Brain-Drain has to be stopped

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Captain said:   8 years ago
Hi guys,

I strongly feel that brain drain is a massive loss for the country. Rather than just keep talking about it, we should create some form of organization that discourages people from permanently settling to other parts of the world. I'm not against studying abroad, I'm more concerned with the loss that the country makes from the migration of these highly skilled people.

If you agree with me please give me a thumbs up.

Omkar Mohapatra said:   7 years ago
Hi guys,

I feel Brain Drain is a barrier to the country's development. Talented and skilled people migrate to other countries for better payment and better lifestyle, which they are deprived of in India. Its not totally the fault of those people who abandon India to shift somewhere else. They do this because they don't get satisfactory facilities in India. Reason? INDIA IS A POOR COUNTRY!

That's it. But what makes India poor? Here I'd like to blame out political system. If we go deep in it, then BLACK MONEY is the sole reason for India's poor financial condition. If all the black money in India are extracted in India, then India would be ten times richer the The States. Isn't that great?

Well; who's gonna take the responsibility for this? Of course, we YOUNG INDIANS. We get education in our country and then spend all those knowledge in some foreign country! Is it not a betrayal to our Motherland? Some facts are:




This is a really shameful matter for our country. OUR COUNTRY IS THE SECOND LARGEST PRODUCER OF DOCTORS, ENGINEERS AND SCIENTISTS. Having so much of potential, India is still under developed! Isn't it the duty of every Indian to shoulder the responsibility of making it a Developed one?

The Youth of India needs to bring about a change in the system. If the system is neat, then India becomes rich. If India becomes rich, people get their requirements fulfilled. And if their requirements are fulfilled, then there will be no way for Brain Drain. Indian brains ought to boost the status of India.

Just think: If our home gets littered, then are we gonna leave it and settle in our neighbor's house? No, right? We ought to clean it up and continue living there. India is our home. If its dirty, then every single Indian needs to clean it up rather than moving out.

Thank you.

Simren sen said:   7 years ago
Hello, guys!

I am completely against the concept of brain drain as it clearly means migration of people from one country to another. India is still developing and the USA is a developed country because all the precious minds of India are busy serving the already developed country rather than their own country. It's good to gain knowledge. New experiences. To shake hands with new opportunities but one should never forget to serve their motherland.

It's ok to go abroad and work but then you should return to your own nation and try to implement your learning, knowledge for the welfare of your nation.


Hope if anybody's who is reading this understands it and serves his own country and make it strong enough like other developed countries.

CHANDANI said:   3 years ago
Hello everyone.

Brain drain is very serious problem. The skilled people migrating from our country in the search of better opportunity. They get educated in their country and serve another country. That is the reason India be a developing country. They think in developed country they get good opportunity and also good money that is totally correct I agree with this but why not we make our country that much capable or developed by serving our own country because we know lot of scientist, doctors, engineers in foreign are Indians. So we are capable to make our country developed and for this brain drain must be stopped.

Thank you.

Sparsh Jandial said:   7 years ago
Hello guys! Brain Drain simple means to emigration of intelligent well-educated individuals to somewhere for better living status.

If we look the reason behind the brain drain then we will find that there is only one most reason is that we get better facilities and payment in foreign country which we get in India.

But Can we get these better facilities in India also?

If we see the reason why we don't get these good facilities then reason is our Dirty politics or we can say our System. A person born here study here but goes outside for doing a job because he is not getting satisfactory payment here.

People says that India is a poor country then I would like to answer to these people that if they ever saw their Indian politics scam:

1. INDIAN COAL ALLOCATION SCAM - 10.673 billion Rs.

2. 2G Spectrum scam - 1766.45 billion Rs.

Then I would like to ask the person a question is India also rich now?

Now I would like to inform about something about which a few people merely knows. These are:

1. INDIA is the 2nd most largest pool of ENGINEERS, DOCTORS, SCIENTISTS.

2. In AUSTRALIA around 40-50% job seekers are Indians.

3. USA is most popular destination for Indian students.

Reality is that the nations about which we say that they are developed are being developed by Indians. It's simply means is that if they all work for India INDIA also become a DEVELOPED NATION.

But what is problem that person doesn't want to work here. Reason behind is that:

1. Unavailability of right job for right person.

2. Lack of big individuals hub where our talented person show their talent.

3. Very less salary for Government Job.

Reality is that Developed nations attracts citizens of developing nations by providing good facility and payment and using their skills for themselves.

