Can we dream of hosting the Olympics?

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Parag saurav mishra said:   6 years ago

Olympic being the mecca of all sporting event does bring a lot of Pride and honour to the nation it is being hosted.

Along with huge sports awareness, it also inculcates in the nation the confidence of rising up to such a big occasion. A well hosted Olympics leaves behind a legacy, a print in the minds of citizens and kids that last a very long time. It gives our player and sportsman an exposure that is very hard to get since they get an opportunity to interact with world champions and learn from them. But hosting Olympics is never easy, it involves a huge amount of money to host such an event. Money is generally spent in Creating Infrastructure, Creating world class Facilities, bringing sports Equipment, Advertisements, Making Deals with several sponsors, various companies, ranging from sports to sports. The host nation starts preparation from last 7-8years.

Our Nation has taken giant strides in perhaps every field of human endeavor, be it Space, be it defence, be it agriculture, be it innovation, or be it anything. We have proved our mettle. So there is no doubt that if properly planned, monitored, and meticulously proceeded, India can Just Host one of the most spectacular Olympics since its inception.

But my concern is, Is it really necessary?

We are a country which has largest poor, Largest BPL families, having millions who sleep on the road, millions who don't have access to basic rights like Education, Food, Shelter, Water, and Sanitation. Can we really afford to Host an Olympic leaving them to their pain and suffering?

In hosting an Olympics, a Nation does need to spent lakhs of Crores of Rs, Which can be and in my opinion should be diverted towards uplifting Poors, providing them health cares, Education, Food, Shelter, homes, Jobs, and much more. Our country is in a precarious situation where we are troubled by Terrorism emanating from neighbouring Nation, With whom we may need to go on the war at any instant. We are also troubled by Dragon China and its Hegemonic Stance in the region. We may need to bolster our defence capabilities, attacking and deterring Capabilities.

We are also far behind to many developed nations in terms of spending in our Research and Development. Think Govt may contemplate investing that amount in these Avenues. Overall My idea, is we are Ever ready to Host an Olympics but we should first become a Developed Nation and Provide basic Rights to the last man standing in the pyramid.

Sherry said:   6 years ago
Yes, we can certainly dream of hosting Olympics but it is going to take us few years to accomplish this dream without compromising nation's development and people's needs. India is a developing country and is facing problems like poverty. Unemployment. Malnutrition and many more in almost every sector. So for the time being, it should concentrate and invest more towards these issues.

If we talk about the finance required for hosting the event, it is approx 50,000 crores. India can afford that but this will mean more of taxes, less of subsidies, less budget for health and education, inflation. This will suffocate our development and will take us back to where India was after the 2010 Commonwealth fiasco when the hosting expense was over 12,000 crore and the total budget for the year was only 1,860 crore!

Before realizing this dream, the govt should plan the resources well, get a balance between nation's development and the hosting of the event and also encourage the Indian private billionaire companies to invest in the event so that the govt treasures don't get exhausted. And then the dream of hosting the Olympics will not be far-reaching.

P@ndU said:   6 years ago
Yes, obviously we can dream of hosting the Oympics. But, it required crossing many hurdles.

First of all, to organize the event require the many facilities. To build those things require huge funds without corruption. This is biggest challenge government should face avoiding the corruption in making facilities.

The resources for building these facilities won't affect the other sectors like agriculture sector mainly. The water problem appeared while the IPL season in MAHARASHTRA. So, Government must take the required initiatives to balance the things.

If we organized the event, will get the many benefits.

I) The youth of Indian population turn towards the sports career instead of instant money giving careers and government responsibility towards sports, to encourage the youth to play the sports will be increased.

II) The tourism sector gets benefitted by visiting of people to saw the sports.

III) The government relations with the other countries will become strong.

IV) Building the facilities gives the many employment opportunities pre and post of the event. After the event to maintain the facilities requires many employees.

Finally, we can dream of hosting the Olympics which encourage the youth to choose sports as a career, improves the foreign relations, gives the profit to the tourism sector. This could be done by overcoming corruption and balancing the all the problems associated with organizing the event.

Saiteja said:   6 years ago
Hi, friends!

Yes, we can dream of hosting the olympics in the year 2032. Because the country which hosts the Olympics need some conditions and requirements like;
1. The country should be secure enough to protect international players and audience,
2. Country should need to provide accomodation and hospitality according to their norms, 3. The weather and climatic conditions should be a favour for that period.
4. The Nation should be well in economic conditions.
5. People in the country should be aware of technology and some etc.

