Brain-Drain has to be stopped

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Thanuja said:   7 months ago
Hi! I'm Thanuja.

I would like to thank you for giving this opportunity.

Well talking about the topic brain drain.

In my opinion, it's not completely the fault of the people. It's a very big decision to move to another country by leaving their parents. But still, people are choosing it. Cause to live better for a better life, a better job, better studies an many else.

Then what happens we are losing skilled and talented people in our country. The development stopped growing. To overcome these crises countries need to provide better opportunities these those countries by creating nice paid placements in colleges better standard education things like these. Then reverse bran drain happens.

Kshitij Shrivastava said:   8 months ago
Brain-Drain is loss of some talented resources (like technical and intellectual personnel). This loss is due to migration of such people due to lack of opportunities, conflicts etc.

Brain Drain can be stopped by recognizing “genuine” talent rather than donations etc. There should be more trade and exchange of goods. More job opportunities should be provided to people.

Employees in India leave the country and opt for studies abroad only because they can work and study. In India, this is not possible.

People here are barely able to save. Due to this, the professionals prefer to stay out of the country for better prospects and save money.

Universities need to offer opportunities not just for studies but also for jobs on campus. This way students can also work and study. If they can get such provisions in their own country, Brain-Drain can definitely be stopped.

The other side of the coin can be seen from a positive perspective.

If people go out for future studies, they do come back to their home country. This means more talent and experience is welcomed.

No matter what we do, brain drain cannot be stopped because of the mindset of people. However, if measures are taken, it can be controlled.

Kuldeep said:   10 months ago
Discussing the topic of brain drain in a group discussion can cover various aspects, both positive and negative. Brain drain refers to the emigration of highly skilled and educated individuals from one country to another, often leading to a loss of human capital for the home country. Here are some points you can consider for a group discussion on brain drain:

Negative Aspects:
1. Loss of Skilled Workforce: Brain drain results in the departure of skilled professionals such as doctors, engineers, researchers, and academics. This loss can weaken various sectors of the home country's economy.

2. Economic Impact: The country investing in education and training of these professionals doesn't fully benefit from their contributions, as they contribute to the economy of another country.

3. Reduced Innovation: Brain drain can hamper innovation and technological advancement in the home country, as talented individuals leave for better opportunities abroad.

4. Healthcare Consequences: The departure of medical professionals can strain the healthcare system, leading to inadequate healthcare access for the local population.

5. Social Impact: Brain drain can lead to a loss of cultural and intellectual diversity, potentially affecting the development of arts, culture, and academia in the home country.

Positive Aspects:
1. Global Skill Mobility: Brain drain can be seen as part of a larger global movement of talent, where individuals move to places where their skills are needed the most, contributing to the world's overall progress.

2. Remittances: Expatriates often send remittances back to their home countries, which can significantly contribute to the local economy and improve the living standards of their families.

3. Networking and Knowledge Transfer: Professionals who migrate can establish international networks and collaborations, enabling knowledge and technology transfer between countries.

4. Return Migration: Some individuals who migrated for better opportunities might eventually return to their home country, bringing back new skills, experiences, and resources.

5. Reverse Brain Drain: Some countries experience a "reverse brain drain" when skilled professionals return home due to improved conditions, leading to a "brain gain."

Possible Solutions:
1. Investing in Education: Improving the quality of education and training can encourage professionals to stay in their home countries.

2. Creating Opportunities: Governments can create an environment conducive to professional growth, job opportunities, and innovation to retain talent.

3. Diaspora Engagement: Encouraging engagement with the diaspora community can foster collaborations and investments in the home country.

4. Research and Development: Promoting research and development can create an environment where professionals are motivated to stay and contribute.

5. Global Cooperation: International collaboration can address brain drain collectively, ensuring that countries benefit from each other's skilled workforce while addressing the imbalances.

6. Dual Citizenship: Allowing dual citizenship might encourage skilled individuals to maintain a connection with their home country while working abroad.

When discussing brain drain, consider the context of the specific country, its economic conditions, education system, and migration policies. Engaging in a balanced discussion that explores both the challenges and opportunities can lead to a deeper understanding of the topic.

Manish prajapati said:   1 year ago
Hello to all.

Here I want to say something about brain drain. So firstly brain drain it means when talented and skilful people start going to abroad for their earning purpose or to live a luxurious life then it is considered brain drain. All have their different definition it is my own opinion about it. So I want to say that it is good or not so I think it is not bad I people are migrating in another for earning. The purpose at least it is good and somewhere it is a proud moment for the Indian govt why because if Indian people equated dollars or they will send that dollar to India then it will help to enhance the GDP of the country because the dollar is the more powerful currency.

