Can we dream of hosting the Olympics?

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YASHWANTH said:   7 years ago
At present or coming Olympics, our country is not in a position to host Olympics. For hosting the country should be economically and financially strong. The demonisation and corruption make me it would not possible in near future. I hope we can conduct in future.

Shruti said:   7 years ago
Hi, everyone. Well, I think India is not in position right now and for several years in future for hosting the great sports event Olympics. The very first reason is the current situation of India i.e. demonitization it will take the country at least a year for maintaining economic stability.

Apart from this if we think practically hosting Olympics is not easy since there are lot of games in Olympics in which thousand of candidates compete against each other representing their nation. Olympics consists of different games which some Indians have not even heard of. India only participates in some handful games out of hundreds of different types of games, So it's not wise for the country to host it, Since we will not be able to afford as well as won't be able to maintain the required infrastructure. Eventually, this will globally affect both the country as well as the participants from various nations.

Dheerendra kumar Mishra said:   7 years ago
It is not a right time to hosting the Olympic because at that time we don't have such type of infrastructure and management and cities for living the athlete and traffic management system is a very challenging in our country.

Ramu palitham said:   7 years ago
Being an Olympic host city or nation is one of the greatest privileges and it needs to be earned. Do you invite someone over for dinner when you haven't eaten in days?

Sure, we need to go a long long way. But we can. The question asks by when. Let us try to answer that.

Let's develop sports at the grassroots level. Let us have a great National Games first. Making them a grand occasion will make other sports popular. Once the children have role models in other sports as well, we will see an increased enthusiasm towards sports in the country. I really believe by 2032, we can be in the top 20 of the Olympic medal tally if things are done right. Then, maybe we can bid for the 2040 games.

Kaushlendra Shubham said:   7 years ago
I think this is not the right time of hosting Olympics in India. Yeah, it would be honored to host Olympics but still India is not in position to host Olympics. Because we do not have infrastructure for this and economically also we can not bear cost of it.

I'm not saying that India can not host Olympics in future, yes we can but it is not the right time.

I think India should try to win more medals in Olympic games instead of hosting the Olympics. In our country we are facing scams, corruption, poverty and unemployment, we need to solve these problems, then we can imagine that we can host Olympics because these things are obstacle in hosting the Olympics.

SOWBHAGYA K said:   7 years ago
Yes, we can. Already our country has been proved in Mangalayan by launching our own satellite. TThis is the right time to prove ourself. By this, our country economy growth can also be increased.

Priya said:   7 years ago
Yes, if India manages to become a host country for Olympics, the Asian countries will move one step ahead to eliminate the disparity existing between them & American and European countries.

But the factors including economic status, infrastructure, corruption etc hinders the dream of India becoming a host to Olympic Games.

Xenger said:   7 years ago
Olympics is more than just a great business, it is representing the nation on global level. It's a matter of pride for every country. It promotes sport, tourism and foreign investment by showcasing country's culture and heritage.


Over the past few years, our country has shown an exponential growth in sports and this would promote worldwide interaction.

India has a vast amount of land resources and can provide great varieties of arenas to compete.

With current growth in rate of GDP, our country is an exciting prospect for organisers.


For our country, with this alarming amount of poverty and illiteracy, sending a big chunk of financial money for Olympics seems like a luxury we can't afford as of now.

The risk of security can't be neglected.

Demonetization has made it extremely difficult to conduct proper financial exchange for individual tourists.

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