Can we dream of hosting the Olympics?

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Manish said:   2 years ago
It is very pride moment for us that India hosts the Olympic games but now our country is not developed enough that we host Olympic games.

If we hosted the Olympic games our country will back 5 years and our economy will down.

So now we not suitable to host the Olympic games.

Jai hind.

Maahi said:   3 years ago
By looking at the past the number of medals won by our country, I think India should take a step forward towards Olympic. We Indians are trained enough to organise our own Olympic and if not so then also we should organise it cause if everybody thought of taking part, they feel the pressure that will also be of Olympic level and this results in improvement of the game both mentally and physically.

It doesn't matter under what organisation we are playing, the audience are waiting for the improvement of our games.

Suffi Dsouza said:   3 years ago
Hello everyone.

According to me, we are not in a condition of hosting Olympics. It's better for us to utilize our resources in a better way. What will we get if we organize Olympics just name and fame, instead of this we should plan how can we develop our country? Many of my friends will say that it will give more employment opportunities but I believe that are for short time period and we need to search opportunities for a long time period.

Once we organized a commonwealth game and we all know how bad was the facilities that we provided to international players. Politicians of our country are interested in making money so if we organize Olympics only politicians will get the benefit.

We are facing more crucial problems like inflation, unemployment, overpopulation so we need to focus on these problems first and after that, if we are able to host the Olympics then we can otherwise not.

Harish Yadav said:   3 years ago
Yes, India can host Olympics but not now. Because it is a large economical debt for India. As we have seen in past that countries or cities who hosted Olympics it will railout economy 5 year's back. We don't have infrastructure to host Olympics. In our country have lots of corruption as we have seen in common wealth. Security is not superior to control that much population. It will railout out economy also. We don't have that much resources to acomodate large spectators.

Mayank Sharma said:   3 years ago
If we think practically this is not possible now. But if you say dream about it than I can say after 20-25 years maybe there is a chance we can host the Olympics. As we all know stats of 2010 commonwealth games. And if we talk about the Olympics we don't have any stadium in India where we can organise all the events. I must say before 20-25 years don't even think that it is possible at all. Until or unless everybody stops doing their jobs and keeps its all focus on this only. Then it is possible. But still must say Yes this my dream as well. I really want to see India hosting Olympics. Because this will become a proud moment for us.

Ragav said:   4 years ago
Yeah, absolutely, India is one of the developed countries right now, sports is being equally encouraged as entertainment in India, many players are given training by the government itself they also provide every need to them if they are below the poverty line and have a high ambition in sports, looking at the government across sports need to developed because in India the only sport given international recognition is cricket but in Asian countries like China give equal importance and provide funds for all the sports by this they hosted the Olympics I'm not saying that lets compare with China, we also have resources, funds, environment space to get a stadium developed, and organize a good opening ceremony but if we still hesitate to allow every sports and player to play in India, even dreaming becomes difficult.

Komal said:   4 years ago
Yes ofcourse, India can dream of hosting olympics, it includes and amalagmate with different social, politicaland cultural meet of different contries people with different caste, race and religion. Which helps indians to know, observe, learn and percieve the positivity of foreign peoples. Olympic will be helpful economically to the country by huge investment with great planning. Which includes the investment for present and future use also. Because most of the country which hosted the Olympic games the stadium is useless and ruthless and there is no further maintenance and use of it.

Divya said:   4 years ago
I would be a very great thing if we host Olympics. It would be a great honor to host Olympics. As India is a developing country, it would help to increase political relations with other countries and to develop the nation economically. But there should be a proper utilization of funds to provide facilities and for transportation as well. But the main problem in India was corruption there should be proper plans to utilize the money. And also we need to treat each and every sport with equal interest because most of our Indians mainly concentrate on Cricket.

Rajdeep Roy said:   4 years ago
Developing countries like China and Brazil have spectacularly hosted the Olympics at 2008 and 2016. India being a developing country like China and Brazil has not only the rights but also a possibility of hosting the Olympics game. It has also been said that at the pace at which India has been growing, India could be the second largest economy next to China. So, India not only has the right to dream but also make it a possibility of hosting the Olympics.

However, the question remains, Is it worth it? Examples of Brazil and China have shown how investments worth billions of dollars are wasted after the conclusion of the event. Stadiums that were built for billions have found no use and are transforming into ruins that have no takers. Similarly, the construction of roads and rail for the commute of athletes and spectators find no takers in the everyday lives of Chinese and Brazilian people. The metro train transit for Barcelona during the games has no takers and occurs huge expenditure on the government. So, all the expenses for the show and glamour of the games have plunged countries into greater national debt.

India has a huge population that is poor and malnourished. There were instances of sports event being shifted to other location due to drought in states.

So, in my opinion, India has the potential and capability to host large events like Olympics but it is not wise to divert funds from pressing issues in the country like poverty, malnourishment, healthcare, education etc to holding events like Olympics. Also, there is rampant corruption in the country which should be tackled first before India prepares to hold large events so that funds fulfill their goals and not make the corrupt richer.

Dibyajyoti Pattnaik said:   4 years ago

Yes, we can dream of hosting the Olympics, but before hosting that we have to give equal importance to every sport including cricket. When we dream big we work hard to achieve that which surely results in success. But from my childhood days till now I have seen when there is a ceremony of hosting some mega event, always a person from a professional background is invited. Here background means from politics, business and so on.

So, from this, it is clear that for hosting the Olympic first we have to become something and create an image in public by not moving into politics or not doing business, because we can give to our society without being involved in politics or business also. But we should do something for which people will appreciate us and have a positive attitude towards us.

For example, in the year 2018 A.R Rehman, Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan were invited to "Cuttack-Odisha" for hosting the Men's hockey world cup which was held between 28th November to 16th December.

As we all know A. R. Rehman had contributed back to back hit songs to Bollywood, whereas Salman Khan and Shahrukh Khan had given back to back hit movies to Bollywood, Salman Khan also runs many NGO's for needy.

Hence, I conclude by saying that not only being successful person leads us to host the Olympics but also we have to be a good human being.

Thank You.

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