Can we dream of hosting the Olympics?

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Xenger said:   6 years ago
Olympics is more than just a great business, it is representing the nation on global level. It's a matter of pride for every country. It promotes sport, tourism and foreign investment by showcasing country's culture and heritage.


Over the past few years, our country has shown an exponential growth in sports and this would promote worldwide interaction.

India has a vast amount of land resources and can provide great varieties of arenas to compete.

With current growth in rate of GDP, our country is an exciting prospect for organisers.


For our country, with this alarming amount of poverty and illiteracy, sending a big chunk of financial money for Olympics seems like a luxury we can't afford as of now.

The risk of security can't be neglected.

Demonetization has made it extremely difficult to conduct proper financial exchange for individual tourists.

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