Malli2015 said:   2 years ago
Hi, good evening my dear friends.

First, thank you for this opportunity.

Brain drain means settled in other countries. I want to tell you one thing is going abroad is okay but not settle there you just know how the technology is used what is the difference between our country and other country and came to our country you can try to implement that facilitates and technology that's is good and give better salary for talented people that's also very important thank you.

Ankit Kumar said:   2 years ago
Hello everyone, I'm Ankit. Today I have got a chance to express my thoughts on the topic which is 'Brain drain has to be stopped.

First I want to tell you what is the actual meaning of brain drain. Brain drain means the emigration of highly skilled and multi-talented people bro another country.

As we all know there are many loopholes in our society. By that loopholes, the problem of brain drain was born. There are many reasons for it.

1. Lack of job opportunity- As we all know India is 2 nd most populated country in the world but a number of recruitment is very less.

2. Reservation - yes, it is a mild concern because of this many deserving people don't get job due to quota.

3. Corruption - nepotism- many powerful people give bribes to get a job without any effort. It is not good for the development of our country.

4. Lack of salary - I think the most important factor of brain drain. Yes because in our country there are not much salary as compared to another country.

5. Women's are not safe. - many women are talented and because of security, they prefer to go to another country for doing the job.

Nowadays many multi-talented people and we'll skilled people are going other countries from one country because of the lack of many facilities, lack of infrastructure, opportunities in our country.

According to the UNESCO report India has second in the brain drain. 85 per cent of doctors and engineers went to another country.

Brain drain is a serious problem that we are facing. That is the reason that India is still a developing country, India must utilise their knowledge and skill for making as a developed country.

Conclusion- I think it will stop by Government initiative if our government give the best platform, increase the better infrastructure, give opportunity and most important if our gov reduce the crime rate. Thus I can say hundred per cent our country will make superpower and leave behind USA and china by doing this following steps.

Thank you.

Elija said:   3 years ago
Recently, I saw in the news that some of the IIT students are offered packages of 1 crore per annum by Indian companies and about 2 crores from international companies. Since there is a huge difference of money offered between inside and outside, so, we can guess that where these students would prefer to go as in the end it's all about money. International companies take good and capable students with them not just because students prefer it but also because those companies provide those opportunities that is eye-catching and worth applying for and on the other hand, some Indian companies do not even think about it.

So in conclusion, what I want to say is that if you (government) don't want brain drain then provide those facilities (i. E employment) to deserving people instead of telling them to become "aatm nirbhar" and Indian companies should also try to widen their approach.

Sameera said:   3 years ago
Brain drain in simple words means movement of skilled workers from one place to another.

The people move to another places in search of better job opportunities or to acquire vast knowledge. Brain drain has advantages as well as disadvantage.

The advantage of brain drain is that people acquire new skills and their knowledge can help in social and economic development of the country. The disadvantage of brain drain is if health workers migrate to foreign countries in search of better living conditions then the country from which they are emigrating will suffer adversely due no proper health facilities.

Rakesh raghun said:   3 years ago
Good morning to all of you, I want to enlighted that point so Indians are more to more creative and hardworking in every field they have an emerging skill and a good adjustment nature but the problem is not in Indian people the core problem is within India there lots of lacking nature due to which people showing their creativity skills and any extraordinary nature in outside because for maintaining and sustaining in our life the most basic thing required that is money so Indians can not get that much amount of money according to their particular skills so they bound to move outside of India for only money so core problem need to be solve otherwise one-day Indians only along with illiterate people.

Rahul RAO said:   3 years ago
Good morning friends.

It's my pleasure to give some lines on today topic that is given to us Brian drain.

Brian drain means emigration of highly skilled and multi-talented people to other countries.

As we know there are many evils in our society brain drain is one of them there is much reason of it.

1. Lack of job opportunities - as we know that India is 2nd most populated country in the world but no recruitment is very less.

2. Reservation-because of reservation many underserved people got the job due to quota.

3. Corruption-nepotism - many powerful people give bribe to get a job without any effort it is not good for the development of our country.

4. Lack of salary.

5. Women are not safe.

The 6-Brian drain is global issue India is not the exception but our country do many efforts to stop this like make in India and privatization.

7. If we are able to stop the Brian drain then it our country a developed country.

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