Can we dream of hosting the Olympics?

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Roshan said:   7 years ago
Hi friends,

Dream is not what we see during sleep, dream is something which do not let us sleep.

A nation dreaming to host Olympics is a step towards making itself capable of handling any event of the world. Its step towards making itself capable of the best hospitality to tourists irrespective of their numbers. Its step towards making its own population aware about certain games and sports in which they can have a good potential.

But, Our country India has to set some priorities in its dream. Its not the only dream we have drempt off. Our country has plenty of other dreams too which according to me is of higher priority. We still do not have electricity in some villages in our country. Our farmers still do not have sufficient money and income to feed themselves. Certain parts of our country are still prone to riots. Caste based politics still prevail and now cow based politics too has started.

So, according to me, we shall host Olympics only when TV sets and electricity reaches every corner of the country. We shall host olympics only when we are truly secular and respect each religion and race. We shall feed athletes in Olympics only when our farmers are able to feed themselves. We can afford foreign coaches only when each school in our country provide a good teacher. Jai Hind!

Shubhangi said:   6 years ago
As we all know, that Olympics game require a huge amount of money to be conducted by any country. As our India is a developing country. According to me In-spite of wasting money in conducting Olympic game we should use that money in the development of our country. We should use that money to teach the children belonging to rural areas. There are so many peoples who don't get the food and had to sleep without taking the meal. There is a major problem of unemployment in our country. The problem of corrupt. The illiteracy level. We should focus on these things first. Firstly we should focus to make our country a developed country. After that, we should dream to host the Olympic games. And in future, we will do it.

Sital said:   7 years ago
Hello everyone,

In my view, India should dream of hosting Olympics but not now. It must keep in mind that Olympics need too much money and investment as it hosts many countries. India is a country where most of the people are below poverty line, they didn't even get a proper food to eat, didn't have a shelter to sleep peacefully so government must take actions regarding this. All in all it also does not support any sport other than cricket so first of all it must spend in these internal problems to overcome through these. Sportspersons must get proper training so that they can make India proud on their land itself by winning in it. We must support these things. Thank you.

Kunal Prakash said:   7 years ago
In a developing country like India, where the poverty and unemployment rate is very high, It would be foolish to have a dream of hosting Olympics. Olympics is an international sports event which requires a large capital of investment.

According to me, our country should first focus on removing poverty so that every single individual can sleep after taking the meal. The country should first try to resolve its internal issues rather than hosting and wasting money on such events.

It would be the pride for our country if we'll be hosting Olympics but it should be done after removing poverty and the unemployment. Because saving the lives of our country's people is more important than hosting the Olympics. Moreover, the record shows that India had never played much better in the Olympics. So, it's better of not dreaming of hosting the Olympics.

Thank you.

Rajdeep Roy said:   5 years ago
Developing countries like China and Brazil have spectacularly hosted the Olympics at 2008 and 2016. India being a developing country like China and Brazil has not only the rights but also a possibility of hosting the Olympics game. It has also been said that at the pace at which India has been growing, India could be the second largest economy next to China. So, India not only has the right to dream but also make it a possibility of hosting the Olympics.

However, the question remains, Is it worth it? Examples of Brazil and China have shown how investments worth billions of dollars are wasted after the conclusion of the event. Stadiums that were built for billions have found no use and are transforming into ruins that have no takers. Similarly, the construction of roads and rail for the commute of athletes and spectators find no takers in the everyday lives of Chinese and Brazilian people. The metro train transit for Barcelona during the games has no takers and occurs huge expenditure on the government. So, all the expenses for the show and glamour of the games have plunged countries into greater national debt.

India has a huge population that is poor and malnourished. There were instances of sports event being shifted to other location due to drought in states.

So, in my opinion, India has the potential and capability to host large events like Olympics but it is not wise to divert funds from pressing issues in the country like poverty, malnourishment, healthcare, education etc to holding events like Olympics. Also, there is rampant corruption in the country which should be tackled first before India prepares to hold large events so that funds fulfill their goals and not make the corrupt richer.

Ragav said:   5 years ago
Yeah, absolutely, India is one of the developed countries right now, sports is being equally encouraged as entertainment in India, many players are given training by the government itself they also provide every need to them if they are below the poverty line and have a high ambition in sports, looking at the government across sports need to developed because in India the only sport given international recognition is cricket but in Asian countries like China give equal importance and provide funds for all the sports by this they hosted the Olympics I'm not saying that lets compare with China, we also have resources, funds, environment space to get a stadium developed, and organize a good opening ceremony but if we still hesitate to allow every sports and player to play in India, even dreaming becomes difficult.

Dev said:   6 years ago
I'm Dev.

Yes, we can dream for hosting olympic our country enough strong to host these type of big events in India. However it may not a good time to host these type of big events here in India, because we are still a developing country and instead of spent millions or billions on these type of event we should use that money to make our country more developed and more strong. I am sure that we would be able to manage these type of event after next 6-7 years and that day we will called India a developed country not a developing country.

Di. S. said:   6 years ago
Hosting Olympics is a title of pride for every nation. However, I feel that India is not yet ready to host Olympics. There are many reasons behind that:

1) Lack of coordination between government and the people.

2) Rampant corruption in the country in all fields- construction, finance, and the list is endless!

3) Lack of efficient individuals to arrange a suitable platform for Olympics, like engineers, doctors, etc: This is primarily because most talented ones either settle abroad or show reluctance in serving their nation.

4) Impatience in people: We all are so impatient that even when a road is renovated in our locality, we burn out towards the traffic created. How can we all dream to patiently allow all the work to go on for Olympics, which would require many months!

5) Lack of interest: We all do not show interest even in our national game (Hockey), how shall we all show enthusiasm towards other games, or even to cheer up our guests!

If all these factors are uprooted, I shall proudly say that India can be one of the perfect hosts for Olympics.

Afseerul said:   6 years ago
As far as i am concerned, we could dream of hosting Olympic without thick about poverty issue because we are sixth richest country in the world. Hosting Olympics will benefits in many aspects to Indian economy.

* First of all, it will give more opportunities to our players and they will get more motivation.
* More tourists will come to our country which results in will make our economy stronger.
* In a political point of view the relationship with other countries will also get stronger which will good for us.
* And our children will also get inspire with sports and also take interest in sports.

Sayan said:   6 years ago
I am in the favour of India hosting the Olympic games. Some people will argue about the infrastructure and the money involved but we have already hosted the hockey world cup and u-17 football world cup. Its high time that we bid for Olympic as well. It will be a good thing for an Asian nation to host the Olympics. It will put a global footprint of India in the political as well as economic scenario. In a country where people follow cricket as a religion, it will be very beneficial to encourage other sports and events and athletes involved in them. Surely India doesn't have the infrastructure but we can try. QATAR has already started preparing for 2022 FIFA WORLD CUP. So why can't India? asian countries will move one step closer in removing the disparity between their American and European counterparts.

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