Brain-Drain has to be stopped

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Shama said:   5 years ago
Good evening everyone.

Today, I am going to put my point of view towards brain drain. First of all, we have to know what is brain drain it is all about losing of Indian talents abroad for getting good earning and more career prospects. Presently, the number of youngsters who is emigrating to other developing countries has been increased as we compare to the last few years.

There are many reasons to leaving this country because of lack of opportunities, and to get a better life there and reservation is also one of the factors for brain drain. This been also increasing because the developed country also hiring this talent at low cost.

I think brain drain is like a medicine which will be only fruitful if it is taken in a limited amount otherwise it will never have a benefit. If these youth return to India after acquiring the knowledge and serve there own country then it will be definitely called a reverse brain drain.

At last, I would like to conclude that if these talents are not given opportunities asap then brain drain will spread like a disease and India will lose it's own talent and will take time to become a developed country.

Ankur Prakash said:   5 years ago
Brain drain is a major issue all over the world. I think there are two major issues to improve the brain drain in any country. First one is a number of the good institution is very limited and competition is very hard. In India, the reservation is also the main factor due to this problem the selection criteria is very difficult. We can see the previous some year the admission process is like a rat race in an Indian institution. The population is continually increasing, in this point of view, the selection criteria are very difficult in any exam.

Another reason is the poor quality of the education system. No proper lab and equipment for research, no proper access to latest development in the field.

Mridul said:   5 years ago
Hello friends.

Due to my thoughts, brain drain means, when we'll literate people of a country shift himself in some another country. Friends, I want to say that the brain drain has to be stopped because if.

Well, literate people shift themselves to another country then how our country develop a good example the USA where the most of the scientists in NASA are from India so if the country wants its development brain drain has to be stopped.

Thank you.

Khushi said:   5 years ago
Yes, I think it should be because why the great talent of India should go to other countries. We get educated here, use resources of here and serves to other countries and provide them resources. Why I had a big? why should people don't change their mind set why?is it only government duty take India a developed country or it is our moral duty also. But we always blame the government. What you do for your country ? just tell that. Be in your country and do something for it. I had lots to say but not like this on phone. I gone have a debate. I will express in that.

Pyiush mural said:   5 years ago
I think the brain drain should be stopped because India is a developing country and if all well-qualified people will move to another country it will not possible to develop it. I have read in the newspaper that there was a physician who went to Arab countries to make a better living but when he was unable to find any job, he became a terrorist and attacked Srinagar and died. Indian government should provide better jobs and also provide them sufficient wages.

We also have many mechanical engineers and if they will be given proper teaching, many inventions can be made.

Kumar said:   5 years ago
Yes, brain drain needs to stop you need to think freely if you have brain drained you don't have a chance to think on your own we came across so many scientists as far as we heard stories about them they are free to their own decision and that's why they are succeeded.

Lalit said:   5 years ago
I think brain drain should not stopped in India because it gives a chance to those person who want yo goes abroad and wants a better life. In India, their is no proper facility as we compared to other country. People have their own thoughts. They have their freedom to enjoy its life and make it better by many ways. So, we have no rights to stopped people to go abroad. I have an example of CEO of google, which is an Indian and gives us free wifi on railway stations. And also the CEO of microsoft, which is also an Indian. So, it is not correct to stopped brain drain.

Narendra laguri said:   5 years ago
Here most of the people are saying a reservation is the main cause of brain drain but it is not like that. Great population increase, high rate of unemployment, corruption, the attraction for a better salary, better life, world-class facility all these things are responsible for the brain drain. I can give thousands of example based on. Let's talk about the software company the India based software company like TCS, INFOSYS provide only 15-25k per month but whereas US-based software company gives more than 2-10lakh per month. So the question arises which company someone will prefer for better life obviously US-based company, so my question is, is the TCS and INFOSYS provide reservation!

Ankit said:   6 years ago
As the topic, says the brain is draining not only from our country but also from the general pupil. Yes! a lot of people migrate to other countries for better opportunities. There are some valid reasons also like we don't utilize our young brain powers. Companies use them for money in a cheap way.

But our young stars are being dismantled to study abroad. There is an illusion that, outer states have better learning opportunities. In some cases, it is valid, but they also have mideocar and poor institutions also. They advertise about scholarships which are made to fool our students and empower their student base migrated from India.

Sara said:   6 years ago
No, brain drain should not be stopped. In my opinion, people who want to migrate should go and acquaint themselves with the things they always wanted to do. But what is important here that they should never forget the debt they have towards their own country. For me, when they have enough of what they needed, should get back to their country and help it get better on their own without bothering the corrupt system.

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