposed referring the cases of corruption to its own ethics committee, which will then decide on the fate of the accused.

IOA's repeated defiance towards IOC will prove to be costly "IOA may be de-recognized and Indian athletes may be barred from participating in the Olympics and the Asian Games.

IOA will be holding a general body meeting in New Delhi on December 8, 2013, and it is hoped that the meeting will help resolve the dispute between IOA and IOC.

If all goes well and IOA agrees to follow the rules set by IOC, India may be given the privilege and honor of hosting the Olympics.

However, if IOA continues to defy IOC, we may have to bid adieu to our dream of hosting the Olympics.

Parth Sharma said:   6 years ago
Hosting events like Olympics, Commonwealth Games and World cups are every country's dream. But to fulfill this dream one country needs to be prepared well enough as it can have its advantages and disadvantages at extreme levels.

Why should a country like India Host Olympics?

We all know that India is one of the fastest growing nations and changes are happening at a faster rate. Not just in the field of Education and Jobs, we are also growing fast in the field of sports. If we look a few years back there was just game popular game in our country and that was cricket. But with time so many domestic leagues in different sports took place which gave a stronger platform to young and dynamic athletes and gave recognition to other games as well. Country like India where sports create a huge impact on the lives of people and therefore such big events must take place. India has already hosted events like hockey world cups and you 17 football world cup which were a grand success. Hosting these events not only promoted the games in our country but also helped to build sports-related infrastructure which is a very important need to have progressive growth of a nation in sports. Having a competitive environment will only nurture the skills of players which are required at an international level. Hosting Olympics will also give birth to many games which as of now are not being played in India. India has one of the largest media sector in this world and this will also bring lot of money back by broadcasting event internationally. Hosting Olympics will also give lot of boost to infrastructure and real estate. A huge amount of investments will come in India which will help the Indian economy to grow at double rate. India is a diversified nation and is rich in its traditional values, different cultures and different religions which will also create attraction and this beauty of our country will also boost tourism multiple times. Being the superpower among the Asian countries, India will also help in strengthening bonds between Asian countries and Europe and America. Holding such event need billions of dollars in investment which as of now have only made by developed nations. India has all the assets to organize such events and this will only take India towards joining the league superpowers.

Jeet said:   8 months ago
Yes, definitely we can host the Olympics games. If we can host the cricket world cup, commonwealth games, Asian tournaments, football cup, Kabbadi events, international kho-kho, badminton events in India then why not we can organize the Olympics game?

Definitely, it's deferent from these small events but we should take this risk. Sports teach us about risk. ''To win without risk, is to triumph without glory''.

There are both advantages and disadvantages.


1) If India is the host of the Olympics, one of the important aspects of country: Tourism will be in boost mode.

2) India is the 5th largest economy in the world, and currently, our aim is to become one of the top 3 countries in the world, so by organizing the Olympics we can reach there very soon and fast.

3) We can generate more and more employment through this, and we can decrease our unemployment rate very soon.

4) With the help of sponsors from the different countries, we can get foreign companies investment in India.

5) We can build our strong relations with other countries by organising the Olympics.

6) India's heritage and history will get a stage in the world and we can spread our thoughts and opinion in the world. How was our country before some country doesn't even exist, how did India is reach in morality, heritage, ethics etc we can say to the world.


1) We have to build some new stadium infrastructure which may be for only one-time usable during the Olympics only.

2) We have to provide connectivity like metro, road, flight etc. Which will take a major cost of investment.

3) One of the challenging things is to provide Security to foreigners, sportspersons, and coaches of their team, because we know all about our neighbour country.

4) We have to provide all needs and required facilities to all of them. We have to provide good maintenance to them. Management of this is a quite challenging thing.


we can lead the world and show that we also can do best. We can prove our moto '' 'Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam'' by successfully organising Olympic games'.

RITESH KUMAR said:   7 years ago
Before deciding anything about the dream of hosting a huge event like Olympics, we should first look at its pros and cons. Either it will benefit us or make a loss in which extent and terms. Let us first look at its benefits.

1) Imagine a New Delhi 3.0: India got Independence in 1947 and in 1951 we hosted the first Asian Games. It really helped a new capital city get a foothold in connecting with other countries. The second New Delhi upgrade took place during the 2010 Commonwealth Games. Here also we had new roads, flyovers, power augmentation, another Games Village, Delhi Metro work speedup and an upgrade of Indira Gandhi International Airport. One can only imagine what a third upgrade will do to New Delhi if and when it hosts the Olympics.

2) The Olympics is big business and we are ready to capitalise. Olympics are multi-billion dollar affairs. The tourism industry also gets a fillip. Millions of people visit a country for an Olympics and they will also visit other cities and give a boost to the tourism and hospitality industry.

3) A big step in becoming a sporting nation: 4. A big step in becoming a sporting nation: It is desirable to become a big sporting nation. It is very important for school and college students to participate in sports for character building and physical fitness. You can't just focus on academics. You can attract the youth for all games only if we are doing well in all the games. There is too much focus on cricket in India. It is the time we broadened the horizon.

4) We can introduce sports like cricket, Kabaddi, Kho- Kho in Olympics.