So in last the person who says that brain drain is good I want to ask a question from them that if your home is dirty then what will you do? You go to your neighbor house for living Nhi na. You try to make your home clean. Yes just like we have to change our system. There is a need of cleanliness in our politics.

Because our former president said that-if 1 rupees come from central government only 10 paise are utilized in direct way. So we have to change rather than we go to foreign country.

Vijaykumar Jakune said:   6 years ago
Yes, brain drain must be stopped Because

1] Our pm is giving lots of opportunities to our youngsters.
2] Corruption is reduced.
3] India will be developed country very soon.
4] All the essential requirements required for high living standards; it's available, so why to go abroad. Just live in India and make India better to BEST. I will suggest my friends who are going to abroad for jobs and all; They will must feel homesickness and sadness even though they hire good package, it will not give satisfaction. So, just "SERVE PARENTS AND OUR MOTHERLAND" Thank you.

Mohit sharma said:   5 years ago
Hello friends,

Firstly, what the brain drain means it means when some of the well literate people of a country shift themselves in some another country. What well literate means here is the one who can help a country to develop in a good manner. Here I would like to discuss that the brain drain should be stopped because we all know that India is a developing nation and it is the fastest growing nation in the world but we somewhere are lacking behind as compare to some another country and the best example is the USA wherein the most of the scientists in NASA are from India so this concept of brain drain has to stop if a country wants its development. Not only the soldiers are responsible to protect any of the countries but it is also the responsibility of those people who are well literate and emigrating themselves to another country. About 40% of the people in India emigrating themselves to another country why because they are not getting the much opportunity in India for example- The b-tech students are much more intelligent in the technical knowledge but they are still unemployed, We have approx 126cr. Of population because of which the concept of unemployment is increasing day by day, Facilities are not that much here etc.

What government is doing the biggest step till now for stopping brain drain was that under PM scholarship scheme top 500 students of India would be getting the scholarship of Rs. 75000 and for engineering students, the professors of the IITs are providing the counselling and providing the reviews to the students accordingly. Most of the new colleges are opening as fast as possible. So as a results students would get most of the opportunities in future and there would be no real need for them to emigrate themselves in the another country for finding the opportunities.

Manikishore said:   6 years ago
I support brain-drain because migration is one of the process to improve our knowlede, technology in now -a-days there are so many people migrate towards other nation because they did not satisfy with the quality of education. We can find experienced faculty and lab facilities in abroad. And still there is no employment for talented students in India due to reservation.

Modi taken make in india, digital India to reduce that migrating but my suggestion is in addition to that there is need of improvement in quality of education and employment facilities to attract students.

Ankit Kumar said:   1 year ago
Hello everyone, I'm Ankit. Today I have got a chance to express my thoughts on the topic which is 'Brain drain has to be stopped.

First I want to tell you what is the actual meaning of brain drain. Brain drain means the emigration of highly skilled and multi-talented people bro another country.

As we all know there are many loopholes in our society. By that loopholes, the problem of brain drain was born. There are many reasons for it.

1. Lack of job opportunity- As we all know India is 2 nd most populated country in the world but a number of recruitment is very less.

2. Reservation - yes, it is a mild concern because of this many deserving people don't get job due to quota.

3. Corruption - nepotism- many powerful people give bribes to get a job without any effort. It is not good for the development of our country.

4. Lack of salary - I think the most important factor of brain drain. Yes because in our country there are not much salary as compared to another country.

5. Women's are not safe. - many women are talented and because of security, they prefer to go to another country for doing the job.

Nowadays many multi-talented people and we'll skilled people are going other countries from one country because of the lack of many facilities, lack of infrastructure, opportunities in our country.

According to the UNESCO report India has second in the brain drain. 85 per cent of doctors and engineers went to another country.

Brain drain is a serious problem that we are facing. That is the reason that India is still a developing country, India must utilise their knowledge and skill for making as a developed country.

Conclusion- I think it will stop by Government initiative if our government give the best platform, increase the better infrastructure, give opportunity and most important if our gov reduce the crime rate. Thus I can say hundred per cent our country will make superpower and leave behind USA and china by doing this following steps.

Thank you.

Pushparaj adka said:   6 years ago
Brain drain should be stopped because:-.

1) Government lose a lot of money to educate them and others countries benefit from their skills.
2) The countries of origin remain Undeveloped.
3) Immigrants find many difficulties to integrate.
4) Some of them lose their relation with their culture.
5) Harmful for any country.
6) It Affects economy and social area of the country.
7) It is true other countries provide better salary scale but every country wants that type of people because they can help to development of country.
8) we had to stop brain drain for our next generation.

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