Can we dream of hosting the Olympics?

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Naveen Kumar said:   3 months ago
The chances are high but we don't know how it would turn out as it is not cricket. Although the Olympics is considered the biggest event in the world, our country is still a cricket-obsessed nation. We don't take any other sport as a priority.

And this is also a reason why we lag so much in the Olympics. But the situation is changing and people are becoming more aware of sports other than cricket where India participates and we cheer for them. For that reason, I think our country can host the Olympics shortly.

Manjit Kumar said:   4 months ago
Yes, India should host the Olympics as there are many advantages of hosting the Olympics many sports which are not so popular like cricket will get promoted. Through the Olympics, India can also increase its soft power in the world, and tourism industries will also grow as we can attract foreigners through our diverse culture, historical monuments, and landscapes. The most important thing is it increases employment.

At last, I think we should not miss any chance to host the Olympics as it helps to achieve India its dream.

Avneet said:   5 months ago
We are feeling proud as India's become my fifth largest economy now India's population is the world's highest but the world's biggest economy is the US we live in a country where 30% of the population lives below the poverty line and we are spending money on the hosting of Olympic games we must we must prioritise the well being of those currently suffering from poverty in India. Daily many people die from hunger in India also there is a lack of facilities in the rural areas in the healthcare education sector so we must improve the conditions.

Definitely, we are the fastest growing economy but are per capita income is still very low we have a huge mighty population of 1.4 billion people but we have having economy of only four trillion dollars the USA has a population of only 35 million has an economy of 25 trillion dollar isn't it a same on our country that we are spending money on Olympics.

Nitish said:   6 months ago
India can host the Olympics. Because India is a fast-growing economy. As the development can be seen in every part. By hosting the Olympics in India, it can lead as source of employment. Various foreign companies would invest in India. But there are a few drawbacks that some special stadium would be required. After the Olympics, there is no use for a few stadiums. Yes, the Olympics can be easily hosted in India.

Jeet said:   10 months ago
Yes, definitely we can host the Olympics games. If we can host the cricket world cup, commonwealth games, Asian tournaments, football cup, Kabbadi events, international kho-kho, badminton events in India then why not we can organize the Olympics game?

Definitely, it's deferent from these small events but we should take this risk. Sports teach us about risk. ''To win without risk, is to triumph without glory''.

There are both advantages and disadvantages.


1) If India is the host of the Olympics, one of the important aspects of country: Tourism will be in boost mode.

2) India is the 5th largest economy in the world, and currently, our aim is to become one of the top 3 countries in the world, so by organizing the Olympics we can reach there very soon and fast.

3) We can generate more and more employment through this, and we can decrease our unemployment rate very soon.

4) With the help of sponsors from the different countries, we can get foreign companies investment in India.

5) We can build our strong relations with other countries by organising the Olympics.

6) India's heritage and history will get a stage in the world and we can spread our thoughts and opinion in the world. How was our country before some country doesn't even exist, how did India is reach in morality, heritage, ethics etc we can say to the world.


1) We have to build some new stadium infrastructure which may be for only one-time usable during the Olympics only.

2) We have to provide connectivity like metro, road, flight etc. Which will take a major cost of investment.

3) One of the challenging things is to provide Security to foreigners, sportspersons, and coaches of their team, because we know all about our neighbour country.

4) We have to provide all needs and required facilities to all of them. We have to provide good maintenance to them. Management of this is a quite challenging thing.


we can lead the world and show that we also can do best. We can prove our moto '' 'Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam'' by successfully organising Olympic games'.

KUNAL KUMAR said:   1 year ago
Hello, Myself kunal Kumar.

Definitely, India should organized the Olympic Game Because if we see the IPL Game perspective, then India should host the Olympic Game because In IPL game we also invest the money in huge amount and Earning more money why we should not able to host the Olympic Game in our country. It should be happen And we also take many more advantage from here that we can take more talented players from our country and Exploring in deep. So that's why for the development of our country and representing Ourself in different way It is most necessary to our India.

Thank you.

ARD said:   1 year ago
Hello everyone. I would like to share my thoughts that is India will be hosting Olympic?

Yes, of course, nowadays India's economic development growth is very excellent among other developing countries. So, India can able to host an Olympic.

Nikhil said:   1 year ago
Yes, we can conduct the Olympics in our country as a developing country we should also take a leadership role in organising the Olympics in India.

Land of 135+ millions of people we should also spread the message of awareness of sports in our lives which helps to keep us fresh and healthy in day to day life of a human being, but.

As India is 2nd most populated country in the world but the contribution to sports in India is not good and we can see only a few Olympics medals in our country. As a citizen of India, our main aim is to spread the awareness of sports to youth so that in the coming future we can achieve more medals.

But conducting the Olympics is non-profit activity but there is a requirement of huge expenses which is not good for a developing country like India.

Instead, we shall contribute the money for sports encouraging purposes and providing essential requirements for their improving skills in sports.

My conclusion is that there is nothing impossible to India but there is just a requirement of will if there is a will there is a way. So, India is the land of millions of youths so it's their future to decide the Olympics in India.

Jai Hind.

Mangesh said:   2 years ago
Hello, I am Mangesh,

Definitely, India can host the biggest game tournament in the world. India is one of the biggest economies in the whole world. Hosting the Olympic games in future in India will lead India to a high level in sports.

But if we see our history of medals that we won in Olympics is not so good. So I would suggest that instead of investing in Olympic games hosting the same money may get invested in the development of sports in India.

Because we will get more honour if we win many more Olympic medals rather than we got the honour by hosting the Olympic games in India.

Thank You.

Ashwin A L said:   3 years ago
Hello, everyone.

I am Ashwin. Let me precise to the point yes India can dream of conducting Olympics because is one the largest economy and then sports in India is now in a developmental state and the interest of conducting Olympics has been diminishing in all other countries because of the expenditures caused by the Olympics but when we conduct Olympics it will not only improve our sports but also tourism in India.

Every coin has two sides likewise conducting Olympics may lead to excess outlay due to Olympics and it requires more space to conduct the events so with the right plan we can conduct Olympics.

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