India is said to be able to host olympics only when it satisfies the above points. Coming to the above points our country India is very sophisticated at defence and security, India knows how to provide the accomodation for international players because our country has already got appreciation about hospitality and accomodation from the presidents and heads of different countries, climatic conditions in India are not so bad near the summer season, our economic growth is very satisfactoy and the value of our currency is increasing day by day and nowadays Indian citizen are getting to smart to handle the technology and our country have sophisticated media with vast coverage.

This is just our country's present situation, now just think about the growth till the year 2032.

From the above information we can clearly say that we can dream to host olympics.

Thank you.

Shashikant singh said:   5 years ago
Yes, India has an ability to manage these types of events. In 2010, India has already organised commonwealth games which is also considered a big event. We organise every year IPL which is the richest cricket tournament in the world.

India is an economy of 2.5 trillion dollars which makes it the 5th largest economy so it is clear that India does not have lack of money. The only thing what India needs is the good govt, well manager, corruption free tournament.

There will be many positive outcomes if India organises this game.

It will boost the tourist sector.

It will give some earnings to many people during the tournament.

Many new things will come to India.

In India, there are millions of person who hardly know about its games so by this tournament, they will learn something new.

Suffi Dsouza said:   3 years ago
Hello everyone.

According to me, we are not in a condition of hosting Olympics. It's better for us to utilize our resources in a better way. What will we get if we organize Olympics just name and fame, instead of this we should plan how can we develop our country? Many of my friends will say that it will give more employment opportunities but I believe that are for short time period and we need to search opportunities for a long time period.

Once we organized a commonwealth game and we all know how bad was the facilities that we provided to international players. Politicians of our country are interested in making money so if we organize Olympics only politicians will get the benefit.

We are facing more crucial problems like inflation, unemployment, overpopulation so we need to focus on these problems first and after that, if we are able to host the Olympics then we can otherwise not.

Ganesh said:   6 years ago
India ranks 2nd in terms of population after China who was the winner of last Olympics. But India's performance in Olympics is not good. In 2016, Rio Olympics India won only two medals. In India, parents think that if their child develops his career in sports than their lives become a ruin. They will not be able to succeed in their life. First society has to change their opinion. Second thing is that government have to increase the budget of sports. Cricket is very popular in India. Cricket board of India (bccci) is the richest board of world. But other sports are in a very bad condition like -swimming, shooting, running, long jump etc. The Third barrier is corruption in 2010 India hosted Commonwealth games in which approxmatily 65000crore scam is taken place. If corruption is removed from games and thinking of society is changed about sports. Then definitely we can host olympics. I am a beginner.

Rushi said:   5 years ago
Hello friends, as a topic for today's discussion is can we dream of hosting the Olympics?

As per my opinion, yes we can dream of hosting Olympics as our country is a developing country so it will be like a golden opportunity for us to take one step forward towards becoming developed and not only developed it will also help in providing opportunities to the new talent who are capable but just because of their poor financial condition they are not able to come up with their talent.

Secondly, it will create employment opportunities also. Thirdly it will also improve the political relation of our country with other countries. So, yes not only we should just dream we should also move ahead towards hosting Olympics. Because I think nothing is impossible if we try it wholeheartedly. Thank you.

Divya said:   4 years ago
I would be a very great thing if we host Olympics. It would be a great honor to host Olympics. As India is a developing country, it would help to increase political relations with other countries and to develop the nation economically. But there should be a proper utilization of funds to provide facilities and for transportation as well. But the main problem in India was corruption there should be proper plans to utilize the money. And also we need to treat each and every sport with equal interest because most of our Indians mainly concentrate on Cricket.

Megna said:   6 years ago
Yes, dreaming is a birth right, there is no harm dreaming about hosting Olympics, but turning into a reality is near impossible task at least, for now. Hosting any kind of International sporting event is a burden to the country's economy, especially in the developing nations. The budget should be around 1 billion dollars. When there is a huge money involved, that too under Government, without any doubt there will be corruption at all stages, from tender to implementation, inauguration till closing ceremony. Besides money you need manpower, that too skilled manpower. If you are running short of skilled. Manpower, you try to manage with the available labourers, hence delaying the project. Once you are done with the event, everything returns to the normal state. That huge aesthetically built stadium, 40 apartments containing 4000 rooms, everything built for athletes and audience, remain empty. You need to. Spend again for. Maintenance of these buildings, and stadium. So, this is all possible by a nation which has already grown up big and is saturated and is only all about diplomacy and world peace. But, we could really bring honour to our country first by winning some medals, using our pool of talents in the country.

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