Can we dream of hosting the Olympics?

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Ashwin A L said:   3 years ago
Hello, everyone.

I am Ashwin. Let me precise to the point yes India can dream of conducting Olympics because is one the largest economy and then sports in India is now in a developmental state and the interest of conducting Olympics has been diminishing in all other countries because of the expenditures caused by the Olympics but when we conduct Olympics it will not only improve our sports but also tourism in India.

Every coin has two sides likewise conducting Olympics may lead to excess outlay due to Olympics and it requires more space to conduct the events so with the right plan we can conduct Olympics.

Saikiran said:   3 years ago
In my opinion India has a very good chance of hosting Olympics in the coming three decades. India is already eyeing the 2036 and above slots. It is good for the youth of the country. Hosting an Olympics will surely increase the entries of the future generations into sports. It will improve the performance of country in the future events. It generates revenue and creates new sources of employment for our citizens.

The drawbacks are, The cost of hosting Olympics is increasing disproportionately with revenue it generates. Last few Olympics ended in losses. It will be a financial burden for the country but the losses won't impact our economy much.

Narinder Kumar said:   3 years ago
Hello friends.

I am Narinder.

Olympics is a big event in sports in which a no of games are played among players of different countries. It has been playing in different countries but never in India.

Of course India can host the Olympics but before that govt should focus on infrastructure for sports and increase no of sports academies for rural area players. To host the Olympics it requires a huge amount so govt should focus on basic necessities of the poor instead of hosting the Olympics.

There are some merits also.

Firstly, tourism in India will increase it also increase foreign companies in India and encourage them to place in our country it will decrease unemployment. It will attract foreigners. At last, I want to say it is not a question can we host the Olympics question should be this how it impacts on our country.

Sovan Barat said:   3 years ago
We should necessity participate hosting Olympic immediately apply due to tourism Sector Developed more, in future Commonwealth Games hosting Delhi, therefore, more prosperous incredible our India proud about hosting this Game.

Our present Govt do this job, and most of the other continent known our country about like Sports lover, traditional culture and other activities.

Vikas Singh said:   3 years ago
Yes, being a developing country's citizen. I must say that we can host Olympics in the incoming years.

And for that, we have to work upon so many things like constructing all the indoor and outdoor stadiums at one place and for that, we need a large land and large planning.

We have to assign duties to so many departments like constructing buildings for the stay of players.

And so many things to we have to work upon like having a good transport facility nearby airport and many more like this.

Adarsh said:   3 years ago
Hello everyone.

Yes, we can see the dream to hosting one of the biggest sports events of the world which is the Olympics.

But first, these improvements are needed for the betterment of these things:.

1) We have to emphasize to awareness in the sports field.

2) Government has to develop a sports academy for sportspersons for a better quality of sportspersons.

3) Government Has to declare more money in the sports quota.

4) Participating in Olympic is the dream and desire of many sportspersons so for them Indian govt has to think about that.

5) For the Olympics event India has to develop a city for organizing and after that they have to do something extraordinary in this field.

6) In 2009 India organized Olympic in our country.

7) This biggest event will encourage the sportspersons to do more better in sports.

8) It will also encourage the boys and girls from a very small town or village who have so much enthusiasm for sports.

9) As an Indian we always give priority to only cricket and also ignore other sports so this is the duty of every citizen of India to spread the awareness of sports via social media and news channels.

10) As a conclusion, yes we can see a dream to organize a successful Olympic event, and this dream will definitely come true after several years.

Thank You.

Jay hind.

Anubhav Rana said:   3 years ago
In my opinion, hosting olympics will be a dream come true for most of the youths and sportspersons. Hosting olympics will encourage them as a sportsperson try to give his/her best performance on his own soil.

It will also attract more and more youths and their parents towards sport as they will then start thinking about scope in sports.

I conclude that hosting olympics will have a positive impact on the citizens and our country's name will also rise in field of sports.

Ravi said:   3 years ago
Good evening everyone, today this question arises that can we (India) dream of hosting Olympic games. So, in my opinion, India should not only dream of hosting games but India should have started it early. Due to the hosting Olympics games, Indian youth would be attracted toward a different type of sports games and Indian parents would think of their son or daughter career in sports. Hosting the Olympics would attract different sponsor from world to participate in any other future sports event and this would be beneficial for India country as well as Indian people.

Manish said:   4 years ago
It is very pride moment for us that India hosts the Olympic games but now our country is not developed enough that we host Olympic games.

If we hosted the Olympic games our country will back 5 years and our economy will down.

So now we not suitable to host the Olympic games.

Jai hind.

Maahi said:   4 years ago
By looking at the past the number of medals won by our country, I think India should take a step forward towards Olympic. We Indians are trained enough to organise our own Olympic and if not so then also we should organise it cause if everybody thought of taking part, they feel the pressure that will also be of Olympic level and this results in improvement of the game both mentally and physically.

It doesn't matter under what organisation we are playing, the audience are waiting for the improvement of our games.

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