So there are many benefits of hosting the biggest festival of sports. If we can host Holly festival like KUMBH Mella where millions of people come daily, then why not Olympics. From my views, the only problem is corruption, which can degrade the quality of management and our reputation. As we have already faced it in Asian games of 2010 at Delhi. So we should try to make a bid on 2028 olympics and execute all plans effectively for global reputation.

Gaurav Rai said:   7 years ago
Hello, everyone.

I partially agree with some of my friends. What's my opinion is that there is no doubt that we are currently the world's fastest growing economy and we are able enough now to conduct world level event like Olympics. Yes, we have also done it in 2012 and showed the whole world by successful event commonwealth games. But do you think are we justifying by dreaming of hosting the Olympics?

No. Can you imagine out of 1.25 crores, around only 100 sportsmen qualify for Olympic or any world level event? What is the reason behind it? Only dreaming that yes we are able enough to host an event is not important. We need to think and it is a high team to analyse where we are lacking. India has a number of a sportsman, the only need is to provide them with a better platform. When we will have number sportsman more will qualify and the probability of their win chances would be more. I will say when our country will b more enough to produce a huge army of fit sports person who can challenge any country in terms of any sports event. Then we can dream of organising Olympics. Is it not shocking for you all, that out of 1.25 crore Indians the only girl Deepa Karmaker belongs to Gymnast. Think Here we are lacking. We need to increase this number. So we need to work on providing better platform better environment to all the Indian who wants to live their life as successful sportsmen. Whenever we see the country organising Olympic they compete more strongly. More no of gold silver & bronze medal. And we only expect at least one medal should come for India. So, guys, our expectation must be high & it is only possible when we will have abundant sportsmen in each n every sports event. If it happens then we can dream of having Olympics in our country.

Thank you.

Rajdeep Roy said:   5 years ago
Developing countries like China and Brazil have spectacularly hosted the Olympics at 2008 and 2016. India being a developing country like China and Brazil has not only the rights but also a possibility of hosting the Olympics game. It has also been said that at the pace at which India has been growing, India could be the second largest economy next to China. So, India not only has the right to dream but also make it a possibility of hosting the Olympics.

However, the question remains, Is it worth it? Examples of Brazil and China have shown how investments worth billions of dollars are wasted after the conclusion of the event. Stadiums that were built for billions have found no use and are transforming into ruins that have no takers. Similarly, the construction of roads and rail for the commute of athletes and spectators find no takers in the everyday lives of Chinese and Brazilian people. The metro train transit for Barcelona during the games has no takers and occurs huge expenditure on the government. So, all the expenses for the show and glamour of the games have plunged countries into greater national debt.

India has a huge population that is poor and malnourished. There were instances of sports event being shifted to other location due to drought in states.

So, in my opinion, India has the potential and capability to host large events like Olympics but it is not wise to divert funds from pressing issues in the country like poverty, malnourishment, healthcare, education etc to holding events like Olympics. Also, there is rampant corruption in the country which should be tackled first before India prepares to hold large events so that funds fulfill their goals and not make the corrupt richer.

Jitender said:   6 years ago
Hey everyone, Good Mourning to all of you.

As the technology growing faster day by day, so we can dream of hosting olympics but not now. As the technology growing, economy also increases but our country does not have well infrastructure, good coaches to host olympics, our country doesn't provide security, service and hospitality to all those foreigners and sportsman. The main reason for all this is corruption and scam which is done by many peoples or frauds, first of all our country has to eradicate corruption or uproot from the bottom of level and also make sure that every citizen can fead food before sleep, No one can sleep without food. It also ensure to provide employement to every citizen or reeduce unemployment in country Due to all this our economy become strong. Govt also encourage Indian citizen about their interest of olympics games because only 5-10% peoples show their insterest and most of the people wants their children to show their talent or chose carrier in science stream because they realize that in sports their children can spoil their future, and no carrier in sportss.

These are the some points that our govt should improve to host olymics in future,

1. Make economy stronger.
2. Make peoples interest in olymics.
3. Provide better coaches and funds so that new youth can chose their carrier in sports.
4. Encourage Sportsman and maintain leadership amoung all.

At last, I would like to say that,

Dream is not what we see during sleep, but dream is something which do not let us sleep,

Everything is possible if we can dream, we can do it.

Mahesh said:   6 years ago
India has enough land, enough human resource, enough technology and enough money. And India has already successfully hosted commonwealth games. So of course, India is able to host big events even Olympics. Security might be a concern. But I think India can provide enough security also. So the question is not "Can India" its "Should India host Olympics".

The thing is hosting events like Olympics requires large money. It requires too much land and infrastructure, simply it requires large money. I had told India has enough money, what I meant is India has a big economy and Indian governments has big budget. So it can host it using this money, which could be used for the benefits of the people.

You may think Olympics provides employment opportunities to many people and hence the GDP may increase. But I do't think so. Olympics does provide employment. Even narega yojan provides employmet - digging holes and filling them up, and government pays the employees for doing nothing anything useful.

Olympics provides employments in constructing and all, but all those becomes useless after Olympics end.

So the government has to simply spend money which could be used for people's benefits.

There are many people in our country who are struggling just for food. And the children are not having the nutritious food. They are losing their basic right - education. There are many things on which money has to be spent. So I'm pretty clear about this, It would be a bad idea if government decides to host Olympics in our country.

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